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Paladin Internet Headcanons


  • Has an aesthetic blog
  • Secretly a memer
  • Youtube recommendations is full of how-tos/ DIYs and cute cat videos
  • Doesn’t comment often but when he does he always writes a detailed essay
  • Plays shitty flash games at 2am 
  • Lowkey a furry, spends all his money commissioning art of his Galra furry OC


  • His memeing is by no means a secret, to anyone
  • Uses outdated memes ironically but slowly starts using them unironcially
  • Comments nice things on every video he watches, usually short though
  • Former vinestar
  • Sulked for two months when vine shut down
  • Sulked for three months when he heard Club Penguin was shutting down
  • Google history is full of either beauty tip searches or random crap like “do elephants have dreams”
  • Lurks on anime forums


  • Facebook dad 
  • Has all social media just so he can like all the other paladins’ posts and write supportive comments 
  • “Keith, how do you take a screenshot?“ 
  • Edits the grammar of Wikipedia articles
  • Once posted a picture of himself and it became a meme
  • The others have hidden this fact from him to this day


  • The hacker known as 4chan 
  • Snapchats quality memes to Lance 
  • “Rosalind Franklin was one of the most underappeciated geniuses of her time, take a fuckin sip babes.”
  • Likes online strip comics
  • Stays up all night reading 200k word sci-fi fanfics 
  • Does PC building tutorials 
  • In love with online RPGs


  • Always has those beautiful food instagram posts 
  • Helps people with homework over the internet like a precious bean
  • Programs software in his spare time
  • Actual pro at
  • Helps Pidge with gathering parts for the PC building tutorials
  • He’s also the cameraman and occasionally gives witty commentary
  • Spotify playlists are always on point

I redrew a picture from my trip, this wild coloring is pretty fun.

(Commissions open!)

What your favorite setter says about you:
  • Kageyama: You have a thing for black haired protagonists. Slightly awkward. Low key wants to give everyone a hug but doesn't know how to go about it. Loves fruit.
  • Sugawara: Yeah, you appear sweet and innocent to those that don't really know you. But your friends actually know how very full of sin you are. I see you.
  • Oikawa: Stop being so hard on yourself. It's not good for you, ya know? You're aiming to get better at a hobby of yours and Oikawa is probably your inspiration. Don't worry Oikawa's career is only just blossoming as are you!
  • Akaashi: You need a break. I don't know from what but stop and de-stress for a moment. Big picture. Very sarcastic. You need a hug today. It's okay.
  • Kenma: Probably need to drink some water. Take care of yourself. Have you eaten today? You probably need a break from Pokemon Go and Tumblr. Beware of rocks.
  • Moniwa: Awkward. Very sweet. Blazers are your thing. Always rooting for the underdog. You have too many feelings and you just don't know what to do with them.
  • Koganegawa: Clumsy. You act before you think which can get you in trouble. Everyone knows where they stand with you for better or worse. You like everyone and just want to be friends with them though.
  • Yahaba: You like dogs. Big ones. Small ones. Medium ones. All of them. Loyal. In need to impress. The you won't like me when I am angry type.
  • Semi: In need of a nap. Probably stays up till 3 am reading. (Probably smut.) You like them rare pairs. Embarrassing nickname? Never enough Semisemi you scream into the void.
  • Shirabu: Overachiever. Perfectionist. Reserved. Big comfy sweaters. Takes no shit.
Dating Yuta

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: Finally added another one, I got a bit carried away with this and it basically became a proper scenario lmao 

