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Since I spend most of my time with other mentally ill people I hear a lot of statements about hopelessness and not really believing in recovery. 

And yeah recovery as a lot of neurotypicals define it is bullshit, those of us that are chronically mentally ill will never be neurotypical. But I don’t want that to make other neurodivergent people think they just won’t get better at all because that isn’t the case.

One of the most important things a friend ever told me was “you are not the exception to recovery” and that’s a phrase I keep close to my chest no matter how much I’m struggling.

And anytime you’re sitting there, especially during a low point, thinking about how bad things feel, how out of reach help seems, how many mistakes you’ve made or relapses you’ve had recently I want you to repeat that to yourself too. Even if you don’t believe a single word of it just say it, “I am not the exception to recovery”.

It helps, I promise.

I was listening to Nate’s cover of Boku no Hero Academia’s OP (season 1 & 2) whilst doing this xD
I swear, I’m addicted to that anime right now, I might even post some fanart of it xD

Anyhoo, it’s been SOOOO long since I’ve last drawn youtubers because for some reason, inspiration has been sort of lacking ^^; I forced myself to do a drawing based on one of those times in which Mark was making pizza with friends.


“You shouldn’t be around me, and I don’t think I can be the better person and walk away from you, so you gotta do it to me. You have to tell me to stay away from you. You have to tell me to never come back here.”  […]
“I’m not a fool.” I remove my glasses, wiping the foggy lenses. “I’m just a girl from Maine who wants a friend from Philadelphia. You’re my friend. I chose you as much as you chose me.” I put my glasses back on to see how reddened his eyes have become. “You’re the second friend I’ve ever had in my whole life, and I’m picky about my friendships. But I chose you.”


New Money Wars hit today and it’s paintball themed. Given I’m currently addicted to Splatoon 2…I NEEDED TO DO THIS! 

Drew in my old more angular style since it just felt fun to try on this one. I haven’t done that style in quite awhile. 
Also included the concept art for the outfit,so I could know the look and colors beforehand. 
Sparks’ design is a combo of Oso and Choro’s outfits(cause he can’t wear pullovers) with his fav colors of blue and yellow. He’s on the blue team. 

Fun fact: Sparks loves wielding metal objects so he can conduct his electricity through them to add a little more shock to things. So yeah, he’s all for a metal bat. 

LOL everyone put on your background preath goggles

#WHERE’S WALDO: ISI Photos edition ©

1.Baby preath having a baby moment:


3. Idk about Tobs, but standing behind Chris would be distracting AF:

4. About to be the #LITTEST background preath high five:

5. Background preath smiling/standing next to each other is my aesthetic:

6. This isn’t really background preath but look how f*cking adorable they are:

7. #yellow vs blue:

8. Celebrating like #awkward girlfriends:

9. **That intense mid-celebration preath hand-holding???:

***(hint below is an opposite angle):

10. The Preath/Krashlyn team photo! (#PRASHLYN…..#kreath?):

11. Visiting the white house like #awkward girlfriends part 2:

12. Ok Christen calm down:

13. Descending into the preath dumpster like:

14. Team Preath knockin em’ down:

15. Everyone: *wearing shoes* Tobin: but y tho……. :

Benefits {Dean Winchester x Reader Oneshot}

“For a request maybe, 32 and 37 with Dean x reader please? I would love it with some smut but you can mark it as angsty or fluffy as your like.” - Anonymous {xoxoxo}


  The bar held absolutely no suitable hookups tonight, for any of you. Sure , Sam & Dean have been approached by a few women; but neither of them found any they like enough to take back to the motel. All the men in here are older, in their 50’s or 60’s ; but they still did their best to try and get you. Thankfully The Boys shooed them away before they got too creepy . The hunt you just finished was rough, stressful would be an insulting understatement. You can all tell that each of you is aching for a stress relief .

 Around 3 am you all decide to call it a night and grab your tabs . None of you are drunk , just all your own versions of tipsy . Sam leaves you and his brother to go to the bathroom, when he does Dean drops his head into his hands .

“this bar was a bust . ” you hear him mumble .

“ tell me about it . The one time I look for a hookup, and all I get surrounded with is old men.”

