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The Ultimate Dean Winchester Pop Culture Compilation!

This boy sure loves his pop culture! I scoured seasons 1-11 for all the references I could find, and came up with over 350 and I am positive I missed a few (hopefully not your favorite). Enjoy!


Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Scott McCall

Warnings: NSFW the usual what u expected

Word Count: 1,195

Requested: “Scott McCall: where the reader is a werewolf and is Scotts mate but he doesn’t want to admit it but then gets jealous when he sees a guy flirting with her and then there’s smutt and fluff? Please and thank you! Love the way you capture Scott!”

A/N: I AM SO SO SO SORRY I’m so sorry this took me so long somehow it got forgotten in my mess of a life and you prob got tired of waiting and blocked me or something but if your reading this please forgive me!!!!!!!!

You and Scott McCall were never one to meet eye to eye. You hadn’t known him for that long, only since Sophomore year and it was because Derek had turned you into a werewolf. Scott was a bit reluctant to let you into his pack finally giving in. The rest of his pack welcomed you with open arms eventually adding more and more people until you looked more like a crazy sci-fi television show than a werewolf pack.

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Ok everyone, time to show you everyone the commercial that made me cry in the middle of the night.

So, I’m just watching Youtube before falling asleep like usual, nothing new. I tend to watch the shorter commercials, since, hey this helps the channel and the person running it why not.

Well, this ad came on at around 3 am, and sleep deprived me started to cry in an instant.

This is so important for people. This made me so happy, there is representation, and it was so nice and I loved it.

I’ve had a lot of new followers in the past week. So I thought I might as well do the ‘meet the artist’ thing now, since I’ve been meaning to do it forever.

(Edit: so I uploaded this earlier and it was the wrong file, so that’s why I had to re-upload it. But it’s fixed now, so it’s all good!)

When a Beast Master joins the Party (Team Stumblefuck strikes again!)

So, the group has grown greatly.  From a Barbarian, Thief, High Wizard, Warlock, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, and Druid, we ended up adding two more people the session prior, and another this last session.  A Ranger, Wizard, and Sorcerer.  Making the group so large the DM has said “No more people can join”.  We are all in some underground dungeon while working on a quest for the Warlock, killing a High Lord Warlock from his clan.  There’s three tunnels for us to pick from, and decided to divide into three groups.  The Ranger went with the Paladin and Cleric.  The Druid was chained to the Warlock for now, and both had went with the Wizard and Barbarian.  The smaller group came across some rips where the Sorcerer *Dragonborn mixed Silver/Gold* chained high above to the ribs making up the cave.  They had to communicate to the rest of the party some how, the following happens;

Ranger (OOC); Can I use my wolf to be the messenger?

DM (OOC); You know what?  Roll for it.

Ranger; *rolls a 17*

DM (OOC); Okay, so the wolf would take the message to the Druid but somewhat reluctant about doing so.

Ranger; “Okay guys, I’m sending Scooby Doo off to find the Druid with a note attached about what we had just found.”

DM; Okay, so the Wolf is following the smell of the Druid with a note tow about finding a Silver and gold Dragonborn Sorcorer.

Wizard; “Okay, we need to reply.  Does he have any loose scales?”

Barbarian; “I’m with him, cause, we kinda need those scales…. does he have any scales that are ready to come off?”

Druid; “What?  NO!  How about asking for his name and how long he’s been down in their tunnel?”

Barbarian; “Because the scales are more important…. that’s… that’s why…”

Druid; “No, fuck you guys.  My druid writes back in common to ask about the Dragonborns name, and how long he was down there.  As well as why.  She then turns to the Wolf, and puts it back in the case.  Okay Fluffy, go back to the Ranger.”

DM; So the wolf goes back to the Ranger.

Wizard (OOC); By the way, Ranger, there’s a side note asking about the new Dragonborn’s scales.

