addams family style

Why this is such a wonderful film.

Morticia could forgive Debbie for murdering her parents over them getting her the wrong Barbie doll. 

Morticia could forgive Debbie being a black widow serial killer and a greedy, manipulative sociopath.

She could even forgive Debbie trying to kill Fester (meh, the man is practically indestructible, anyway).

But pastels.

One truly sad thing about the Addams Family Values film? Debbie never realized she fit in EXACTLY with the Addams family.

So she was a black widow serial killer who murdered all her ex-husbands for the cash. Um, you think any of them gave a shit about that? Heck, they’d have been impressed. Even Morticia seemed a bit in awe of her at the end. 

It’s heavily implied in the film that all Debbie was ever really looking for was love and acceptance. Well, she’d kind of found it. She just didn’t realize it. 

Man, that family would have loved her, no matter what. If she’d only given them the chance. 


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Addams Family Values is one of the greatest comedy films ever made. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

Everything Christina Ricci does, practically everything, is sheer comedy gold. 

And Debbie trying to seduce Fester:

“You’re so handsome and debonair! Women must follow you everywhere.”

“Well…store detectives.”