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Dear Fandoms

Doesnt matter how right you think you are about a ship or a character, that is no fucking excuse to harass other people.
Doesnt matter how much you dislike someone’s fanart or OCs, that is no fucking excuse to tell them to go kill themselves.
Doesnt matter if you are part of the majority or minority, that is no fucking excuse to torment someone.
Doesnt matter if they disagree with your opinion, thats no excuse to be a fucking douchebag.

You can dislike something and voice your opinion why. That however is not justification for you to attack others nor for others to attack you.


221bianca  asked:

What's Car Boys?

 oh boy, i’ve been asking myself the same question lol

it is a video series for polygon by nick robinson and griffin mcelroy. They play what i guess you would call a physics based car simulator called it starts out as mostly goofs. What made it so popular is that the engine glitches. a lot. And these glitches are p much eldritch horrors. so they create intricate lore about these glitches. It all culminates in an epic finale.

i highly recommend it. here is the link