addicted to his hands

Enjolras is a well-known coffee addict.

He’s rarely seen without a Starbucks cup in his hand, and once Grantaire did a series of tiny sketches of Enjolras as a merman on the sides of several cups–each of Les Amis has one, and they’re a bit of a collector’s item

One day, Courfeyrac is on his way to class and realizes that he doesn’t have time to get a coffee before the quiz coming up; so naturally, he grabs Enjolras’s cup and takes a swig, just to help him wake up

Imagine his confusion when he tastes something rich, sweet…and not at all caffeinated

As it turns out, the “usual” Enjolras has been ordering from Grantaire for the past two years is actually hot chocolate, not the triple shot espresso that everyone had assumed it was, for someone who sleeps as little and does as much as their fearless leader

Courfeyrac is shocked, and turns to Grantaire for an explanation upon discovering his friend’s secret

His response:

“Bro, why do you think I’m here? Anyone who can lead a revolution on zero caffeine and still have time to do his hair deserves my admiration.”

Do you ever think that Hera would sometimes find Kanan with a bottle. In the first few days he traveled with her the bottle would be empty. But as time went on she would find him faster and peel the bottle out of his hand. Over time he’d lose his addiction. But first comes nights of Kanans hands shaking. Night terrors. Withdrawals.Hera takes it patiently.

There were times when she’d find Zeb, bent over his rifle, cleaning it carefully. Over and over. Hera learns about Lasant, and understands why he’s so reckless. She doesn’t hide his rifle, but instead finds out that the best way to help him is to keep him busy. Zeb is given multiple responsibilities and time consuming tasks. Something to focus his thoughts elsewhere. When he’s not busy Hera suggests Sabaac. Kanan teaches it to Zeb, and in time Zeb is beating him.

Hera finds Sabine making bombs. It’s a habit of hers but it endangers the crew. If the chemicals ever ignited the wrong way they’d be dead. Hera sets ground rules for bomb making , namely only when their landed, and Sabine can build away from the Ghost on solid ground. But the days in light speed take a toll. She starts to go crazy. Kanan teaches her to meditate to help her channel her energy, something she still does. But what’s better is when Hera brings her back paints. And a couple canvases. Soon Sabines room and armor is swirled with color and patterns

She finds Ezra hoarding food. Nothing perishable. The stuff that will last him a while. Nothing he stole from them, but saved from his own meals. Hera gets it. He still has that mindset that he doesn’t know when he’ll eat next. She lets Ezra keep his stash. Over time it gets smaller and smaller. One day he’s handing out food at Tarkin town, and it’s not from the crates they brought.

So what happens when they find Hera, asleep at the table, her head resting on whatever papers for the rebellion she was reading. They leave her there.

But when a orange droid nudges her leg, she can’t help but wonder how a pillow got under her head, a blanket on her shoulders and a cup of Caf beside her.


Member group: Taehyung/BTSxReader

Genre: Fuckboy!Taehyung, angst, smut

a/n: Hiii, this is a sneak peek of my next scenario/one-shot, I’m not sure yet. I hope you like it, pleaaaase tell me what you think so I can make it more special for you guys. Thank you so much for all your love <3333  


“His kisses are addictive: they taste like honey and cigarettes. His hands are amazing, they know the road along my legs and his fingers know exactly were to put pressure on my skin. His eyes are pure sin, whenever I look him in those big eyes I can feel vibes between my tights. 

He is dangerous and I’m ready for the consequences.”


I love every Sam.
Sam with his head in a book or his fingers tapping against the keyboard trying to figure everything out—trying to give a name and a story and a cure to all the darkness in their life. Sam who drew the line between himself and the monsters that they killed and then crossed it again and again. Sam who was addicted to demon blood with his hands on the ground and his mouth to someone’s throat, feral and chaotic and so fucking lost that he could barely breathe. Broken Sam with tears in his eyes and streaming down his face when he stopped holding back and let the weight of all the loss hit him squarely in the chest. Brave Sam that stood on the edge of Hell and chose death so that others could live. Feeling Sam, Hopeless Sam, Angry, Angsting, Bitchy Sam.
Every single part of him is so terribly, wonderfully, tragically human.
Sam is every horrible mistake we’ve ever made and every soaring triumph that we could ever imagine staring straight back at us. He’s clumsy and messy and awkward but he tries. He wakes up every morning with the entire world weighing down on his bones and a lifetime of memories that threaten to swallow him whole and he tries.
And, for the most part, he succeeds.
He remembers to laugh when he can and to take care of his brother and he’s managed to save a few billion lives in the process.
Sam is the reason that it’s okay to stumble over my words when I get nervous or trip over my own feet. It’s okay to be lost, to be scared.
It’s okay to be different.
He is the pure, unflinching goodness that I want to protect in myself and other people. He is the refusal to give up on life and family and hope and he is the reason to cling to these things in the darkest of times because they are the surest way to make it through.
He reminds me that sometimes it’s the most flawed person who makes a difference.
Sometimes it’s a Sam who saves the world.

