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Best marauders fics? ??

oh hoooo boy (most of these are gonna be ffn bc i was and still am SUPER DUPER into marauders fics before ao3 was a major thing.) (also, i love AUs) (also i p much only ready jily. i do ship wolfstar! but i havent actively gone and read any wolfstar fics) (also these are all p much from 2013-2015) but off the top of my head (under the cut bc this got LONG):

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Luxurious and antique, reign in FashionFrame with…

Wait, where is this palette from? It’s not from Classic, nor Classic Saturated. These colors aren’t from Storm, Grineer, Twilight, or Dojo. Where could they possibly be from!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we have recently discovered a glitch that we would love to share with you!

You see, in order to access this palette, you need to have The Second Dream completed, because this involves the Operators.

First, you need to access the Customize Tenno menu. From here, you must then go to Skin Color. Now, right-click on any of the colors ONCE (Doing it more than once will get rid of it!). Note that these palettes will NOT be starred if you’ve favorited them. Exit the menu. Then, go to any menu that allows for you to access your palettes (such as Lip Color), and you’ll see that they’ve been added to your list of favorite palettes! 

When manipulating your game through glitches, please play responsibly.


For the Anon who requested 8 (I told you not to be alone with ___) and 19 (don’t be stupid). With Hotch.

“So he tackles this guy to the ground before any of us can even move and as he struggling to keep the UnSub down he just looks up at me and goes, ‘oh no Dave. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got him.’ Just deadpan. Oh god I thought I was going to die.” Your boyfriend’s best friend tells you before another sip of his scotch. A grin is stretched across his face and you’re loving these stories. Aaron doesn’t talk much about work, you know that he’s got a high pressure job that can get very stressful so you let it be. It’s the stories that Dave has been telling you for the last half hour that you actually want to hear.
“That’s typical Aaron for you.” You laugh, “God forbid he ever be anything but cool calm and collected.”
“Oh sweetheart do I have stories for you.” Dave grins and is just about to launch into another one when Aaron comes out of Derek and Savannah’s back door.
“There you are beautiful.” He says giving you a grin.
“I didn’t know you and Dave had such sweet pet names for each other.” You tease him and he chuckles before pressing a firm kiss to your lips.
“Don’t be stupid.” He groans and you laugh as you lean into him.
“So mean to me Hotchner.” You continue, “Calling Dave beautiful and then calling me stupid. It’s just not fair!”
“Oh my god.” Dave says with a laugh, clearly enjoying your theatrics, unlike your boyfriend.
“I mean really-” Hotch cuts you off with another kiss, his hand cupping the back of your head. You can feel the smile on his lips against your mouth.
“Are you done?” He asks pulling away just enough to ask the question.
“If I say no are you going to keep kissing me?” He laughs and slides his hand from the back of your head to your far shoulder.
“What were the two of you talking about?” He asks trying to sound casual but you’re not fooled.
“You.” Dave tells him and Aaron raises his eyebrows.
“Oh geeze.” He groans, “Babe are you ready to go?” He asks softly.
“Yea we can go.” You agree taking his hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you Dave.”
“You too.” Dave says raising his glass in farewell. You and Aaron head out and down the street toward where you’d parked in comfortable silence.
“I thought I told you not to be alone with Dave.”
“You did but I’m still trying to figure out why.”
“He knows all my secrets and will tell them.” Aaron says and you roll your eyes.
“Then I’m adding him to my favorites list.” You tease. “So it’s not because he’s a jerk or something?”
“No, Dave’s great. You’re more than welcome to hang out with him.” Aaron confirms and you smile.
“Good. He promised me some stories.”
“Oh god.” Aaron groans and you laugh. You can’t wait to hear all these stories.

