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johnny depp paints pictures of his boots as an homage to them. it makes me want a pair of good boots. mine are worn to shite. i can’t even wear them anymore. one day…. :)

“My boot is like an old girlfriend. We are always together and we lived so many things together! I just wanted to give her an homage for its loyalty and being there.” –Johnny Depp

No external thing or person is ever coming to you, which will make you happy or complete you. As long as you are waiting for something to make you happy — happiness will never come. Expectancy creates disappointment. Chasing the external to achieve joy is a death-trap for personal-development. The external only creates dependency. The foundation of joyful independence is being content with yourself; self-love. You’re the one you’ve been looking for; you complete you. Recognize that you are enough, and that all external gifts are simply extra blessings. Praise first the mighty blessing of yourself! Find your own joy within and then greater joy will be added to you.

Say it with me kids:

“You can’t reclaim and use a slur that doesn’t apply to you”

~*~You can’t reclaim and use a slur that doesn’t apply to you~*~


You can’t reclaim and use a slur that doesn’t apply to you

You can’t reclaim and use a slur that doesn’t apply to you











If you don’t belong to the oppressed group- THE WORDS ARE NOT YOURS TO RECLAIM, AND THEY ARE NOT YOURS TO USE.

For example, did you notice that the only one I typed all the way out was Dyke?  Why?  Because i’m a fucking lesbian and I can call myself a dyke if I want to.  



132 prompts!

(I added some more prompts) 


[Random Prompts]

1. “Haha! I’m in a great deal of pain right now!” :D

2. “I love you.”
“Sorry, autocorrect, I hate you.”
“This is a verbal conversation.”

3. “How long has it been since you had a full nights sleep?”

“About…eleven-ty seven days?”

“Okay, your going to sleep.”

4. Doctor’s visit

5. “Guess who’s dead inside? It’s me. I’m dead. On the inside.”

6. “Prove it.”

7. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

8. “Tis only a flesh wound!”

9. “Im sad. Cuddle me.”

10. Sweaters <3

11. “I hate all of you.”

12. “I love you guys.”

13. “I’m gonna hurt you if you mess with my friends again.”
“Your wearing a my little pony hoodie.”
“And its the only reason I’m going to hurt you, not murder you in cold blood.”

14. “FigHT ME HELEN.”
“My names not Hele-“

15. “Hey, is there a mirror in your pocket because-“



“Yes I have a mirror in my pocket. Why, did you need it?”16. “I watch you while you sleep.”




18. Helpless~ <3

[Angsty prompts]

19. Bullying

20. Scars

21. “Are you bleeding?”

22. “Are you crying?”

23. “Are you okay?”

24. “Im here for you.”

25. Comforting hugs

26. “Why are you under a table?”

27. “Just leave me alone to die.” </3

28. Scattered kisses and complements <3<3<3

29. 2 troubled souls in a world of broken hearts

30. “You have them too?”

31. “Im fine.”
“No your not, now come here so I can hug you.”

32. “Lets go, I don’t want to get in trouble for bleeding in the halls again.”
Again? How often do you bleed in the halls!?”

33. “If they even talk to you again, I’m gonna kill them.”

34. “I’m scared you’ll hurt me.”

35. “Just leave. Everybody else does.” </3

[Shy/Anti social prompts]

36. Stuttering beauty

37. “Um, I don’t really think- I mean, it’s fine it you want to- I just don’t think this is a very good idea-”

38. “Time to go outside!”

39. “I don’t need any friends!”

40. “Sometimes, I say things I don’t mean…”

41. “I push people away.”

42. Ramen noodles (Yum)

43. “She never leaves her house!”

44. “I. Don’t. Need. You.”

45. “Just go away!”

46. “I didn’t ask for this! I didn’t ask to have such stubborn friends-!

47. Awkward silence

48. “Did you just call me a friend?”

49. “Was that a nickname?”

50. “Don’t touch me.”

51. “StOp TelLiNg PeOpLe My NaMe.”

52. Hiding from socializing

53. “I don’t want you as a friend per-say…”

54. Wait for it

[Roommate prompts]

(These can be used platonically by the way, because I want to write some Schuyler sisters on this blog anyway <3)

55. Sick day

56. Movie night

57. Sleepovers with friends

58. Party!

59. Late night texting

60. “You are so annoying!”

