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Hey Kouhii, if you know about the fate series(and especially fate/go) how about phantom thieves as servants AU or fate AU in general(It's okay to ignore this)

I do!! I really like the series, but I haven’t been able to see Fate/Go yet.

If I take in my mind a servant/fate AU I would probably choose the following classes for each character:

  • Akira: I would say “Saber” at first, but taking in mind his personality and stealth I think Assassin is far better (also the fact that he uses light weapons and would prefer to target masters first instead of taking his time battling servants).
  • Makoto: Rider, because yeah (duh)… she is already an user of a motorcycle type of Persona and has full control of it. She wouldn’t even need to change her weapon since Riders can use modern machinery too.
  • Ryuji: I will say Lancer because of his great reliability and being good at handling fast powerful attacks with weapons that aren’t swords.
  • Anne: Archer, mostly because of her agility and light weapon.
  • Haru: If only a Berserker was able to maintain more of their sanity I would choose her for it (because our sweet Haru is very nice for handling heavy weapons) and I don’t think other classes would fit better for her slow but strong combat.
  • Morgana: Saber because their weapon is already a sword type and their leadership and support are great.
  • Yusuke: Assassin without a doubt, even his style is similar of the Assassin in Fate with the traditional japanese combat too.
  • Futaba: I’m also pretty confident choosing Caster for her. Being the reason obviously because she doesn’t have weapons and is a support using attacks similar to spells.
  • Goro: Berserker as well… maybe introduced first as a Saber type, but as a disguise (his master being a Caster would help a lot for it to happen too).

This AU is a really great support for headcanons based on this crossover too. I would even think about something relating some characters as being wraiths instead of servants (Morgana or Goro maybe?) or maybe even Akira being a master instead of a servant (or having another character as his master), but this would depend on what each person prefers~

I mean it’s not like I just thought of this whole plot in my mind of Akira being Goro’s second master or Yusuke’s partner since they’re both assassins


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

This week’s episode in a nutshell 

Girls having fun~




Another Fantasy Illust assignment! This time I chose Dishonored 2, because I love Emily and Jessamine. Kinda wish there was more of them interacting together in the game, but that would just make me cry more, so…

remember that Buzzfeed article released earlier last week that ripped into Taylor Swift for making her career off of playing the victim? at the bottom of the article it now says 

mini messengers.