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happy birthday ten ♡ // #HappyTENDay (insp.)

to chittaphon leechaiyapornkul aka our thai prince, cute devil, TNT, dancing machine and so much more… thank you for sharing your amazing talents and bright smile with us. this past year, we got to see you debut with nct u and show off your talents on hit the stage and the many special dance stages. you’re honestly so incredibly talented. not only are you an amazing dancer, but we got to see your artistic skills as well! your adorable selcas always make my day, and I look forward to seeing you come back with nct again this year. you traveled from your hometown all the way to korea to achieve your dreams, and we’re so incredible proud of you. you deserve all the happiness in the world, and I wish your birthday (& every day after that) is just as amazing as you! 

i can’t remember if i’ve dumped this on yall before so uh sorry if this is a repeat but consider biologist matt with a focus on how life evolves in different locations and who. just. is absolutely floored to discover how many alien species there are out there, not to mention how many of them are sentient. and he’s so excited about this because!! we’re going to learn so much about evolution and whether natural selection works the same way on other planets and what is a universal constant vs what is earth-centric and–

and then he discovers that other species do not care

like, his first lesson in what is earth-centric? other species generally live in the present. sure, many of them have traditions, and a few have meticulously recorded history, but none of them really investigate the prehistory of their own species, let alone other/earlier species.

and matt is like. ok. this is heartbreaking, especially since most of the people he comes into contact with have had their planets wrecked by the galra so it’s not like he could even try investigating the other species/fossils on their planets for clues. so he has to just make educated guesses based on what these random prisoners and rebels know about their own biology, that of other species from their planet, and the type of conditions which their planet had.

  • matt: so wait are you like…a robot
    taujeerian: i am cybernetically enhanced
    matt: were you born like that or is this a process that happens later in life
    taujeerian: of course i was born like this, how else would i survive?
    matt: wait, what? what’s your planet like?
    taujeerian: a thin crust of rock above an acid core, which must regenerate on occasion, destroying everything
    matt: [on the verge of tears] and you’re sure you have no records of your evolutionary history

After the Concert

And then I went to dinner with Ryoutarou at the SHAKE SHACK.

My first time at the SHAKE SHACK!
The SHAKE SHACK was amazing!
My stomach really feels fit to bursting at the SHAKE SHACK!
(I really just want to say SHAKE SHACK… lol)

My forehead at the SHAKE SHACK…

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let’s just discuss everything ben winston has done for a second
-plagiarized the you and i video; was still their shittiest video yet
-never apologized for doing this
-made the hand in the night changes video white
-got defensive when POC fans, understandably, felt like this made them separated from the video, and never apologized
-has taken most videos he’s directed for 1d as literal meanings, probably the most ridiculous directing decision i’ve seen in my life
-made fans believe there was footage of an ot4 hug from the history video and then made it seem like WE twisted his words

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.
劇団Patch『【近藤頌利】ハイキュー!! コンサート 2017』

Shouri’s Haikyuu Concert Blog Post

Good evening!*
I might be a little over excited… lol
Forgive me ww
So for today, for today…
I went heeeere!!!!
Did anyone else go??
To this!!

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Elgang+solace vs roach

Elsword shrieks and hits it with his sword.  It dies.  Unfortunately, there’s now a dent in the floor.

Aisha slams it with a fireball.  The roach is burning.  The floor is burning.  Everything is burning, and they are in hell.

Rena crouches down and coos at the roach.  She makes friends with it.  Everyone else screams when she walks into a room with this roach on her shoulder.

Raven calmly steps on it and goes on with his day.  There were some pretty big roaches in the Black Crows’ barracks, so he’s used to them.

Eve studies this life-form, realizes it’s been around since before the shattering of the Giant El, and marvels at its resiliency.

Chung screams.  The roach dies.  Helputt is rolling over in his possessed armor, that his son uses the Seiker family gift to kill bugs.

Ara hits it with her spear, misses, screams, and makes Eun take over.  Eun eats it.  Ara can be found puking.

