addams family style

One truly sad thing about the Addams Family Values film? Debbie never realized she fit in EXACTLY with the Addams family.

So she was a black widow serial killer who murdered all her ex-husbands for the cash. Um, you think any of them gave a shit about that? Heck, they’d have been impressed. Even Morticia seemed a bit in awe of her at the end. 

It’s heavily implied in the film that all Debbie was ever really looking for was love and acceptance. Well, she’d kind of found it. She just didn’t realize it. 

Man, that family would have loved her, no matter what. If she’d only given them the chance. 

  • Gomez: You know, kids? I've been thinking. At the end of the day, Halloween isn't about candy or costumes. Or even scaring people. It's a day when the whole family can get together at one place and celebrate what really matters... PURE EVIL!
  • Everyone: *maniacal laughter*
Harry-- Morticia

Ever since I was a little girl and seemed to be just a little more interested in the Book of the Dead than the rest of my classmates, I’ve always dreamed of finding the Gomez to my Morticia.  Someone who would not only put up with my oddities but love me even more for them.

I had found my Gomez in Harry.  I had never expected for it to be a singer, someone with millions of dollars and thousands of screaming fans ready to fall at his feet at the snap of a finger, who would find me and not only see me for who I was, but love me for it.  It was Harry who would see an oddity antique shop, duck inside, and come home with a trinket that was something I actually, truly loved.  It was Harry who would sit up with me at night, discussing the curious and unusual while he trailed warm fingers up and down my skin.

It was Harry who loved me with such a fierce ferocity that it could make others slightly uncomfortable being around us at times.  Like I was the sun and he orbited around me.  Like a magnet, we seemed to attract each other.  Even at parties when we tried to split up and work different sides of the room, we always ended up together.  A strong hand on my elbow.  Elegant fingers barely brushing his lower back.  A love for each other that was so tangible that no one could question it.

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Give me Addams Family style Kylux.

  • Hux and Ren who are so morbidly in love.
  • A couple who are both wildly jealous.
  • And who just love to rile the other one up.
  • Give me a romance that nobody else understands.
  • Imagine these two dancing in their quarters after a horrible massacre.
  • Or just these two being disgustingly and sinisterly affectionate.
  • They picture the death of the other while they’re curled up in bed.
  • Give me these two judging others together.
  • A pair who can scream at each other for hours.
  • Hux and Ren who are reserved as leaders and absolutely filthy in bed.
  • Give me Ren who gruesomely muses about Hux.
  • Give me Hux who purrs over his fearsome husband.
  • Give me Kylux that’s macabre and haunting and romantic because that shit kills me.