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“I want my electric lasso. I would slice people in half. I would let my psychopathy out once and for all, and people couldn’t do anything about it ‘cause I would have a laser lasso and if you come at me, I’d slice you in half with it!”

thetruerarkher  asked:

I absolutely love the hair in that hnk thing, tell me more about it before I commit, please.

of course! houseki no kuni is an action/fantasy seinen about a group of genderless gemstone beings who must fight off attacks by the moon people seeking to abduct them, but the plot intensifies VERY RAPIDLY from this premise to touch on themes of identity, memory, grief, heritage, and how your physical body affects your experience of consciousness. it lures you in with fun slice-of-life shenanigans and the attack-of-the-episode format before diving into one of the most devastating arcs i’ve ever experienced, treating action scenes and quiet moments of heartbreak with the same powerful drama and gravitas, and from the v.a cast list it looks like the anime is going to get there this season.

i assume you’re asking about the anime, but there are currently only 60 or so translated chapters of the manga, so it’s a very quick and very addictive read (and the plot in the current ongoing arc is seriously gearing up)! regardless, here’s a quick, non-spoilery list of the things i personally love about hnk:

  • starkly evocative art style that lends itself perfectly to both serene, eerie atmosphere and biting humour.
  • the manga’s use of light/dark is particularly beautiful, and i think the anime’s use of cgi combined with hand-drawn detail is really charming!
  • the gorgeous shattery gem body horror aesthetic.
  • a sprawling yet distinct cast with intense, complicated relationships encompassing the full range of friendship, rivalry, mentorship, partnership, admiration, resentment, longing, desperately stubborn love…
  • so many cool worldbuilding and backstory hints to explore, and you’re constantly reevaluating what you think you know.
  • the voice acting and the ost in the anime is just superb.

so please give hnk a chance! it really is one of my absolute favourite series. and feel free to ask any more questions if you have them, i could honestly talk for hours about pretty much any aspect of hnk!

some emo!richie headcanons for ur heart

  • richie wld come into school on the first day of 9th grade and nobody would recognise him at first
  • he probs dyed a streak in his hair and he wears a fake septum piercing every day
  • said piercing continues to get taken off him by teachers . every time he gets it back he just puts it back in again . he’s pretty persistent
  • eddie wld probs faint the first time he saw richie like this . stan wld piss himself cause richie went from a big fuckin nerd to full swing emo in about 0.2 seconds
  • ‘bill can i borrow a pair of scissors’ ‘richie if y-youre trying to make h-holes in your s-shirts again i d-dont want to f-f-fucking hear it’
  • richie climbs through eddies window at 2am with a safety pin half way through his ear, blood pouring down his face and a tear running down his cheek . eddie nearly has a fit
  • ‘richie theyre gonna have to amputate your whole EAR!!!’
  • richie has no shame at all. literally none. he probs blasts my chemical romance through his speakers at lunch and even the losers are too scared to interrupt him sometimes
  • apart from bev. bev is into it. she supports richies Emo Lifestyle tm and quickly becomes his main supplier of black nail polish
just cow chop things
  • shit dude
  • “what up it’s ya boy”
  • any and all problems are solved with fire
  • vaping
  • joe is sweet and perfect and pure
  • mishka interrupts a gameplay
  • treVOR
  • someone is smacked in the balls devastatingly hard
  • someone threatens to throw themselves down the stairs
  • poop
  • poop filling the basement 
  • the video is directed away from chaos so aleks can try and sell merch
  • holes in walls
  • someone vomits
  • Brett Hundley, professional voice of reason™
  • someone makes an asian joke
  • aron responds to said asian joke with “that’s fucked up”
  • “maAAN”
  • james employs his fake southern accent
  • the wheelchair™
  • james repeats something several times
  • trevor does the weed thing
  • shiiiiiiiit
  • close-ups of nothing 
  • joe photoshopping james’s dog’s head onto human female’s bodies so they can get married
  • dog is put where dog should not be
  • “dude, it’s my fUCKING TINY WIENER”
  • ollos
  • james hating the hover board 
  • james using the hover board in every video
  • “this cis straight white male privilege”
  • the old lady with inhaler decal
  • wrestlers
  • aleks riding around on a hover board with a hot pocket: “try this pop tart”
  • brett getting something shoved up his ass and just going “wow”
The Symbol of Hope

Guys.. this chapter made me realize something while talking with @aoimikans 

Izuku isn’t going to become the Symbol of Peace. That will always be who All Might was. 

When Sir Nighteye tried to look into the future, hoping he saw the boys and Eri escaping and surviving, he saw nothing. 

Which possibly means he passed out, he can’t see a changing future, (Edit: or Chisaki dies - not by Izuku’s hand but by his own quirk), or Chisaki pricked him with the bullets he picked up. 

But I feel that’s less likely since he wouldn’t want to waste them on who he perceived was a dying man. 

But more importantly, what we immediately get as a reply to this blank future is this:

The kid who was Quirkless, whose actions led to him earning a Quirk. The kid who gave back All Might’s will to live. The kid that changed the meaning of Deku. The kid who has helped and changed his classmates for the better. 

Izuku is an agent of change. He won’t be the Symbol of Peace. 

Izuku is going to become the Symbol of Hope. 

The Hero that Bends Fate. 

Check out @aoimikans AMAZING POST expanding on this and more!