Elesis, depending on her path, either hits it with her sword, burns it, or tortures it to death with a bunch of little roach-sized swords made out of blood. Ugh, creepy-crawlies.

Add is a wuss.  He ends up standing on the table and frantically zapping this roach’s corpse for hours after it’s dead.

Lu pokes it happily, torturing it slowly and giggling.  She thinks it’s disgusting, but there are more disgusting things in the demon world.

Ciel steps on the roach, scrapes it off the bottom of his shoe, and goes on with his day.  He lived in alleys once.  He’s used to roaches.

Rose shoots it, then lives in terror of finding another, larger one.  Hey, it happened with spiders in Hamel!

Ain can be found staring at this roach in disgusted fascination for quite a long time, wondering aloud why his Goddess allows such vile things to exist.

Solace is a wuss.  Heshrieks and summons a shitton of swords to impale the roach.  Once it’s dead, he downgrades to a fuckton.  (Sorry, did I say downgrade?  I meant upgrade.)

Steel and Flame II

Linkto Part One of the Steel and Flame series. Have fun with the (short) second part before it gets real in Part Three! 

II. Perspicientia

The fires were burning high, emitting sparks into the dark night sky. The air was warm; it was a lovely summer night. A night in which things seemed possible.

Nesta lay on her back, one arm propped behind her head. In the distance, she heard the other soldiers laughing, eating and flirting, but she didn’t join them. She needed her calm and space. There was a positive atmosphere in the whole camp. She could maybe have talked to some of them- but Nesta did not feel like making friends. So she had stolen herself away from the turmoil to watch the stars.

That certainly was something she’d never done as a human. A luxury she had not been able to afford. To lay out in the open, unprotected, worriless…no, she hadn’t ever even thought of doing such a thing.

She shifted, and flinched; training with Cassian today had left some nasty bruises all over her body. There was a particularly large bruise on her right forearm, all shades of blue and green and lilac. Cassian had looked horrified after training when he saw what he’d done. But Nesta liked that he had not held back; that he had seen her as an equal in fighting, someone strong enough to demand his full power, his full strength.

Strangely, some part of her had recoiled at the idea of hurting Cassian. And she’d avoided it as best as she could. Even when she noticed that she was stronger than she’d thought, even when he had taunted and provoked her until she wanted to kill him for being such a bloody, arrogant, idiotic fool-

“There you are.”

A deep voice ripped her out of her thoughts and the bloody, arrogant, idiotic fool in question stepped into her line of sight. Cassian looked even more handsome than usual tonight. He had changed from fighting gear into loose trousers and a simple white shirt which almost seemed to shimmer against his dark skin. His wings were spread widely, and Nesta thought that out of all the stupid men in the world, Cassian was perhaps the worst, but also the best at the same time.

A half smile was dancing on his lips. “I’ve been searching you for over half an hour”, he said. “Only to find you lying behind a rock.”

“It’s very nice here”, Nesta answered. “I’m not thinking about leaving.”

“Very well, then”. Cassian tucked his wings in and lowered himself to the ground next to her. Nesta sat up so that she faced him. “Why are you not with your soldiers?”

He held up a small box. “I wanted to take care of your arm. You’ll heal faster because you are a fae now…but this salve helps getting rid of the soreness and the pain.”

“I’m fine.” She looked at the bruise, so present right now and likely to be gone in the morning.

But Cassian leaned forward. “Just let me do this. Please?”

When she looked up into his eyes, she didn’t find it in her to say no. Perhaps he had disliked hurting her too, and this was his way of making up for it.

“Fine.” She offered her arm. “But make it quick.”

Cassian opened the box to take out a small salve and bandages. He gently picked up her arm and dipped his finger into the salve to apply it to the bruise. That those hands, rough and used to wielding weapons, could be so soft…Nesta was not even sure if she was breathing anymore.  