Happy you’re here (4/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,449 (fight me)

Warnings: Cursing(do I even need to warn?), FLUFF SUGARY FLUFF, violence mention(not really)  

A/N: Helloooo, School is killing me, my parents are killing me, the fact that I always want to write but that I need to study, is killing me, EVERYTHING IS KILLING ME. I’M CLINGY, I’M ON MY PERIOD, I WANT FLUFF, I’M HUGGING EVERYONE FUCK IT I DON’T CARE HUG ME 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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You stared at the roof of your room, feeling the need of sleep. Physically you wanted it, but psychologically you heard a loud buzzing noise warning you not to sleep so you wouldn’t get a nightmare.

You thought about what Steve said, he told you that he and Nat had found video footage of you in there – you suffering –, and he asked you if you wanted to watch.

You hugged him for his action, he gave you a choice and for his pleasure, you refused. Knowing that you would probably see it when you slept, and by his and Nat’s face, you knew it was something really bad or shocking.

Huffing and spreading the cushions aside, you stood up, ready to head straight to the common room to read or watch a movie, maybe to the gym- nah, Bruce would kill you if you did any physical activity, because of your shoulder.

It would be completely healed in a day or two, tops. But you didn’t want to play with your luck of healing fast.

You chuckled slightly at the memory of a bubbling Peter asking if you were O.K and walking around you saying that when you were healed, you were going to fight him, as if that – for him – was the best thing of his life.

Right in front of your room, stood Nat’s. She was tired, the redhead had just returned from a mission and then entered in another just because of you.

Her mumbling voice was heard, she was almost crying something in Russian and you knew exactly how to deal with that. Almost everyone there had nightmares and most of the time; you were the one to take care of them.

Entering her room, being extra careful to not make any fucking noise since she was The Black Widow, you tiptoed to her bed, she was still saying something in Russian when you entered under the cushions and gave her your back, carefully pulling her arm so she could hug you.

Never would Natasha Romanoff be the little spoon, she didn’t feel safe and she just needed someone to hold into. Sinking closer to her, you hear she sigh in relief, pushing you closer and hugging you for dear life.

Thank you.” She whispered, but you just closed your eyes and stroked her hand, paying attention to how many times she breathed, how many times her clock ticked, how many times a fly passed next to you ear, so that way you could stay awake. Focusing in something.

It didn’t take her long to fall sleep again, and after an hour and a half, you got up, knowing full well that she wouldn’t be able to face you for a couple days if she found you there, seeing her fragile and vulnerable.

Therefore, you got back to where you were heading before the quick stop, deciding to make coffee so it would make you awake. But fuck, you just wanted to sleep.

“Is there a problem, Mrs. Y/N?” FRIDAY’s voice was heard from inside the lift, giving you a slight jump scare.

“Shit! Huh, no, FRIDAY, I’m ok. Just having some trouble to sleep.”

Should I call Mr. Rogers?”

“Nonononono! No! Thank you, I’ll just make myself a mug of coffee.”

If you’re having trouble sleeping, I suggest a mug of tea, instead, Mrs. Y/N.”

“You do, don’t you?” You mumbled at yourself, starting to boil the water and curse at your injured shoulder, it stings. You looked at your boiling water, so zoned out that you didn’t even hear someone approaching you.

“Are you okay?” Bucky’s voice made you turn quickly on your heels and press your forearm on his throat, hissing thought your teeth and feeling your heart beat increase.

“Fucking hell!” You let go of him and stepped back, giving him an angry gave “Don’t come to me like this! I could have killed you if didn’t recognize your scent, you little shit!” He arched a brow, biting a smile back while you tried to catch your breath.

“What happened to ‘Buttercup’, huh?” You knew you shouldn’t be throwing your anger at him, so you took one last breath and turned off the boiling water while speaking:

“Sorry, Buttercup. But you really shouldn’t do that, though.”

“It’s ok. I thought you would feel me coming since we were trained by the same… huh… place.”

“And I do, I was just… Zoning out.”  You coughed to hide your mistake. You didn’t actually know why it was something wrong, but it was.

“Hm… Problems sleeping?” You just nodded with your head, feeling something weird in your chest, knowing that Bucky was watching you closely. “If you can’t sleep… Why don’t you do tea, instead of coffee?” He knew it already. You didn’t want to sleep, and you knew that he knew.