“ well me know Sammy is going to use his exercise to relieve whatever he needs .” Dean says with a disgusted face. You both fee the same about exercise ; as long as you are still capable of outrunning something on a hunt , extra working out is a no-no. You respond with a groan, dropping your head sonit bangs onto the table . You’re not usually the hookup type , you have no problem dealing with your .. urges . But something about this hunt just made your stress level hit they point where you know an orgasm is the best way to wash it away.

  “ I have an idea , feel free to back hand me if this is over the line sweetheart.” Dean licks his lips before he continues , your eyes shamelessly watching the way his tongue darts out over his lips. I need to control myself, Jesus. You stay silent , waiting for him to continue. “ what if we ,you know, relieve the stress together .” Is he- is Dean suggesting what I think he is? I’ll be damned .

“ would it be a one time thing ? Or friends with benefits kinda-”

“ friends with benefits.” He answers quickly.

“ you know , that’s kind of a commitment thing D. You’d have to commit to being there any and every time I’d need you to be.You’re the posterboy for commitment issues you sure this is something you can handle ?” Your tone started as teasing , but now it turned to lustful. You’re leaning over the table, your faces barely an inch apart.

“ oh sweetheart , is that a challenge ?” Before you can answer Sam returned, he managed to lay your bill after the restroom so now you’re free to leave . The bar was one block from the motel, so the walk back isn’t bad . the conversation stays light as you return, all three of you laughing . You always share a bed with one of the boys, tonight you pick Dean, ofcourse .

 You crawl into bed beside him, only wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt & panties . The two of you stay silent until you hear Sams heavy snoring from the other bed . Making the first move was never your thing , but fuck it . You roll closer to Dean, putting yourself right against his side, so your face is nearly snuggling into his neck . His arms glide around your waist, holding you tighter to him. You take a deep breath before leaning in closer to gently place your lips against his neck. His fingers dig into your hips as you continue trailing kisses from the bottom of his neck up to his ear , where you pull his lobe between your teeth. A low growl sounds from him As he pulls your body ontop of his .

“ sweetheart , what do you think you’re doing ?” He whispers, the strain in his voice makes a smirk appear on your face . You can feel his dick straining against the thin material of his boxers, making it run slightly against your core. You don’t answer, instead opting to send him a sweet smile as you begin rocking yourself against him. The movement creating the perfect friction against your already wet center . You’ll admit , dry humping wouldn’t be your top choice of things to do to Dean Winchester; but with Sammy right there, it’ll have to do.

 Deans hands hold onto your waist , guiding your movements as they pick up. You feel the knot in your stomach tighten with every movement, letting you know it’s not going to take long for you to cum.

“ Dean I’m-” before you finish your whisper he has you on your back. He moves against you faster , then slides his hand between you to run circles into your still covered clit , making your back arch .

“ D please !” Your begging sends him into a frenzy , his hips grinding down harder into you, a few seconds later and you’re digging your nails into his arms , your back painfully arching as your mouth hangs open letting out silent screams from the bliss of your release . Deans neck is buried in your neck, biting down to keep himself quite , you feel his release soaking through his boxers and your underwear . Both of you are trying to control your panting , the last thing you want is Sam to wake up and see you like this .

“ did we really just-” he starts , but you finish

“ cum from dry humping? Hell yeah we did .”

  He sends you a lopsided smile before the two of you quiet get up to clean yourselves up .

  “ we really doing this benefits thing?”

Deans answer wasn’t verbal, he leaned down , pulling you into a heated , addicting kiss . Looks like we’re doing this .

2 months later

“ Dean don’t stop!” You cry out , your hands fisting in the motel sheets as he continues sucking at your clit while his fingers are buried in your pussy. Over the last hour this jackass has had you near the edge 6 times, easing away before you could cum every day time. This time wasn’t different , he pulled away quickly, your wetness glistening on his smirk.

  “ what was that sweetheart ? I didn’t hear-”

“ Dean if you don’t stop being an ass I swear, you’ll fucking regret it.” You growl out , it was an empty threat but you couldn’t take this anymore . He smiles, crawling up your body to place his lips over yours . You will never get sick of kissing him, the way his warm, plump lips dance with yours could make you come undone from just kisses . You lace your finger through his hair, forcing him closer to you as you kiss. His hard cock nudges at your core, making your hips automatically buck up towards him. He chuckles into the kiss, taking his length in one hand to guide it into you.