“I’ll put the bandages over the salve for a few minutes”, Cassian said. His voice was rough. “It needs a little bit of pressure.”

Nesta only nodded.

Cassian gestured for her to come closer. When he applied the bandages, she looked at his face. It was almost stupid how well she knew it after only a few months; the crinkles around his eyes, the full mouth- the long lashes, the scar on his right cheek, his hair…

The wind blew the scent of jasmin and rosemary over to them. It carried the promise of a half forgotten sentence, a faraway song. A small thread seemed to shimmer between herself and Cassian, and she only had to tug to turn it into something else, something made of iron and steel and eternity.

“Can you turn a little? Then it’ll be easier to hold the bandages in place”-

Nesta placed herself directly next to Cassian. He took her arm into his hands, pressing the bandages to her skin. Then they sat in silence. If was not uncomfortable; Nesta liked not having to talk right now. It felt almost to natural to close the last inch of space between them and put her head on his shoulder. Brush her arm against his.

Cassian stilled. This was something new; this was something they’d never done before. They had fought and insulted each other and flirted. But this…

Cassian put one arm around her shoulders, keeping the other one on the bandages. And leaned closer to her as well. He had not pushed her away- had not laughed at her for opening herself up like this, showing vulnerability…for showing affection.

Something in Nesta’s chest grew very, very wide, growing and blooming and suddenly-


It hit her into the guts like a punch.

A word, clear and loud in her head, a bond, shining between them, bright as the midday sun. Mate. Cassian is your mate. Your mate, your mate, your mate. You’re bound to each other.  Cassian is your mate.

Nesta had a coughing fit.  

She coughed until tears stood in her eyes and only then did she take in Cassian- Cassian, her mate- and she jumped up and mumbled something like “I have to go” and then she ran, ran as fast as she could, away from him- her mate, her mate-

She entered a house. A door closed behind her, and she was in her room. Had Cassian followed her? Someone was knocking on her door- her mate-

Cassian was her mate-

“Go away”, Nesta yelled with a choking voice. “I am not feeling well. Go away, Cassian.”

She felt her mate’s presence in front of the door. Felt his emotions. Worry, confusion, despair- love-

An irrevocable truth: Cassian loved her-

Nesta assembled all the strength left in her body, opened the door, and stared her mate right into the face. “I am fine, Cassian. I am just not feeling well. Please leave me alone. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Every sentence was a lie. What she wanted to say was, you are my mate. Cassian, you are my mate. Come into my room, Cassian, because you are my mate.

But she ignored the hurt expression on his face. She closed the door and flung herself onto the bed. And cried.

Only later did she realize they were tears of happiness.

Perspicientia- understanding.

What Miraculouses May Exist Outside of the Known Seven?

As of Season 1, there are seven Miraculouses we know about, and we know about their present and future whereabouts. Only four have appeared, with three being used, but the fourth Miraculous and the three others that aren’t active will be fully revealed within Season 2/Season 3.

However, what about other Miraculouses? After all, we have evidence and confirmation that more than seven exist. For example, in a Lindalee Rose interview, Jeremy Zag revealed that the chest containing Miraculous has more than one level, the top level being the only one shown so far. Additionally, after confirming not every animal has Miraculous based on it, and when asked if there were only seven Miraculouses, Thomas Astruc’s response was, “ Actually it’s a bit more complicated, but now you’ll have at least 3 seasons to discover it.” He seems to be suggesting there is more going on with the Miraculouses, and there may be more than the seven we’ve seen in existence.

Note: I was asked how many floors the box has. At every button, there is a horizontal line that separates the wood, and there are 3 lines in total, resulting in 4 floors, including the top level. We don’t know what each floor looks like, but if they are the same as the top or include the same amount of places for Miraculous, which is 7, the maximum amount of Miraculouses the chest would hold and may possibly exist would be 28 Miraculous.

For my own curiosity, I searched at the information and images we have so far to see what Miraculouses have been suggested and might exist. The best sources for this search come from an animatic, the actual show, and the final design of Master Fu’s Miraculous-holding chest.