  • The ‘womaniser’  
  • Obviously
  • In his senior year
  • Like he knows he can get any girl he wants bc he knows they all fucking love him
  • He definitely takes advantage of that
  • Took WinWin under his wing when he transferred bc he was once the 'new kid’  when he moved from Japan
  • Knows the struggles so he kind of mentors WinWin  
  • Fucks Hansol off to spend time with WinWin
  • Hansol ain’t too happy about that tho but we’ll save that for his lmao  
  • Anyway..
  • Maths?
  • Yeah he’s failing that  
  • Needs a tutor but can never be bothered bc he’s too busy making all the girls swoon with that fUCKING SMILE  
  • That’s when his maths teacher approached you her favourite pupil
  • the star student  
  • A’s across the board
  • Maths being your speciality  
  • Hence why your maths teacher adored you  
  • After class one day, she asked to talk to you
  • Ofc you obeyed lord you never ignored the teachers word
  • “Would you mind tutoring one of my other students? They’re falling behind and you’re honestly my last hope Y/N.”
  • You were hesitant at first but agree to it.
  • As you are leaving you only just thought to ask who it was you’d be seeing that afternoon in the library.  
  • “Nakamoto Yuta, he’s upperclassman.”  
  • *~fuck~*  
  • You knew exactly who he was. He was notorious for hitting on the more impressionable junior girls. Which you were one of
  • You nod slightly and once the door closes your become a internally screaming mess.  
  • The rest of that day until the last bell, you couldn’t concentrate  
  • Mind speeding at 160KMPH
  • You headed to the library and saw a head of artificially coloured dirty blonde hair
  • You edged towards him, tapping him on the shoulder lightly, He spun around and beamed brightly at you with his heart fluttering smile shit
  • “I’m here to tutor you.” You stated sheepishly as you moved around to the other side of the desk.
  • “I know, I asked for you.” He continued to smile brightly, you shot him a coy little smile before grabbing your text books from your bag and sprawling them out on the table, as a quirky Yuta in the corner of your eye.
  • After about an hour and a half, you knew he was paying attention
  • You could see in the corner of your eye him looking at your rather than the book and the questions
  • You tried to ignore it, but you couldn’t any longer
  • “Are you even listening?” You turned to him to see him resting his chin in the palm of his hand as he looked at you.
  • “You want the truth?”
  • “Yeah..”  
  • “Nope.” He cracked yet  a n o t h e r  killer smile at you
  • “Well, I think we’re done for the day.” You began to gather the books, annoyance slipping into your tone of voice.
  • “I’m sorry Y/N.” He looked away briefly before looking back at you. “I promise I’ll pay attention tomorrow, okay.”
  • “Oh really?” You questioned.
  • “Yeah.”
  • “What’s the catch?” You called his bluff. He raised his hands in defeat.
  • “You got me. But dinner on Friday. Surely that isn’t a bad trade. I let you teach me, and at the end of each week on Friday you come out with me.” He had a smug look on his face but it was over taken with innocence in his eyes.  
  • “Deal.”  
  • How bad could it be?  
  • Well…
  • After about 3 weeks of tutoring him, he stuck to his promise of actually paying attention, tho he still intervened by teasing you every so often; tickling you, hiding you phone etc
  • Friday’s became your favourite day of the week
  • They already were bc the last day of school before the weekend
  • But now it was your favourite for a different reason
  • It was when you got to see the real Yuta
  • He showed more of his soft and caring side on those Fridays away from school  
  • You felt lost whenever he was off ill from school
  • Like it sounds ridiculous  
  • But you felt lost without him when he wasn’t there
  • You eventually even started hanging around with him during the actual school day
  • You practically adopted WinWin
  • You’d fix the collar of his shirt if it was uneven
  • You’d bring him snacks into school
  • Which would result in Yuta whining bc he doesn’t get any and your excuse for that is “He’s younger and needs to eat a lot to grow.” He’s not, you just liked babying him
  • Hansol basically became your best friend
  • You’d always talk to him at lunch  
  • Again, Yuta would get jaelous and try to get your attention  
  • You knew all too well he was jealous, you just loved teasing him
  • Exams were coming up
  • The closer that got, the more desperate Yuta was to study  
  • He really did work hard  
  • And you adored his motivation  
  • You’d spend even longer in the library with him, even cancelling your fun Fridays so you could go to his house and help him cram
  • He was panicking but his nerves were always eased when your were around
  • You had such a calming affect on him
  • And no one had that kind of affect on him before
  • He never had butterflies when talking to girls before until he met you  
  • He thought you would be some easy target, that’s why he chose you to be his tutor
  • But you became so much more than that
  • He actually started to care deeply for you
  • But you had no idea..  
  • You waited nervously outside the exam for him
  • Pacing back and forth  
  • Once you saw him walk out of the exam hall, you pulled him aside
  • The look on his face didn’t seem great, he didn’t show off that amazing smile of his like you had hoped  
  • You hugged him tightly, the sudden affection struck him and he felt his knees give slightly
  • “It’ll be okay, I know you passed!” You encouraged him, earning a small smile  
  • I feel like this has turned into a proper scenario oops oh well lets go with it
  • A few weeks after the exam, you were sat at home watching TV and you heard a loud knock on your front door
  • When you opened it oh my god
  • You were literally tackled to the floor  
  • “I GOT A B Y/N I PASSED MATHS!” He held you tightly.
  • You felt your air ways being constricted  
  • “I knew you would Yuta, Now loosen up you’re going to suffocate me.” You chuckled
  • He let you go but bared a death grip on your hands
  • “It’s all your doing. I wouldn’t have passed it with out you honestly, it sounds so cliché but it’s so true.”  
  • “OH Yuta, stop it! I-”  
  • You were cut off by his lips connecting with your own; hands resting on your hips as he pulled you closer  
  • You didn’t realise how much you wanted that to happen until it actually  happened
  • You had always thought about what his plump lips would feel like  
  • And lord
  • They were 100x’s better than you expected
  • Soft and sweet  
  • Once he pulled away he rested his forehead on your own, peppering your face with kisses  
  • Topping it off with a small kiss on the tip of your nose
  • “How about we go out this Friday on an actual date.” You suggested, not being able to wipe the smile off of your face
  • “Sure, but I always counted the other’s as dates.” Again smiling brightly at the small dusting of pink on your cheeks.
Beast Inside (Draco Malfoy x reader smut)

