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do you think there will ever be a mcu reboot or are we stuck with this one forever

i honestly don’t know. the way we’re going with so many comic book related media dominating tv and film (which are planned out for year and years to come), ppl will either get tired of it all and it’ll fizzle out or it’ll just become an other film genre that’s always around, like sci fi or fantasy. so rly it depends on how sustainable the mcu is. seems like the original group of avengers are nearing the end if their run, but marvel could theoretically keep adding more and more characters, or even pass the titles of cap and iron man on to new characters and keep it alive that way. the mcu’s not really made a massive financial misstep yet so they have no reason to reboot it in the near future. maybe in a few decades they might reboot it if it becomes completely muddled and convoluted, but who knows.

Hook Me: The Game Part II


A little while ago I played a game with my followers called hook me. I asked my followers to send me a short summary/query letter of their story in an attempt to hook me like they would a lit agent.


I’m adding titles to the summaries. Include the title in ALL CAPS at the beginning of your summary. Unless there’s already a book with your title, I won’t give feedback on titles. Name your story whatever you want. This part is just for fun, but it’s also a good idea to pick a title that is attention-grabbing or one that gits your genre.

I’d also like you to add what genre your story is. This includes the age group. If your story is contemporary or if you don’t know what genre it is, just give the age group. Put the genre at the beginning of the message.

Last time, I made a post on common problems and I gave feedback to a few of the summaries. If you want feedback on your summary, put “feedback” at the end of the message and ask off anon. Summaries that hook me will not receive feedback.

The feedback I give is on the format of your summary and what you include. The only time I’ll give feedback on your story is when it sounds exactly like another book or if there’s something really problematic in it.


  • Step One: Choose what you want to participate in. Your options are listed below.
  • Step Two: Pick a nickname. Everyone needs a nickname that I can refer to you by. Try to keep it short, but not something that another person might use. If you are using your URL, put “url”. Nicknames go at the beginning of the message. Do not put your nickname in caps. You must be off anon if you use your URL.
  • Step Three: Put your title in all caps after the nickname.
  • Step Four: Put in your genre. Genre is required.
  • Step Five: Put in your summary. You can use more than one message for a summary and you can submit more than one story. If you submit more than one story, use different nicknames for them. Please do not submit your summary in any other way than through the ask box. Write your summary like you would in a query letter. Here is my tag on query letters to help you.
  • Step Six: Decide if you want feedback at the end of the message.
  • Step Seven: IF YOU SEND IN ONE OR MORE MESSAGES and the ask box closes before you can send your last message, go ahead and send it through submit or fan mail. If you send your summary through submit or fan mail and there isn’t already an ask from you, your submission will be deleted.

All genres of original fiction are open to apply.

Please follow the submission guidelines. I know this is a long post, but I want to make sure I cover everything. Think of it as practice if you want to get published or just for practice in general. Following the directions is essential and it makes life easier for all those involved.


I will not post your summaries UNLESS:

  • You successfully hooked me AND you have the word “share” at the end of your message (either before or after feedback, if you have that too).
  • If you put “share” at the end and you hook me, I may or may not point out why your summary hooked me.

If you do not put “share” and your summary hooked me, I will mention your nickname and I will keep my reasons for liking your summary vague.

I will not post the summaries of those who did not hook me.

will post the nicknames of those who hook me, both for summaries and for titles.

will post the titles that hook me whether you have “share” at the end or not.

Here are what the past results looked like. If you do not put “share” and you hook me, your mention will look like one of those.

Example Messages:

For Option 1: nickname TITLE genre [insert summary]. Feedback.

For Option 2: nickname genre [insert summary]. Feedback.

For Option 3: nickname TITLE genre [insert summary].

For Option 4: nickname genre [insert summary].

For Option 5: nickname TITLE genre.

Options 1 & 2 require that you ask off anon.

The “share” feature only applies to submissions that include a summary (options 1 - 4). Put “share” before or after feedback.

Example: twc MY AWESOME BOOK YA Sci-fi [a hook about cowboys in space with laser guns on an epic journey]. Feedback. Share.


In about half an hour? I want to give people a chance to read the post and to get their summaries together first. Track the tag “hook me: the game” and wait for the next post to show up. It’ll probably say something like “the game has started”.


When the ask box is closed. It will close when I feel like I have enough submissions. I think it took about half an hour to get around 100 last time. If the ask box is open and I have already posted the results, the game is over.


My writing questions will have first priority, so it’ll probably be several hours or even a couple days before you get a response.