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Spiritworker's Guide to Crafting an Enchanted Amulet


There is one way of creating a protective amulet. This method involves taking powers and energies and adding them on to a “blank” object. This method works well and I have used it many times before.

However, many of us in spirit work are not really interested in witchcraft-based spellwork. I would like to present a new method of creating a protective amulet, by awaking the spirit within the amulet itself, and getting it to agree to protect whoever wears or holds the amulet.


First, though, a few words on protection.

I generally expect certain nature spirits to be nice guys. Never met a vicious crystal (a few grumpy and mean ones, but never an evil rock). A few plant spirits have attacked me but I stray far from home. I do not think anyone carrying out these exercises of talking to basic, friendly spirits is going to be at risk. There are however a few notes I do have:

  • DO NOT work with any materials that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or worried. Such feelings are not indicative that the material has a lot of power; it means the material is WRONG for this project.
  • Stick with my recommended materials list coming up if you really want to focus on spirits that are known to be friendly towards humans.
  • It is up to you to adjust the contents of this post as you see fit, experiment, and try new magic. Once you leave the beaten trail, you need to start working within your own system of protections.


You will be using a rock or crystal, a natural object like a pine cone, or a collection of herbs bound in a sachet. It is vital you choose an object which you believe contains a protective spirit. If you associate bluebirds with flowers and clouds, don’t use a bluebird feather for this project.

Certain materials are more traditional because people have had success with them over and over again. I will list my recommended amulet materials next.

You will “awaken” this spirit, talk to it, get to know it, and secure its service as a protector. You can then empower the spirit and learn how to take care of it, feed it, and cleanse it.

In the end, you should have an awoken and empowered spirit vessel working as a powerful protector on your behalf.


Spirit worker 101: “Protection” doesn’t work the same way with every spirit. An onyx spirit may produce an astral warrior to fight your enemies, while a cinnamon spirit may produce a wall to protect you. Which would better serve you? Choose your allies wisely; talk to many potential allies before you choose the one you really want to work with. Even better, secure several allies who can all work together to help you in powerful ways.

Here are my recommended materials:

Any black crystal or rock, or any crystal or rock known for its powers of protection. Examples are onyx, tourmaline, and hematite. Also, hag stones make excellent natural protective amulets.

A piece of wood from any holy tree (perhaps from a pagan tradition you follow), or a tree with traditional protective properties in your culture. Examples where I live are oak and pine. Dried and preserved leaves/needles, bark, acorns, or pine cones, will also work well.

Rosemary, mullein, cinnamon, cloves, basil, or bay leaf are my top six herbal allies for defense and protection. Put them in a tiny necklace jar or in a small cloth sachet.

FIRST STEPS - tl;dr: Cleanse the vessel and cast a circle.

There is one basic safety measure everyone can take when approaching a potential new spirit. You can thoroughly cleanse and purify the vessel. A harsh cleansing is not necessary; something gentle and thorough will suffice. Choose a method that will not damage the physical material you have chosen.

Incense Take some purifying incense. If you can manage it, burn or singe some bay leaf. Hold your object in the incense smoke and vividly imagine that the smoke goes not only over the object but inside of it! Imagine the gentle cleansing incense purifies the object and takes away every negative energy and ill-intent, leaving it purified and connected to Nature.

Water Place your object underneath running water (the sink or tub will do; natural is great if you can manage it). Imagine that the water streams inside of and through the object, rinsing away every negative and unwanted energy.

Earth Bury the object in natural soil for 24 hours, or three days for a very serious case. Expose the soil to sunlight and moonlight to improve the process.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of purifying and cleansing energies. Immerse your object inside of this sphere of energy and let it be cleansed. Draw the energy inside of your object so it is thoroughly cleansed.

After you cleanse you will want to follow a basic protective measure. This is possibly the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself at this stage. Cast a circle intended to keep spirits out.

When your object is cleansed and ready to become an amulet, go to where you would like to talk to the spirit (I usually choose my bedroom because all my magical stuff is in there). Face east. Point at the ground and envision a blue flame spring from the ground. Turn around in a clockwise motion, repeating this phrase:

“This ground be purified, protected, and blessed, in the name of my highest Powers; this circle keep all spirits out except the one I invite.”

(Alter this to refer to your higher powers by name, or reference your own power).

