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Realized I forgot to include a side view of my amigurumi squirrel (and my poodle) in the last post. Hope you like my design and you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! :) <3 @reckless-stitches @milesofcrochet @allaboutami @freshstitches @mostlyharmlessdesigns @mooglyblog @esshaychcrochet

Don’t Love Me

I want to give to give you chopped up rose petals. I want to fondue myself in expired chocolate. I want to pour candle wax all over your heart, and let it drip down to ends of your toes. I want to set you alight on the inside and wrap you in the fire blanket quilted from flaws and failures. I want to be grotesque, ugly, vile, disgusting, and loathsome; because if you call me handsome, I will dig fingernails into your back deeper than thorns could ever scrape. If you call me sweet, I will taste more and deeper of you than any critic could hope to describe. If you say I light up a room, I will pick up the hot coals you walk on and sear my name into your bedroom wall to ward them off. If you call me a warm relief, I will make an addict out of you and an addiction out of adoration. If you call me tomorrow, I will call you forever. If you call me “forever,” I will call you “tomorrow.” I want you to hate me, because if you don’t I will love you essence deep and existence far.

Can You Really Blame Him?

He flapped around wayward
and haphazardly,
hitting the floor
with such crash-landing
pitter patters.
He hated being grounded
for very long.

He came back up frequently
to plant kisses
all upon her glowing exterior.
Fires inside her soul
had began blooming,
almost breaking fragile skin.
The lasting image of her
was burning red.

One day,
she finally asked,
“why do you enjoy
kissing me so much?”
He responded,
“because you are something
of substance,”
but what he didn’t know
was she was a substance herself.

Adoration can be addiction too.