Dear "meth blogs":

Why? WHY? Why the fuck would you GLORIFY that awful shit? I speak from experience. I smoked it, snorted it, hot-railed it, ate it, shot it into my veins… I did it every day all day, until I crashed for a few days. I was up for weeks at a time. I didn’t eat. It was all I thought about…talked about… I was obsessed. I was addicted. I did it until I could no longer see straight. I did it until I puked. I did it until I was shaking on the floor, unable to move my body. I did it until I saw demons dancing in the shadows. I did it until I could no longer feel high. And then…I did it some more. And not once, NOT ONCE did I think “Oh yeah, this is a good thing. My life is great. I feel fucking awesome. I should create a blog about it so I can love it more!” WHAT THE FUCK. WHY. Why do you blog about scoring dope, and why do you encourage other addicts to use too? It ruined my fucking life. I was homeless. I was deathly skinny. I started to lose my hair. My fingertips were picked raw. I was jittery and skittish and everything around me was ugly and sad. There is NOTHING beautiful about meth. There is NOTHING romantic about addiction. It kills. It ruins lives. It makes you an ugly monster. JUST STOP. To each his own, but fuck….it’s just pathetic and sad and two meth blogs have followed me already. Newsflash, I’ve been clean for over a year. You want to talk to me about sobriety, I’m your gal. But I will NEVER EVER glorify that evil shit.