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As you may (or may not) know, a few months ago I embarked on a journey to create a document for the Clexa fandom that would serve as a resource for those of you who enjoy reading fanfiction about our favorite lesbian warlord and bisexual space leader (and any AU personas they may take on…). Today, with much help along the way from the best co-captain and technology wizard ever  (@ayokidd), WE ARE EXCITED TO RELEASE THE FIRST DRAFT OF THIS DOCUMENT! (Containing over 600 completed fics!)

Please continue reading for the download link, as well as more information on how to use the document!

It’s a good thing you all love reading so much, because this post is quite long…but hopefully informative!.

Check out Clexarkives or keep reading to access The Clexa Fanfic Master List!!

What is the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Clexa Fanfic Master List is an on-going Microsoft Excel document that will eventually contain ALL completed Clexa and Lexark fanfiction - categorized, organized, hyperlinked, and listed all in one exportable document for your reading and fic-tracking pleasure! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT…all 5,000+ fics (or whatever the final tally is!) will eventually be included! The document will be periodically updated and re-released as more fics are added to it over time. This will all be located on our blog @clexarkives, where you can find the frequently updated Master List and some other cool features.

How do I access the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

You need Microsoft Excel (or a program that opens Excel files) to access the document. You can download the document by clicking this link here. This link will take you to Google Drive where you can download the file and open it on your computer.

DO NOT view the document in Google Drive - the hyperlinks won’t work! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND OPEN THE DOCUMENT IN MICROSOFT EXCEL. We are also working on a Google Sheets version of the document for anyone unable to access the document through Excel or a similar program. Hang tight!

Once you download the document, save to your desktop and enjoy!

What fics are/will be included in the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Clexa Fanfic Master List will only include completed fics (it is simply impossible to keep updating such a large document with individual fic updates…we’ll leave that to the internet). We are, however, keeping track of current on-going fics and these will be added to the document as they are completed. Unfortunately, any fics that have been started but abandoned (author has no plans to finish or hasn’t updated for an extremely extended period of time) will not be included (unless they are one day completed) because I’m sorry but my heart can’t take that kind of investment and let down.

How is the Clexa Fanfic Master List organized?

The entire document functions as one large Excel workbook. There are four main sections, accessible from the Table of Contents:

1) Master List: contains a list of all the fics in the workbook, organized alphabetically by author
2) Canon: contains fics set in the canon universe, organized by ‘Season 2’, ‘Season 3’, and ‘Canon Divergent’
3) AU Categories: contains fics set in alternate universes, organized by specific categories (ie., ‘Enemies to Lovers’, ‘Teacher/student’, ‘Fake Dating’, etc.)
4) Smut: contains sexy time fics, organized by specific categories (ie., ‘Fluffy Smut’, “Strap On’, ‘3x07’, etc.)

How do I navigate the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The entire document is hyperlinked to make navigation as easy as possible. You can click through individual tabs if you so desire, but we HIGHLY SUGGEST using the hyperlinks to navigate through the workbook.

Navigating within a main section:

The Table of Contents contains four main sections, or pages (as described above). Clicking on each of these sections will bring you to the page set up for that specific section.

Example 1: If you click the “Canon” section from the Table of Contents, you will be directed to the “Canon” page where the “Canon” categories ‘Season 2’, ‘Season 3’, and ‘Canon Divergent’ are hyperlinked.

If you click on one of these three categories, let’s say ‘Season 2’, you will find a list of Clexa fics that take place during Season 2 of the show organized by Author, Title, Chapters, Word Count, Summary, and a link to the fic on AO3 where it was originally posted and made available by the author.

Example 2: If you click the “AU Categories” section from the Table of Contents, you will be directed to the “AU Categories” page where you will find a list of AU categories.

Let’s say that from the “AU Categories” page you’re interested in the ‘Fake Dating’ category. You simply click the ‘Fake Dating’ category, and now you have a list of ‘Fake Dating’ AU fics organized by Author, Title, Chapters, Word Count. Summary, and a link to the fic on AO3 where it was originally posted and made available by the author.

Same goes for the “Master List” and “Smut” sections as well.