61. “Come on, you know you love me.” <3

62. “STOP LISTENING TO YOUR EMO MUSIC SO LOUD!!!!!!” (Cough cough MCR cough)

63. Early mornings

64. Nightmares

65. “Lets all have a sleepover!”
“He live in the same house.”

66. “Is that my shirt?”

67. “No.”

68. “Can we get a dog?”

69. Pillow fights Pillow wars

70. “Did you take a picture of me while I was asleep!?”

71. Prank wars

72. “Are you drunk?”
“Oh my gosh your drunk.”

73. “Whats wrong?”
“Are you okay?”
“Do we need a doctor?”
“Guys chill it’s just a paper cut.”

[Hamiltime Prompts]

(You can request any time with whatever prompt, but I felt like making some prompts specifically for Hamiltime.)

74. Courting

75. “Raise a glass.”

76. “She may be quiet, but she’s one of us alright.”

77. “You know how to use a gun?”
“My father was a big fan of safety.”

78. Poems

79. Letters

80. “You have a beautiful voice.”

81. “How is it that the quiet girl at the table can hold her liquor better than all of you combined?”

82. Winters ball

83. “I’m going to war.”
“You can’t-”
“Oh, shut up! I’m going with you weather you like it or not!”

84. Libraries

85. Feeling a little down

86. “You saved my life.”

87. “Thats a lot of books.”

88. Slap

89. “A woman? My favorite author is a woman?” (Women authors weren’t taken very seriously back then so many female authors wrote under male names)

90. “My mother would never approve you know. Of you courting me, I mean.”

91. “Your an orphan? I’m an orphan!”

92. The 9th Schuyler sister (There were actually 8 daughters of Philip Schuyler that I am aware of)

[Child!reader x Hamilton character Prompts]

(These are specifically platonic, so calm yourselves!!!)

93. A little girl in the middle of a war

94. “Your mother told me to find you.”

95. “I need help. I-I think I’m lost Mr/Mrs…”

96. “Whats a duel?”

97. “But I don’t know how to write!”

98. “Help, help! He took my book!”

99. “I’m scared…”

100. “I love you, a whole lot.”

101. “Did you just call me dad?”

102. “Did you just call me mommy?”

103. Little soldier

104. “I’ll write it for you!”
“Honey, you can’t-”
“But your so tired! Just let me write one please? You can tell me what to write and everything!”

105. Little princess <3

106. “I don’t know what that means…”

107. “TO THE REVOLUTION!” (Sorry I just think everyone reacting to a little girl screaming this would be funny)

108 . “Is she yours?”

109. Little girl, big heart

110. “You brought a little girl to the war!?”
“I didn’t bring her here!”
“Then where did she come from?”
“I-I was lost…” ;-;

111. Bed time

112. “Why did you hit him in the face?”
“He took my book and he looked at me like I was stupid!”
“I’m not stupid!”
“Thats my girl.”

113. “I almost got hit by a horse today!”

114. “You did what!?

115. “We can’t just send her off, we’re the only family she has…”

116. “You will treat this child like royalty or I will kill you.”

[Added Child!reader x Hamilton character prompts]

117. “I don’t feel so good…”

118. “Why is there a little girl on your leg?”

119. “You cannot give her beer!”
“Why not?”
“She’s a child!”

[Added Hamiltime prompts]

120. “I love your hair.”
“I- love the- uh- air. Hehe…”

121. “Who is that?” 

122. “She’s related to who?

123. Clumsy 

124. “I’ve lost everyone I love…please don’t make me add your name to that list…”   

125. “I’m leaving…and I don’t think I’m coming back.” 

126. “I am just as intelligent as you are!” 

[Added roommate prompts] 

(You can request an xreader with someone, while being roommates with another character at the same time.)

127. “Do you like him?”
“You do!”
“I didn’t say anything!”  

128. “We’re getting them together weather they like it or not.”


[Added random prompts]

130. “She’s like an angel.”
“She makes bread for a living.”

131. “If you were a tree, you’d be a good tree.”

132. Song fics (You can request a song and a character and I’ll write a song fic! As long as there are no curse words or anything [kid friendly and all that])