Head Canone: RFA boys come to MC's world


•Can’t get enough of all the games!
•He’s gotten to your universe and now he won’t
•leave your room.
•You thought he was an LOLOL addict?!
•Wait till he gets his hands on League of Legends
•He’s also high jacked your computer


•Mama Jaehee is really a mama when she sees
•how old you really are!
•When she suddenly appeared in your room after saving
•your game play both of you are confused as hell
•you try to keep Jaehee hidden from your parents
•Jaehee struggles to contemplate everything going
•on but actually finds time with the real you wonderful


•He completely looses it when he sees your a high schooler
(Assumption most players are)
•He harbors in your room and watches high school music,
•Sweeney Todd, and other Disney musicals.
•it’s the most difficult shit on earth to be in publish with him
• first everyone stares cause of his hair and two
•He can’t go seconds without asking girls if they wanted
•autographs, only to be rejected. He forgot he wasn’t
•famous in your world


•the awkward silence is maddening
•you were both in total shock
•"Ahem…so uh…“ "hmm, oh uh…”
•internally he was screaming on the inside
•Poor Jumin
•"a-all those times you called me daddy…“


•Even through the age difference is a little more different
•he still acts the same
•he messes with your phone so he can access your world more
•he hops back and forth to compare DR.Pepper and PH D. Pepper
•after a couple of days he reveals ever since you interacted with their world he watched over you.
•"thank you… you stay up so late just to talk to us…”

Not Here.

“Jung Hoseok, I swear to go if you and that girlfriend of yours wakes me up one more time, I will destroy you.” Jin’s voice rolls through the halls and Hoseok giggles his grip around my waist tightening, as we watch the light from the room fade away as the door is closed.

“You heard him, so get off me and stop tickling me every time I don’t pay attention to your neediness.” I hiss giving a small shove to the giddy boy as we both straightened up and focus back on the movie in front of us.

“Wait, did you just call me needy?” The male’s voice raises slightly in frustration and I just shoot him a small grin and continue to watch the movie with as much of my distracted concentration as possible.

 “Baby, pay attention to me. I admit that I’m needy but that is just because I’m addicted to you.” He coos, his hand squeezing my knee tightly as he shuffles closer until his shoulder is touching mine. His hand slides up a little further playing with the hem of my silky pyjama shorts. “Baby, please love me.” He whines as he shuffles down so his head rests comfortably on my shoulder, his eyes boring holes into the side of my head.

 “Hoseok, we are in the apartment you share with six of your friends, one of which you share a room with, meaning there is no where private we can go so I can show you that sort of attention.” I hiss shoving his hand off my leg, watching him jolt with a pout on his face.

 “Can we at least make out? I need something, since I just got myself all riled up.” He continues placing a small kiss on my shoulder as if testing the waters. Taking in his pleading eyes I sigh before moving to straddle his waist looking down at him with a fed up expression.

 “Fine but as soon as things get too heated, you are going to have a cold shower, and I am going home, because I am not having sex with you in a dorm.” I mumble and he nods excitedly before placing his hands eagerly on my waist and waiting for me to make the first move. I lean down my hands tightly on his shoulder as I barely graze my lips against his own before pulling away, watching the frustration brew on his face.

 Grinding down on him I watch his eyes close as a small groan escapes his lips and his hands hold my hips against his own, he lift his slightly dragging them against my own before dropping them back on the couch, a sigh of relief leaves his mouth and I smile, pressing a small kiss against his cheek, before pressing a few more on his jaw, just beneath his ear, pressing harder as he throws his head back in delight. Slowly I move closer to his mouth, leaving kisses everywhere but the sensitive skin.

 “Please, baby. Just kiss me.” He growls and I giggle placing a chaste kiss to his lips, watching as he continues to glare at me, obviously not satisfied with what I gave him. Finally give in, I lock lips with the male, my hands cupping his face, as his kiss becomes more eager and his grinding harder.

