added reinforcement

Your favorite skate shoes, the Old Skools, just got the Pro Classics treatment with added Vans Duracap reinforcement rubber underlays and Vans UltraCush HD sock liners to keep the foot close to the board while providing the highest level of impact cushioning. Visit to see all the new Holiday colorways and to locate a retailer near you. 



Modified PTR-91 made to look like an HK 11 according to the seller but its not even close. It just follows the design concept, heavy barrel (still the wrong profile), bipod (wrong location & bipod), barrel shroud (should be half open for quick change) and a carry handle (wrong type of handle). PTR does not make an HK 11 style rifle, the one in the photos is a home or gunsmith build. What makes this rifle very sketchy is that there is no info on who did the build, which is important because they added the reinforcement rails on the receiver. These are very tricky to install because of the high chance of warping the receiver during the welding process. I wouldn’t buy this rifle since you may end up spending more money to correct a welding problem. (GRH)