  “ dean -oh!” His pace was animalistic from the second he entered you. You know you won’t last long, the way his tip is running not perfectly inside you paired with his mouth on your tits is already making you teeter over the edge .

  “ sweetheart you feel so fucking good . So tight and warm - do you like this ? When I fuck into you this hard ?”

  “ yes ! D I’m so clo-” your sentence is lost as your orgasm rips through you , harder than any one you’ve felt before . Deans name leaves you lips as cry, as yours leaves his in a moan when he coats your walls with his finish. He drops his body onto yours , the weight a welcomed feeling for you. When he finally rolls off you, he isn’t wearing the same blissful smile he usually wears after you two finish .

“Dean what’s wrong?” You ask, what if he doesn’t want me anymore? Fear runs through you at the thought . You know you shouldn’t of, but over the last two months your feelings for dean turned from platonic to- well anything but. You kinda thought he was in the same boat , he didn’t go after any other woman since your deal started ; he only slept with you . But maybe you were wrong , maybe this ran its course and he’s over it . Him sighing pulls your attention back ,

  “ I don’t - this might not be a good idea anymore .” Yep, there it is . You roll out of the bed , moving to go to the bathroom before the tears can spill.

  “ if that’s what you want then- I understand. ” you know heartbreak is clear in your tone but you can’t cover it . Not when it’s this bad

. “ I can’t keep- the more we do this , the more I think there’s a chance of something more . The more I want something more. I know this wouldn’t last forever, but what about when you find someone else ? I’d rather cut it short now than -”

“ You want something more?” Your voice was quiet, filled with confusion. Is he saying he- no that couldn’t be right. Dean doesn’t do relationships.

“ I love you. This sex thing- it’s great , fuck , it’s amazing. But I want to be more than an orgasm to you. Relationships don’t end well in this life , they are seen as weaknesses by our enemies and it ends in death & heartbreak. But there’s something- I know you can handle yourself . I’ve seen you take on 5 vamps alone with barely a scratch on you. ”

  To say you are surprised wouldn’t cut it . Your mind is absolutely blown , Dean freaking Winchester just admitted he loves you AND wants to date you. Your mind doesn’t even form words , you just leap at the man in bed , roughly placing your lips against his in a desperate kiss. “ I love you. ” you whisper against his lips . He moves, tugging yournaked body fully against him in a tight hug .

  “ are we really doing this relationship thing?” You ask quietly , He only response is a heartwarming , passionate kiss.

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The Houses and Points in a Natal Chart

The Ascendent/Rising/ACE

  • The way you express your inner self (sun/moon/other personal planets)
  • Prominent characteristics at face value
  • Your automatic response to individuals in your environment
  • Self awareness
  • Physical individuality
  • Appearance
  • How you adapt to your outer environment
  • Physical meeting

1st House

  • The physical self
  • Physical incarnation
  • Self-image, how you see yourself, how you choose to project yourself
  • How you see the world around you
  • How the world sees you
  • How you direct yourself

2nd House

  • Values (personal and material)
  • Material possessions (from your clothes, food, your bed ect)
  • Money
  • Personal resources
  • Things you have ownership of
  • Talents and skills
  • Self-worth
  • How we accumulate resources
  • What we base our self esteem off

3rd House

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Topics you are interested in learning/talking/writing about
  • How you learn
  • Siblings
  • Short distant travels (under and hour from the home)
  • The ‘neighbourhood’/local area/town
  • Manner of speech

Imum Coeli

  • What’s hidden from the outside world
  • The inner self
  • Our roots/core foundations
  • Introversion
  • Privacy
  • Ancestors
  • What we want/need to feel secure

4th House

  • Home
  • Family
  • The mother (or least dominant parent)
  • Parents in general
  • Childhood
  • Inherited patterns and mannerisms
  • Family environment
  • Your upbringing
  • Security
  • The family you create as an adult
  • Land (property)

5th House

  • Casual romance
  • Casual sex
  • Flirting
  • Parties
  • Games
  • Games of speculation
  • Creativity and creative expression
  • Things you do for fun
  • Children (others and your own)
  • Recreational activities
  • Sports
  • Relaxation and entertainment