Y/N Y/L/N was a classy, polite, keep-my-head-high type of girl.

Draco Malfoy was a rude, I’m-too-rich-and-powerful-for-you bad boy.

He teased her a lot, just like he did with everybody else, but with her, it was different. He was intrigued by her good girl outlook. She never once insulted him or anyone, nor cuss, nor did anything wild and reckless. He wanted so badly to break her shell and see what’s really inside this elegant Barbie Doll. She was too innocent, he just wanted to fuck her senseless, leaving her begging for more.

And the Malfoys always gets what they want… Almost.

“Heading to the library again, Y/L/N?” Draco laughed, blocking her way. Y/N tried to ignore him, but he knocked all her books down.
“Oi! I’m talking to you little miss!” He tugged her arm roughly.

Suddenly, his back crashed against the wall, his hands pinned to his sides. An angry, furious, Y/N stood in front of him.

Draco was speechless. He stared straight at her, shocked. But he couldn’t deny it… She was hot. Her brows furrowed, her red cheeks and the flames in her eyes… Wow.

Suddenly, she crashed her lips onto his. He kissed back with just as much hunger. He dragged her into a random classroom and locked the door. This time, he pressed her back to the wall, sucking and biting on her swollen lips. He moved to her jaw, then her neck, leaving dark purple spots.
Y/N was definitely full of surprises. She pushed him hard as he landed on the professor’s table and quickly ripped open his shirt. Buttons flew everywhere as she took her turn to kiss his chest. Her slender fingers caressed each and every abs on his stomach as she bit his earlobe.

They were rough. Animalistic, even.

Their clothes were quickly thrown on the floor. Draco growled at the sight of her naked. He needed her, so bloody much. His fingers quickly made their way to her vagina. He pushed one in and thrusted roughly. “Urgh…F-fuck… Draco..” He felt himself getting harder and harder by the second just by the sound of her moans. He added another one, curling and twisting it, and this time, he attached his tongue to her sex, sucking her hard.

Y/N ’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she approached her orgasm. She loved the way his hands roamed her curves, the way his soft lips cherished her body. His skilled fingers and tongue rocked her body in a way nobody could ever do.
And the fact that they were mad at each other made it so much better.

Suddenly, he stopped. He lifted his head and grinned mischievously at her.
“Can’t let you have all the fun, darling.”

Y/N sat up and straddled the boy. Draco’s eyes widened in shock….. Once again. She lowered herself on him, moaning as his dick filled her in completely. She started to roll her hips, her hands resting on his chest and his on her bum.
He groaned loudly and smacked her butt cheeks. Hard. She screeched in surprised but started bouncing on top of him. Draco sat up, biting her shoulder and spanked her again, his handprint visible on her bum. He sucked on her erected nipples as he thrusted upwards, repeatedly hitting her g-spot.
“Touch yourself for me, baby girl.”

She whimpered and her hand reached down to her pussy. She rubbed herself as his eyes traveled her movements with desire.

Her orgasm came quick. She screamed his name as she came, her juice covering his cock. Draco couldn’t take it anymore. Her being hot and sweaty, straddling his lap as she bounced on top of him was too much. “Y-Y/N!” He shot his cum inside her.

