added shade into it cause i can

“Just let me take the picture Harry!” You whined as Harry made a grumpy face towards you. All you wanted was to snap a quick picture of the beautiful sunset that was in front of you and he was causing a mild scene.

“Love I want ta go home,” he was standing there giving you his best grumpy face. “Been on my feet all day.” His tone was borderline begging and you just rolled your eyes.

“We could’ve been on the road by now if you’d just let me take the picture.” You mumbled as you just snapped one last photo of the sunset before sliding your phone into your back pocket. Harry quickly grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together with his as he helped you down the path towards the car.

“Love are you upset?” You just lightly shrugged as you buckled your seatbelt once you were seated in the passenger seat of the car. He was looking at you with his big emerald green eyes and when you refused to make eye contact he let out a sigh. “What will make ya smile my love?” He reached over and grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze before bringing it to his lips.

“Come on Harry lets go home. You’ve been on your feet all day.” Your tone was slightly playful but it was more sarcastic than anything. This made Harry pout as you took your hand from his grip and placed it back into your lap. You reached for your phone that was in the cup holder and began scrolling through the multiple photos you had taken throughout the day.

You were at an event with Harry and it had started earlier that morning and went well into the evening. You knew he had every reason to be tired but you were still annoyed that he couldn’t wait a few more minutes so you could get a decent picture. You stopped scrolling as you came to a picture you didn’t even realize Harry had managed to make his was into. He was standing off to the left in front of the very sunset that you were so desperately trying to capture, he wasn’t necessarily smiling but he wasn’t straight faced either.

“Please jus tell me what ta do love,” you hadn’t even realized Harry had put the car in park. You turned to look at him and the look on his face was enough to make your heart sink. His eyes were a darker shade of green and the corners of his mouth were dropped down into a sad frown. “I’m sorry I made ya leave before you could get a decent picture. We can go back tomorrow evening and we can sit there all night until you get the perfect picture if that’s what ya want love.”

“That won’t be necessary Harry,” You told him as you gave him a small smile causing him to let out a sigh of relief. “I got the perfect picture already.” You added as you quickly got out of the car leaving Harry sitting there with a confused look on his face. He was quick to follow you and as he locked the car you unlocked the front door of the house and left it open for him.

“Why do I feel like this perfect picture involves me in some way?” You just laughed as he followed you down the hall and into the master bedroom. You plopped down onto the bed and held out your phone for him to grab. “What’s this?” You just rolled your eyes as you slipped off your shoes before lying back and letting your head hit the comforter.

“Is it not perfect?” You asked and when you saw him give you a playful smirk as he raised his eyebrow you just laughed. “I think it’s even Instagram worthy, don’t you lovey?” Harry just placed your phone on the nightstand and before you knew it he was hovering over you with his arms on both sides of your head.

“Will that make you happy my love?” He asked as he wedged his knee between your knees and you just smiled and nodded. “Than yes I’d say it’s Instagram worthy.” You flinched as you felt his lips just below your ear, and when you felt his lips press a sweet kiss to your cheek you just wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you,” you whispered but you knew he heard you when you felt him smile against your neck. You giggled when you all of a sudden were being rolled over so that you were now straddling Harry. “I thought you were tired? Been on your feet all day remember.” You teased as you leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to his lips.

“Not really using my feet now am I love?” He mumbled between kisses and you couldn’t help but roll you eyes playfully as you felt his arms slide up around your waist pulling you closer to him. You soon forgot all about why you were even slightly upset in the first place. Your thoughts were flooded with only one thing and that was how much you loved and wanted Harry in this moment, not some silly picture.

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Is there a fake wlw month?

“fake” isn’t quite the right word, as it is a real event, but there is a poorly made copycat wlw month that was established for the sole purpose of distracting from the real event/trying to get people to participate in that one instead.

@vld-wlw-month is the original event, created by me. It was made because I am a wlw, because I am an avid wlw shipper, and I wanted wlw to get some sorely needed attention. I put it in August as an alternative to She!th month but it was always going to happen and I wasn’t going to wait all the way until next February just because the sh@ladin shippers took every month from now until then. Why should wlw be the ones pushed to the side?

(read more for an excess of salt)

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Have I told you that I love your unwavering for shade Cassandra Dee lately? Cause I do, I really, really do.

You haven’t, but your support gives me life :D

Seriously I have been reviewing this terrible, terrible book for the longest two weeks of my life now, and just when I think it can’t get any worse…

… the plot takes another hard left and we’re even deeper into WTF-ville.

Resolutions (A Whoever You Want to Picture With One-Shot)

                 Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.

           You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.

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Corner of Your Soul
Julia Jones
Corner of Your Soul

rerecorded, added some instruments sorry. 

