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HONEYMUSTARD DANCE AHHHHHH! I was thinking that Blue suggested Stretch and Red go to dance classes together in order to boost their dating power or something because clearly he and Edge are mad about stats

I’ve not posted in a while because I’m still trying to get used to this whole digital art business, but as you can see from above I think I’m getting somewhere with it. I’m gonna finish these sketches completely at some point (adding colour, shading, etc) but until then just bear with me.

Enjoy guys~♥

A warm up sketch I did before working on some commissions. I liked how this turned out so I cleaned it up and added some 80′s-tastic colours. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but it’s supposed to be Jack catching Johnny before he falls >w>; It’s like the start of a cheesy romance anime JFC

Listened to this sweet remix of Fresh Prince of Bel Air while I worked.


Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

  Lessons Learned (S14E08)


March week 11 >> Always Choose Happy >> Beginning of week

I started off thinking, oh lets try minimal this week, so started off with just the left hand side day heading. Then added washi… then coloured some flowers … then yeah this happened :) tried something new with some weekly goals to keep me on track, as well as a tracker to see how I go. 

P.S. Being new to this studyblr community I never realised how beauiful and creative some planner spreads could be! So I totally went and bought some brush pens, cute sticky notes, plus other stationery that I totally *needed*. So watch this space and I’ll be posting how I go with the goodies.

anonymous asked:

if harry and the missus had a fight on valentine's day and harry is still annoyed at her, do you think he would still take her out to dinner somewhere or at least buy her flowers?

He would leave the house to give her some space after their little fight, driving off to the local florist and into the local supermarket to buy her the biggest bunch of flowers and the best chocolates to go with it, sticking a couple of bottles of pink lemonade in with his purchase and ingredients to make her the most delicious home-cooked meal. Because, after everything that happened and with words being thrown around, he wouldn’t feel like going and facing the world; because he wants to properly makeup and take time to talk things through without having the put on a fake smile and pretend that things didn’t go topsy turvy a few hours before. 

When he enters the house, bottles of pink lemonade under his arm and a bag hanging off of his wrist, with the flowers in her hands, he’s met with what he can only describe as being the most beautiful sight - maybe not to someone else, but, to him, he couldn’t think of anything more endearing and enticing. Her figure dressed, in just a sweater of his and a pair of peach knickers that he knows belongs in a matching set from Victoria’s Secret, in exactly what she woke up in that morning. Paying no attention to dressing up for the night or putting any effort into how she looked. Her hair knotted and messy with her cheeks foundation free and her lips their natural shade. Cleaning the house because that’s what she does, post-fight and built up with emotion.

With the bang of the door catching her attention, she spins around and gulps thickly when she sees him, arms full of apology gifts and a smile on his face that made her forget everything. 

“I hate you so much,” she laughs softly, her bare feet crossing the carpet as she walks over to him, taking the bouquet of flowers he held out, “these are gorgeous. Thank you. You didn’t have to do this. Just a kiss and a cuddle would have been fine.”

“Nonsense. You deserve the most beautiful flowers,” he admits, green eyes watching her as she inhales the delicious scent of the roses that were hidden amongst the greenery added to give it some colour, “I brought you chocolates, as well. Your favourites. Thorntons. Only from Sainsburys, but, you know I would buy you the whole shop if I could.”

“You had me at chocolates,” she smiles, “the baby is making me really crave the chocolate stuff recently. Screw our juice cleanse and dieting. I just need chocolates,” she murmurs, Harry’s eyes instantly diverting to the barely there bump that situates between her hips, “what else did you buy? That’s a full bag.”

“I’m making dinner. You’re going to kick your feet up and relax and I’m going to do all the work tonight, okay? I don’t need any help. I just want you to have a day off from being on your feet,” he smiles, toeing off his boots and brushing passed her, walking towards the kitchen and setting the orange bag down on the counter, “you can watch, but, don’t you dare leave the stool. It’s my apology for being a knob this morning, yeah?”

“I told y-”

“Shush. I’m sorry, yeah? Let me do this for you.” xx


Easy Sunday Brunch Makeup Look

When it comes to makeup on the weekends, it is great to try something a little different, like a sparkly eye or a gorgeous red lip, especially if it is something you can’t get away with at school or the office, but sometimes you may prefer just to keep it simple. This makeup look is great for the weekends, brunch, and hanging out with your girlfriends it is glowy, understated and natural looking but still enhances your best features. Only the smallest amount of product (product, not products) is required to keep it looking soft and simple.

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Added some colour!

His ears flicked in annoyance as the stared at the glowing hand too close to his face. Between him and the deadly weapon was nothing more than his sword.

He growled and jumped back, his muscles tense, staring down the enemy. He was clearly no Galra, but not machine either. His yellow eyes stared at him as these lips stretched to a grin.

“And who are you? Haggar’s lapdog?”, he brought forth with a mocking smile, but only earned a dark chuckle in response.

“Let’s see if you continue to talk like than when I pin you to the wall.”