6th House

  • Health, health problems, how you care for your health
  • Casual work, service and work ethic
  • The nature of the work environment
  • Employees
  • Co-workers
  • Daily routine
  • Pets and small animals


  • Self projection (the qualities of yourself you project onto others)
  • Who you attract
  • Interaction with others
  • Awareness of others
  • The partner
  • The desire for relationship
  • Commitment

7th House

  • The marriage, romantic and/or business partner
  • Best friends
  • How you relate to others
  • Open/public enemies
  • Who you attract
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Who you feel attracted to

8th House

  • Union
  • Other people’s money and material possessions
  • Other people’s values
  • Shared resources
  • Birth-death-regeneration
  • Sexual union
  • Inheritance
  • Deep research
  • The spirit realm
  • Death and the dead
  • Metaphysics
  • Occult and powers
  • Psychology
  • The hidden/secrets
  • Vulnerability and powerlessness
  • Astral projection
  • Paranormal experiences
  • Healing

9th House

  • Spirituality
  • Set religions
  • Higher learning
  • University/College
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • Higher perspective
  • Beliefs
  • In-laws
  • Foreign affairs
  • Other cultures
  • Specialisation in an area of study


  • Public image
  • Projected characteristics to the public
  • Outer self
  • Ambition
  • Nature of career

10th House

  • The father (dominant parent)
  • Outer environment
  • Public life, how you are seen by the public (those who don’t know you at all)
  • Social status
  • Career/vocation
  • Career position
  • Public recognition
  • Authority figures
  • Your internet persona

11th House

  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Group activities
  • Clubs and societies
  • Hopes and wishes
  • Society
  • Shared interest/cause
  • Sense of belonging
  • Community

12th House

  • The self undoing
  • The unconscious
  • Karma
  • The collective unconscious
  • Solitude
  • The deep spiritual realm
  • Hidden enemies
  • Dreams  
  • Confinement
  • Subconscious fears
  • Surrender
  • Zen Meditation
  • Astral projection #2
  • Psychological problems
  • Transcendence of consciousness
  • Vices that we use/do for pleasure
  • Self destructive patterns
  • Addictions
  • Paranormal experiences #2
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Healing #2

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So once upon a time I read @blacklionshiro​ ‘s journey au where it was a crossover of the journey ps4 game and voltron. Inspired, I began to find the game and played it 2 months later upon doing so and got addicted. Now as a person who is also a voltron fan I pretty much jumped on the bandwagon of this lovely au. Its a pity there aren’t more of it. But anyway @blacklionshiro​ this is for you! Its the start of many drawings that will appear later on of your au! (starting from the beginning of the game to the mountain) I hope you like it! I know this one seems a little… spacey and blank, but i’ll learn to improve as I go. Hope you like it!

Masterpost of Journey AU

You didn’t ask for it but I gave you all my love on a silver platter so maybe it’s my fault for giving it to you without asking if you wanted it. I didn’t ask you if you wanted to be my wishes at 11:11 or if you wanted to be written into poetry and become every love song I listen to at 2 AM when I can’t sleep. I didn’t ask you if you wanted to run through my veins and become an addiction.
—  P.P
The ocean takes up 71% of earth’s surface.
It’s bigger than I can even fathom.
It’s big and beautiful and pretty scary if you ask me.
People go there to escape reality; to be calm.
Bu what if you compared the waves to a bad habit?
Waves go in and out and its repetitive process that ultimately never stops.
Like bad habits
You go back to someone you love repeatedly after they break your heart because you always think there’s something you convince yourself they didn’t mean it and they will never do it again.
You smoke a cigarette every time you’re stressed out even when you promise your friends you quit.
You cut every time you have a bad day.
Or stop eating again because you think you have to.
I think bad habits and addiction go hand in hand.
There’s this quote I heard once “Addiction is tricky. For example: a man who quit smoking for 11 years spent 15 seconds in an elevator with a man smoking a cigarette. He gave in.
What I’m trying to say is I think I love you again.”
Maybe the ocean is addicted to kissing the shore ever so slightly.
And the man who loves the woman is addicted to breaking his lover’s heart and she’s addicted to him. Ever so effortlessly and completely addicted to the person who is not the slightest addicted to her.
Maybe the man who is giving himself cancer slowly as he smokes a cigarette is addicted to the feel of the cigarette on his lips or addicted to how people tell him to stop so he knows people actually care about him.
Maybe she’s addicted to cutting because she has no other outlet.
Like I said addiction is tricky.
Bad habits are hard to break.
And the first step is always the hardest.
I hope he gets addicted to how he holds his lover in his arms each night and no longer breaks her heart. I hope that happens while shes still completely addicted to him.
I hope the man who loves the feel of cigarettes on his lips gets addicted to kisses of his girlfriend or knows she cares when she asks him how his day was.
I hope the girl who is addicted to cutting finds out she can paint and paints herself a colorful world rather than on her skin.
Again, addiction is tricky.
Bad habits are hard to break.
But sometimes the waves don’t kiss the shore and the ocean is calm.
The first step is hardest but you should take it.
—  The truth about addiction and the ocean // (m.a.b)