Navigating between the main sections and throughout the document:

Each of the four sections has a hyperlink that will take you back to the Table of Contents in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Each individual category has two hyperlinks, both in the upper left hand corner of the page.

1) The “Table of Contents” hyperlink will, you guessed it, take you back to the Table of Contents.
2) The specific category hyperlink will take you back to the main section of whatever category you’re currently in. (For example: If you’re in the ‘Season 2’ category, clicking the “Canon” hyperlink will take you back to the “Canon” page. If you’re in the ‘Fake Dating’ AU category, clicking the “AU Categories” hyperlink will take you back to the “AU Categories” page.)

How do I know I am looking at the most recent version of the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Master List will be updated periodically as we add more fics and as more fics are completed. You can find the most recent version of the document by checking our @clexarkives blog! We will also keep an updated link to the master list in our individual Tumblr bios (@ayokidd & @swan-heda).

Isn’t the Clexa Fanfic Master List basically like AO3 and FF? Why create a separate document?

Yes and no. We’re hopeful that the Clexa Fanfic Master List will give you more control over your fic reading than using AO3 or your web browser alone. If you’re like me (really neurotic and anal), you might also hate having 1,000 bookmarks saved on A03 and your computer browser that you have to search through every time you’re looking for a specific fic, and you might desire a higher level of organization and control. This document will help bring fics right to your desktop. We will update with fics we find and any fics you send us, which delivers a “master list” of not only your personal bookmarks, but everyone else’s as well!

This document is intended to make searching for new fics to read and keeping track of fics you’ve already read as easy as possible. Using Excel functions like “search” make it possible to find any specific fic you may be looking for anywhere in the document, on a specific page, or in a specific category.

Once you download the Excel file, you can edit, change, and personalize the document however you’d like! You can highlight fics you’ve read, sort by chapter or word count, or color code or rank fics based on whatever system you want to create. You can even delete fics or fic categories that aren’t for you if you know you’ll never read them. The world is your oyster! (…or more so this doc is your oyster?…)

Can I make suggestions for the Clexa Fanfic Master List ?

ABSOLUTELY!!! We both love fanfiction. We both read A LOT of fanfiction. However, we are only two people, and there are likely many fics we have yet to include (this IS a first draft after all), so:

READERS: If your favorite fics aren’t listed and you’d like them to be, tell us and we’ll add them! (Please also tell us if you’d like to see a specific category added - if there are fics written that fit it, we’ll add it!)

AUTHORS: If your fics aren’t listed and you’d like them to be (there are A LOT of fics and chances are if it’s not included, we just didn’t get to yours yet!), please tell us and we’ll add them! If your fics ARE listed, but you don’t want them to be, please tell us and we’ll remove them! Also, let us know if you disagree with the category we placed your fic into and suggest a new one, and we’ll move it!

EVERYONE: PLEASE reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, advice, love, dislike (polite, respectful dislike) etc. you have to offer! Please feel free to contact us in any way you feel comfortable, anonymously or not (reply to this post, message us, flood our ask boxes, send us submissions, etc.) We are both super friendly and would love some feedback! Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see in future versions, etc. Any feedback you provide us with will only make the subsequent updated editions of the document even better. This is, after all, for each and every one of you.


May We Meet Again,

Swan-Heda and Ayokidd

Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 8

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This is one of my favorite chapters to date, this was really fun to write!

(Sentences in brackets are in Russian)

Previous Part 


You woke up early and energized, eager to start the day. After spending most of your morning preparing, you and the rest of the team regroup in the meeting room and went over yesterday’s discussion.

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Dear Parents

Hi. How ya doing? Being a parent is weird and hard and rewarding, right? That’s been my experience anyhow. Most of us are trying to do the best we can. There’s a lot expected of us. There’s a lot of pressure in raising a tiny human without fucking up. And I hate to add to your growing list of duties and concerns and necessary steps in raising a happy, healthy person but there’s something really important you need to do.

Teach your children what abuse looks like.

Now, the hardest part about doing that is actually going to be learning yourself what abuse looks like.

“I know what abuse is!” you say.