Once you finish the circle and return to the east, imagine the blue flame springs up in a glorious sphere that completely surrounds you, keeping out all spirits except the one you invite.

Now you are ready to begin!

TALKING TO THE SPIRIT FOR THE FIRST TIME - tl;dr: Focus on the spirit, talk to it. Ask it if it will help you make an amulet; if it says no, move on. If it says yes, continue talking and making friends.

Spirit communication is the easiest thing in the world. Don’t psyche yourself out about it. Hold your object or place it on a nice, clean surface. It should now be purified and you should be inside a protective circle (why a circle? When you call for a spirit and not in a properly warded space, any spirit may arrive. Always ward before you call spirits!).

Focus on the object. Consider what may be inside of it, what spirit may rest there.

Touch the object if you feel like it. Hold it close, put it on your forehead like me if you really get in to it. Do whatever feels comfortable. When you are ready, call to the spirit:

“Spirit of this [object], known for its protective powers, will you come greet me today? I need to speak with you.”

While you make this call, visualize or believe that your words reach the soul of the object you are talking to, igniting it and ‘waking it up’ from its slumber.

For me an action like this typically garners immediate response. If you do not receive a response, a few things may be going on: Either the spirit is not interested in speaking with you, or you don’t know how to hear it, or it didn’t hear you the first time.

Try asking one more time, and see what happens. If the spirit still does not reply, put the object down, feed it some energy, and try again later.

If you actually get a response, DO NOT expect a living fae to rise out of the physical stone, dancing in front of you like so many LSD hallucinations. You are going to receive a response within your mind 9 times out of 10. You will receive input in one form or another. Some people experience external emotions, feelings, and sensations which are not their own. Other people hear words, sounds, songs, or other verbal communication. Other people have visions of spirits within their mind. Some people simply “know”, and “know” when the spirit hears them and “know” what the spirit’s response is, without ever having any kind of tangible input. Everyone’s experience is different.

In my typical experience, I would “see” a spirit in my mind’s eye, as well as feel the spirit’s energies and intent, and hear words they speak. You may have a totally different way of communication!

For first contact, introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is Cranberry. I called you because I would love to work with you, and I think we can be of benefit to each other.” State who you are and clearly state your intentions. There is no need to beat around the bush, spirits aren’t usually offended when people seek out their aid.

Then, you wait for the spirit to respond. If you get “no way”, “not my thing,” sensations or feelings, thank the spirit and put it away and choose something else to be your amulet.

Spiritworker 101: You’re a fucking idiot if you force spirits to be your servants and slaves. They’re only eventually going to turn against you, and you’ll eventually gain a permanent spiritual reputation as an asshole that good guys won’t work with any more. There are SO MANY good and helpful spirits that will willingly work for fair pay, which we owe them. I’ve heard the most stupid, idiotic excuses that novices make to defend abuse and slavery. Fuck you if you enslave spirits.

If you get “go ahead,” “I’m interested,” or, “go on….” vibes, continue.

MAKING THE DEAL – tl;dr Be nice to the spirit and ask it to help you.

There is a difference between wild spirits that can fend for themselves, and spirits taken out of their natural environment to come live in my house. A spirit that lives in my unnatural house may not have access to the food and ability to cleanse and care for itself as it otherwise would. So right away I usually ask a spirit that lives in my house if it would like a nice, small offering. A glass of fresh water is more than enough, sometimes a bit of incense is appreciated. Occasionally a spirit will ask for a specific enchanted formula in my room that will give them a good boost.

In general, continue casting your protective circle every time you talk to this spirit. ESPECIALLY if the space you are working in is not fully warded!! If you are working in a fully warded space and you know how to connect with the spirit inside the object, then I wouldn’t worry too much about protective circles unless you really just want to be extra safe :)

Up to this point, the object has been cleansed and we are inside a protective circle. We are assuming I have just made first contact with the spirit and it has given me signals to continue. So here I will offer it a small offering such as a glass of water.

If the spirit is quiet or is not saying much, or if it asks for more info, fill the spirit in. Simply tell the spirit you seek a protective ally, one that can guard you against malicious spirits and negative energies, and protect against the ill-intent of other humans. Say why you have chosen this spirit – did it come highly recommended? Have you had a personal experience with its protective abilities? And state what you will do to pay the spirit back. Try offering a cleansing twice a month and energy feedings once a week, or both whenever necessary.