Slowly, they rode out of their high. He gently pulled out of her and his strong arms wrapped around her waist.
“That… Was amazing….” She whispered.
Draco smiled and kissed her forehead. He definitely loved this side of her.

elizabethqfabray  asked:

Please please plase publish Lena in DEO blacks!!!! @proudlyunicorn mentioned it and I can't get it out of my head...

@elizabethqfabray i am so sorry @proudlyunicorn dragged you into this concept too… that manip wasn’t that good tbh. it was past 1am and i was half asleep but someone took no pity on my poor eyes and insisted…

i’m going to put it under the cut so you can decide for yourself if you wanna take that risk :)

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Delicious dinner

Summary: While your father and Carl are away you decide to cook them a meal but you get an unexpected visit from Negan.
Warnings: smut, light choking, Negan’s vocabulary

Your father and Carl were out again scavenging for Negan. Which meant that you were left alone to look after Judith and the house. You decided to prepare dinner for everyone when they get back, so you headed to the kithen and grabbed everything you needed to prepare a delicious dish. It was around 6pm when you heard the rumbling of an engine. Looking through the window of your house you saw that familiar RV which didn’t belong to your father and your heart skipped a beat. The vehicles came to an end and out of one came Negan. He was greeted by one of the people from Alexandria. They were talking about something but you couldn’t make out what they were saying. Suddenly Negan’s head turned to your house and saw you staring through the window. He smiled and nodded his head then headed towards your house.

You heard the opening of a door. “Open up it’s the big bad wolf!” the deep sound of Negan’s voice boomed throughout the house.

“My father isn’t here!” you hurriedly tried to explain before he could invite himself further inside the house. But of course that didn’t stop him, he walked through the hallway and sat on the sofa in the living room with you trailing behind him.

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to fucking wait for him then.” He placed his baseball bat near him and laid down on the sofa with his hands behind his head as if he owned this house. “Wait a minute… do I smell food?” he asked as the scent of cooked food was filling the house.

“Yes, I was just preparing dinner for my family.” You tried to explain as you fiddled with your hands.

“Well fucking thank you! My stomach was just starting to eat itself, so hurry up and set the fucking table. Bring that little angle, too. We are going to eat like a fucking family!” he said happily with a big smile on his face. You didn’t want to disobey him so you quickly ran upstairs to pick up Judith and brought her downstairs. You started putting plates and utensils on the table while Negan slowly walked and sat on one of the chairs. When you were done you joined Negan on the opposite side of the table. Unfortunately, he had other plans and he quickly made a noise of disapproval with his tongue.

“No, sweetheart, come and sit close to me.” You stood up from your safe place and moved to sit next to him. He looked at you with a smug expression on his face while he was eating but you didn’t want to make eye contact with him. Just when you were about done eating he put his hand on your thigh and started rubbing it, you bit your lip before a moan left your lips. The dress that you were wearing slowly started to rise up due to his hand.

“Do you know you’re giving me a fucking hard on when you play housewife like that?” He whispered in your ear which gave you goosebumps. You cleared your throat and stood up from your chair.

“Are you done? Can I clean the dishes?” you asked as if nothing happened and reached for the dishes. As you were walking away you heard him say “Oh, honey I’m just getting started.” You turned on the water and started cleaning the dishes. You looked through your window and saw that it was pitch black, no one was outside. You felt Negan’s presence behind you.

“I’m sure your crew is waiting outside for you. You should leave.” your voice was harsh and it made Negan sigh with amusement.

“Are you sure you want me to, sweetheart?” he asked, his breath tickling your neck as he pressed himself against your back. Your breath caught in your throat when his beard started rubbing against the skin on the back of your neck leaving soft kisses. In an attempt to push him off while squirming you ended up rubbing his groin. Negan laughed at your failed athempt and pushed you further against the sink, trapping you between his body and the sink.

“I can’t someone will find out.” You said looking out the window that is just above the sink.

“I’m sure no one is up this fucking late.” Negan whispered raspily, before he slid his hand under your red dress and into your underwear while his other one wrapped tightly around your waist so your chance of escape was limited… not that you wanted to escape. Your breath was getting heavier by the second and you felt as if your heart was going to burst out of your chest. He continued softly kissing your neck which made you softly moan at the sensation.