30 Day Utapri Challenge

Day 11 - Favorite Pairing

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oh god i’ve given in. i love masaharu. after having played the games i really can’t deny how well they fit together. their meeting on that snowy day is canon in every route, and without it they wouldn’t even have gone to saotome academy (and masato might’ve not been alive anymore hfkfjdkfjdk don’t get me started) they can share their love through the same instrument, and they just… fill up on each other. they’re both types to take their time in a relationship, but can also surprise each other every now and then… ahhhh they’re just so cute together, i wish i could show it better but my way with words isn’t exactly the best

Weeping Angels   ~David Tennant/Tenth Doctor Imagine~

Hello humans! So I started watching Doctor Who about 2 weeks ago and I’m addicted, so I thought I would do a tenth doctor imagine! It’s not that great, but I hope you like it! :)

*Not My Gif*


I slowly walked into kitchen, trying not to run into anything. I had recently moved into a new flat and every time I went to get a glass
of water or snack at midnight, I always managed to stub my toe on something. When I reached the cabinet, I pulled out a glass and poured
some water into it. I took a sip as I stared out the kitchen window. The alley out back was filled with trash and rain puddles. As I
stared, I noticed something I had never noticed before. A grey statue towards the back of the alley. The statue looked like a angel
that was crying. Although I had never seen it in the alley before, I had definitely seen it somewhere else earlier that day. I shook it
off and looked away. I started to open the fridge for a snack, when it suddenly slammed close. Before I could react, I felt two arms
wrap around my torso and pull me back. I started to scream, but was muted by a hand covering my mouth. The glass fell out of my hand
and shattered on the floor in front of me.
“Shhh I’m not going to hurt you…listen Y/N don’t blink! That isn’t just a statue, it’s a weeping angel. If you blink you’re dead. Don’t
blink!” A male voice said.
My head was racing with a million different thoughts. How did he know my name? What the hell was a weeping angel? Why can’t I blink?
And how the hell did he get into my flat?!
I looked forward and the statue that was once in the alley, was now standing in front of me. It’s head was up and it’s eyes were stuck
on me. I started to breath rapidly as I stared at it. What the hell was going on?
“Don’t look away from it Y/N. Don’t blink.” He spoke again.
I stared at the statue and tried not to run away from both the statue and the man. He held me close to him as he started backing up
“Follow me.” He said as he let me go.
My knees were weak from panic, so I ended up accidentally falling to my knees as my right hand hit the shattered glass. I felt the pain,
but ignored it as I realized I had taken my eyes off the statue. I slowly looked up and the statue was now it my face with its arms
out like it was going to grab me. I quickly stood up and backed away. I felt the guy grab my hand and pull me into a blue box. The door
quickly shut as he ran towards a control panel. I stood up in shock and looked at my surroundings. How was this possible? It was…
bigger on the inside. The room had a huge control panel looking thing in the middle and a yellow tint to it. Suddenly, everything
started moving as if there was an earthquake happening. The movement knocked me to the floor of the strange room. I looked up to see the
guy holding onto one of the levers on the panel. Once the shaking stopped, the guy turned to me and smiled brightly.
“Cute pajamas.” He said.
“Who are you?” I automatically replied.
“I’m the doctor.” He said proudly.
“What is this? Why is it bigger on the inside?” I asked.
“This is the tardis, it’s my spaceship. I’m a time lord, last of them actually.” He said.
“Yeah…” I said as I studied his features.
His hair was brown and stuck up in the front. He wore a brown suit with white converse. He was an overall attractive guy, but he must
of been crazy. A time lord? Really?
“Really, I could take you anywhere. Past or present.” He said.
He didn’t look like he was crazy, he looked completely serious about what he was saying.
“Let’s say I did believe you, how did you get into my flat? And how did you know that was going to happen to me?” I questioned.
“I told you, I’m a time lord. I saw it happen in the future. It’s a long story really. My tardis accidentally landed in your kitchen,
which is how I got into your flat.” He explained.
I nodded as he explained. Did I actually believe him?
“Oh, you got a nasty cut on your hand there.” He said as he walked over to me.
I looked at my hand and noticed the gash in it.
“Oh, I didn’t even realize…” I said, trailing off.
He stood in front of me and held his hand out to help me up. I grabbed his hand and stood up, smiling slightly at him.
“Let’s get that cleaned up.” He said sweetly.
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the seat next to the control panel. I sat down as he pulled out a pair of glasses from his
coat and put them on. I looked at him, then looked down as my cheeks turned red. He definitely looked adorable wearing glasses.
He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed the wound slightly as I tried to not winch in pain. Then he tied the handkerchief
around my hand to stop the bleeding.
“Better?” He asked looking at me with a smile.
I smiled and nodded.
“So what happens now?” I questioned.
“Well, I made the weeping angels look at each other, so they won’t be trying to hurt you any more. I would definitely recommend moving
somewhere else though. Weeping angels aren’t exactly the best decor.” He said, laughing a bit.
I smiled and laughed a bit too.
“Unless…” He started to say.
“Unless?” I questioned.
“You want to come with me..” He suggested.
I was shocked by his offer.
“Go traveling with a stranger?” I questioned aloud.
“It’s time traveling and I did just save your life.” He said as he laughed.
I thought about it. He did make a good point. I smiled and looked up at him.
“Okay.” I simply said.
“Really?” He asked with a smile.
I smiled and nodded.
“If I can pick where we go.” I added.
“Anywhere you’d like.” He said with a cheeky smile.