 Slowly he raises himself from the lounge, his hands gripping my thighs tightly as he walks towards his bedroom. He was always slow and soft with our intimate moments, never losing himself of failing to pleasure me. My head hits his pillow as he pulls away from the kiss, puffing for air, his shirt being brought over his head in a matter of seconds, before he dives back down to capture my lips again, his hands parting my thighs so he can move in between them.

 His mouth slowly moves down from my mouth leaving open mouthed kisses on my jaw and neck, giving a strong suck and nibble when he reaches my collarbone. I let out a small gasp, slapping my hand over my mouth as my eyes follow the boy and his cheeky grin. His hands moves to push the cotton shirt up revealing my torso to him, the fabric bunched at the top of my bust.

 “Baby, you always look so scrumptious.” He coos, his mouth continuing to leave small kisses on the flesh of my breath, continuing with his pattern of kisses to a suck and a little nibble, before beginning the cycle again until he reaches my pelvis. I buck my hips up pleading for him to pay some sort of attention to the sensitive area. He just smiled before grabbing the waistband of my shorts with his teeth and pulling them down ever so slowly, his eyes never breaking contact with my own. The shorts reach my knees and he pulls away tugging them down the rest of the way with one hand, while he pressed soft kisses down my thighs, until he stops just in front of my leaking heat.

The sound of the bed next to us creaking as Jin rolls over, I flinch before shuffling up the bed, pulling my shorts up as I move.

 “baby, your roommate is literally asleep right there, so as much as I would love to we are not doing this right now.” I whisper placing a soft kiss to the corner of his jaw before sliding away from him.

 “Fine, but you owe me, little miss. “

A / N

 I hope you liked this @jeon-sey. I haven’t written smut or for Hoseok before so I hope it was good even if it was a bit short.

MARGINAL#4 Index 1st Stage ~REVOLUTION!~ Chapter 7 - Revolutionary★Stars (Translation)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

                 \Happy 4th debut anniversary to MARGINAL#4!!!!/

The contents of this chapter were performed as Reader’s Theater by the seiyuu cast of MARGINAL#4 at Rejet Fes. 2013, the event Universe FES is based on.

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IMAGINE Jungkook giving you a hug while he wears this specific shirt.

His manly arms secured around your waist while your head is pressed against his chest.You fit perfectly in his arms and you can smell his addicting boyish scent.Your hands enjoy playing with his fluffy hair as he slowly gets tense from your touch on him.You can hear his racing heartbeat and feel his broad chest while he’s a fluffy mess who’s slowly getting nervous.You want to stay in his arms for the rest of your life, but Jungkook feel like his heart will explode if that does happen.

I was in love with a drug addict
his gentle hands
and soft lips
(i was in love with a drug addict)
the way he said my name
and helped me live through the night
(i was in love with a drug addict)
the first time he lied to me
waiting for him the whole night
(i was in love with a drug addict) 
not knowing where he’s spending the night
constant fear that he may never come home
(i was in love with a drug addict)
his shaky hands
and dried up lips
(i was in love with a drug addict) 
his pale skin
and poked through veins
(i was in love with drug addict) 
his unkept promises
and dried tears on cheek
(i was in love with a drug addict) 
“please babe lend me 20”
“i promise this is the last time”
(i was in love with a drug addict) 
his self-hatred
and inner demons
(i was in love with drug addict)
feeling helpless
watching him slowly burn out

i was in love with a drug addict
actually i still am
but he loved drugs more
and now he was
but i still am
and i feel like an addict
hopelessly waiting for fix that never comes.

—  “I loved a drug addict, but he loved drugs more” by Shannon E Artburry 

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“I think I wanna marry you”

 @e1mayarah​ || Send “I think I wanna marry you” for my muse to react to your muse saying it

        Resting her hands on either side of Mon-El’s head, Kara pressed her body closer towards him, dainty fabric of her bra brushing softly against the bare skin of his upper body. It was strange to think about how far they’d come in their relationship, having started with her practically laughing at every intimate touch he gave her. Now she was able to fit into her own. She was able to hold herself strong against him, and give him as much as he always gave her. With a smile, Kara pressed her lips against his, hand easily moving from the length of the couch to rest itself along his jawline and have thin fingers knead into the back of his head, playing with soft, short, strands of hair. 

