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I Don't Love You. Do I?

            “MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD! Give me my damn phone back!” you shouted chasing Michael around the large house the boys will be staying in for a couple of months. Luke and Calum were having a fun time splashing each other in the pool, while Ashton sat on one of the few chairs poolside, getting a tan and rocking out to the loud music they had playing. Michael and yourself, on the other hand were inside watching a movie that didn’t interest you one bit. Instead of watching the movie you decided to look for your phone for entertainment since Mikey was swallowed into the movie and you didn’t feel like going outside to hang out with the other guys. Not even ten minutes of being on your phone you heard Mikey sigh and that’s when it began. Michael snatched your phone out of your hands and took off around the corner, beginning the wild goose chase.

            “Do you guys hear that?” Ashton asked suspiciously, pausing his air drumming to a Bring Me the Horizon song. Calum and Luke abruptly stopped splashing in the water to see if they could hear what Ashton was referring too. “Give it back Clifford!” you shouted coming into view shortly after Michael and his bright red hair and glowing complexion ran by the pool towards the studio portion side of the house. The scene making all three boys sigh in annoyance. “God damnit, not again.” Calum said continuing to send massive waves of water with his arms to Luke. Luke began to laugh at Calum’s comment but was cut off when the salty water filled his mouth. The actions making Ashton burst out in laughter as he resumed air drumming to a new song. “You are going to get it now Hood!” Luke threatened splashing Calum with all his might.

            You and Michael were now inside the studio, with lots of expensive and valuable things. This was a place Michael and you shouldn’t be roughhousing around in. “C’mon Mikey,” you begged with a whiny voice, “can I please have my phone back? I promise I won’t bring it out when we’re watching a movie again.” Michael did nothing but smirk at you as he held your phone up in the air, way away from you reach, due to your short figure, at least compared to Mikey and the other guys. He looked around the room and sat on the partially worn out black leather couch. Bringing your phone to a more grabable (is that even a word? Oh well is now) height. You stood there momentarily before quickly jumping onto Mikey’s lap, attempting to reunite with your phone.

            Although your attempt was a failure. Mikey held the phone in his hand, moving his arm side to side making it harder to take for you to capture your phone back. With the other arm, he tried his best to push you away as gently as he could. The room was filled with loud laughter from Michael and long groans of annoyance from yourself. “Wow, wow, wow! What is going on in here!?” Ashton asked chuckled, obviously knowing it was nothing serious but getting joy from teasing the two of you. The two of your heads shot over in Ashton’s direction, surprised by his presence. You looked down at your position on Michael, noticing how you were straddling him and seeing how it could be taken as a naughty gesture. “Michael won’t give my fucking phone back!” you growled, attempting to reclaim it once more and ignoring Ashton’s attempt to make it awkward. Laughter was the only response that came from Mikey.

            “It sure looks like your about to fuck to me.” Ashton commented causally, taking a seat on one of the black rolling chairs. His comment making both you and Michael freeze, you quickly looked at Michael and felt your cheeks heat up. Ashton mentally cheering to himself teasing you guys enough to the point to make the both of you blush bright red. You moved to the furthest end of the couch and gave a fake cough to make some kind of noise into the now silent and awkward filled room.

            “I don’t understand why you guys won’t just fucking date already.” Ashton groaned, making you roll your eyes. You looked over at Michael and saw him staring at the ground, still with a faint blush on his cheeks making no comment. You pressed your eyebrows together, ‘why isn’t he saying anything?’ you thought to yourself. That’s strange, he normally says something. “It’s simple Ashton. Michael and I aren’t attracted to each other.” You stated maybe a little harsher than you expected. You got up and began walking out of the room, “Oh yeah? That’s why you can cut the sexual tension in this room with a knife right?” Ashton added before you fully exited. “Fuck you Ashton!” “I believe that’s Michael’s job!”

