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hECK OK,,,,
I’ve got my passed dog as my lockscreen, digimon tri as my homescreen, listening to s i m p s o n w a v e hAHA & there is mine ugly faceeeeeE

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And Bruno– I just wanted to say, having watched all this go down– if Kamala were here, she’d want you to know how much it means to her that you’ve got her back.

[방탄소년단 BTS {with a dash more V)} Wallpaper] Requested by: weedsandthistle 

I hope you like it! I honestly just added like 2 more V pics for you LOL It’s hard to find just 3 of each members since they all look so good T^T 

It’s gonna be a while until I do another one, so sorry if I don’t answer any of your asks! 

[PC to the owners of each picture]

i remember seeing this post and i thought

you know what, why don’t i draw that?

and so here we are

i present to you…

…sketchy sloan

So, I found Gaster in Kingdom Hearts…


update 2: added some more pics of pokemon cards for sale.

EDIT: updated the images to show things that have been sold! (”OH” means on hold. this means the person has showed intent to buy but has not confirmed or paid.)

i didnt sell a whole lot at the flea market sadly, so anything not marked is still up for grabs!

I’m at a flea market today selling all this stuff, but if I’ve got anything here you guys wanna nab just let me know and I’ll give you the price. it makes me sad to let some of this go but ive just got too much lol. I’d rather give this stuff new homes to people who’d appreciate it more.

I’d prefer if you guys emailed me to ask about prices, my email is all the figmas and nendoroids have all their parts and boxes.