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WELP the textbook got worse

synposizing cuz i dont want to put full quotes but

actully im also putting under cut cuz i dont want my followers to have to be angry either (ableism cw, towards all disabled people in general and addicts in specific, which addiction is a disability but was not referred to as such in the text book. both groups mentioned by name)

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Ladynoir, "I do love you, more and more everyday" ehehehe I'm excited for this one!!

I finished this way faster than I expected, so I really hope that you like it! :) Thank you so much for the request my dear!!

Keep the requests coming guys!

Romance sentence starter meme:


“I do love you, more and more everyday.”

Ladybug had grown used to Chat Noir’s almost daily confessions of love and affection. At first she found them flattering and silly, but that had changed over time. Over the years, his confessions grew more serious and honest. She began to realize that he truly had deep feelings for her, and this annoyed her for some reason. Not because she wasn’t flattered, and certainly not because she found Chat unattractive. His confessions had only started to bother her for a very different reason.

“How could you possibly know that?” she remarked under her breath. Chat’s expression quickly changed from loving and endearing to confused. He had never gotten that type of response from her before.

“Chat, you don’t know anything about me! Not the real me anyway. You’re only in love with the person you think I am.”

His piercing green eyes widened as ladybug wrapped her arms tightly around her own waist. She sat down on the edge of the rooftop they often used as a meeting place and turned away from him.

“How could you say that? Of course I know you.” he insisted as he slowly approached her. His footsteps were very cautious as he walked across the wooden tiles of the roof. He had never seen her look so vulnerable before. Her shoulders were very tense and her sapphire eyes were focused down on her lap. She took in a sharp breath and looked up at him as he finally came to stand directly next to her.

“Chat I know you think you know me. You think I’m some perfect, confident, beautiful being who could do no wrong, but i’m not!” the volume of her voice slowly began to rise as she continued to speak. “I’m none of those things Chatton! The real me is clumsy, shy and forgetful. I could never even begin to fit your expectations.” To Chat’s horror, he caught the glimpse of a tear trailing silently down her cheek as she quickly turned her focus back down toward her lap. “The real me could never live up to anyone’s expectations,” she mumbled as she began to shake. More tears managed to travel down her face faster than she could wipe them away. Her vision became extremely blurry and her breathing grew more and more unsteady.

