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courtship rituals

i don’t know if it is because i have been watching period dramas, but i have suddenly got it into my head that it is really fun to consider the different wars star wars characters would express romance. think about it: they come from very different societies, and very different cultures, and rey ‘raised by sand’ rey is going to think romance means something very different to poe ‘’in a committed relationship with rebellion’ dameron, or leia ‘had protocol hammered into her from a young age’ organa, or anakin ‘what is healthy relationship’ skywalker. and i find the idea of these cultures/rituals clashing absolutely fascinating. 

to take a well-tested (and still fucking adorable) example: rey has spent her entire adult life on the brink of starvation, in a desert planet where only the strong survive, where your worth is completely dependent on the work you can do. on jakku giving food and water to someone was a sign of bone-deep commitment and adoration. for like a straight week she thought that everyone in the Resistance was hitting on her and she was both flattered and terrified. I’m not that pretty, she said to bb-8 in private, and went half insane trying to keep track of the various debts she thought that she was accruing (jakku has a very complicated economy of favours and debts that one has to balance if one wants to avoid grievous bodily harm). it takes her a while to calm down. she hits on finn by giving him half her lunch every day. finn does not understand, because stormtroopers always share everything; it is part of being in a unit. there’s no real privacy in the first order. (this attitude almost costs him an arm when he goes to raid rey’s secret stash of moisturizer – he learns quickly and violently that one does not just take things from a half-feral scavenger from a hell planet). for the same reason, finn is oblivious to the significance of The Jacket. Stormtrooeprs always share kit. (for what its worth, troopers flirt via an intricate series of tiny body movements and finn is constantly vexed by his intended target’s – poe or rey or both, he still can’t work out precisely which – complete obliviousness because his fingers have been splayed open like that for ages surely everyone knows that this means i would hold your hand if it wasn’t for regulation)

and i see tattooine as pretty mercenary about courtship: you have to prove that you are a good provider before anyone will want to pair-bond with you. when luke was fifteen and intent on getting into biggs’ bed he killed four krayt dragons over the course of four weeks, skinned them, and dumped both skin and meat in biggs’ larder. biggs had only consented to luke’s advances after the fifth dragon; and he had pretended that he wasn’t impressed, because that’s what the one being pursued is meant to do (tattooine is an ancient planet with long-held rules that don’t always make sense but everyone keeps to them; tradition is important; and oh how stifling it is to farmboys who dream of the stars – ). this stringent idea about courtship really really stilted luke’s flirtations with leia (thank the Force for that!) because he couldn’t work out if he should be the aggressor, or if she should be: she was of higher status, but seemed disinclined to commence courtship; but she kept flirting, needling away, and that was something briggs used to do, taunt him about being shite at flying and hunting. then again, leia did that to han as well. and han! corellian courtship is the simplest thing in the world, and he’s just so confused when luke drops a dead rathtar outside the falcon one day and grins, blood all over his hands. or when leia, raised to believe that it is improper to display overt affection, shorts at him for ten straight minutes over him using her conditioner – because when you get a girl full of fury and try to get her to be a diplomat you tend to get random outbursts, like too much energy stuffed into too small a space.

(han’s directness baffles the obtuse skywalker twins; but they work it out, in their own way)

anyway: thoughts? what does romance mean to different characters?

T H E F I G U R E S K A T I N G E X P E R I E N C E™

youtube: vol. 1, vol. 2

a non-comprehensive playlist of definitive music and moments in the life of a modern skating fan

volume 1:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
chambermaid swing - parov stelar (5:44)
spider-man theme - michael bublé (3:04)
pchan raves about yuna - dj bijoux (3:30)
YeeeEEEeeaaAAAAaaaHHH - adelina sotnikova 2012-13 “burlesque” FS (4:12)
el tango de roxanne - moulin rouge soundtrack (4:43)
oooooooh - 2016 4CC replay music (1:00)
the sergei voronov experience™ - sergei voronov 2014-15 FS (4:41)
HEY! YOU! - ilinykh/katsalapov 2012-13 “ghost” FD (0:32)
feeling good - michael bublé (3:57)
million voices (eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah) - otto knows (5:57)
ROAR - scott moir, 2013 worlds “carmen” FD (0:06)
je suis malade - lara fabian (4:24)
ICEBERG! RIGHT AHEAD! - jorik hendrickx 2015-16 “titanic” FS (4:47)
i can’t dance - genesis (4:01)
the all-purpose rach 2 cut - sergei rachmaninoff (4:12)
LOCO LOCO LOCO - shoma uno 2016-17 “balada para un loco” FS (4:51)
hard rock operatic bolero - fuji tv (1:13)
the swag song - jusreign (3:28)
sweet baby - andy hamilton, lena fiagbe, steve byrd (2:05)
tatiana tarasova reacting to maxim kovtun - tatiana tarasova (0:12; source)