“Do you know how fucking hard you make me every time I see you. And that dress, fuck your giving me blue balls just by looking at you.” He huskily whispered into your neck, as moans and groans started steadily filling the house, he finally inserted a finger into your wet cunt and started pumping it. Soon after he added another one and you started rolling your hips against Negan’s palm. The way his fingers curled inside you hitting that certain spot made your eyes roll back.

“Fuck, Negan, please, make me come.” You whispered-yelled when you began to feel the heat in your lower stomach.

You began to grind your hips against his palm, trying to get the most satisfaction out of the situation. Moans began to fill the room each one louder than the last. Thankfully the walls where very thick for your sounds to transfer outside. From the window you could see that most houses had their lights off, which meant that they have gone to sleep.

Without any warning he pulled his fingers out and hooked them around your panties bringing them down easily. You stepped out of them and Negan grabbed your leg to put it on top of the counter. He pulled your dress up and slapped your ass once. Now he had an easier access to fucking you.

“Do you want my big dick in your tight little pink pussy.” He roared and you heard the sound of a zipper and the rustling of pants.

“Oh god yes, please Negan fuck me!” you literally begged him. You hadn’t had sex in god knows how long and you needed it. He slid in easily and gave you almost no time to adjust when he set the pace. He was hitting the perfect spot to take you over the edge and you didn’t know how long you could last. You grabbed the sink for support until your knuckles where turning white. He grabbed your throat firmly but not too tight to hurt you.

“Negan I’m close, fuck, harder, yeah right there!” you were encouraging him as you were nearing your climax.

“That’s it baby come on my dick, squeeze that tight little pussy around me.” His dirty talk was enough to get you thought the edge. He continued to trust into you as you rode your climax off. When he was done he zipped his pants up and started walking towards Lucille. It took you time to put yourself back together but once you looked somewhat presentable you followed quickly after him.

“Well, thanks for the delicious dinner, but my crew is waiting for me.” He smirked and started walking to the door. “I’m sure I’ll be coming here quite often.” He said as he shut the door behind him.

Caramel Kissed- A Submitted Imagine

​A/N: This is an absolute gem that someone had submitted to me earlier today. I hope you all loved it as much as I did!! Thank you so much, anon. It was awesome! 

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Remus was once again at his favorite candy store and as soon as him and his parents walked in, the boy went straight to the chocolate aisle. it was the week before Hogwarts and he wanted to stock on his favorite muggle chocolates as well as get some new ones to try. His eyes scanned the bars and he got some of his well known ones, quickly glancing through some he hadn’t seen yet. Some names caught his attention and he selected a few more, being careful not to go overboard otherwise his mother would never allow him to continue with this habit. 

Honestly Lupin was lucky his mom even let him keep such a vast collection of sweets, but who can say no to a boy who studied so hard and asked for nothing else in return? Thank Merlin she never got to know about the trouble he got in with the marauders otherwise he was sure he would never be allowed even a little candy ever again in his life. 

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LoT ladies + the old west

Suddenly Seymour
Brian d'Arcy James, Megan Hilty

*This is actually my audio*

Suddenly Seymour - The New York Pops with Megan Hilty & Brian d’Arcy James at Tilles Center, October 22nd, 2016

Another one of my favorite songs from the concert, a GLORIOUS rendition of Suddenly Seymour by Megan Hilty and Brian d’Arcy James. You’re welcome ;)

The Perfect Mistake (smut)

Requests: Hello! I was wondering if you could write a josh dun x reader(smut). Where like josh is really dominate and rough with some kinky shit thrown into the mix like handcuffs and belts..hehe sorry that I have a fucked up mind! But thanks for reading!!

a fluffy (idk smutty if you want) imagine where reader tells Josh she’s pregnant possibly a few weeks after heated sex? Thanks I love your work

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some sin 😀 So I don’t usually combine requests but I thought these two would work well together and I made it extra long. I could’ve split it into 2 imagines but you know… I do what I want.

Josh had been home from tour for a few days now and you two still hadn’t left the house. You just couldn’t seem to bring yourself to separate from him. You had spent months missing his presence and now that he was back it was like you two were attached at the hip. And of course you spent most of the day touching each other. Whether it was holding hands or kissing or well… let’s just say Josh felt the need to make up for lost time in the bedroom.

And that’s where the two of you were right now. Josh had moved the two of you upstairs when one of your make out sessions had gotten a little too hot. He was now straddling you, shirtless I might add, and leaving some more hickeys to your growing collection on your neck.