It took you some time to finally speak something, it took specifically three minutes.

Bucky counted.

“I don’t want to sleep.” It wasn’t louder than a whisper, so soft that if he wasn’t paying attention even to your breath, he wouldn’t have heard it.

You dodged him, avoiding looking into anything less than your mug as he followed you to the couch, surprisingly siting on your good side shoulder and his metal arm. He brought it to his chest and looked at the turned off TV while you drank your coffee in silence

“Do you want to talk about it?” You gave him a malicious smile while denying with your head

“No, thanks, Sergeant.” He glanced surprised at you, feeling the hairs of his neck getting up with your soft voice calling him… That.

“How do you know I was a sergeant?” You shrugged your shoulders with blushed cheeks

“I asked Steve about you…” Bucky felt happiness being send through all his body with the knowledge that you wanted to know more about him

“If… If you want to… know me… You can ask me.” The smirk returned to your face when you looked at him through your lashes

“Would you have told me that back in the days, you were a total ladies’ man?” He felt his cheek blush while you chuckled and brought your feet up to the couch, he liked that sound.

“Well… No. Did you know that Steve used to put newspaper inside his shoes because he wasn’t tall enough?” Bucky didn’t know why he said that, but it was worthed when you slowly turned your gaze at him, staring his eyes in silence for a couple seconds before exploding into a loud laugh. Muffing it with your hand, curling into a ball after putting the mug down so you wouldn’t spill the hot drink everywhere.

He smiled at your trembling figure, adding into his list of “favorite music”, your laugh.

More specifically, one caused by him.

“Oh, my.” You sighed, still bubbling in small laughs while you laid with your head on Bucky’s lap. Again, you surprised him. You noticed because his arms stood floating, awkwardly, above you, so you smiled at his shocked face and gently grabbed his flesh arm, leading it to your hair as you purred with it. He understood what he was supposed to do and laid his metal arm on the backrest of the sofa while stroking your scalp gently massaging it.

You moaned and his eyes widened while he pulled his hand away from you, making you frown your brows and look at him confused

“S-sorry…” He mumbled before clearing his throat and continue the stroke, you sighed in content and kept your eyes locked on his face, watching his facial features and how his eyes glowed even in the dark.

You noticed that he had small green traces in the middle of the blue pool, and fuck, you felt like you wanted to swim in it.

Bucky was aware of you staring him, very aware of it. But he just kept massaging your head and running his fingers through your hair, setting his eyes on what he was doing.

“Nightmares.” You finally said, making him look into your eyes

“Pardon?” Buck heard it perfectly; he just didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll have nightmares, that’s why I don’t want to sleep.” He hummed with your whisper and moved his hand to your forehead, sliding it down your nose and cheeks; he couldn’t control the thoughts of how beautiful you were to him.

“You shouldn’t restrain your sleep because of them. They will come one way or another, it’s okay to be afraid of them… But they are just it. Nightmares.” You closed your eyes and sighed, “Weren’t you the one to say that you shouldn’t be running from everything, scared of even looking in the mirror?”

“Don’t you use my words against me.” Bucky giggled at your mumble and stroked your eyelids, so gently that you could have thought that it were feathers and not his fingers.

“You took a shot today… You should be resting.” You didn’t answer him, since you were already sleeping. He sighed and stretched his arm to grab your coffee and drink it while running his fingers through your relaxed feature.

Also adding that to the list of “favorite things to watch”, right above ‘Y/N fighting’.

Every time you frowned your brows, he would run his thumb in the middle of them and whisper that you were okay.

Some hour, he didn’t know which, you started to lift up and hug him by his waist, making him round you with his arms. And for Steve’s surprise – since he was the first one to found both of you cuddling and sleeping on the couch – he seemed incredibly comfortable and happy with it.

The second one was Peter, he didn’t actually know what to do, so he just grabbed the mug and went to the kitchen, trying not to look so embarrassed to Steve.