Sorry. You probably don’t. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely addressing somebody on the other side of the screen that hasn’t been properly educated on the realities of abuse. We’re fed a lot of myths about abuse. You don’t have to be ashamed because society failed to teach you right. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct that error now.

I would suggest you sit down with a copy of Why Does He Do That? (my favorite book so far on the topic written by one of the world’s foremost experts). I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re stretched thin. You probably already lack time to read for pleasure as much as you did before you have kids and now some rando on the internet is assigning you fucking homework? But trust me, it’s worth it.

After that, teach your kids. Teach them what abuse looks like. Teach your sons especially what constitutes abuse and that there is no excuse to justify it and that they alone are responsible for their actions.


There’s lots of ways (and a lot depends on their age). But here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Don’t ever force your children to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to, not even Grandma, not even YOU. This teaches them bodily autonomy and that not even loved ones are entitled to violate their boundaries.
  • Make comments or ask questions about media you consume together to get them to think critically about the ideas presented to them. This might mean saying “hmmm, I wonder why there are so few girls in this movie.” or asking “How do you think [character a] felt when [character b] wouldn’t take no for an answer?” This can be a hard step because you’ll need to train yourself to spot problematic content in the first place. And I’m not saying you can’t watch anything problematic (you might as well give up TV altogether). Just challenge your kids to think about what they see. i.e. If you’re watching Batman the Animated Series you could say “I really don’t like the way Joker treats Harley Quinn. Do you think she deserves that?”
  • Acquire (whether by purchasing or borrowing from a library) positive representation of women and relationships for your children including (and perhaps especially) your sons. The publishing and media industries only market girl-centric stories to female audiences which contributes to boys growing up learning that stories and the world revolve around them. They also tend to only push media that deals with interpersonal relations and emotions on girls, leaving boys with action and violence heavy stories. This can send the message that empathy and emotional labor is for girls.
  • Talk to them, especially older kids and teenagers, particularly when they reach dating age. Invite them to ask questions and talk about their opinions about abuse to get them engaged in the conversation rather than simply lecturing. Take advantage of a captive audience (riding in the car for example) and teach them little bits here and there on a regular basis.
  • Respect your children and allow them reasonable control over their own lives. I’m not saying you should let your kid decide, “nah, I hate shots. I’m skipping my vaccinations.” But you should definitely give them the power of choice as often as you can. Maybe that means letting them dropping soccer for theatre or picking between two options for dinner’s side veggie. The important thing is they are raised in an environment that doesn’t predispose them to accepting total control from someone else.
  • Model healthy relationship dynamics in your own romantic relationship if you have one. This is especially important for dads. Even if you’re not abusive, you may engage in behavior that is based on the same underlying attitudes and entitlement that fuels abuse because society has taught you that it’s all right. It’s on YOU and you alone to recognize and fix that. 
  • Set hard and fast rules in your home regarding respect of women. Don’t allow your kids, especially your sons, to use misogynist language (shut down anything that labels women as inherently crazy or inferior, don’t condone the use of words like bitch or cunt, etc.). And no matter how awkward you feel, make sure you talk to them about the unrealistic and misogynist aspects of most pornography (when age appropriate).
  • Learn and utilize appropriate parenting tools especially regarding punishment vs. consequence, assertive vs. authoritarian parenting, and similar issues to avoid falling into abusive parenting patterns. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Unconditional Parenting, and many other wonderful books will help you raise emotionally healthy kids with strong self esteem. Remember, there is no shame in seeking education to learn to how parent. It’s a skill like any other and nobody is born knowing how to do it right. But the old joke about wishing there was a parenting manual handed out when you have a baby? It’s only half true. There’s plenty of quality manuals (and unfortunately some shit ones too, so watch out). But you have to go get them yourself.
  • Insist the men and boys in your household participate equally in housework. To do otherwise reinforces the idea that men are entitled to have women take care of even their most basics needs (like a clean home or clean laundry or food to eat). Teaching your daughters to do an oil change and use a power drill is wonderful and great and you should do that too. But it’s arguably even more important to make sure you teach your sons not only how to clean, cook, manage a budget, do the grocery shopping, care for babies, etc. but that is expected of them just as much as it is of any woman.
  • Insist upon comprehensive sex ed programs that cover topics of consent, bodily autonomy, respect, and partner abuse. If your local schools don’t provide them, check for community offerings (the O.W.L. program offered at many Unitarian Churches is one such program and don’t worry, it’s secular). If there’s nothing available, take it into your own hands. Talk to your kids about this stuff and provide them appropriate books and resources on the topic.