Best heard with headphones :)


You drove around in a fancy car

but you leather jacket and your shades ever get you far?

with your glares and your cocky grin

You pulled me in, you pulled me in, you pulled me in

And then I found there were hidden depths

Every person you loved gone until only you were left

and I found myself in you and I’m asking you to trust me too

You pulled me in, you pulled me in, and I can’t win

Cause I am me and you are you

and there’s nothing I can do

to make you want me back, please want me back

cause you are you and I am me 

you just don’t know what I see

In the corners of your soul

Please let me make you whole again

I wanna see you whole again

Your frantic hands make endless shapes 

words keeps falling from your lips and I know I can’t escape

with constellations on your skin

You pulled me in, you pulled me in, you pulled me in

And then I found out you were more

than witty jokes and all my warnings ignored

and I found myself in you and now 

I don’t know what to do 

You pulled me in and I can’t win.

Cause I am me and you are you

and there’s nothing I can do

to make you want me back, please want me back

cause you are you and I am me 

you just don’t know what I see

In the corners of your soul

Please let me make you whole again

I wanna see you whole again

And maybe I will see you there, where we belong a perfect pair

And maybe we will let our ship set sail

Out there on the open sea, the two of us just you and me,

each other’s  anchors so we don’t drift away. 

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Hey friend, what kind of brushes do you use when digitally working?

it makes me feel real special that anyone actually Wants to Know this so thank you! and sorry for the lateish response, but i whipped this lil thing up here!!!

just as an fyi before tho i play a LOT with minimum size and sometimes w/ density! so go ahead and mess with those, have fun!!!!!

i don’t really use this one so much anymore but it’s still fun sometimes!! mostly i just use it for sketches n stuff, occasionally lineart if i’m going for a super textured look! i use it to shade a lot of lineless art for that purpose :^)

THIS is my main lineart brush!!! for lines of all kind, be they smooth and clean or scribbly and sketchy. i also use it to fill in colors, flat/unblended shading, etc. i really like working with hard, sharp lines, and this does the trick p well.

this is what i use to sketch the most and it’s also the brush i use the most when painting! it can be really blocky or really soft depending on the amount of pressure ur using. i use this and my ‘soft’ brush to make gradients for overlays and stuff, and i typically use this one to paint in shading when i do a more finished piece. SOMETIMES i use it for quick/messy/sketchy/etc lineart if it’s just a doodle or something.

i use this for gradients, blending, soft lighting/shading, etc! that’s about all there is to this one lol, whoops.

i use this one for adding some quick texture to stuff, but mostly for cool effects n stuff or bloodstains, or just big splattery blobs for backgrounds cause im lazy lmao. it’s a p fun brush and you can get pretty blendy with it!

these are pretty much all the main ones i use at this point, but i like to play around and mess w/ diff brush settings a lot from time to time! just experiment and use whatever is the most fun and comfortable for ya!!! thanks!!!!! :^)

  • Marvel characters only (no OCs, family portraits, etc. this time, I’m sorry! I am however open to drawing your AUs, HCs or other interpretations of an existing character)
  • Half body - $25 (one character), +$20 for each additional character
  • Full body - $40 (one character), +$30 for each additional character
  • Yep, unfortunately all prices are in AUD cause I’m Australian! 
  • Simple shading & no backgrounds
  • PayPal or bank transfer only
  • No porn, gore or explicit nudity.
  • What you will get: 2x high res files (PNG & JPG) of your commission (unfortunately at present I do not have the facilities to print and ship a hard copy of your commission out, I’m sorry about that!); if you want me to create a desktop background using your commission I can do that as well!
  • 5 slots open - once all slots are filled, commissions will close and your name will be added to the waiting list (if you’d like me to contact you when commissions reopen!)

Email me at to secure a slot! Thank you! :)

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Hi Sal, Ive seen a lot of controversy surrounding this topic recently here on tumblr, but do think coloring a poc character in a pastel colorscheme is considered "racist" and "whitewashing the character"? Artists I follow tend to answer both yes and no and i would like to hear your thoughts on it

I think you are referring to me, because that did indeed happen. Many followers of mine were witnesses to that.

I, of course, don’t like whitewashing of a character. Like, I remember that time someone made a genuinely whitewashed fanart of Shantae, it was bothering to no end, haha. Back then when I made the Kukui x Burnet pic, I added a filter that caused them to look brighter without noticing it since I didn’t use a reference other than just remembering that Burnet is tanned and Kukui is brown. I did, in all honesty, deserve a bit of admonishing, however, the way I was met with said thing wasn’t pleasant. I did fix it, and of course, the shade had no issues assimilating with the filter. 

