even with my eyes closed

pairing: bangdae
universe: canon
tags: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, literal sleeping together, lots of yongguk feels, attempt at realism, rating will go up, more tags will be added

It all starts when Daehyun shows up on Yongguk’s doorstep one night in late November, during the leader’s break.

excerpt ]

Yongguk isn’t surprised by the confession, but still feels alarmed by it. He’s never been good at talking about his feelings—or talking, period. It was the very first obstacle he had to overcome when starting the meetings with his therapist. Daehyun has always been good at it; always seems so confident in what he feels. Yongguk never is. He’s always been socially awkward, better at reading books and newspapers than people.

But he can read his members, just like they can read him. They know each other too well by now. And he recognizes Daehyun’s fidgeting for what it is: longing for physical contact. Because he knows how Daehyun works; knows he uses touches almost as much as words when expressing himself. He knows the younger is holding himself back now, as he so often does when it’s just the two of them. Knows that Daehyun would never sit this far apart on a couch if Yongguk was anyone else. Knows that if it was any of the maknaes, Daehyun would be halfway into their laps by now. And if it were Himchan or Youngjae, he’d be fumbling with their hands instead of his own.