added some prices and updated the art samples



Payment Method:

  • Paypal
  • Amazon eGift card (Rarely accepted)

*You have the option to pay 50-50 or 100% upfront*

Will do:

  • Straight Couple
  • Gay/Lesbian Couple
  • Selected NSFW (Gore, Blood, Tasteful skin showing)

Will not do:

  • Sexual NSFW (for now)
  • Animals (Unless you are willing to risk it)
  • Mecha (Unless you are willing to risk it)
  • Complicated background

If interested, please send me an ask/message here in tumblr or send an e-mail to:

Added Notes:

  • I have the right to decline commission orders
  • Commission orders that will not inspire me will most likely be rejected (e.g Making me draw a NOTP or NSFW and so on)
  • You are not allowed to remove the signature in the art piece
  • You are not allowed to sell the art piece
  • If the art is for commercial use, we must discuss this
  • The more complicated the art is, the longer I will take time with it
  • 150 DPi will be used for the canvasses except for the Detailed type which would be 300 DPi


A discussion is a must for a Comic commission

OH hey! If you don’t mind feeding a hungry artist, feel free to send me a donation ; u ; <3