First, let’s look at this storyboard from the animatic of the theme song.

These Miraculouses in the chest are different from the ones showcased in the final version. The only three instantly recognizable Miraculouses are the Cat, Ladybug, and Moth Miraculouses. This is what the rest look like to me.

The lowest Miraculous right below the yin-yang symbol appears to be a ring. Displayed on the ring is a side-view of a lion. Going counter-clockwise, the next Miraculous is a bracelet, with a snake biting its tail. This is representing Ouroboros, which is defined by Wikipedia as “ an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.” This Miraculous is either for a snake or a dragon, with the latter more likely by its appearance. The next Miraculous is another ring with a brown creature on it, looking like a bear or a related-appearing animal. The pair of earrings with stripes is a hard one to guess. It may be for a zebra or an older design for the Bee Miraculous, but I think it may be for a tiger (I’ll explain this reason later on).

Directly above the yin-yang symbol is a ring with a bull image on it. To the left is a weird-appearing pair of earrings that seems to be a chicken or rooster head in a side view with a visible eye. The last unknown Miraculous, a ring yet again, has the side view head of an eagle.

I’m sure most of these Miraculouses, if they appear in the final version, will have modified designs that reflect their animal themes stronger, but for being simple representations, those are the animals I see in them. A few of them are supported in images we’ve seen before during Nooroo’s explanation of Miraculouses in “Laybug & Cat Noir”.

From left to right, these are Tomoe Gozen, Cernunnos, and Herakles. None of the Miraculouses from the storyboard have anything strongly similar to Cernunnos, but by his ears, antlers, and tails, he seems to be suggesting the existence of a Deer Miraculous. Tomoe Gozen could have a Miraculous for any type of bird, but by her pointed beak, she seems to leaning towards a bird of prey. I predict she had the Eagle Miraculous seen in the animatic, although that Miraculous could actually be for another bird of prey, like a hawk or falcon. Finally, Herakles has a strong indication for his Miraculous with the lion pelt he’s wearing, and it matches up with the Lion Miraculous in the animatic. From these three, I think it adds more proof for an Eagle Miraculous and Lion Miraculous, and it suggests another possibility with a Deer Miraculous.

Finally, my source of evidence would be on the exterior of Master Fu’s chest. After close examination, I noticed that the clearly shown sides of the chest included one or two buttons with a Chinese character on each one. with twelve buttons in total, I was curious if they could possibly be representing the Chinese zodiac. With research, I found out I was right, and I created a model showing the placement of the buttons.

If these aren’t just for decoration and are actually based on existing Miraculouses, it would mean that twelve more Miraculouses exist. Some of these animals were ones I pointed out with the animatic, like the snake, the ox, and the rooster. The Miraculouses are strongly implied to have been created in ancient China, so it makes sense if the Chinese zodiac animals were included in the many Miraculouses formed. As for a Dragon Miraculous, it may not be a real animal in our world, but concept art for “The Chinese Legend” shows that dragons may exist, or another possibility is that is will be a real animal that is similar to a dragon, like a seadragon (as done in Fruits Basket).

These are my findings from the theme song animatic, the show, and Master Fu’s chest. Here is the list of Miraculouses that I think have evidence to exist as of now in February 2017:

There may be more, or not all of these will actually exist, but it’s the rough outcome I ended up with. I’m fascinated to see which ones of these will be shown. I don’t think every character in Paris is getting a Miraculous, but I’d love to see guest characters from time to time that happen to be currently wielding one of these. Also, Lindalee Rose revealed that a character we already know will get a Miraculous that we haven’t seen yet, meaning it definitely isn’t one of the seven Miraculous noticed in Season 1.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with these possibilities, or do you disagree with some of them and/or hope for a different type of Miraculous? Which one, if they’re real, do you think the unknown Miraculous holder will get? I’d love to hear other fans’ thoughts on this subject.