Do your best. You won’t be perfect. No parent ever is. But if you try and if you never give up, you’ll more than likely succeed in raising kids that not only aren’t abusive, but that will not be drawn into an abusive relationship.

That said…

If you have teen or adult children you may very well face a situation in which they have either been abused, or accused of abusing someone else. What do you do then? Well, that first book I mentioned (Why Does He Do That?) lays out in detail exactly what family members should and shouldn’t do in these situations. But I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary:

If your child is facing abuse:

  • Believe them. And don’t blame them.
  • Don’t pressure them. Don’t pressure them to give their abuser another chance NOR should you pressure them to leave their abuser.
  • Listen to their needs and offer your support.
  • Give them the respect that their abuser won’t.
  • Get yourself support so that you can vent your sorrows and concerns to somebody else instead of burdening the abuse victim with comforting you.
  • When possible, and only if the victim agrees, offer practical support (such as paying for her to go to therapy, driving her to appointments, etc.).

If you child has been accused of abuse:

  • Believe the victim. Chances are they are telling the truth. When your child makes excuses for their behavior or tries to downplay it, press them on it for details and to describe what they think is their partner’s point of view on the matter. This will often reveal that they are exaggerating and/or lying and that they have not been honestly listening to or empathizing with their partner. Then make sure to talk to the victim and get her side of the story.
  • Do not make excuses for your child. Do not ask the victim to forgive them or give them another chance. Make it clear to your child that you will not participate in talk in which their victim is blamed or dehumanized or otherwise insulted.
  • Make it clear that you expect your child to get into a reputable abuser program (Lundy Bancroft describes what to look for to make sure it’s a good program in his book). Do not tell them to go to therapy or couple’s therapy. Only a program designed to address abuse will do any good and even then, only if the abuser chooses to do the long, hard work of changing. Conventional therapy can often make the situation even worse.

And in either case, avoid provoking the abuser. Chances are the abuser will take it out on their victim in private rather than risk damage to their reputation with you by lashing out at you.


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300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

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How to: Torture a Character

Make Your Reader Root for Your Main Character

The Great Swampy Middle


warning signs that you’re out of character

What is Conflict?

write interactive books

zen writing tool

Chamber of Secrets - Part 10

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This one’s a bit short, kinda filler-ish, but building up for the next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Expect someone to make their first appearance in the next part! 

Previous Part 

Keep reading

Writing Tools: CTRL-F

One of the most helpful editing tools in whatever program you use to write, whether it be Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Scrivener (switch to Scrivener!!), is the “Find” feature.

Of course, it has a few obvious uses. You can use it to find that one scene where your characters talk about man eating mashed potatoes. You can use the find and replace version to change your character’s last name from Starkiller to Skywalker. But if you’re editing a story and you’re ready to take things a step further, you can use CTRL+F to help you with a myriad of line editing tasks. 

 Passive Voice 

Type “was,” “is,” “were,” etc. into the find feature. Most pages will require a “was” or four, but make sure you’re using “to be” verbs because you actually do need them. Figuring out where you’re using passive voice and eliminating it is never a fun task, but Ctrl+F should make it slightly less painful.

Filler words

There are a number of lists of words you should avoid while writing floating around the internet. Often, words like “quite,” “really,” “that,” ”very” etc. don’t do much of anything except add to your word count and clutter your sentences. Spot the ones you fall victim to most and remove as many as you can. In some situations, this means taking out every single use of the word. 

Weak words

Word choice shouldn’t be your biggest concern in your first draft, but in later drafts, look for vague words like “good,” “bad,” “looked,” “things” etc. Make sure your words actually work to tell your story, and that your descriptions serve to bring your story to life. 