            “Y/N?” you heard after a soft knock on your door. “It’s open.” You sighed, knowing it was Michael and that he was going to talk about what happened in the studio. You were laying on your bed, back facing the door and staring at the plain white walls, fingers running over the texture of the painted wall. You didn’t really want to see Michael right now, you were having way too many different emotions going through you right now. You thought hard about what Ashton said and reflected back on all the times the boys teased you and Michael for acting like a couple. You didn’t really feel anything for Michael. Sure, he was way attractive and his touch was always so loving and his eyes were one of the most beautiful things you’ve laid eyes on. But you don’t like him, you can’t, he’s your best friend. He has been there for you since as long as you can remember. You can’t possibly like your best friend, there is no way the relationship would work out. You guys would break up and then no longer remain best friends and then you would never be able to see the other guys again. That can’t happen. Michael and you are just friends. You have no feelings for him whatsoever. Or do you?

            “I brought your phone back.” He awkwardly said, slowly walking over to your bed. You flipped over and reached out, taking your phone back into your possession. “Thanks.” He sat down on the end of your bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m sorry about Ashton. I don’t know what got into him.” Michael trailed off. “It’s fine.” You say bluntly, wanting to cut him off before he went too far into it. “Look, I know you saw it.” He said out of the blue after minutes of silence. “Saw what, Michael?” you questioned clearly confused. He got up and sat right in front of you, letting a single leg fall from the bed and the other comfortably rest on the bed under his bum. “I saw you look at me when Ashton said we should date. I know you were expecting me to say something, like I usually do, but I didn’t. I know you know, so I’m just going to saw this right now.

            “Y/N. You are my best friend. I can confine in you with anything, and you already know you can do the same with me. I don’t know if this is going to benefit in our relationship or completely ruin it, but I can’t hold it back any longer. I need to tell you. Every time we touch, I can’t help but get an avalanche of butterflies and crave your touch. When we talk, I can’t help but watch your lips move and imagine how they would feel against mine. And whenever the boys tease us, I can’t help but smile to myself. Think of how nice it would feel to be in a relationship with you. But just like anyone else, I was afraid of rejection. So I covered it up with sassy comebacks to the boys. Y/N, your everything I want. The only thing I’m missing in life is you. I have a career doing what I love most, I get to do what I love doing most with my brothers, I have adoring fans I would do anything for, but the only thing I’m missing is a lover. And the only girl I’ve ever dreamed of having is you.”

            Michael took a deep breath and reached for your hand. He looked down at your intertwined hands and then looked back into your mesmerizing eyes. “Y/F/N (your full name), I love you. I would do anything for you. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He confessed, his eyes not leaving yours. His confessions leaving you speechless. Your mind was throwing you curveballs. You didn’t know how to react or what to say. You did nothing but stare at him in disbelief.

            Your brain was painfully slow processing every word that left Michaels mouth. The little spark of hope Michael had in his eyes was demolished and replaced with forming tears. “I knew it,” he said quickly standing up and removing his hand from yours, “I knew you didn’t feel the same way, damnit I such an idiot! I ruin everything!” he groaned heading towards the door. He reached for the door knob and opened the door when you finally seemed to find your wandering voice.

            “Mikey wait!” You shouted. You quickly got up and rushed over to him, slightly jumping on him, surprising him but he caught you. Your feet were slightly off the floor due to Mikey’s strength and height. You put your arms around his neck with a smile on your face and smashed you lips to his. He wasn’t at all expecting that, but it sure didn’t take him long to react. His lips moved perfectly in sync with yours, all the confusion left in your brain began to fade away. Nothing could ruin this moment. You could finally confirm your feelings towards your best friend. You were relieved to hear he felt the exact same way. You weren’t sure why, but something told you nothing was going to get between you and Michael. “Finally!” you guys heard the boys shout from slightly down the hallway. You two pulled away partially and looked at each other wide eyed in surprise from the boys’ presence. But after a few seconds of staring into each other’s eyes, your lips connected together like magnets, your minds blocking out the hollers from the boys and just focusing on the moment.

            “I love you too Michael Gordon Clifford.” You spoke out between kisses, making Michael smile from ear to ear. “WE KNEW THIS IS THE WAY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE!” the boys shouted before finally leaving the two of you alone.

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