Many protective spirits I know are warriors and are proud and boastful about their abilities. They often leap at the chance to protect someone and will gladly do it. Other spirits are more cautious or coy and will not agree right away, instead wanting to talk more and get to know you more. If a spirit is not agreeing to protect you, no need to beg or convince it; thank it, put it away, and try another spirit instead. You may find it is just necessary to actually get to know spirits in general more before they agree to work with you, so in that case it is fine to spend however much time you need getting to know the spirit.

Ultimately most spirits I know will have some questions so spend some time answering anything the spirit wants to know. They may want to know if you have any enemies they must defeat, what kind of ailments you have, what energies you are facing, what kind of cleansing they will receive, what kind of food they will receive, and so on. Hash out the details and take notes as needed so you do not forget any part of the agreement being made.

In general you are making a business deal (even if you guys become great friends and allies) and you need to work out some details:

Will the spirit help you only when it is specifically called? Do you need to be aware of danger before it will kick in? Or will the spirit stay vigilant and watch? Should you tell him when to be vigilant? Do you want him always aware? The more active the spirit is, the more feedings it will require. Everything is an exchange. Do you want to be aware of when you are being protected of negative energies, or not? Do you want the spirit to alert you if it senses something nearby? Will it protect an area it is in, or only a human who specifically holds it? Work out all these details. In general, asking the spirit to give you a sense of security when it is “working” is a great idea. It lets you know within a few moments if your spirit ally is able to help you that day.

If you are making a general protective amulet, skip this step. If you know you have specific enemies, whether they be human or spirit, ask the amulet spirit what it can specifically do to protect against your enemies. Depending on how easily you can work with spirits and make amulets such as this one, it may be worth your while to spend the time finding an ally who can help you the most against specific beings you face.

Sooner or later the spirit is either going to agree or disagree. I’ve never gotten a “let me think about it” from a nature spirit before. They pretty much seem to know what they’re going to do. If the spirit disagrees, thank it and return it to where it belongs. If it agrees, you now have secured the services of a protective spirit!

TESTING YOUR AMULET -tl;drshow me what you gotttt

Now a spirit has agreed to be a protector. But in my way of working you don’t just “finish up”. For anyone interested in above-beginner energy work, spirit work, spell work, and astral travel, you need to figure out how this magic is actually literally realistically going to work on your behalf.

Once I am in communion with the spirit and they have agreed to help me, I ask to see an example of how their protective powers work against a specific enemy. For example, you can ask, “how would your charms help me against another spirit seeking to harm me?” Then wait and see what input you get.

I will get visions of how thinks “work” according to my understanding of the astral. No matter what you should gain at least a slightly better understanding of how your enchantment is going to work, even if you only get a feeling such as “security” or an image of a wall.

In general I ask these three questions:

“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious spirits?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against energies or spells?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious humans?**”

**These amulets are for protection during spiritual encounters, not physical encounters. Do not rely on magic to keep you physically safe.

If I am satisfied that the spirit knows what it is doing (and if you used any of the recommended materials, it should), I thank it for its time. I give it a feeding, a nice offering as thanks for making this deal, and I either “hang up” or spend enjoyable time with this spirit.

MAINTAINING YOUR AMULET AND THE SPIRIT WITHINtl;dr uphold your end of the deal, feed the spirit, be nice to it.

Once your deal has been made, try talking to this spirit regularly. This is especially nice if you have no other companions or limited spirit experience. Remember to cast your circle every time if you are working outside of a fully warded space. Try wearing or touching the amulet as you work with it :)

DON’T forget to cleanse and feed the spirit as you have agreed. If you have to “take a break”, low spoon month, etc. – see if you can’t at least say hello to the spirit and explain the situation. Otherwise, I often find these types of protective spirits to be good-natured and not prone to anger (especially rocks).

Wear or hold your amulet whenever you need it. Activate it by whatever word or signal you agreed to if it does not always remain aware.

Use this amulet as protection while doing other spirit work, astral traveling, or simply when you need it daily. Talk to the spirit within the amulet regularly; it is not a mindless spell, it is a real being. Ask it about things that happen to you and seek greater insight. A spirit that follows you around regularly may have great insight in to your life.