“Josh,” you whimpered as he hit one of your many sweet spots.

“I missed this so much.” His breath was warm against your skin, sending shivers down your spine. “You’re such a good girl.” He reattached his mouth to your neck, and you didn’t know if it was his words or his lips, but you let out a soft moan.

“I need-” a wave of pleasure left your sentence incomplete.

“What do you need babygirl?” Josh brought his eyes up to meet yours and you could see the craving in them. “Use your words.”

“Y-you,” you whimpered. “I need you.”

“What do you need me to do?” He loved teasing you like this, knowing that it was him that caused you to become this flustered.

“Touch me.” It didn’t even take a second before he was pulling your shorts down your legs. His rough hands parted your legs and his head dipped between them. He started leaving light kisses on your thighs, slowly trailing them upwards. Your breath hitched once he reached your panties. His eyes flicked up to yours before he took the thin material between his teeth and tugged them down your legs.

“I’ll never get tired of seeing you like this,” Josh said, returning to his previous position, “writhing around and begging me for more. You’re so good for me princess.” And before you could respond his mouth was back on you, sending ripples of pleasure throughout your entire body.

You brought your hands to the back of his head and tangled your fingers in his colored hair. You raised your hips, silently begging him to continue.

“I thought you were going to be a good girl for me,” Josh tsked, pressing your hips back down into the mattress. “I let the hair pulling slide, but I think you need to be reminded who’s in charge here.” You loved it when Josh showed his dominant side. The last few days were mostly vanilla, making sure that you were both reminded how much you loved each other. But you were excited to return to your normal routine.

Josh climbed off the bed and opened one of the drawers in your dresser. You took the time to fully appreciate his back muscles, and when he turned back around you noticed how low his jeans were hanging on his hips. You were too focused on his body that you didn’t realize what he was holding until you felt the cool metal clasp around your wrists. Your arms were now held above your head, handcuffed to the bedpost. The metal dug into your skin as you tried to free yourself from the restraints.

“Now, now. Don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Josh trailed his lips down your neck, causing you to shiver. “Now, where was I?” He slid back down your body and nipped at the skin on the inside of your thighs.

“Joshy,” you whined. That was all it took for his tongue to swipe across your clit, and once again you pulled against the handcuffs. His rough hands wrapped around your thighs and squeezed, his tongue continuing to work against you. Your breaths became quick and rapid as his mouth expertly moved against your core, knowing exactly which movements made you moan out in pleasure.

“So sweet for me,” Josh mumbled against you, the vibrations causing you to raise your hips against his grip in need of more. His right hand quickly moved from your thigh as he inserted his index finger inside of you. “Just can’t contain yourself can you?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“N-no I, I can’t Josh I can-n’t,” you stuttered. His brown eyes looked up at you, a devious grin spread across his face. He moved back up your body and kissed you harshly, adding another finger to the one that was pumping into you. He pulled away and stared intensely at you, soaking in the look of ecstasy that was engulfing you.

He added another finger and his thumb brushed across your clit every so often. You could feel yourself getting close and you knew you had to tell Josh, but words had completely escaped you. Between his fingers working you and his unfaltering stare you just couldn’t contain yourself any longer. He felt you clench around his fingers as you screamed his name along with various other profanities.

“Babygirl, you know the rules. You’re supposed to ask for permission.” Josh tsked, removing his hand from you and standing up from the bed. You knew you were in for it now and quietly awaited your punishment. “Turn over, ass up,” he said sternly, unlooping his belt from his jeans.

You struggled a little trying to flip yourself over since the handcuffs were still locked around your wrists, but you eventually managed to get in the position he instructed you to.

“I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I didn’t expect you to act up this much. Now I think you deserve twenty for your actions. What do you think?” Josh dragged the leather down your spine and down the backs of your thighs. You nodded, anticipating the snap of the belt against you. “Ah, ah. Use your words.”

“Yes, sir,” you answered, squeezing your eyes shut as the first shock of pain hit. After ten, the pain had mostly subsided and you started craving the feeling of the leather against your sensitive skin. The next blow caused a moan to erupt from your mouth.

“Of course you’re enjoying this, you little slut,” he growled, swinging the looped belt harder against you. “I bet I could get you off again just by doing this.” The remaining hits left you breathless as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through your body. Josh’s calloused hand smoothed across the now bright pink skin. “So dirty for me, aren’t you Y/N?” You nodded and looked over your shoulder at him, waiting for him to decide what to do next.