But, Captain America grinned happily at him, still feeling happy by the sight of both of his best friends cuddling and heavily sleeping, since he knew that the biggest problems of you two were the nightmares

Every person of that tower saw both of you. Sam almost screamed and even thought of waking you guys with something loud, but Wanda didn’t let him.

Natasha took a photo of the moment, amazed by how neither you or Bucky woke up with the approach of so many people, since it was impossible to enter room and one of you don’t notice them there. And that made her aware of how incredibly comfortable you were around Bucky and how he was comfortable enough around you to let the guards down.

The last one was Pietro… Well, Bucky never found his boxers, having to buy new ones, and neither did he know how or why his whole mattress just got completely soaked in honey.

Both of you actually slept past 2 p.m., but it didn’t matter, because that was the first time that neither of you had nightmares.

“Peter, my shoulder is completely healed. If you don’t go with everything you have, I will kick your ass.” You hummed, taking your shirt and stretching your arm, rolling your head and heading to the fight ring.

Peter otherwise, glanced at Tony as if he was searching for approval. But Tony looked at Steve that looked at Bruce, that sighed and nodded with his head

“It’s truth. She will kick your ass.” You laughed while bubbling around the space, feeling like you had the best night of sleep of your life.

Well, you woke up alone on the couch, laying and perfectly curled up like a ball. You remember Bucky whispering sweet things when your dreams would become darker, but at some point, he didn’t had to.

James was watching you, still scared that he slept with you for so long. He didn’t understand why he did that and how he didn’t have any nightmare. You knew you didn’t had because of Bucky, but he wasn’t able to connect you to the fact that he slept like a baby.

“Don’t let me down, boy.” Tony cheered and you laughed at how he was acting all fatherly towards Peter.

Steve smiled at you, nodding with his head and you just winked at him, waiting for Peter to attack, since your eyes and body weren’t used to Spiderman’s way of fighting.

“C’mon, Kid. Hit me” You smirked, teasing Peter the best you could. It was something you were good on, when you wanted; get on people’s nerves.

He frowned his brows slightly and you huffed, teasing him with little slaps and dodging his punches, knowing that he wasn’t giving his all.

“Hey!” He hissed when you slapped his ass and laughed

“What? Spiderboy don’t like when I touch his little kid’s ass?” Natasha laughed, knowing exactly what you were doing.

“It’s not-”

“C’mon, Spiderboy, I don’t got all day and neither do you. Isn’t Aunt May waiting to put you to bed?” He blushed, looking angrier than before, his punches turning faster. But still not fast and strong enough for you to actually fight him.

“Don’t call me-”

Spiderboy? It’s what you are. You’re a boy in a costume, get over it.” And that was it. He huffed and was able to hit you on your ribs. You smiled between coughs “Now we’re talking. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to hurt you so much. I don’t want to make you piss on your bed even more than the usual” You teased again, Peter throw a punch next to your face and you just dodged it, grabbing his wrist and pulling him even more to the direction his fist went, using your other hand to punch his jaw.

He moaned in pain and the fight continued.

Peter was able to tell when, and where, you would hit him, and would – most of the time – be able to dodge them, just like you.

Still, it wasn’t a fair fight. Your fighting skills were far too good for him to handle, and even with his speed and strength, Peter was losing. Being hit and throw on the ground several times.

“That’s it, enough.” Tony screamed when saw you immobilize Peter again. “You had a fight with everyone and nobody won, I’m done. Let’s just call you the best fighter, already.” You laughed and helped Peter to get up

“You know I didn’t mean any of those things, right, Peter?” He nodded, moaning in pain and massaging his own shoulder

“Yeah, I know. Good tactic, Y/N.” Peter chuckled and got out of the ring as you turned and looked straight into Bucky’s eyes.

“Hey, Tony?”

“What?” He mumbled, helping Peter to sit down as Bruce went see if he had any serious injury

The whole time, Buck studied the way you fought; seeing similarities with his own way of fighting, but he thought you had this graceful, quick and sharp movements that he did not had.  