Overused terms

We all have our favorite words, actions, and expressions. Usually, this reveals itself in characters smiling after every line of dialogue, or leaning towards/away, or nodding. I personally love the word “particularly,” describing falling leaves, rummaging creatures, and star-filled skies. 

None of these things are problems, until I notice that every single time my character steps outside, she describes the stars, and the word “particularly” appears three times on a single page. Using the word “particularly” and describing stars aren’t actually problems in and of themselves, but when I use them again and again, it makes the story feel repetitive, the world small, and the writing dull. When you start developing a sense of deja-vu after typing something, use CTRL+F to see how often you do actually repeat yourself. 


  • If it’s a word that is often found within another word, you’ll get both in your results. A way to avoid this is to put a space in front or behind the word. For instance, if you’re searching for the word “in,” this paragraph includes the words “within,” “instance,” and “include,” which would all come up under a search for “in.” Search for “ in “ and you won’t get any extra results in your search.
  • In Microsoft Word, use the sidebar to get a list of every use of a word without having to scroll through the entire document. 

This isn’t to say that Ctrl+Fing weaker writing is a substitute from reading over your entire story for finer edits. It is, however, a great way to target and eradicate some of the more minuscule problems in your writing.

These are all problems that are easy to overlook for the bigger picture. It’s fine for your character to lean toward the table in a scene. But when your computer highlights the fact that your characters “lean” 143 times in your 60,000 word novel, it’s easy to see that you might need that character to do something else every so often.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for using the Find feature while editing! 

Barbies on a Budget

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about how to look like a Barbie when you’ve got a limited budget (I certainly do)! I’ve had to adapt to keeping up appearances while spending little money. I’m going to make a list of Barbie-essentials: the best (and usually most expensive), some good alternatives (for those on a “medium” budget), and then some great hidden gems for those of us who are poor. I’ll also list items that are not worth splurging on, and items that require some cash to be worn right. I apologize ahead of time: the prices and availability I’m listing are based on living in the U.S. If anyone from outside of the U.S wants to add to this list or convert the cost on some of this stuff- that’d be great! Here we go:


Extensions: (these are in no way a Barbie essential, but having unicorn hair down to your ass can certainly aid in doll-like aesthetics):

$$$ Best: Salon-quality, permanent extensions. Fused, sewn, taped- you name it. Prices can range anywhere from about $500 to $5,000. I have no personal experience with these types of extensions. 

$$ Great: Clip ins! These are an investment, but if you take really good care of them, they can last you half a year- a year (depending on how ratty you’re willing to wear them…) HeadKandy is my favorite ($200 without shipping for 24-26 inches- the longest length). LuxyHair is also good, $160 without shipping for medium-thickness of 20 inches- the longest length). I hear great things about Bellami as well but have no personal experience. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally’s! This is a good alternative if you’re on a budget and want a quick option or don’t want to pay for shipping. Your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply should have a selection of extensions for around $90. In my experience, quality is surprisingly awesome. Problem is- if you’re a blonde, the color selection sucks and you’ll probably want to color them yourself. The longest length available is also only 14 inches. 

Color: (Obviously coloring your hair is not part of being a Barbie, but it’s something many of us do! Blonde hair, especially very light blonde, is the hardest to maintain- so that’s what I’m talking about here).

$$$ Best: High-end, trusted salon with great reviews. Well-trained and professional colorists who are experienced in hair coloring. They will get you to a blonde shade with the least amount of damage, as well as the most natural looking color. High-end salons also offer some really top-of-the-line hair treatments to keep your hair hydrated and healthy-looking despite the trauma you’re putting it through. I paid about $200-$300 every 6-8 weeks to maintain my hair at such a salon. 

$$ Great: Get on Google and read reviews for salons near you. Locate a salon and stylist with good reviews, and bring in a picture as well as a good idea of what you want. Your color will not look as natural, and the process may be a little dirtier and more painful- but I personally always come out very happy. At the high-end salon I had gradual highlights using foils. I now go to a hairdresser who just bleaches my roots- no foils. No expensive conditioning treatments. However, my hair isn’t too damaged, though this route is a little less predictable. Your hair may be brassier than you’d like at times with a less-experienced stylist (but this is easily corrected with some toner or purple shampoo). I pay $70 every 8-10 weeks and this is what I currently use to maintain my bleach blonde hair. 