A spirit may be empowered in certain ways. Keeping the vessel very thoroughly cleansed and energetically fed makes a huge difference.

To energetically feed a vessel, choose one of the following methods:

Incense Take some vivifying incense, something bright and enjoyable. If you are unsure of what to choose, ask the spirit within or choose a scent you think that individual would like. If you get an unclear response, go with basil and chamomile or any stick incense. Hold the vessel over the smoke and imagine the smoke is drawn within and turns in to a feast for the spirit to enjoy. Imagine the spirit of the vessel feasting on the smoke and enjoying it immensely. If you get feelings of “no” or “stop”, the spirit does not like the incense presented and you should of course stop immediately.

Flame Light a candle of any type. Hold the vessel over the candle flame and imagine the heat and light from the candle arise and go inside the vessel, warming it and giving the spirit pure energy from which it can heal and rest.  

Offerings Gather foods, beverages, consumables (such as tobacco), and/or alcohol. Place the offerings next to the vessel and encourage the spirit to come out and enjoy all the physical offerings placed before them.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of energizing and healing energies. Put this energy in to the vessel and encourage the spirit to use it and enjoy it according to their greatest needs and desires.

A spirit may also be empowered by giving it various magical waters, potions, and formulas. A spirit vessel adorned with War Water can give the spirit within special abilities, in my experience UPG alert I guess I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this. I find my spirits greatly enjoy the formula Glory Water, which they request regularly. They also like a custom blend of mine called Snake Water, which is actually just a very simple and highly cleansing formula.

Store your vessel somewhere it is comfortable. I hang mine on the wall usually, you may want to keep yours on your altar or in a nice, special space. If you ever lose the need for this vessel, tell the spirit within that you have lost your need for its services and break the contract.


Rewritten, Chapter 8: Father and Daughter

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“Let me ask you once more - when will you stop treating this as some childish game?”

Link grimaced, keeping his eyes focused on the ground, though there was a fire in them that he knew he could not let the King see.

“I’m doing everything I can. I’ll have you know, I just recently returned from the Spring of Courage where I offered every ounce of my prayers to the Goddess-”

“And now you are here, wasting your time!” the King snapped, “you need to be dedicating every moment you have to your training. You must be single-minded in unlocking the power that will seal Calamity Ganon away!”

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a playlist for a hero of the future.

hey so!! you might remember this playlist from a really long time ago. i decided to give it a facelift! i added some new tracks, took some out, changed the name of the mix itself, and updated the cover art! it’s basically a new mix, but because i’m still using songs that were on it previously, i didn’t feel right making a brand new one.

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Thoughts on PLL 7x20

Pretty Little Liars is a show that had so much potential, but it lost its way. It dug itself into a hole and there was no Mrs Grunwald to pull it back out. I wanted to be shocked by the A/AD/uber A reveal, I wanted to be (metaphorically) devastated that it had been someone we’d ‘never’ suspect that’s been in it all along. Instead we get an entirely new character. PLL’s proving once again what a one trick pony it let itself become - here, have another secret sibling! The quality of the acting was great all round, particularly from Troian. The actors certainly made the best out of what they’d been given.

For real though, I loved this show. I’ll miss waiting for the next episode, i’ll miss theorising A’s identity… I look forward to revisiting the story afresh in another seven years time. - A.

anonymous asked:

I saw the post you reblogged about cultural appropriation and I just wanted to let you know that when non-white(not of european descent) americans get upset about people not from their culture wearing articles or using words/traditions from their culture its because they or people they know have been made fun of for doing things from their culture. I'm african-american and I've been made fun of for wearing traditional african hairstyles but when white(european americans) do it its cool or trendy

Okay, so I’m going to make yet another long post, and I’m sorry for any of my followers it may disturb (bear with me) and really, this is going to be the only post on this subject I will make, so better say everything I want to say.

There are a few things that bother me about cultural appropriation as a concept championed by Tumblr and I’m going to explain why.

But first I want to say that I do sympatise with you if you don’t feel safe engaging in your own brand of American culture (the one who was brought and created by Black people there) in the USA. This is fucked up and this should not happen and indeed this sort of mockery needs to be called out. No one should feel othered in their own home, so I want you to know that I am NOT invalidating your experience in any way.