         She had discovered that she was slightly addicted to this feeling. Her on his lap, his hands pressed into her hips, gripping at them gently but strong enough to hold her into place. She got as much of a rush from this as she did if they ever went further. 

       Moving her hand further into his hair, the Kryptonian smiled into Mon-El’s lips at the soft sigh that seemed to pass from his lips onto hers. The other slipped from it’s place on the fabric of the couch to rest itself gently on his chest, fingers tracing small patterns beneath them. Pulling away for a second, Kara let her eyes focus on the features of his face as she watched him, teeth baring on bottom lip as she did so. Fingers gently kneaded in his hair as she lingered before she leant forward again and lightly peppered quaint kisses along his jawline, stuttered sigh passing through her lips as his hands tightened upon her hips. Chuckling, Kara nuzzled her nose against him happily before-

                                                     “I think I wanna marry you”

       Pausing for a moment, Kara pulls away and watches his face, how his eyes are closed  and he is completely and utterly relaxed. The opposite of everything that seems to consume her. Hands drop from their places upon his body before she’s up on her feet and tugging at her shorts, eyes searching for the shirt she had discarded not twenty minutes ago. 

         A shaky hand travels through her hair as she turns back to him, how he’s looking at her now, and for a long moment, she can’t tell if that was just an accidental slip of the tongue or if he had actually meant it. Hands fall to either side of her shorts as she tries to get over her nervous ticks before eventually she spots her shirt in the corner and her glasses on the table. Moving swiftly, she ignores the calls of her name before pulling it on and over her head and pushing the glasses up her nose. 

       Licking over her lips, the Kryptonian runs a hand through her hair and moves back when she notices Mon-El get to his feet. “…Don’t-” She starts slowly, hand lifting and heart hammering loudly within her head. She couldn’t be here right now, not after he’d said that. This was supposed to be a relaxed, chill relationship, and he’d loaded that onto her. She hadn’t even said “I love you” yet. “I have to go..” She trailed, moving to kick on her sandals and swing her bag over her shoulder. “I have…” Her eyes meet his for a brief moment and she exhales. “…I - I’ll call you later.”

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Um I'm sorry if the requests aren't open right now but can I please have your (nsfw+sfw) head canons for kagesuga?

anon: do you think you could maybe post some kagesuga headcanons please? because i am in dire need ;~;

unfortunately i’m not an nsfw kind of person, but here are sfw headcanons:

  • please imagine their first date. kageyama is a nervous wreck and suga too, even if he hides it a lot better. it’s a mess of half-finished sentences and shy looks for like, an hour before they manage to relax and just be themselves.
  • they’ve never touched so much before, though, and after that they get addicted.
  • like you’ll have suga putting his hand on kageyama’s waist for a second while talking and walking somewhere else, or kageyama going to sit behind suga and hugging him when they’re all talking strategy. daichi and asahi tease suga for months about it
  • suga hadn’t realized there would be three persons in this relationship: him, kageyama, and volleyball.
  • he loves the sport, he loves playing, but sometimes kageyama is way too intense about it for him to follow, even if he understands that it’s really important to him
  • they almost break up when kageyama goes pro, because his volleyball time cuts so much in his suga time that they barely see each other anymore, and eventually it’s too much for suga
  • thankfully kageyama runs home one afternoon while suga’s wondering when he should have the break-up conversation, and he apologizes and tells suga he loves him and asks him to forgive him for being so absent and yeah basically they talk it out right before it breaks them apart
  • (suga finds that he has hinata to thank for this sudden awareness on kageyama’s part, since as his best friend, hinata had kicked kageyama’s ass and reminded him it was suga who he wanted to ask to marry him, not a volleyball)
  • he doesn’t tell the marrying bit to suga, kageyama does, a few months later. suga hasn’t seen him that nervous since that fateful first date.
  • funnily enough, though, it’s kageyama who always remembers their anniversary, and even if they don’t always have the time to properly celebrate on the day, he usually tries to take suga out somewhere
  • neither of them is really a waking up person, so they spend a lot of mornings in bed together, too lazy to get up and too comfy laying together


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Andrew is a third-degree burn. He is the blaze of red before the sun is gone, the smell of rain on pavement. He is a meteor coming in too fast, a broken branch hanging on with mere strands of wood fiber. His eyes are molten lava. His lips are lemonade, sour and sweet all at once and oh so addicting. His hands are a vise, a weapon and a promise. His heart is a sinking ship, and his mind is the captain that will go down with it.