$ Okay Alternative: DIY! This is a super tricky process (especially if your roots are very dark, like mine). If you can, enlist in a friend to help you (though it is possible to do yourself). Watch as many YouTube hair coloring tutorials as you can. Results can be unpredictable (but almost every mistake can be corrected). You’ll want to get your supplies from Sally’s, and they’ll probably include a bucket of bleach, developer, toner, a mixing bowl, foil, and some gloves. All should cost under $30. Put baby-powder, white/yellow eyeshadow, or root-covering spray (I found some at Walgreens) over your dark roots if you can’t afford to touch them up as often. 


$$$ Best: You get what you pay for with these. Online you can find many high-quality wigs. Look for a lace-front, made of human hair (so you can heat-style it). These can be incredibly expensive. Typically over $1000. I have no personal experience with these wigs, but they’re what you see celebrities sporting. 

$$ Great: Still pretty expensive. As said- you get what you pay for. Go to a local wig-shop and try some on. You still want to be looking for a lace-front, though the hair will probably be synthetic. Make sure the wig you purchase isn’t too “shiny” looking. The shinier the hair, the lower-quality the wig. I paid $250 for my wig, and I am happy with it. Whether or not you can tell it’s obviously a wig is debatable. 

$ Okay Alternative: If there is a cheap alternative for wigs- I have not found one. If you buy a cheap wig, it will look like you are wearing a cheap wig. There are tons of wigs on the internet for as cheap as $30. Proceed with caution. 

Colored Contacts: 

I’m not going to discuss ocular implants in this section, as I have no personal experience and they are not yet available in the U.S. However, as mentioned by some followers in previous published asks: there is a procedure that permanently changes your eye color, like a permanent colored contact (though the color can be taken out and changed). Natural-looking. Cost at around $3500. This would probably be ideal for an eye-color change if you have the funds for a procedure and for travel. 

$$$ Best: FX Eyes. These are the colored contacts most celebrities opt for. Almost all are $475 without shipping. I have no personal experience with this brand of contacts, but they are apparently natural-looking and comfortable. These are the best-quality lenses you will find. The downfall is the obviously high price, and the fact that contacts need replacing and tend to be fragile. 

$$ Great: Desio eyes. They have an awesome Instagram page. This is the brand you see models/makeup artists/YouTube gurus sporting. Desio eyes are becoming ever-more popular. They are an Italian brand, and the price is about $54 without shipping. The downside is: It takes a month to arrive in the U.S! For this reason, I have not ordered from Desio (but plan to as my next purchase). 

$ Okay Alternative: Turtle Contacts! Despite the name, these are delivered relatively fast in the U.S. My favorite is “Dual Color Sky Blue”. $50 without shipping. The website seems kind of sketchy, but I’ve ordered from them a handful of times with no trouble. Contacts are not as natural-looking or as bright as Desio. Comfort is good. 


I have not personally found a brand I find to be superior to MAC. There are many brands of expensive designer makeup (Dior, Chanel, YSL, etc.) However, I would not label any of these brands as the “best”. For this reason, I’m only going to list “Great” and “Okay Alternative”, as MAC is in the “medium-budget” range.


$$ Great: I have not tried a MAC powder I didn’t love. The one you pick will depend on your skin-type. Around $27. 

$ Okay Alternative: I currently wear Loreal True Match and love it! It’s just a nice, reliable powder. Medium converge, keeps shine away. Does what a powder needs to do. About $9. 


$$ Great: MAC Snob is the best Barbie-pink for any skin tone. (Saint Germaine is a very Barbie-pink as well, but also a little dramatic and not flattering on everyone. MAC Russian Red has been, and always will be, THE best red lipstick. $16. 

$ Okay Alternative: I have yet to find a good drugstore dupe for “Snob”. Ulta or Sephora may have some okay dusty pinks, but they won’t be much less expensive than MAC. I suggest splurging on “Snob”. Drugstore lipsticks are going to be around $7-$12 anyway, and I’ve not tried a drugstore lipstick with a texture I didn’t hate. However, Revlon’s “Certainly Red” is a great and vibrant color (and apparently a favorite of Alena Shishova). $8.