That being said, there are a few things that I dislike with the way tumblr is pushing that concept:

- For starter, there is how extreme it is. You have a non-negligeable portion of Tumblr who will insist that ANYTHING is cultural appropriation. From language, to ways of dressing and even going as far as saying that certain body shapes are inherently “black” or “white” and that if a white girl has the misfortune to be born with a hourglass shape, she is culturally appropriating. Now, there is something to be said about how those forms were looked at as oddities when black women were having them, but attacking those girls for the body they were born with and couldn’t help but have seem like going too far for me. Especially for a bunch of people who pretend to promote body positivity but yet have no qualms about body shaming those they don’t like if it means they can push another one of their point at the moment. Not to mention that, what of the black girl who is born with no forms, or with a small nose or with straight hairs? Are they not black enough? You can’t appropriate a body shape because body shapes do not belong to anyone, neither do hairs or face features, it is absurd to pretend that they do, and it can lead nowhere but to more prejudice, more hatred and more racism.

As for the language part… well… I wouldn’t be here talking to you if this was to be applied, I would be speaking en Français et je n'aurais probablement aucun moyen de te répondre parce que ni toi ni moi ne saurions parler une autre langue… see? And we would end up in a world where people are completly closed to anyone who aren’t their own and looking at each other with mistrust. I don’t think people here realise how close this kind of thinking is from far right nationalism; what they are pushing sounds like nothing else but protectionist bullshits straight out of Marine Le Pen’s mouth to me (Marine Le Pen is France’s very own far right politician).

- Second, I just don’t see how the brand of “cultural appropriation” as pushed by this website can lead anywhere but with the death of the cultures they are pretending to protect if it was to be applied like they say it should.

People here are acting like cultures are those untouchable, unchanging things that are to be put in museums and touched by no one but the people who created them. But while artpieces can be part of a culture, a culture itself is not an artpiece or an historical artifact. Culture is alive, it is breathing, it is living, it is engaged in by everyone, every day and it is always changing, moving, new things get added while others are abandoned.

You simply can’t put a culture inside of a shrine and decide this or that part is not to be touched, because culture is to be shared, it is MEANT to and in all times it always has been. We all appropriated greek culture when we decided that “man… that democracy thing is a cool concept, I’ll use that”, do you really think it would have been better if the western world hadn’t for the sake of avoiding “cultural appropriation”? Of course it would not.

In an increasingly globalised world, it is simply naive, misguided if not outright dangerous to push for culture to be enshrined instead of shared, and really this is the heart of where I disagree with that concept: people can’t seem to understand that there is a difference between cultural sharing and cultural appropriation. I mean, I have seen people here calling out a 10 years old for “culturally appropriating” because she came back from whatever African country she visited with braided hairs, or calling out people for eating food that aren’t their own, how is that right? Which leads me to my next point..

- People’s vision of cultural appropriation is horribly American-centered. Americans decide which culture deserve protection from appropriation and which does not according to which american groups are opressed in the USA and they see no problems with imposing those standards to everyone everywhere no matter how little it makes sense in other parts of the world. They have an issue with people eating mexican food, but not with people wearing berets (not that they should mind you!) because mexicans are opressed in the USA while French/Europeans aren’t.

I’ll give a concrete example; a few years back, Avril Lavigne did a video where she included Japanese cultural items, a video which she aimed at her Japanese audience. Americans were outraged by this, called her a racist for culturally appropriating and decided to be offended on the behalf of the  Japanese everywhere, meanwhile the Japanese either loved it or didn’t see the big deal. Because guess what? Japanese culture is alive and well in Japan, it is not in any danger of disapearing, Japanese culture isn’t endangered or insulted by Avril Lavigne showing some appreciation for it and pandering to her Japanese audience, it is lively enough not to be. Just because a group is opressed in the USA doesn’t mean it is everywhere and Americans REALLY need to learn to make that difference, stop pushing their constructs on places where it doesn’t make any sense and stop trying to be everyone’s voice.

And especially NOT when those they are trying to defend actually appreciate when others show interest in their cultures (I rebloged a great post about that here regarding South Korea ), try out their food, read about their history, their customs, read their literature or watch their movies…etc… Americans need to learn to stop wanting to decide what’s offensive and what is not for anyone but themselves. They need to learn to stop wanting to speak for everyone, because they can’t, not everyone has their history and issues and they only end up silencing those they want to defend by speaking over them instead. I sympathise with your struggles and I never mean to imply that they aren’t real, but they can’t be applied to everyone, it’s as simple as that.

