⚠️Addams Family Tumblr tag percentages⚠️

This is long overdue!!!

50% people talking about being in a local productions of the musical or just going to see it. Please. Stop. Tagging. This!!!!!! You’re clamming up the tag.

20% LOOOOONG ASS POSTS WHERE PEOPLE ARE FILLING OUT SOME KIND OF SURVEY ABOUT ALL THEIR FAV THINGS. By all means, fill out you “top 1000 fav shit” posts, but please don’t TAG all of it. It’s just for your followers to see. No one really wants or cares to see it ok. It’s not going to get reblogged because it’s just you’re personal fav shit!

10% reposted and reposted Addams Family film pictures-gifs.

10% “Normal is an illusion, what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” quotes 😑 Please we only need one of these to reblog.

5% Wednesday Addams related paintings

3% epic gifs

1% archive photos that have never been seen

1% artsy edits

You see a problem here??? Because I do. Alright, just please just STOP tagging your trip to see the local production of TAFM. It’s really irksome to those of us who check in on the tag daily to look for awesome things to reblog and ALL we see are people talking about being in it as ensemble or something. Yes, show us your cool costumes!!! But enough with the boring text posts! You don’t have to tag it ok.
AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOTH stop tagging your surveys!!!! STOP!!!!!!

AND STOP tagging the Addams after someone sends you an ask or something agh!!!!!

Dammit be creative people. There’s like 5 accounts that try to keep everyone entertained. If you operate an Addams blog, please contribute on occasion. And don’t repost. Because we all know what happens to those that repost 😐

anonymous asked:

What Broadway shows did you like?

I got really into theater around 2009/2010 so I loved a lot of the big shows then - Hair, In the Heights, American Idiot, Legally Blonde, A Little Night Music, Rock of Ages, etc. I had my Wicked and Rent phases just like everyone else. I weirdly was obsessed with The Addams Family musical for a while, I think because it’s tryouts were in Chicago so that felt special. Les Miserables is a forever fave.