$ Okay Alternative: In this case, the cheapest is the best. This should not be “okay alternative”, this should be labeled “only logical choice”. Maybelline Falsies is the best mascara. Ever. Handsdown. No debate. $7. 


$$$ Best: A good, old-fashioned spray-tan. They’ve really improved in quality over the past 5-10 years. (If any of you got your first spray tan for the middle school dance back in 2006 and ended up being nicknamed “Pumpkin Girl” for the rest of the year- you know just what I mean). No, the modern spray-tan is great. I’ve basically tried every single provider, so I’m not even going to differentiate between salons/brands. I’ve also gone to a personal spray-tanner (i.e, done by a human and not a machine) and the results have always been equally as good. Spray-tans are nowadays a reliable way to get an even, dark color. They last about two weeks. Downside is, they cost about $20-$30 per session, and at the end of the first week, can get sort of splotchy in places (exfoliate beforehand)! Also, standing naked and being sprayed by cold liquid for 15 minutes either by a scary machine or a person is not pleasant. The chemical smell and sticky-feeling over the next day is not ideal either. I prefer the cheaper alternatives. Though it is worth noting, this is the only option that can quickly cover the entire body and is almost guaranteed not to be streaky. For this reason, I suggest a spray-tan for occasions/outfits where you’ll be showing a lot of skin (i.e the beach, a revealing prom/pageant gown, etc.). Self-tanners are difficult to spread evenly on the back and torso. 

$$ Great: XenTan. Been using this one for five years now. Love it! I spread it on my face, neck, chest, and arms. It’s tinted, so you can see where you’re spreading and smooth out streaks. I’m never streaky with this lotion and it is never orange. $40 for a bottle that lasts me a year- year and a half. The only downside is that it takes a lot of lotion to get the legs, and can be time-consuming to apply if you’re tanning your whole body. Ideal for an every-day tan that requires little effort/time and you’re only going to be showing your chest/arms. One application lasts at least 2 weeks. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally Hansen leg makeup! This stuff is amazing. My favorite drugstore product of all time. Severely underrated. It’s not a self-tanner, but a makeup. You spray it on your legs (I do a little on my arms sometimes as well, or upper-back), and immediately you have a dark, even tan. It’s water-proof and I haven’t had a problem with it coming off on my clothes (however my boyfriend has been unhappy with me for it ruining his white jeans). $13 at any drugstore. 


(Of course just painting your nails like everybody else is always on option- but where’s the fun in that?! I’m going to be discussing fake nails/acrylics. They’ve become really popular in recent years- as seen by all those fierce talon-nails plastered all over every Rosy blog in existence). 

$$$ Best: Salon acrylics. This is the obvious best option. If you’ve got the time and the money- go to a salon. Your nails will look beautiful and perfect. Downside is, it requires maintenance (also remember acrylics will damage your natural nail- making the upkeep of acrylics essential, as your natural nails will not be pretty to look at without them)! Salons typically charge somewhere between $20-$40 for acrylics. You also will need to revisit the salon as your nails grow to get the acrylics filled, which costs about $15. 

$$ Great: At-home acrylic nail kit. I found one of these at Walgreens. This kit costs about $25 and comes with many long, plastic “nails” and the tools to make your own acrylics. Downside is, though cheaper and saves trips to the salon- you must cut/shape the nails yourself. They are not going to be as beautiful or polished-looking (sorry) as what you’ll get in a salon. 

$ Okay Alternative: Drugstore acrylics. I know, I know- you totally associate these with the tacky gems that completed your glam-trash prom look way-back-when in 2004. They’re not all bad. I personally love the plain, french manicured sets. They take only a few minutes to apply, and last up to a week and a half. $6-$8. Downside is, they tend to pop off easy. I suggest carrying the small tube of nail glue in the package with you everywhere. There is nothing worse than sporting half french-manicured- perfection and half mangled-naked-nails that look like they’ve been stuck into an electric pencil sharpener. 