“I didn’t fight everyone.” Tony Stark looked confused at you and followed your gaze, giggling and denying with his head

“Fair enough. Maybe the time being in H.Y.D.R.A will help him kick your ass.” You smirked and used one finger to call Bucky, he looked at Steve and the Captain just nodded with his head.

“Come on, hottie. I want to see what that arm can do.” You bit your lower lip, trying to hold back a grin when noticing the innuendo of the sentence.

Bucky’s P.O.V

I blushed at your words; you certainly knew how to make somebody feel ashamed.

I sighed and took my jacked off while walking towards you, stretching my arm and neck

“Buck? Don’t hold back, because she won’t.” I just nodded with my head when Steve spoke, already getting into position and trying not to get lost into how your sweaty figure made something bubble inside my chest.

“Ready when you are, love.” You whispered, smirking and winking. I took a deep breath and gave the first punch. You grabbed my wrist and tried to do with me what you did with Parker, but I stopped myself from falling and rounded my hand, forcing you to give me your back and bump into my chest

You gasped in surprise and looked at me from over your shoulder with a grin and with your eyes sparkling with the challenge and with competitiveness.

“I love when you hold me like that, sergeant.” I soften my grip on you with the whispered sentence, you took advantage from that and jumped away before scanning me with your eyes, searching for an entry, and you found one.

You made it obvious that you were attacking, so I put - confused - my defense up, I understood too late that you expected that. So you used my knee as an impulse to jump and stand on my back, Jumping in the back of my knees to make me kneel.

I did it and tried to take you out of me, but you grabbed my wrist and locked my human arm behind my back. I breathed in and used the metal arm to grab the back of your shirt and throw you from me, you rolled and landed on your feet, turning back to me.

And the fight continued, I was surprised that you weren’t tired, since you had fought Parker before me.

I was really trying to catch you, but you were quick in always dodging my hands.

“Enough! Let’s just call it a tie. I’m getting dizzy with you two rounding.” Neither of us listed Stark, too busy and concentrated on our own personal dance bubble to pay attention into anything but each other.

You jumped to me and I grabbed you, losing my balance when you locked my leg with yours and pulled it. I moaned in pain when my back hit the ground, but I quickly rode us, using my weight as an advantage to hold you still.

You gasped with a smile and laughed, biting your lip and trying to get your feet around my neck.

I tried to stop you from doing that, but you kicked me so you could to it. I smirked at you and, playfully, arched a brow

“What a position, Doll.” You laughed louder; Neither of us could leave the grip of the other

“It’s a tie?”

“It’s a tie.” I said and you let go of me, allowing me to get up, bringing you with me by your waist. Your smile couldn’t be larger, your eyes focused on mine

We stood there for a moment; just enjoying how close we were from each other and the silence, but well, it was the Avenger’s tower. It didn’t last long.

“She didn’t won?” You looked at Pietro and laughed, stroking my arm as you pulled away. Your fingers slid to my hand and brushed until the tip of my fingers, it felt amazing.

But the warmth was gone when the contact was over

“But I also didn’t lose.” My gaze fell on Steve, he had a shit-eating grin on his face as he looked from me to you.

“You should get some rest, Y/N.” Banner said, writing something furiously on his clipboard

“What did you discover, doc?” You teased, getting closer to him and standing on the tip of your toes, trying to look at what he was taking a note on.

“Y/N, can I talk with you for a moment?” My best-friend said and I sorrowed my eyes at his smirk, but he ignored my cold gaze and took you out of the gym.


“What’s the problem, Cap?” You asked as he walked as far as he could, to get out of Bucky’s super-soldier hearing.

“I want to give you an important mission.” He whispered as you frowned your brows, getting serious and tense, you didn’t want to leave the tower. Not now that you were feeling something strangely pleasant towards Bucky.

“What is it?” Steve smiled and grabbed both of your hands

“I need you to help Bucky. I will be on an undercover mission and won’t be here for the next weeks, so I’ll need your help.” You sighed in relief and nodded with your head

“You want me to babysit him?”