Enjolras for Grantaire was hot wild summer, sweet smell of books and sharp whistle of bullet. In his voice he could hear a battle cry, a thunder, a warm eastcoast day. He was loud scream of revolution, the sharp pain in his chest, sweet and longing and so, so addictive. He was grounding hand on his arm and an encouraging wisper in his ear. He was a presence that was telling him to be more and more and more. He was warm, gentle sun on his cheek and a bruises of the victory on his ribs. He was cry of happiness heard kilometers away. He was a shiver along the spine. He was dancing in the night, kissing with a fire. He was running, which led to the end of the world and the first breath after stopping. Riot in heart and addiction in mind. Enjolras was a midnight glass of wine, sharp color on the canvas. He was a lazy morning after and slow nigh before. Enjolras was mouth made for war.

Grantaire for Enjolras was cigarette’s smoke in the air. He was shattered glass and night full of alcohol. He was a bench on which he sits down to rest, when he goes too far, a strenght that return after a rest and anoter step when he thought that he can’t make any more. He was shout and he was wisper and he was silence and he was noise. A hand on his neck and touch on his waist. He was sweet fruit full of sin. He was cold ocean in the hot days. He was a smile that appeared on his face because he heard a inappropriate joke and he knew that he shouldn’t smile but he did that anyway. Drunken touch and morning regrets. He was gentle touch and rough kiss. A hand that covers his eyes and voice telling him how the world looks like. He was the feeling of fingers on his hip. The smell of ozone after storm. He was unmade bed, inviting to lie down and close his eyes to forget for a moment. R was weak grip on his sleeve that want him to stop, to turn around, to listen, to understand and to be undetected in the same time.

Explosive Potential

@mischief-rei | Liked for a starter!

*Habits are such hard things to break are they not?

*With Phoenix, that’s incredibly apparent. He’s currently in a new timeline, one he doesn’t recognize, but he needed to travel for some materials he had been needing to acquire.

*Unfortunately for him, despite wandering around Snowdin, Waterfall, and even part of Hotland, he hasn’t found a single item he needs in order to build what he would like.

*What exactly is he trying to build? Well, if one were to read into Phoenix’s history a bit more, Phoenix has a slight addiction to building explosives. When he can actually get his hands on materials, he’s a rather expert explosives-maker, having acquired the attention of federal government agencies back when he was on the surface.

*Though his purpose for wanting to build a bomb this time is actually to help out with a celebration back in his own timeline. Fireworks are technically considered explosives you know?

*The only thing is… he doesn’t realize if he’s being watched or not. He’s just strolling freely throughout the Underground at the moment, with a list in his left hand.

Lost Stars - Part 5

Your spoon clattered onto the island, allowing you to run your hands through Jungkooks hair, pushing the beanie he’d been wearing off and onto the floor. Your lips mounded against his like they were made to be there and he was savouring your taste. Sweet yet bitter, so addicting.

However, as he ran his hands through your hair, tugging slightly, you sobered up. Your eyes widened and you broke away, unable to believe what just happened.

“Something wrong…?”
“No… I…. actually, yes. Jungkook, you said it yourself. We just met and our parents are getting married. This isn’t right.”
You told him, regrettably.
“I know that. I’m sorry. It’s just… I’ve never met a girl who… who I’ve felt this way to before. I don’t know.. fuck.”
“I’m so sorry, Jungkook. Let’s just forget this happened. I’m going to bed.”

Gently, you pushed him back so you could slide down from the island. You walked away, leaving him in the kitchen alone.

That night, you got no sleep. You kept tossing and turning in your bed begging for the sleep to come that never did. You were worried about tomorrow. Not just because you’d have to face Jungkook after… that… but because you’d also have to face your mother for the first time since you’d legged it from the house. Your stomach knotted at just the thought.


“You’re back?”
“No. I’m a hologram.”
“Very funny.”

Your mother walked in, and sat on the edge of your bed. You could see the relief in her eyes, behind the anger, of course. Obviously she’d worried about you while you’d gone. Even if she wouldn’t admit it, it was the truth.

“Listen, I’m sorry, mom. I guess… I’m just struggling right now. It’s really hard to adjust to the fact you’re going to be with someone who isn’t dad. And on top of that, I’m not an only child in this house anymore.”
“I understand, baby. I’m so sorry that I’m putting you through this. I know you understand, though. You’re still grounded, though.”
“I understand. I shouldn’t have done that. It was childish.”
“Damn right. Want me to go make some breakfast?”
“I’m actually not feeling too good. Could I just stay at home today?”
“Of course. But it’s weird. Jungkook isn’t feeling too good either. Maybe it’s the school lunch?” She pondered.

