addicted to horan

NIALL // 24; “You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting…”

Niall peers at you from across the room, vision fixed on your shaking body. You move with the song, just a bit tipsy from a drink someone else had fixed for you.

His lips, though pursed, are a bright red, practically raw from gnawing on them whenever he saw you. His eyes, instead of being a deep blue, have a darkness looming over them with every twirl of your hips. You dance alone in a crowd filled with your friends, all moving separately but somehow are connected as well.

Downing the rest of his pint, Niall decides to join in on the fun.

Unfortunately for him, just as he is no less than two meters away from you, another man whose physical appearance is contrary to his lanky yet fit stature, comes behind you for a dance of his own.

You, not having had this much fun in a while, oblige to whomever.

Niall is taken aback by the gesture and stands offended near the dancefloor. His once firm face full of determination changes into one of almost defeat. Almost.

Back by the bartender, he orders up a double shot of whiskey for his troubles. Another chance at you before being rejected is something beer cannot help.

“Jameson?” Harry notes, referring to the brand his bandmate had ordered. “I thought you were going to tell ‘er?”

“I was.” Niall replies, putting the glass between his lips. “But ‘pparently God doesn’t want me to.”

Harry pats his mate on the back. “Hey. All in good time, yeah?”

“I didn’t even get to say “Hi” to her before some shit’ead started grindin’ against her!” The irishman scoffs before chugging the rest of his whiskey and asking for another. “Now she’s probably off with him, prick.”

“Then I think you weren’t meant to tell Y/N that you love her tonight, hm?”

“I don’t think I ever am.” He responds, tone filled with sorrow.

Harry shakes his head, “Don’t say that. You don’t know everythin’. I mean who knows, she might even be the one to confess to you.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen if she’s doin’ that with someone else.” He gestures to you, who is giggling stupidly at something that random mad had said to you.

Though it’s all a ruse, a plot to be able to get him to do something about how your friendship is going, and perhaps change it to something more. But he hardly sees that out of the equation. It’s up to an all-knowing Harry to help him solve it.

“She’s just putting up an act. She doesn’t actually feel for that idiot, she’d feel for someone else if you,” Harry pushes Niall towards the dancefloor, “tell ‘er how you’re feelin’.”

Niall, who’s too confused and overwhelmed with the situation, stops to think of what is best to do next. In his head, the pros and cons of revealing his feelings for you right then and there are being weighed out.

But once you make eye contact with him whilst speaking to that other guy, all logic is thrown out the window. His face fixes into something of over-protection as before he stalks over to you.

The bloke, who is a few inches taller than Niall, looks surprised to see that he’s come over to you.

“ ‘scuse me. Need to speak to Y/N.”

To the disapproval of the man you had come to know as Tom, you are tugged away by Niall’s relentless grip and pulled out into the nippy air of the outdoors.


“Y/N, there’s something I have to tell ya and if I don’t tell ya now, I’m gonna lose it.”

You become submissive to his words, only nodding as he speaks.

“I’ve known ya for like… three years now? And that’s either a lot or a little, dependin’ on who you ask. But for me, those three years have felt like a lifetime, and honest, I’m thankful for them. Those three years of becomin’ your best friend have been an honour, but,”

He pauses to take in a breath after his babbling, glancing into your eyes with hope and nervousness.

“but, I’d like to change that, now.”

“You don’t want to be my best friend anymore?” You furrow your brows, slightly hurt by the question.

“No, no.” Niall shakes his head.

“I uh… I wanted to be more than your best friend, actually.”

You stare at him with a visage of disbelief, which causes a panic within the Irishman.

“Shite, I know, this is a lot but you’re all I’ve been waitin’ for my whole life, and I don’t want to wait any longer to make you mine.”

Finally pushing your lips together to gulp the words down, you manage to fix your face into a smile after the shock set in.

“Thank God, Niall.”

He suddenly perks up, eyes lighting like a Christmas tree.

“You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting. You’re all I’ve been wanting and fuck, if you weren’t going to do something about it after I had to dance with that twat, Tom, I was going to tell you myself.” You confess, stepping closer to him. He swallows with skepticism, unable to believe the scene.

“Niall?” You poke. It takes him several seconds before he returns with movement.

Before you know it, his lips are on yours with a madness, melting away all the pain you had before from waiting.

His large hands move down to your waist as you cup his cheeks, your bodies being sucked in closer. Like magnets, you are meant to connect to each other.

Niall pulls away with a gleam in his eyes, only to catch a breath. You stare into them and see the whole world, ready to take it on together. Suddenly, your life is filled with a free, passionate happiness that only Niall can provide, making you a happy addict of love.

Parents telling you about your phone addiction
  • Mom: "You know you spend so much time on your phone"
  • Me: "Do you realise that my life is on my phone like do you ever see me with actual people? My life is on the Internet blogging about boys who will never know I exist and keeping up will all this fandom drama like do you release how hard I work? It's a fucking full time job. Like you try and survive this fandom"
  • Mom: "......"