“If you want to call it that way… But I’m being serious. He has night terrors, nightmares, he won’t eat, he won’t train and sleep unless you remember him those things. Actually, it does look like babysitting.” Steve mumbled and you chuckled

“I get it, Steve. I will do my best to help Bucky the same way you did to me.” He smiled and kissed your forehead

“Thank you, Y/N. I’m happy you’re here.”


9 January 2015

For the first day of Fic Rec Days, I’m making yet another Kiliel fics list. This one has old and new favorites. 

These are my forever Kiliel favorites:

  • Stolen Heir by @kaotic312. This one is about Kili and his parentage and how that affects everyone. I also like how the elves of Rivendell and Lothlorien are very present in this story - I love Glorfindel!! This writer also writes my next favorite The Line of Durin. I would never be able to choose between this one and that one. I go back and forth depending on which one was updated last.
  • The Line of Durin by @kaotic312. I love the premise of this fic, and the storytelling is fantastic. Fili and Kili have faked their deaths, but Tauriel and Bofur are with them building new lives. This one hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I have no worries that it will be eventually.
  • Under the Mountain series by @magnoliamagic (maggiemaye). There are 11 fics in this series, and all of them are about Kili and Tauriel and their children. I love them all, but I have a soft spot for the first one in the series Native Tongue
  • The Heir Apparent by @chasingperfectiontomorrow​. This is one of the first Kiliel fics I read and still a favorite. Kili is king and his and Tauriel’s relationship is growing slowly, so slowly! The angst!!! I don’t know how much more I can take!
  • Innikh De by @eldritchmage. Completed fic. I know lots of people don’t like first person narrated fics, but this one and all the others in the series are incredible. Written from both Kili and Tauriel’s POV, the characters are on point, the writing is excellent, and the story is very satisfying.
  • Azhâr by @yubiwamonogatari. This isn’t a Kiliel-centric story, but whatever Kiliel there is is lovely. It’s about the rebuilding of Erebor, after Thorin returns from death. I know!!!
  • I’m Bound to You by @bookokells (Book_of_Kells). Completed fic. Modern AU where it’s like the Wild West except it’s in New Hampshire, they get around on motorcycles, and everyone carries a blade. The story is great fun and there’s quite a bit of angst, if that’s your thing.

The new additions to my Kiliel fic rec list:

  • Beneath Stone and Sky by @chasingperfectiontomorrow. Fair notice: I’m beta-ing this so I’m super biased. Smaug never came to Erebor, Tauriel is Thranduil’s adopted daughter, and Kili is the spare heir living a carefree life until… I’m not going to tell you because spoilers.
  • memories like bullets, fired from a gun by @chasingperfectiontomorrow. Set during World War II. Tauriel is a nurse, and Kili is a wounded soldier. It’s a short one, but very satisfying.
  • Queen under the mountain by starwalker. No Fili or Thorin and no Smaug (I think), and Kili is king. Tauriel is Thranduil’s daughter and there’s an arranged marriage. I think this is going to be added to my forever favorites list at some point.
  • So Comes Snow After Fire by @milesofkeeffe (Moonraykir). Originally, I found this fic and A Gift of Fire on, but it’s on AO3 now! This one is after BotFA. Tauriel spends the winter in Erebor, everyone lives and Kili and Tauriel’s relationship develops with some trouble (I’m looking at you, Thorin!) along the way.
  • we are stardust, we are golden by @magnoliamagic (maggiemaye). Loved this one! It’s set during Woodstock, so there’s Fili, Kili, and Tauriel listening to music in mud and a van.
  • If Only In My Dreams by @magnoliamagic​ (maggiemaye). This was a holiday season fic, and it’s very sweet. Tauriel goes home with Kili for the holidays.
  • Secrets by @torunwrites (Torun). This one just started, but I think there’s a ton of potential. It’s set in modern London, Tauriel just moved into a bedsit, and is working at a cafe.
  • Mistakes and Cakes by iscatterthemintimeandspace. This is part of a series called New York State of Mind, so don’t read it until you’ve read the first three fics. It’s set in modern NYC, and I appreciate that everything is geographically accurate.