You gulped. Deep down, you were hoping Jungkook would go to school despite the hangover, but no. He was going to be staying at home and both of you would be alone until 3pm at the latest. His father had already left and didn’t come home until gone 5pm and your mother was about to leave.

“At least you can take care of each other.”


Sitting on the sofa, you scrolled through the channels, trying to find something to watch. Daytime TV was truly awful. You settled for Jeremy Kyle after some time, though, hoping that the problems there would make your life seem as easy as pie.

“Mind if I sit here?”

Jungkook was now standing in front of you, form blocking the TV. You nodded. Your stomach tightened in nervousness as you felt the sofa dip. He slumped back, every now and then glancing over to you. For some time, you sat in silence until he awkwardly coughed.

“About last night…” he began.
“Let’s pretend it didn’t happen. Okay?”
“It’s like you can read my mind.” He chuckled.
“Also.. can we start again? As proper siblings?”
“I guess so… as long as you promise to keep it strictly sibling?”
“Of course. Can I put my arm around you? Sibling-y?”
“… alright…”

His arm came up, wrapping around your shoulders and he gently pulled you towards him. In his mind, he was chanting ‘one step at a time’.

“Can I come under that blanket you’ve got? As a sibling?”
“Sure.” You half-jokingly groaned in annoyance.

Unwrapping yourself, you allowed him access to the big thick blanket. You huddled together, knees and shoulder touching as you continued to watch. For some time, Jungkook made comments about the show, scoffing and joking. Then, your head went heavy and you found yourself drifting off into sleep.


“Come and look at this…”

There was a soft padding against the floor as soft, pink slippers shuffled against it. Wrapping one small arm around his waist, she looked at you and Jungkook, wrapped up warmly. Your head was on his shoulder and his head was on top of yours. You both looked the part of comfort.

“At least they’re getting along.” Your mother whispered.
“Yeah. Should we leave them down here?” Jungkook’s father replied.
“Might be a good idea.”


The next morning, you woke up feeling unusually warm. And your pillow was… kinda hard. Stretching out, you lifted your head up, only to find another head on top. You looked.


You bounced up, body sprawling to the ground with the blanket. Jungkook’s eyes widened in panic until he saw you, equally panicked, on the floor in a heap. A deep chuckle came from within his theist before he threw his head back and laughed loudly.

“Oh fuck you, Jungkook!”
“I know you want to!” He giggled.

His laughter died down as your mother cascaded down the stairs in an elegant dress. This was new. Her hair was styled, makeup nicely applied. You could hear the echo of high heeled shoes as well.

“Wow… mom. You look great… but what’s with the attire…?” Your voice was cautious.
“Ah… Kijung is taking me out today. We though we’d go eat somewhere nice. We have a business meeting later, anyway.”
“My dad.” Jungkook answered.
“Anyway, you two should probably get ready for school. It’s already 7:30.” Your mother said, causing you to slowly make your way past her and up the stairs.

You couldn’t help but be slightly angry with her. Your father and your mother had once worked together, and he was always doing what Kijung was doing - taking her out to expensive dinners before important meetings. But she never dressed as nicely for him as she was today.

Pulling on some clothes, you managed to get a brush though your tangled nest of hair before going downstairs to eat. Since there wasn’t much, you settled for some toast and hurriedly ate that. Halfway through, Jungkook appeared, taking half a slice from your plate.

“Can you not?” You grumbled.
“What,” he shoved the whole thing into his mouth, “can you not share?”
“I can share. Just not my food.”

It was then your mother rushed into the kitchen, shooing you both out of the house and to school. The walk was mostly silent, however Jungkook would sometimes interject some words, telling you how something reminded him of his hometown.

The school gate was surprisingly empty. Something must have gone on. The doors burst open, Tae rushing over to you and barging into you, almost knocking you backwards as his arms wrapped around your neck. His face was painted in panic.

“[First] come quick! It’s Jimin!”
“What happened?!”
“He called Holly last night, drunk, told her to leave him alone and that all she was to him was someone to fuck when there was no one else. Yoongi found out. It’s bad.”
“How bad?” Jungkook asked.
“When I left, he had Jimin on his knees, kicking his face in.”