He moved to the head of the bed and unclasped the handcuffs, running his thumbs over the indented skin on your wrists. He left a few kisses on them before guiding you into a sitting position.

“Stand up for me,” he ordered. You gently slid off of the bed and he turned you so that you were facing away from him. The cold metal returned to your wrists as you heard the cuffs being re-tightened to their previous position. Josh swept the hair away from your neck and left a few kisses there before whispering, “turn around and get on your knees.”

You did as he said, feeling the plush carpet beneath your knees as you looked up at him with innocent eyes. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down along with his boxers so that they were pooled at his ankles. “You know what to do.”

You leaned forward and wrapped your mouth around his length, teasing the tip of it slightly with your tongue. He let out a soft groan and combed his fingers through your hair, urging you to take more of him into your mouth. When you didn’t automatically comply he moved his hand to the back of your head and pushed you towards him. You could feel him hit the back of your throat as he pushed deeper, not caring that you were gagging on him.

“You feel so good y/n,” he whimpered, lightly thrusting his hips. You hummed causing him to buck his hips faster. “That’s it baby.” You could tell Josh was lost in his own head by this point, his movements had become mechanical as you continued to gag on his length, tears forming in your eyes from the lack of oxygen moving into your lungs.

Josh suddenly stopped, wrapping his hand under your chin and pulling you to your feet. He brushed the hair that stuck to your sweat coated face.

“You’re so good for me,” he cooed, “but I think I need something else from you.” He roughly pushed you back on the bed, your hands now trapped beneath you. In one swift movement he climbed on top of you and you could feel him at your entrance. “I love you, Y/N.” And with that he quickly thrust into you, causing your back to arch. Josh was moving at a rapid pace, the bed thumping against the wall in time with his movements. And all you could do was lay there and let him have his way. Even if your wrists weren’t clasped together under you, the pleasure you felt would be enough to leave you motionless.

Josh leaned down and attached his lips to your collarbone, nipping at the skin every once in a while. You felt yourself getting close again as his lips reached the sweet spot on your neck.

“J-Josh,” you breathed, “I’m.. I’m gonna..”

His actions stopped suddenly and he looked down at you with an animalistic hunger in his eyes. “Ah ah. Not yet.” His body moved from yours and he climbed to the top of the bed, sitting with his back against the head board. He motioned for you to come over and you started to try and pull yourself up from where you were laying. But between your hands being stuck under you and the growing exhaustion that was hitting you, your attempts were fairly futile. You looked up at Josh and, with a simple look, pleaded for him to help you.

Josh let out a soft laugh as he moved to pick you up, maneuvering you so that you were straddling his lap. He let his hands drop to your hips and helped guide you down onto him. You took a second to readjust to the new position, but after a few seconds Josh had grown impatient and his grip on your hips became much tighter. You let him help you balance as you quickened the pace. Your eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure coursed back through your body.

“Josh,” you moaned.

“I know baby. Just- ah. Just a little longer.” Josh’s head fell back against the wall, groaning as he urged you to move faster. By now, he was almost completely supporting you, having to move his hips up to meet yours. As Josh’s groans grew louder you could tell he was close. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against your chest, “Come with me, princess,” he whispered into your ear. His warm breath sending shivers down your spine right before you finally let go. Your whole body was shaking as you felt him release in you, both of you moaning each other’s names.

Your movements halted and you took a second to catch your breath, letting your head rest against his chest.

“Oh my god you’re so perfect Y/N. I love you so much.” He rubbed his hands up and down your back before letting them slip down to the metal that was still clamped around your wrists. He quickly undid the handcuffs and your arms fell to your side. You probably could have fallen asleep right at that second if it weren’t for Josh lifting you up and carrying you to your shared bathroom. “Why don’t I run you a bath and then we can watch a movie and cuddle afterwards?”

“That sounds perfect,” you mumbled, “you’re perfect.”

-6 weeks later-

Three days of what you thought was just a stomach bug had you questioning what was really going on. Everyday you had woken up and before you could even think about drinking your daily cup of coffee, you were in the bathroom puking up whatever was in your stomach at the time.

“Still sick?” Josh asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I’m not sure if this is just the flu. What’s the date?” you asked, fear already coursing through your veins.

