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Dva in the Chocolate paint brush cuz she's so sweet. XD

Pastry chief D.Va and her latest creation - chocolate Meka :D 

her “whiskers” are supposed to be from flour 

and sorry for no shadows on meka but that’s too many details for a mere request to do :v

(edit: added close up, because I’ve realized you cant see her good)


Haven’t been posting any art lately on Tumblr haha so I decided to post this one here. 

Here’s something I’ve been working on the past few days. I was inspired by this artist I follow on Instagram where they draw their characters in real life photos. They make it seem so real, like their characters are actually real. I wanted to give it a try, but alas I cannot compete with such great talent orz
Idk actually, this to me looks pretty great, but at the same time, it’s not (?) I just have a mixed feeling about this. 

I also added a close-up of Jack so you can see him better.

You can use this as a background or repost it anywhere, but please don’t forget to give credit.
The background is not mine, I simply searched it up online lol.


why don’t we call it a day and we can both confess 
you can force me to use a little tenderness
white lies, alibis, anything but say that it’s true
we could sit like lovers staring in each other’s eyes
but the magic of the moment might become too much for you

happy valentine’s (valentron’s?) everybawdy

(edit: added close up of their faces;;)

today’s stream. This is going to be a big painting!!

I spent an inordinately long time drawing sword hilts

This one is going to be kind of personal, about carrying trauma behind you and wounds that can’t heal.

I’m having a lot of Feelings right now, so this is one (relatively healthier) way of coping.

Thanks to everyone who came and kept me company today, i love you <3
Tomorrow i’ll be painting this.

do not remove artist commentary

LMAO so I read every tag on my artwork and someone left the ANGRIEST TAGS!! 


oh no no klance here

op’s intentions DEfinitely weren’t to make it klance (they were. straight up added extra blush bcos i wanted keith 2 look more gay for lance. guess it wasnt enough. guess i needed to put MAXIMUM blush. theres literally always a backstory to my art when i draw - ie what was happening before the drawing took place. this was straight up klance. cool beans.)

If I had to explain what its like being mentally ill it’s like those pop up ads that speak and when you try to close them it goes from one voice to ten and it gets louder and they will not close