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(Haha, let’s pretend I totally didn’t drop the ball on this and miss Pride month, whoops)

A couple months ago I came onto Tumblr with a request for a few volunteers for a protest art project. I had set a goal of attaining five to seven but was still nervous that no one would show and I’d have a blank board to present. A day later I had close to twenty messages asking for more information; a week later I had amassed just over forty-five people asking and about fifteen people had already sent in their photos and statements. I had to stop accepting volunteers.

Now I’ve drawn, printed, mounted, and presented thirty-one ace-spec portraits. I am fully starstruck at all the support this project has received - all the reblogs my initial post got, all the beautiful volunteers, all the wonderful messages people have sent, all the hope and excitement now that it’s come to a close. I have honestly never been more proud of a project before and I’m so happy I am able to use it to bring light to a community I am so glad to be a part of.

Thank you to all my volunteers: @medievaluniverse, @futureauthor45, @hellaweerd, @officialprydonchapter, @whatfinestandsfor, @katiedoesnothing, @putrandomnamehere, @erudite-princess, @attractthecrows, @metaphoricaltigers, @rhysgraves, @catsidy14, @tulips2kiss, @bluesomes, @call-me-mad, @wildewanderer, @redheadstaysinbed, @gabrielnovakgoestomyschool, @princessleia-13, @lmtgirl, @mutat-nilpoj, @nexu101, @cheyrain97, @dragonsaphirareads, @openemptysummer, @cornerofcookies, @stucky-onice, @heytrevorlookmyurlchanged, @im-a-beautiful-meme, @imadeit-isurvived, @theerraticace, @distoretion

This is for you.

(And if, for some reason, I didn’t send you a copy of your portrait, you would like a “clean” - as in, no words or flag - version of your portrait, or you have any kind of question or comment, send me a message and I’ll get it to you right away!)


Bowie knife vs rondel dagger 

The question was about unarmoured combat (spoiler: the bowie knife is preferable), but the video also explains how different medieval daggers were used against different types of armour, which is nice.

The rondel dagger and the bollock knife had typically a thick, strong blade (single or double-edged, sometimes triangular foreshadowing the stiletto), and were thrusting weapons that could piece chainmail with no problem - as long as you put enough force. Piercing a gambeson was even easier. You could also stab between the joints of plate armour. Slashing at an armoured opponent wasn’t useful, and this blade didn’t excel in slashing anyway, but in very close quarters (wrestling on the floor, basically…) the edge could be used to cut the armour’s straps, and then you could go on stabbing through the gap you just made. The misericorde, or (daga) misericordia, famous for putting unhorsed knights out of their misery with a mercy stroke, was basically a poetic way to refer to a rondel or stiletto.

14th - 15th century rondel dagger

15th century bollock knife

The blade of a baselard or cinquedea is wider and usually less thick, but it’s still strong and has a double edge, so these daggers can be used both for thrusting and cutting. It’s still possible, if not ideal, to pierce armour with them, on the other hand they are better against unarmoured opponents (where a strictly thrusting weapon would be less deadly), and for versatility/defence.

14th century baselard

15th century cinquedea 

I want you all to know im very sorry... I promise that i didn’t start out planning to draw this.

I just wanted to draw Socks and it just turned into this. I have no idea what this is or why i drew this but im putting it in queue because it currently 5:00 am (probably why this got out of hand). I don’t even know why i spent 3 hours drawing this but here ya go.

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