addam's family


wynfrith hat auf dein Video geantwortet:

A well balanced knife being necessary to the start…

Your douk-douk is just to damn sexy with all that penetration power. 😂

it’s maybe time to kinkshame @staff’s damn algorithm

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Relationship status: single

Fave color: Purple, Black & Yellow

Pets: 1 Dog (His name is Rufus)

Last song I listened to: Admit It by Set It Off

Fave TV Shows: I recently started liking The Office, I started watching it yesterday. I also like The Addams Family, Dick Van Dyke Show & The Munsters

Hobbies: Making Gifs & Icons. I love sketching too.

Fave band: All Time Low, Set It Off & Fall Out Boy (I’m sorry I’m bad with this question)

Book(s) I’m currently reading: I was trying to read The Secret Life Of Bees, but I got distracted from it.

Fave book: The Pigman, Daughters Break The Rules, The Dark & Deadly Pool

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Oh goodness, I don’t know. Maybe a Reese cup? I don’t like those.

Fave place: My bedroom. My house really.

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