My Favorite NA Quotes I've Read So Far:

“Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate.”

“Addiction has NOTHING to do with where we come from or the substances we used.”

“Addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease that affects every area of our lives.”

“The mental aspect of our disease is the obsession, or overpowering desire to use, even when we are destroying our lives.”

“We were proud of the sometimes illegal and bizarre behavior that typified our using.”

“We only remembered the good drug experiences…we ignored the times when life seemed to be a nightmare.”

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Hey, i follow you ever since you used to do those amazing elsanna fanart on D.A, the. I followed you here. But I stopped using tumblr for months, yesterday I got a new phone and decided to use the tumblr app, WHAT A SURPRISE THAT FIRST POST ON MY DASH WAS YOU SAYING YOU ARE ADDCTED TO BNHA PLUS YOU HAVE THE SAME OTP AS ME. including the ot3 💖 so I got really happy when I was in a bad mood. I love your work, one day I'll get the money to comission, for now I'm poor and just enjoy what you do~ :P

I’m so moved and about to cry… thank you so much, bless you for following me for all this time and I’m just very happy I could have raised your mood! Also i’m super plus ultra happy we have the same otp! Take your time you’ll find me here, thanks SO MUCH REALLY for your support!

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Okay so I’ve watched 4x03 twice and now it’s past 4am, it’s getting light outside, and I’m still awake :/ … I’m going to attempt to go to sleep xD leave me messages about what you thought of the episode! :) x



One Direction 

Live While We’re Young

(by OneDirectionVEVO)