volume 2:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
dirty love - johnny weir (3:38)
chimes/technologic - boyang jin 2015-16 EX (2:56)
duetto buffo di due gatti (red cat) - giacomo rossini (3:19)
bahamut - hazmat modine (3:19)
legends (techno harmonicas) - sacred spirit (7:04)
i finally found someone - barbra streisand, bryan adams (3:48)
figga please - FiggaSk8ter (3:13)
yo soy maria - astor piazzolla, horacio ferrer (3:21)
lion king dubstep remix - max aaron 2016-17 FS (1:57)
lonely (bad remix) - akon (3:56)
cowboyang - boyang jin 2016-17 EX (3:04)
my heart will go on (recorder cover) - matt mulholland (4:16)
i put a spell on you - screamin’ jay hawkins (2:26)
the phantom of the opera - kanako murakami 2014-15 FS (4:12)
moondance - michael buble (4:12)
romeo & juliet/the nutcracker remix - denis ten 2016-17 SP (2:56)
sexbomb - tom jones (3:32)
i believe i can fly/what is love - moris kvitelashvili 2015-17 SP (3:01)
iphone ringtone (MetroGnome remix) - mark webster 2016-17 SP (3:19)
#jotem - lara fabian (4:22)
oh my god i hate this event - scott moir, 2012 WTT (0:04)

Boys will be boys

I want to share something here that I very rarely talk about but has been on my mind lately. When I was younger, and before I realised I was trans, my high school had a seniors muck up day. This was where u could wear whatever u want as seniors and have a fun time to celebrate finishing high school. I decided to wear a pink dress. Cause I just thought it would be nice to wear and I told myself that I was doing it as a joke (in hindsight it wasn’t cause I was so happy to wear that dress). When I turned up to school, half my year (it was an ‘all boys’ school) was wearing dresses as jokes (like a lot of them had balloons as boobs). But, for some reason (like they knew I wasn’t doing it as a joke), a bunch of boys (10-15 jocks) decided to target me. They surrounded me, tackled me to the ground hard enough that I started coughing from the wind being knocked out of me, ziptied my legs and arms together as I was trying to kick them off and get away. Then they threw eggs at me, poured pure cordial on me, and chucked Vegemite water bombs at me. They eventually had enough fun and left me alone. What made it worse was that there were teachers right there, and they did nothing. I had to wriggle out of the zip ties by myself. That very day was my graduation ceremony. I had to sit there with dried sticky cordial on my skin, probably some egg in my hair (I tried cleaning it off as much as I could with a hose but it wasn’t good enough). As the principal and the teachers congratulated my year for graduating and becoming fine gentleman and manly men. Because of this, idk if I can ever wear a dress or skirt in public without being terrified. That is my “male privilege”.

what I hope happens tomorrow when they release new chapters: we get to kiss zig, hook up with sean, see victor again, and ex douche fiancee disappears and the marriage is a sham and not actually real at all therefore we get to marry whoever we want

Questions requiring answers in IMA Season 2

- well obviously Adams didn’t win the 2012 election but what happens afterwards??? And is he ever going to run again??

- Abby and John are a thing??? right??? pls tell me Abby moves in with the Boys

- also, Caroline? she was a bitch but I loved her? I want to see her become some badass ninja spy while they try to rescue Madison

- does Jefferson write more music? and does it still make me cry?

- does Franklin start a blog because he needs to start a blog

- Hamilton????? my boy????? does his depression and guilt worsen??? does he become a terrible person or does he transcend himself?? please I’m so worried about him

- also, mindi?? does she keep playing Alex? does poor boy ham ever work it out with her because they have some serious misunderstandings going on :’(

- has Ben confessed his love for John yet

- has George adopted all of them yet

- is Thomas still doing drugs?!.

- does Thomas become less of a sullen loser?? he and Alex were starting to learn to be team players so I really need to know if it ever worked out!!!

- what is the fishwife’s name?

- is he John Jay?

- where did Madison’s clairvoyance come from?? will it ever be explained??

- where is our entirely Madison’s POV episode?!,,?,?,?.?

- when they find James will he forgive Alex??? will Alex have an – actually yes of course he’ll have an emotional breakdown why am I even asking

- w h y was James kidnapped what is going on??

- is he hurt??

and I can’t believe I forgot the most important question

- WHERE IS JAMES MADISON??’?:?/!?????!,!:?

things i would rather see on next weeks the walking dead than daryl
  • maggie grieving
  • tara finds out abt denise abe and glenns deaths
  • morgan and young benjamin bonding while i cry over them
  • eric being alive
  • father gabriel finds a hat
  • rosita and eugene and the quest for a pasta maker
  • jesus tries out his new conditioner
  • ezekiel stages a play
  • ezekiel plays every single role in said play
  • enid wears a ponytail
  • judith. just judith
  • like sixty minutes of judith im serious i love her
  • ps gabriel looks rly good in his hat
reblog if u agree

•dark skinned striders
•kanaya with a big nose
•short rose
•terezi wearing tacky socks
•chubby jane
•jade w braces
•other rly cute headcanons
feel free to add ur own

things that make me rly happy:

  • christmas lights
  • freckles
  • when u have a gap between ur two front teeth
  • the sound of the ocean when u listen to a shell
  • candles that smell like baked goods
  • coffee mugs with puns on them
  • those little fingernail gemstones 
  • weird history facts
  • just after it’s rained and the whole world looks like a painting
  • holiday music
  • old road maps
  • zodiac memes
  • badly drawn but well meaning comics
  • the sound of cicadas after sunset 
  • sitting at the bar & being taller than everyone
  • when people get really excited to tell u all about their weird hobby
  • the smile u get when u hold the door open for someone
  • waking up to a phone call from a friend
  • floral patterns
  • glittery eye shadow
  • really thick high heels
  • the smell of trees
  • when cats fall over and pretend it was on purpose
  • things that are not fruit but are shaped like fruit
  • cool rocks
  • bees
imagine if the raven cycle chapter titles were like rick riordan’s

“gansey compares blue to a prostitute”

“we find a talking forest”

“our latin teacher tries to kill us”

“we dig our friend’s body from his grave”

“blue’s mom goes on a date with a hit man”

“blue makes out with a ghost”

“ronan’s dreams try to kill us”

“adam almost turns into a tree”

“our latin teacher tries to kill us - again”

add ur own

seeing the pattern of all the flashback episodes getting closer to present day its unlikely we’ll get many (or any) more so heres things i wouldve loved to have seen:

  • how they found amethyst
  • how the other gems felt towards amethyst when she first joined
  • literally any other crystal gems, even in sillouhette or minimalist form ala ‘the answer’
  • the first time opal/sugilite/sardonyx/alexandrite formed
  • ESPECIALLY opal, and how she and garnet interacted
  • rose interacting with any of the above fusions
  • rose and bismuth!!! ROSE AND BISMUTH!!
  • when rose told the gems she plans to give up her physical form to create steven, and how each of them took it
  • add ur own if u want

season 2 wants: 

  • lots of keith smiles
  • for hunk to get the treatment he deserves
  • more klance, hance, and klunk
  • hunk backstory
  • hance backstory
  • lance and keith complimenting each other
  • allura kicking ass
  • shallura working together
  • the team showing how much they care about lance
  • more girl characters
  • and literally so much more please add on with ur own s2 wants
drinking tips 4 beginners

ok so i know i have a lot of young followers and i haven’t rlly seen any posts like this so here r some tips i’ve learned from personal experience, observation, n friends!!! i hope this helps u guys and feel free to add ur own!!!

  • DRINK WATER in between drinks im so serious it’ll help a lot w the hangover in the morning 
  • eat a big meal before u plan to drink a lot n also make sure to eat something afterwards/before sleeping!!!! 
  • know ur limit…like rlly know when to stop
  • if u drink wine u WILL “lose ur legs” 
  • never ever ever drink alone!!!!!!!!!! be with people you trust to take care of u!!!!!!!!
  • know the alcohol content of whatever ur drinking bc if u drink a couple of beers ur gonna be alright at the end of the night but if u go for The Hard Stuff just know ur gonna get hammered way sooner
  • dont drink if u dont want to bc peer pressure is real n it’s more than okay to say no
  • (i only drink red wine so i would say to only have 3 glasses of it bc after the lucky number 3 things go down hill pretty fast)
  • dont take drinks from strangers!! never leave ur drink alone!!! always carry it with u wherever u go!!!!!
  • dont switch drinks like if ur going to drink beer then stay with that choice all night dont switch to whiskey you’ll thank me later ok just trust me
  • again…..know when to stop
  • dont get absolutely toasted every time u drink bc thats not fun 
  • before u go to bed make sure to lay out a glass of water n pain killer just in case u feel like garbage in the morning
  • just know that u will say and do embarrassing things when ur lit it’s inevitable
  • dont go to bed without washing ur face or showering,, this isnt a real tip just a reminder that it’s better to be hungover n fresh than hungover n nastee!
  • if u wear sunglasses indoors everyone will know ur hungover but it’s ok bc #relatable
  • turn off ur phone when u go out bc like u have to be super super intoxicated to actually drunk text but better safe than sorry!!! ur ex wont think it’s cute btw!!! (also drunk selfies r sloppy n no one knows what ur gonna post when ur out of it lmao)
  • dont post pictures of urself drinking on social media just dont (especially if ur underage)
  • if you’ve never drank before know that when u get Tipsy the room will be fuzzy n even if u dont know it ur going to be stumbling lmao
  • dont wear high heels if u know ur getting drunk just DONT bc then ur going to have to go barefoot wherever u are n that’s never a good idea bc germs
  • know that drinking is 100% ok for young ppl (18 or over) n that it can be fun but u absolutely do not have to do it, u can stop whenever u want to, and it’s not an every day activity!!!!! don’t make it a habit bc it’s a good time until it’s not!!!! just make sure ur comfortable and safe and it’ll be ok!!!!! stay safe everyone n bottoms up!!!!

better choices for mage followers besides kalec:

  • stellagosa
  • azuregos
  • valtrois
  • my left shoe
  • karlain i guess
  • hell ill even take ansirem
  • my right sock thats been stuffed in my shoe for weeks b/c i never wear them