added fic yay

kinda sorta for my one-a-day practices….castiel mid-assembly~

this is for an AU i started (yes another weh leave me be) about cyborgs and robots and what it means to have a soul. you know, the fun stuff. 

about me: AUs are crack. i can’t stop.

“Describe yourself and your model type.”

“For what purpose?”

“For the record.”

“My name is Castiel. I am the 7th of my kind. Each of us begins as duplicates of the other with the same processor core and speech patterns and programming. Customers can choose to customize our appearance upon purchase, or decide to save the factory presets. The factory presets are as follows; 2 blue optic nerve sensors, a height of 5’10, dark colored fiber hair—heat resistant fiber will add to cost as it is not standard—and generic fair skin. Factory presets can be as heavily modified as the customer desires, the customer can also choose between a male and female body type, though the body type will only emulate human shape not function. Each model will have the shape of a male or female, however each model will not be equipped with genitalia. Each model weighs approximately 450lbs, and utilizing it for sexual practices is therefore not recommended, nor can it be taught or programmed to perform sexual activities. I am a factory preset model and I am equipped with basic knowledge downloads and can speak any language and perform any service so long as it is in the Enoch Corporation database available for download.”

“Thank you, Castiel.”

“Was that sufficient?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dean sighed and glanced at Crowley, who was currently frowning at the disassembled head as if it had spewed obscenities instead of perfectly formed parameters in English, like it was supposed to do.

“What’s wrong? It sounds fine to me,” Dean asked, unnerved when the robot’s “eyes” snapped to his when he called it, well, an “it.”

“It’s not supposed to refer to itself in the first person, and we never assigned it a name,” was all Crowley said before he left the room, locking it behind him. Dean was immediately apprehensive when he looked back to the head; it was watching him.