Ranger; “Okay, so they want to know who the new guy is, how long he’s been down here, and… if he has any loose scales ready to come off…”

Paladin; (Who is a Blue Dragonborn) “OH DEAR THOR!  Who asked about that last one!?”

Ranger; “Not the druid.  She should stop writing notes as a Honey Badger.”

Druid (OOC); You know, I could have been a dick and have the writing in Druidic instead…

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Can you recommend some positive blogs? People that are easy to talk to and don't give into the negativity. (Or blame Robert for little thing.)

Absolutely nonnie (I mean no one is perfect so we all have our bouts with negativity but these are some of my favs)

@dingleautomotives @inloveamateursatbest @memorieswarm @dingleminyard @victoriasugden @holyscrap @isabellaofparma @theprincessed @secondsofhappiness @scrapyardboyfriends @thank-your-lucky-stars @sugdensquad @kayceecruz @softrobertsugden @robertsuggles @rocketdocket @sapphicsugden @beyondthebridge @andyoumattertome @boookemdanno @justleavemebreathless @mygodthefeels @escapingreality51 @apositivelifeaffirmingway @twatcitytrick

EDIT: @bartsugsy (wow shame on me and my mother and my whole family for forgetting the most positive person in this fandom)

I wish more people added image and video descriptions onto posts they made or reblogged.

I think the main reason nobody bothers to do it is because they think it’ll “look tacky,” but if you’re willing to overlook accommodations because they “look tacky,” then you should really have a conversation with yourself.


Cafe on a rainy day.

  •      If it’s a cold day ( and especially if it suddenly starts raining ), Nnoitra can be found warming up in a small cafe. He comes here because they serve a yellow tea that’s really cheap, and they have a ‘ get every five cup of coffee free ‘-thing. Though this doesn’t apply to tea, Nnoitra comes here so regularly that the owners have made a special exception for him. It’ll be lunch time when Nnoitra hangs out here, but it’s not really a popular place, so it won’t be full. He’ll sit by the window, absently stirring his tea, pretending that the smell of fresh muffins doesn’t make him hungry.

The park on a sunny day.

  •      If the weather is nice, Nnoitra will go to the local park, and sit on a bench in the sun. There will probably be a stray cat trying to climb onto his lap, and, most likely, he’ll be trying to push it off. If it gets too persistent, he’ll just give up though, and if he’s having a good day, he’ll even pet it a bit. If all the benches are occupied, and it’s summer, he’ll sit on the grass, and, like a damned kid, rip up grass with both hands, seemingly without thinking about it. He just likes the scent of it.

Asian market in the evening.

  •      In the ‘ Asian ‘ part of the city, there is a market with lots of stands that sell Asian food ( a popular spot for tourists to go ). Nnoitra can be found here at a particular stand which sells crickets. More specifically, garlic fried crickets. This is Nnoitra’s favorite food. The stand has a few small tables where people can sit and eat, so Nnoitra will be sitting by one, with a big plate of crickets placed in front of him. Most likely, a few curious people will watch him eat the crickets, and some will even take pictures ( which he’ll demand to get paid for ).

A very large supermarket.

  •      Like everyone else, Nnoitra too has to go shopping. Nnoitra goes to a very big supermarket, because they always have sales. He’ll stock up on whatever is cheap. Mostly, this means canned food. However, if there is a sale on literally anything else, that’s where he’ll be, filling his shopping basket.

Free  concerts.

  •      Regardless of what type of music the band/bands are playing, if there is no entrance fee, Nnoitra has a good chance of being there. He’ll be in the front, having easily made his way there, and ( since he is 7 feet tall ), he’ll be towering over everyone.

Fast food restaurants.

  •      McDonald’s, Burger King etc - these are places that Nnoitra visits a lot. He’ll be very modest with what he buys, even if he’s a lot hungrier than his purchase would suggest. He’ll usually go with one cheeseburger, and, if he’s really treating himself, he’ll buy fries too. He’ll always take the food to-go, rather than staying inside.