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Free! Fanfic Recs

2 / 13189000 by tothemoon

Summery: Even with all of Tokyo’s new acquaintances, classmates, near-strangers, and neighbors, Haruka and Makoto will choose each other.

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto

Why The Rec: So while Alternate Universe is my favorite kind of fic, this post-canonverse masterpiece is an exception. Oh my gosh. Like. I just have no coherent words to express how moving and perfect this is. Every MakoHaru dream I had for post-canonverse was met by this author, I so recommend it. 

Treasures of the Sea by LadyLotusMoon

Summery: Captain Makoto Tachibana, along with childhood friends, Nagisa Hazuki and Rin Matsuoka sail the fine line between Privateer and Pirate in the Caribbean during the 17th Century. Makoto, who suffers from amnesia after nearly drowning as a child and missing for three weeks, finds his memories returning after a mysterious young man named Haruka Nanase joins the crew as their Cook. 
Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke, Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei
Why The Rec: Imagery is very necessary when it comes Alternate Universes and this writer has achieved that in the most beautiful ways. The story itself is submersible and exciting, two qualities that this fic possesses very much so. I just started reading this fic but I’m recommending it because the writing and story thus far is so good. 

Your Protector by cottontale

Summery: Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about. Haru has social anxiety, a stutter, and can’t seem to catch a break. Makoto is a college student/barista who wants more than anything to be there for Haru. Only, this isn’t a perfect world.

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachiabana Makoto, Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei, Matsuoka Rin/Nitori Aiichirou

Why The Rec: This was one of my first Free! Fanfics EVER and it set the bar so incredibly high in both aspects of fluff and angst. The MakoHaru romance is everything you could want, with the two of them being both awkward and adorable in their own ways, but their stronger, more serious traits shine through as well, for Makoto gives his all to loving Haru through his anxiety. It is just simply beautiful. And it’s coffeeshop!au. What more could you want?

Burning Up by Sierra (sierrasuke)

Summery: “So we’re stuck.”


Sousuke swallowed when Rin hooked two fingers into the front of his tank, shaking it to fan himself. Rin’s other hand was splayed on his thigh and his fingers dug into the fabric of his sweats as he breathed out another sigh.

“Stuck. In here. Where it’s, like, hotter than hell.”

“Yes,” Sousuke muttered. “Glad you noticed.”

(OR: The air-con breaks in their apartment, Sousuke is grumpy, and Rin just wants to “help.”)

Relationships: Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke 

Why The Rec: You know when you’re trying to find that one shot of hands-to-the-ceiling-good mature content about one of your otps? This is it. This is it. The anticipation, the build-up, the teasing, it’s everything you could want. I’ve gone back to this fic multiple times because of how much I love the killer characterization, casual setting, amazing dialogue, and of course, hands-to-da-ceiling-good mature content. 

Last Stop by ishka (iskabee)

Summery:  Sousuke never figured he’d dramatically detonate his progress on his given career path with a few choice words and commit a small crime within the same evening. Haruka’s nearly finished picking up the pieces of his life when a jobless grump parks himself on his living room floor and shakes up what he has left to figure out.

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Yamazaki Sousuke, Matsuoka Rin/Tachibana Makoto

Why The Rec: SouHaru is a ship that I never considered liking before I read this fic, which changed everything for me, in terms of my view on that relationship. I had glanced at a few SouHaru fics before and to be blunt,they were usually full of abuse and hate sex. But this fic? This author? Has took a completely different approach, a realistic one, with firm dedication to canon characterization and a raw, honest look at depression. The way these characters find peace in each other is literally, sincerely, beautiful. Ishka delivers this ship in a way that made it make sense for them to find solace in one another, which I never expected to realize. I could not put my phone down while reading it, do yourself a favor and check it out. 

kinda sorta for my one-a-day practices….castiel mid-assembly~

this is for an AU i started (yes another weh leave me be) about cyborgs and robots and what it means to have a soul. you know, the fun stuff. 

about me: AUs are crack. i can’t stop.

“Describe yourself and your model type.”

“For what purpose?”

“For the record.”

“My name is Castiel. I am the 7th of my kind. Each of us begins as duplicates of the other with the same processor core and speech patterns and programming. Customers can choose to customize our appearance upon purchase, or decide to save the factory presets. The factory presets are as follows; 2 blue optic nerve sensors, a height of 5’10, dark colored fiber hair—heat resistant fiber will add to cost as it is not standard—and generic fair skin. Factory presets can be as heavily modified as the customer desires, the customer can also choose between a male and female body type, though the body type will only emulate human shape not function. Each model will have the shape of a male or female, however each model will not be equipped with genitalia. Each model weighs approximately 450lbs, and utilizing it for sexual practices is therefore not recommended, nor can it be taught or programmed to perform sexual activities. I am a factory preset model and I am equipped with basic knowledge downloads and can speak any language and perform any service so long as it is in the Enoch Corporation database available for download.”

“Thank you, Castiel.”

“Was that sufficient?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dean sighed and glanced at Crowley, who was currently frowning at the disassembled head as if it had spewed obscenities instead of perfectly formed parameters in English, like it was supposed to do.

“What’s wrong? It sounds fine to me,” Dean asked, unnerved when the robot’s “eyes” snapped to his when he called it, well, an “it.”

“It’s not supposed to refer to itself in the first person, and we never assigned it a name,” was all Crowley said before he left the room, locking it behind him. Dean was immediately apprehensive when he looked back to the head; it was watching him.