“The twentieth, why?” As soon as he said that, your worst fears were confirmed, and it only took Josh ten more seconds to figure it out for himself. “Oh. Oh wow. Um,” he stuttered. “Should we uh. Should we get a test then?”

You couldn’t speak. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Sure, you and Josh had been dating for two years now, but you never planned on having a baby before you were married. What would your family think? Hell, what would the fans think?

“Hey,” Josh kneeled in front of you, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek. “It’ll be okay. No matter what happens I love you. I’m not going anywhere.” You nodded and allowed him to help you off the tiled floor, intertwining your fingers together as you set out to figure out if your life was about to change in a very big way.


Thirty minutes and a large glass of water later, you were nervously pacing around the bathroom while Josh leaned against the counter.

“Y/N. Stop freaking out. You’ll be an amazing mom. So what if we aren’t married? We were going to have kids anyways. We’ve talked about it. And you know we’re going to get married. Things just happened in a different order for us.”

“My moms gonna kill me. Oh my god. Everybody is going to think I’m a slut! Why did this happen to me? I’m a good person. Hell, you’re an even better person. What did we do to deserve this?” You had been in shock ever since the little plus sign showed up on that stupid little stick.

“Your mom isn’t going to kill you and nobody is going to think you’re a slut. Babe, we’ve been together for over two years. We’re going to be okay.” He finally moved to wrap his arms around you, and his touch instantly calmed you. His arms always made you feel safe and now wasn’t an exception. “Now, lets go lay down and relax. All this stress isn’t good for the baby.”

The baby. There’s a human inside of me. The realization made you feel even more sick than you had that morning, but you allowed Josh to lead you back into the bedroom. He pulled the sheets down and allowed you to climb under them before laying them back over you. As soon as he slid in next to you, you curled into his side.

“I love you. And I don’t regret our actions. Im excited to meet the little human we’ve created. I can’t wait to love them as much as I love you. And spoil them. And I know you’re excited to pick out all the little outfits for them, and paint their nursery.” The more Josh talked, the more you thought about how good this could be for the two of you.

“They aren’t allowed to play the drums until they’re five. Maybe six,” you said. “And no dyeing their hair until they’re like twenty.” You both laughed at what you seemed to think were immediate concerns for your child.

“Only if we can name them Mulder.”

“What if it’s a girl?” You giggled.

“Well then she’d be named Scully. Duh.” You rolled your eyes at his childlike ways.

“You’re a dork.”

“Thats too bad. Hopefully I didn’t pass my dork genes on to our kid,” he joked.

You looked up at him, wondering how on earth you were now having a kid with this absolute child that was laying next to you. But instead of being scared, you were happy. Josh was going to be a great dad. He was always good with kids. And the way he was talking, you could tell he was looking forward to all of this. And even though people would have negative reactions to the news, it didn’t matter anymore. Because all that mattered was that Josh would be next to you through it all.


Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


Good morning, Champion

otayuri | M-rated

“ “It’s already past noon,” Otabek says and Yuri groans, stretching his legs under the blanket.

“We left the banquet at like, four or something? Normal people need sleep after things like that.”

“‘Normal people’?” Otabek laughs in disbelief and pulls Yuri against his chest, pressing a kiss on the back of his neck. “I don’t think you are one of those, Mr. Just-Broke-Another-World-Record.” “

PWP; sweet & sleepy morning sex

[Read on AO3]

i was in a need of some stress relief, so i just… wrote this. idk if i will put this up in AO3 but, just have it.

Rays of bright morning sun manage to slip in the hotel room through a small gap between the heavy, cream-coloured curtains. Otabek squeezes his eyes shut as a pathetic attempt to fall back asleep, but the sun is too powerful - its shine is luminous, lighting up the whole room. It feels warm and pleasant on Otabek’s skin and he blinks his eyes open with a sigh, stretching his arms.

Even though Otabek is usually very tidy person, on that moment his hotel room is a mess. His suitcase lies open in the middle of the floor, most of the things he needs to pack piled next to it. Three different skating costumes have been thrown over the suitcase, black skates with mismatched blade covers placed neatly on top of them. Otabek takes a look around the room and finds pieces of his dark blue suit scattered around the room, already wrinkled - his tie has found its way in his duffle bag that’s right next to the bed, the zipper open. A ray of sun hits the pair of medals left on the dressing table (golden next to a silver one), making them glisten and sparkle bright enough to blind.

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