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Hey I’m Jay aka Phan Mum by the Chicago Tatinof squad and I’m a basic 19 year old figure skating coffee addict from Chicago! I go to uni for graphic design but may switch to music production/audio engineering and I work at a music store. I also draw photorealistic pictures of Dan and Phil ^.^

I started watching Phil around mid 2008 and got into Dan as he appeared in Phil’s channel. Now I’m a total trash can and apparently only take selfies in my work uniform or my UK Tatinof shirt.


I don’t know who it was that showed Hoss how to use his cell phone to take “selfies”, but that person created a monster!

Don’t believe me? Check him out in this video of the Boys on stage at the end of this year’s rally… Hoss is on the far left and can clearly be seen taking “selfies” like a mad man (and some “selfie videos”, too!).