(I’ve posted my Kiliel fanfic recs before here and here and here. In case you can’t tell, I really love Kiliel! )

steve purcell has been added to my favorite artist list because his art was the only reason i was attracted to sam and max in the first place and theres something dynamic about that is really appealing to its almost a stim to look at his art lmao. so i have three favorite artists now.

“No other sibling than you, would I want for a brother.”

Anyone who has known me long enough knows I’m a huge sucker for close sibling relationships.

And these two just got added to the list of favorite canon sibling pairs.

Just… Gosh I love Sara. Her and Milo’s relationship is just beautiful and I’m glad she wasn’t one of those siblings who would be annoyed with her brother’s curse. She genuinely cares for him and doesn’t get mad at him over his curse. She just loves him and tries to make the most of the day they have together.

Also, Milo, what a sweetie. He wants her to enjoy her day, even if it means removing himself from it because he doesn’t want to give his sister bad luck. And again, points to Sara for just pulling him back in because she wouldn’t want any other sibling but him with her.

Something I can relate to since I look at these two and am reminded of my relationship with my two older brothers.

So yeah, there’s another thing on the list of reasons of why i love this show.

(Also, love the little detail of the four leaf clovers in Sara’s hair. Just, nice one, Disney.)


Matt Mercer is being added to my list of favorite VAs…

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Hi, i'm working on a comic of my own right now, but i'm really unsure where to publish it i was thinking on Line Webtoon and Tapastic. Line webtoon because it seems like it's more worldwide, while Tapastic are more secure since you can't right-click and save the comic. Do you have some pros and cons?

I would like to point you in the direction of this guide to hosting and promoting webcomics. It’s written by @lgbtwebcomics but the information about different hosting options is valid for all webcomics. They don’t cover the LINE webtoon challenge league, so here are my thoughts.


  • Once a month (whenever there isn’t a contest running) the LINE webtoon staff pick at least one comic to be featured. If you’re interested in being paid and getting to work on your comic full time then I’d definitely recommend at least mirroring your comic on LINE webtoon!
  • Whenever there isn’t a contest running the staff will actively promote comics from the challenge league that they like (as does tapastic)
  • The readers who browse the challenge league are fond of anime-style comics and painterly semi-realistic comics. If you draw in either of these styles you will quickly and easily find an audience.
  • Unlike tapastic (or tumblr), it has limited options for socializing (it only has a comment system). I’m listing this as a pro because, if you’re introverted, it’s a good thing! On sites like tapastic a culture can build up where you’re obliged to reply to comments and personally thank people for adding your comic to their favorites list and I know this sort of thing can freak out introverts, who want to choose how and when they communicate, rather than being obliged to do so.


  • Comics drawn in a western or more cartoony style often get ignored by readers in the challenge league (note that plenty of comics drawn in cartoony styles have been picked as featured comics - so the staff are looking for these sorts of comics, even if many of the readers aren’t).
  • The atmosphere can be very competitive, because the possibility of a full-time job is on the line. If you post a comic here you need to have a thick skin.
  • Unlike tapastic (or tumblr) it has limited options for socializing, which, of course, is a con if you want to socialize ;)
Barcelona’s winning philosophy makes them coaching incubator for top clubs

by Sid Lowe (original here)

Added to list of favorite football articles HERE

Where are they now? In the dugout, that’s where, and not just any dugout. Take a look at the picture above. It is nearly 19 years old now: 28 August 1996, the side that won the Spanish Super Cup. You will recognise some of the faces, and among them are four of the eight coaches in the Champions League quarter-finals: this week Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich face Julen Lopetegui’s Porto and Laurent Blanc’s Paris Saint-Germain take on Luis Enrique’s Barcelona. Their Barcelona, where they all played together.

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