Chat knew he had to do something. He had to convince her that she was wrong. He didn’t expect her to be perfect. No one could be confident and level headed all the time. Over the years, he had seen many of Ladybugs flaws and he had grown to love each and every little imperfection. He sighed and began to sit down next to her. His hand lightly reached out to caress her cheek so that he could gently turn her face back towards his own. He smiled the sweetest smile she had ever seen when she finally gave in and let him regain eye contact. Chat gently wiped a few stray tears from her face with his thumb. He wasn’t very surprised to find that her face was still stunningly beautiful even when stained with tears.

“M’lady, I’m very sorry for making you feel that way,” he began, leaning in a bit closer. “I never meant to make you think that you had to be perfect and confident all the time.” Ladybug’s shoulders relaxed slightly and Chat could even feel her gently lean into his touch as he continued to wipe tears from her cheek.

“We’ve been partners for more than two years now, and I’ve learned a lot about you in that time. I know that you are one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, and I know for a fact that you’ve got quite a temper.” Ladybugs lips moved to form a slight pout that was almost childlike and Chat had to remind himself not to laugh as he continued. “And don’t you dare think for a second I don’t know about your clumsiness bugaboo. When we first met, you fell out of the sky and knocked me right off of my baton. We would have fallen straight to the pavement if we hadn’t gotten tangled up in a mile of Yoyo string.” A small smile broke through her pout and her breathing had considerably calmed down since he began.

“Even though I know you’re flawed in more ways than one, I also know that you are caring, smart, beautiful and extremely talented. A mask doesn’t make you a different person M’lady. It just helps you show a side of yourself that you didn’t know already existed. Frankly, I’ve seen many different sides of you over the years and I’ve fallen in love with every single one.” A confident smile spread across his face as he finished his speech. He really hoped that he had gotten through to her, at least a little bit.

Ladybug opened her mouth as if she were about to respond, but no words came out. Afterall, people always say that actions speak louder than words right? Maybe that was why Ladybug decided it would be better to just lunge her entire body forward and press her lips against his.

That or maybe it was because she simply couldn’t think of anything good to say in response to his confession.

Maybe. Maybe she had slowly fallen for him over the years.

Whatever the reason was, Chat didn’t really seem to care. He froze in shock at first, but then quickly moved to wind his loose arm around her waist. His right hand continued to cup her cheek as he gently tilted her face upwards to deepen the kiss. Her lips were both incredibly soft and passionate at the same time. He slowly studied the way her body curved under his touch as he flattened his hand against the small of her back. The two kissed for what felt like several minutes before their lips parted. Their foreheads rested against each other as their eyes slid open so they could study each other’s expressions. Both teens were blushing considerably and both had yet to let go of their partner.

After staring at each other in complete silence for almost a whole minute, Ladybug was the first to find her voice. “Thank you Chatton. I really needed to hear that.” The smile he had come to love so much found its way across her face as she dropped her arms from his neck and began to lean away. Chat released his hold on her waist and happily returned her smile as his hand dropped from her face.

“Anytime bug,” he whispered affectionately. The two continued to exchange smiles as they prepared to part. Ladybug took a step toward him and pressed a light kiss to his cheek before throwing herself off of the rooftop. Chat lightly pressed his fingers to the spot on his cheek where her lips had just been. He hoped he would never forget the way her lips felt against his own. If he should forget, he hoped she would be so kind as to remind him time and time again.

Marinette landed on her balcony and her transformation fell away as she slowly descended the staircase into her bedroom. She reached out to catch a weakened Tikki and placed her next to a bowl of cookies she kept at her bedside. Marinette flattened her hand against her chest and flopped down on her bed to stare up at her ceiling.

The rapid thumping in her chest grew as she closed her eyes and allowed the scene to play out again in her head. She could still feel his gentle touch on her cheek. She knew that she had never fully gotten over Adrien Agreste. However, that didn’t mean that her newly found feelings for Chat weren’t real. The beating in her chest and the blush on cheeks were both very real. Chat was her best friend, and he never failed to bring a smile to her face. Maybe, just maybe, there was room in her heart for both of the blond haired, green eyed boys in her life.