Cultural appropriation for me makes sense when it is someone who isn’t a native american wearing a feathered hairdress - which hold deep meaning to them - and doing it in a way that is mocking and disrespectful. However it doesn’t make sense when it’s people claiming dreadlocks belong to african people and no one else despite those hairs having appeared in every part of the world just because in the USA they tend to be worn by blacks and mocked when worn by them.

TL:DR: there is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural sharing (which has always happened and will continue to happen) and you CAN’T impose US standards everywhere. This is my issue with it.

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You are telling that Si copares evertyhing to their memory, but when I observe people and my own mind this is often something the brain does naturaly. Everybody uses their memories/experiences, and I cant see this always relating to Si. How does Si memory using/regular comparisson differ from just your brain doing this whitout Si? And if only high Si/Ne-Si compare to their memory, then about 80% of humans are using Si. Just listen to people talk, read books, so much comparisson.


That Si involves memory is BS and if I’ve ever propagated that myth out of ignorance, I’m sorry.

Si makes a mental impression of something and expects it to stay the same, so when it scans the environment and finds something different, it notices… and doesn’t always like it.

Se sees the world objectively.

So, in other words, in reference to memory… Si remembers how IT WAS IMPACTED by an event. Se remembers the event itself, objectively.

IE, how was the Ren Fair?

Se: it was hot, but a lot of fun. There were (insert rides, people descriptions, sequence of events, etc) there.

Si: I got a sunburn but I had fun. I bought candied almonds and they were so good, but not as good as the ones from (insert favorite carnival here).

Or… your favorite hangout is bought out in your home town.

Se says: oh, cool. They’re adding new stuff. Do you think they still have that bright red clown in the corner? That thing was whack!

Si says: nooo! they’re changing everything! I have good memories there and they’re ruining it! They’re getting rid of my favorite food!!

So, memories. Se when asked to spit up a past event will do so without feelings of nostalgia or personalized taint; just the facts of what happened. Si will dig up impressions of events (meaning, their memories are not always accurate) and share things that made an impression on them, often revisiting the same emotion while doing so. IE, Se might talk about a friendship that went south objectively, whereas Si might revisit the same emotional frustration of that event (anger, hurt, shame, etc), BECAUSE IT IS TIED TO SELF.

Si = self. Seeing things, how they relate to ME. MY MEMORIES. MY IMPRESSIONS. MY EXPECTATIONS. THINGS I VALUE. Si.

IE, what happened between you and Heather?

Se: Heather got mad because I wouldn’t toe the line just like her other minions, and started questioning her, so she sabotaged me with our mutual friends.

Si: I don’t know what happened, but it started when she said that, and I said this, and then her friend said that, and somehow we got into this huge fight, and… I don’t want to talk about it anymore, because I can feel my ears turning red. I’m mad at her all over again! That was a very frustrating time of my life. I was not at my best. I worry sometimes that I am no different now.

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Hey gorgeous :) can you do a drabble Based on the Episode Motel california where the reader is stiles longtime girlfriend?:)

A/N: I wasn’t exactly sure what you wanted for this, so I just kind of wrote and I hope that it’s all right x

Originally posted by the-idaho

‘This place looks… interesting,’ you said, frowning up at the motel. It was really a piece of work, and it sent a shiver of dread down your spine. You hadn’t really wanted to go along with this, but Allison had been worried and so you’d agreed to head out with her and Lydia. Now you were stuck in some odd looking motel, not really looking forward to the night ahead. ‘It looks like the setting of a horror film.’

‘It’s all right,’ said Stiles, snaking an arm around your waist and pulling you a little closer to him. ‘You’ve got me to protect you.’

You smiled, moving to hug him back. ‘Oh, I know,’ you mumbled, just as Coach began to allocate rooms, complaining about ‘Little deviants.’

‘We’re gonna talk about the whole sacrifice thing later,’ said Stiles, walking with you as the groups split off. ‘You know which room we’re in?’ He shook the key at you and you smirked.