Regardless, when using pastels, I believe you have to adjust and assimilate the color so that it fits the character’s colorization, this is where color theory matters in particular. It also depends on light sourcing, because light can indeed make a character look brighter than they naturally are. This is usually an issue that people can attack you for, which really isn’t really all that fair so it’s all about clarifying it too, even if it’s a pain to do so. Many people lack in understanding color theory, so if you do miscalculate or calculate the exact shade for a character’s skin, it can cause a bit of an issue if you use a color/filter technique that brightens the shade. I don’t believe it’s racist if it’s unintentional, but you do have to adjust it to make it “faithful” if people can prove to you that they look brighter. Therefore, always have a reference on hand so you can measure the shade and hue for the technique you use. See it as feedback, you’ll learn from it!


That’s right you heard it right here from the horses mouth itself! I’m taking commissions to make some extra money since I’m quitting my part time job!

On top of drawing just still flat boring pictures, I will also ANIMATE FOR YOU!! You can see an example of the kind of animation I’d do as commission for you in this link right HERE! For information on rates for simple animations or maybe something more complex, email me at the address below.

NOW on to the fun stuff!!


  • Anything. You heard right AGAIN!!! Animals, anthros, boys, girls, humans, robots, monsters, or demonic sea creatures that haunt your dreams, I WILL DO IT ALL just for you!! Even that hot NSFW stuff I all know you love. (wink wonk)


  • I won’t be printing these and sending them to you. These are all digital sketches, and you can use them anywhere you’d like because they’re yours, BUT you gotta link back to me. 

Other than that all prices are listed above, plus $5 USD for every character added except in sketches. Just $1 USD for characters if you want more in sketches. Shading is included (cause it’s my favorite part) and unless you get the SHEBANG deal, all backgrounds are super simple and YOU can say what you want the backgrounds to be.

Please email me for more information at:
or feel free to send an ask on my art blog

Thank you all so much! I’m so excited to be drawing for you guys!

Went and made a poster.

Tagline reads:

‘Cause nobody but nobody can make it out here alone.

Mixing the 1940s with the 1990s. Something new for me. I wanted it to look like a Tim Burton movie a little, so I made the shades a little larger.

The helicopter was to symbolize a hostile environment, adding to the “epic-noir” feel.

100% custom type for the title. I wanted to keep the rawness of the original and make it more contemporary.



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Hey, I don't mean to be a bother so I'm sorry if it's too much to ask, but what all do you know about the new album? Like song titles and other information that might not have been disclosed formally. Any rumors that Ed hasn't announced yet?

Hello! How are you?! You are not bothering me at all! It has been a slow day so your question gives me something to do.

I haven’t heard any rumours or didn’t bother with them  I’m just going to share you what I know which is really not that much. 

It’s a worldwide release so everyone gets it almost all at the same time. Maybe some countries would just have it earlier because of time zone differences. This piece of information is what I am most happy about it. When an artist has a different release date for each continent/country it feels as though they’re picking favorites. It’s unavoidable for a new artist but when you’re already known worldwide it’s never a good thing. A one release date for everyone also lessens piracy.

These are some tracks on the new record

  • Sing
  • Take It Back
  • Photograph
  • The Man
  • New York
  • Tenerife Sea
  • Forever
  • Bloodstream

*Since Ed is releasing Sing as the first single of the new record, I’m expecting a music video for it by next week or before this month ends. 

*He would definitely play Sing on Saturday Night Live on the 12th. Maybe if he’s feeling extra extra nice he’ll play it live on the live stream on Monday?

*The new album cover would be hand drawn by no other than Phillip Butah

*There’s a big possibility that green and black would  be the colours of this new album (I’m still indenial cause I really dislike the shade of green he’s using) I hope he chooses a different shade.

*There’s a possibility that we will get one more single before the album release, then again it would depend on how Sing would do in the charts

*The tour would have no special name, just the 2014 tour. 

*They still won’t sell meet and greet passes (no VIP tickets). Those are to be given away as contests prizes or would only be available for charity gigs

* No additional tour dates would be added in the announced ones. All they can do is upgrade the venue.

*Age limit depends on the venue, see the website for more information including photography/video restrictions

*USA tour dates would be announced mid-April, reading Stuart’s timeline would definitely help everyone.

*An EP would come out later this month for the countries where Sing wouldn’t be immediately available.

*If you see any scalpers selling concert ticket for twice as much, tell Stuart about it, he would immediately take action

*No collaboration in this album, maybe just some backing vocals from known artists.

*He worked with different producers on this one.

*The ones who has heard the album are raving about it. XOMan is pleased that the industry did not changed him. I think he’s referring to the way the album is made and/or the songs on it. Some artists unfortunately succumb to the pressure of the industry 

*If you found a piece of information which didn’t directly come from Stuart, Ed or Graham, don’t share it especially links to things. 

*Most importantly, never ever leak any song or even whole album on the internet, I will seriously hunt down bitches who would do that.

