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The ghastly murder-suicide of Zackery Bowen and Addie Hall

When Hurricane Katrina bore down on the city of New Orleans in 2005 and residents were told to evacuate, Zackery Bowen and Addie Hall defied orders and remained. The two supposedly met during that period, and holed up in the city they loved to ride out the storm. The couple was prominently featured on various news outlets at the time for their decision, and also for the fact that Hall would flash her breasts at police in order to ensure regular patrols (and thus, increased safety).

Approximately a year and a half later, Bowen committed suicide by jumping from a hotel roof. His suicide note detailed how he had strangled and dismembered Hall. Police discovered her remains in the couple’s apartment, including body parts that had been cooked (though autopsy showed that Bowen had not eaten any). The suicide note also detailed how Bowen, following Hall’s murder, had gone a partying binge before ending his life.

(Photo from USA Today)