‘Of course I do,’ you assured him, before moving to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

You had hoped that seeing the room would calm you, but if anything it set off your worries more than anything else. There were odd looking stains on the floor, ones which you didn’t really want to think about. There seemed to be a creaking that you couldn’t place, and you were certain that the shower had only begun dripping when you walked into the room.

‘You can do this,’ you muttered, dumping your things on the bed. ‘It’s just a motel.’

You’d waited for a little while before going to find Scott and Stiles. Stiles cracked the door open and then hastily pulled you into the room, causing you to almost collide with Scott.

‘Has he been like this since we got here?’ you asked as Stiles checked the corridor before shutting the door.

Scott helped you right yourself, there was a grin on his face. ‘Of course he has,’ he said, but there was no mistaking the amusement behind his eyes.

‘Right I’ve got ten suspects,’ said Stiles eventually, moving to sit on his bed. You’d perched yourself at one end, playing idly with the coasters.

‘How?’ asked Scott, looking at him disbelievingly.

‘Only ten?’ you asked sceptically.

Stiles grinned at the both of you and took your hand lightly, playing with your fingers as he often did when he was thinking. ‘OK, so Derek’s on there twice, but still.’

You chuckled softly, relaxing a little into the idea of having to stay here. At least you had Stiles with you, and that was something calming in itself.

You let the conversation of suspects wash over you, adding your little comments from time to time. You were new to the whole thing – despite having been dating Stiles for a while – and as such they still had to catch you up on a few things.

But you’d learnt the hard way that things were never that simple with the realm of the supernatural looming over you. The werewolves were acting strangely, and then there was the added fact that Lydia had brought up the whole counting in the motel lobby (‘That’s just sick,’ you’d said as Stiles pulled you a little closer, noticing the paleness which was washing over your face). Stiles had tried to tell you to stay in your room, to make sure that after seeing Ethan going mad that you didn’t have to deal with anything else. But you’d assured him that you were going to be with him, to help. He’d taken your hand and given it a squeeze, only ever letting go when he really had to from then on.

The next morning you were awoken by the sound of a whistle. You opened your eyes hastily, trying to make sense of where you were. Almost everything felt wrong. You couldn’t quite get comfortable and you could smell petrol. You had no idea where you were, but slowly it dawned on you that you were on the bus. You tried to remember why you were there, but something shifted beside you and you suddenly became aware of the figure beside you.

You let out a small sigh of relief, the familiar warmth of Stiles becoming more apparent as he shifted his arm around your waist slightly. You could hear his heartbeat against his chest and felt a small smile slip onto your face. You slowly sat up, looking around. Scott, Allison, Lydia, Isaac and Boyd were also there – looking worn out but safe. Your eyes then caught the cause of the noise.

‘Hi, Coach,’ you said, mocking brightness as the others looked towards him. Stiles kept his hand lingering over your waist as he sat up slowly, placing a small kiss on your shoulder.

‘This is going to be interesting,’ Stiles mumbled, causing you to supress a smirk as Coach began complaining at you.

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Bad Apple - Full Version PV (Reconstructed

In this post I talked about how a full version of the Bad Apple Shadow Art PV existed, but was only ever aired at concerts. At the time, I was under the impression that the complete version would never see the light of the Internet. I was only half wrong.

Several months later, someone from niconico managed to recreate every single missing scene from the PV and upload it to Nico’s video servers. This video, of course, eventually got leaked to youtube. That variant was too flashy for me to link here, but I found a second one. This one is a bit choppy around the edges, but has no severe epileptic-unfriendly segments. 

This video contains the entire PV shown at Live Concerts with Nomico herself, fully reconstructed, and is probably the best version we will see of this short of a proper leak. It adds several new Touhou characters into the video itself. See who you can spot!

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We dissect the professional-quality peel with the namesake skin specialist.

Craving smooth, radiant skin in the comfort of your own bathroom? Skip the trip to the spa with the new Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel, a non-irritating, acid-packed treatment that’s just what the doctor ordered. “Even with a great daily routine, your skin wants and needs a weekly boost to look as healthy and glowing as possible,” says Dr. Dennis Gross, New York City dermatologist and creator of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. “It’s just like shampooing your hair, and then using a stronger hair mask once a week. Think of this as your new weekly, at-home skin intervention—which is going to prove itself quickly with visible results after just one use.” Here, we get the scientific scoop on the powerhouse peel. RENEE TRILIVAS

“In my New York City practice, my patients are skin-savvy and constantly seeking to take their skincare to the next level. I wanted to give them a treatment that not only works, but also brings spa results home. So I combined acids and active ingredients, incorporating what I know from 20 years of research, and developed this weekly power peel to create an instant skin transformation. It’s so effective, I added it to my office peel menu and am bringing it to Sephora.”