-Kim x

anonymous asked:

can u do eye art tutorial??? thank

i went a bit overboard with the eye tutorial my bad OTL but here we go

so i always draw both eyes at the start so they’re proportional and even when i work on both

details like lashes and creases and eyebrows are added in at this point

here comes the pupils //throws confetti// i usually draw in mini pupils tho i don’t always draw a full circle so yeah

here comes the colors. just the base shading and color. usually the middle color between the darkest and lightest color i plan on using.

shining details cause pupils aren’t one color lol color in them eyebrows and other shadows yo

let’s add some hair so we can see the shadows over the eye too

blend it in with blur brush and color int he hair with some highlights

the lines were too harsh so i dimmed it down and tadah. how i do the draw with eyes :^D

Preference #1 He Makes You Blush In Front Of The Other Boys.

Newt: You and Newt were walking towards the kitchen to get some food from Frypan. “Y/N what do you want to eat?” Newt asked as you walked into the kitchen all eyes starring at the both of you. You were confused at why everyone was starring. “Newt why is everyone looking at us?” You asked. Your answer was soon answered. “Oh look it’s the two lovebirds!” Gally said chuckling confidently. You quickly blushed and hid behind Newt “Yes this is the love of my life have a problem with that?” Newt asked smiling and kissing your blushing cheek.

Gally: You were deffently not a huge fan of PDA but Gally on the other hand was. He loved showing the other guys that you were his. “Gally stop.” You giggled as he continued to tickle you and you continued to get stares from the other boys. “Oh come on Y/N you can beg for it can’t you?” Gally chuckled. You shook your head in refusal but continued to laugh. Gally finally stopped after what seemed like forever and kissed you in front of everyone causing you to blush a deep shade of red.

Thomas: You were a very shy person. You and Thomas were about head off to sleep because it was a long day of Running and Mapping. Thomas had just made a joke and had you laughing. “Shut up.” Someone shouted from the ground causing you to giggle slightly. “Sorry.” You giggled. Thomas wrapped his arm causing you to blush slightly “Thomas.” You said moving his arm embarrassed “Oh sorry. I love you Y/N.” Thomas said kissing your cheek causing you to blush again as you two walked to Thomas’s special sleeping spot and fell asleep Thomas holding you tightly.

“Minho where are we going? Aren’t we supposed to be going to the Map Room?” You asked confused. “It’s a surprise Y/N.” Minho chuckled walking along to the kitchen where all the Gladers were. “I’m not hungry Minho.” You complained slightly. “Trust me this is important.” Minho said. Once you two got into the kitchen Minho stood on top of a table “Guys I need to say something important. I want all of you to stop trying to hook up with Y/N because she is mine.” Minho said causing you to blush a deep shade of red. Minho jumped down and kissed you causing you to blush again. “Now we can go to the map room.” Minho smiled.

{I added Minho this time! As requested. So please make requests I don’t just do Maze Runner. Thanks for everything. Please request I actually have free time this week.}

tossingspades  asked:

First off, I love your art. It's beautiful, and I would love if you wouldn't mind sharing your shading/highlighting technique? It's wonderful and has this awesome effect that's got me both curious and jealous!

Ah thank you ^^ I’m glad you don’t think the effect is too much *thatsabadhabitofmine*. Actually for the highlighting i just use a lot of Luminosity/Screen/Overlay layers (In SAI btw) and i keep mixing/arrange them till desired. I still keep the file of my lasted pic so here’s some step-by-step in case you want a better grasp on how i do it: (Still don’t think it’s new and good enough to be called a technique lol) 

1.First i got the object casually shaded without highlighting (i used a texture brush cause i wanted the helmet to be like old/rust metal made) 

2.To make the helmet look like glowing, i added a background light, using air brush and that given color,  60-80% luminosity layer set under the colored helmet layer

3.Then i clipped a layer onto the colored helmet layer, set it to luminosity (at 100% this time because i want the strongest effect). Next i use the pencil brush (or a brush, or anything that you can come up with), draw some light rays on the edges of that helmet, i added more small rays on the red part because of its structure.

In this step, choose the colors up to the environment you wanted, for example, in my Dark Waters pic, i chose blue as my highlight color, in the double date pic, i chose orange. One more thing is that you can choose layer mode between Luminosity/Screen/Overlay (i usually use Lumi and Overlay).

4.Here comes the final touch which i always enjoy so much doing - we just repeat the first step, but this time, set the layer above all, use the air brush (that’s my air brush setting) and lightly brush it on some random parts (near the window tho, cause it’s the actual light source)

And you can resize the brush to 5-10-20 to add some small light sparkles/dust. 

Lastly, just an optional step tho - fill a layer with your environment color (red-orange-yellow for this pic) and set it to Overlay - <20% opacity, this trick will help your whole color scheme look blended well. (I use it a lot tbh)

That’s all, nothing special except too much lighting haha, i hope you will enjoy this highlighting method as much as i do! Highlighting like this work best for Silhouettes pictures, so choose wisely :)