“It takes years of research and countless rounds of slight adjustments, but it’s crucial to creating skincare that performs. The challenge was formulating the acids to be highly effective and complementary of each other, but also gentle and non-irritating to the skin. I have very sensitive skin myself, so I test everything personally, and then Carrie (my wife and CEO of our brand) helps to try out different formulations. Once we narrow down our choices, we have an amazing team of people of different ages, genders, and skin types that test different formulas at each round. ‘Split-face testing’—where you test one product formulation on half of the face and a different one on the other—is a common term around our office.”

“The easy-to-use Medi-Spa Peel pad contains 15 hydrating acids—more than double the other peels we offer—which is why it works as a weekly power-kick to your daily peel regimen. Each acid has its own properties and unique benefits. I wanted to include new acids with antiaging, brightening, complexion-clearing, calming, and soothing capabilities. It also features a game-changing ingredient in the skincare world: Rehmannia glutinosa root extract. Many antioxidants lose potency when mixed with acids, but this is an ‘acid-active’ antioxidant that maintains its strength in an acidic environment, protecting collagen and reducing inflammation while it fights free radicals.”

“I formulated a new Firming Peptide Milk as Step 2, to soothe, hydrate, and enhance the benefits of Step 1. The silky-smooth milk deserves special mention itself. People asked me, ‘Why a milk?’ The answer is, because milk is a semi‐solid, making it an incredible skincare ingredient delivery system. This milk emulsion actually shrinks down larger antiaging ingredients, like vegetable collagen and peptides, so they are small enough to be absorbed by the skin for extraordinary antiaging benefits.”

“Apply Step 1 with broad strokes across the forehead, cheeks, up the sides of the nose, and on the lips, chin, neck, and chest until the pad is dry. Then apply Step 2: Massage the emulsion in an upward motion that follows your facial contours. Don’t forget your neck, décolleté, and even the backs of your hands—these are often neglected areas that can reveal signs of aging.”

“Truly anyone can use this and see instant improvement—it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time peel user or someone who has been successfully peeling for years. The peel includes 16 treatments, plus a spa headband to give you the full medi-spa experience you get in my office. As I always tell my patients, give your at-home treatment the same respect you would a spa appointment—block out some ‘me’ time and indulge.”


In celebration of this milestone, since I can’t invite you all for drinks, FYSP will be having a very special promotion! What makes it special? Well, not only do you get a shout out on people’s dashboards, but also a mini banner on the site itself AND be included in our new list of “Blogs to Follow!” (More will be added to that list in the future, so don’t worry if you miss your chance this time around!) How long are the banners going to be up for? A month! That’s cool, right?

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It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! At least, that’s how I feel because autumn is right around the corner!!!

I have some spooky crowns/ tiaras listed already, but I thought, hmm, well, some people are just into autumn itself, so I just put this beautiful Pumpkin Vine Flower Crown up for sale over at GraveGlamour on Etsy!

And!!! Now through the end of September, if your order comes to $25.00 or more, use the code TumblrDarlings2014 and get $5 off your order.

And keep checking Etsy since I’m adding new stuff every day!!

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While out at my local walmart last week I perused the doll section - as I usually do - and was struck by this gorgeous Briar. I’ve been trying to save but I knew she had to come home with me and the sale at the time - $10 - gave me even more reason to want her. Her lovely face really caught my attention:

but what really got me was the ‘Free Chapter Sampler’ sticker on the front of the box. Free sampler of what?

As it turns out it’s just a physical copy of the Next Top Villain preview (and she’s not the only one, as shown in jadestoybox‘s post here)  -

still, I considered this a win and my curiousity was satisfied until I placed my new Briar on the dresser next to my old one and looked in disbelief.

Was my new Briar….taller?

I thought so but needed to really compare from the ground up to figure out how and why this was and discovered that height wasn’t the only noticeable difference between the two -

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