SFW Rewards & Punishments for Littles

I’ve noticed so many reward and punishment lists around, but a lot of them have naughty things, and not all cg/l relationships are sexual, so I decided to make a sfw list! 💘💞💖

🌼 Snack time! This is my personal favorite.
🌼 A bubble bath! Complete with duckies and other bubbly toys.
🌼 Paint your little’s nails! I love this one, you get to pick out the color and watch your cg struggle to not get it on your finger, hehe
🌼 Watch a movie with them! Littles get left in front of the tv by themselves to much, join that little one and cuddle!
🌼 Nap time! Cuddle up with your little and grab all their stuffies and nap the day away
🌼 New craft supplies! A little can never have too many of these
🌼 Let them pick out a new stuffie! Walmart and Dollar General have so many for cheap!
🌼 Tea time! I always like to curl up with hot tea and a movie with my cg

🌼 Take away their paci for a set time
🌼 Take away a favorite toy or stuffie for a set time
🌼 Don’t allow snacks for a set time
🌼 No internet/tumblr time unless needed for school or work
🌼 No crafts or coloring

Please feel free to add any that I may have missed

How to cosplay

This may sound stupid and incredibly basic, but I continually surprised by would-be cosplayers who don’t know how to ask for help. Beyond the sort of vague cospositive slogans, I haven’t found a great guide for the actual nuts and bolts of how to cosplay, and how to ask for help when you’re stuck. 

Now, I will put the disclaimer on this that there are many reasons that people cosplay, so your end goals may be different than mine. My goals (and the goals of this tutorial) are to help you decide on and create a reference accurate cosplay of a specific costume. You may decide that you don’t need to get every detail right, and that’s fine too. Enjoy where this process takes you. 

Tutorial below the cut!

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Body Manipulation and Transformation M!As Master List

These kinds of RP Memes are my favorite kinds, so I’m just going to put them together in a full list. It’s fun to see characters deal with a new body. I guess I’ll add more as I think of them. 

Beast Within: Muse turns into an animal of Anon’s choice. Other things, like the ability to talk or intelligence level is left up to the Mun because writing styles differ.

It’s just a a flesh wound!: Muse has suddenly lost all of his or her limbs! Will there be anyone out there to help them do ordinary tasks? Or will someone take advantage of them?

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls: Gender swap! Pretty self-explanatory. If your muse is neither gender, Anon decides what gender the Muse becomes.

Don’t lose your head!: Muse loses their head. Whether the body works separately or with the head is up to the mun because of how hard some things may be to write.

Switched: Anon chooses which two body parts get swapped on the muse. It can be feet for hands, mouth for belly button, arms for legs, or even something a bit… weirder. 

Relocate: Similar to the last one, but Anon decides where a part will go, such as eyes on their hands, or their arms on their waist. Just a really weird one that has the potential to be fun.

Disappear: Another variation of the last one where the Muse has a part disappear on them. Can be hands, legs, head, I mean, it’s magic, do what you want.

Neko: Anon decides what animal features the Muse gets. They can decide the animal and part, such as a bird’s beak, cat’s ears, horse’s tail, dog’s paws, etc. Or, Anon could always just make the muse an anthropomorphic animal, more commonly known on the internet as a “furry”. Basically, an animal that stands and acts like a human.

Inflate: Anon decides what part on the Muses’ body gets enlarged, such as a belly swelling up, a head getting big enough to bobble, or a backside becoming an airbag. 

Honey, I shrunk the Muse: Anon decides how big to make the Muse. They can be shrunk down to the size of a nickel, or enlarged big enough to give Godzilla a run for his money. 

Taur: Muse becomes and centaur, but with the body of the animal Anon chooses. That includes cattaurs, fishtaurs– okay, a mermaid–, wolftaurs, or even cowtaurs. Upper body of a human, waist down the body of an animal on all fours.

Object-tion!: Muse becomes an object of the Anon’s choice, but the ability to talk is left up to the Mun. Wouldn’t be much of an RP if they couldn’t at least say anything, right? Alternatively, you could also just replace certain body parts with objects. Who wouldn’t want chainsaws for hands?!

I’m melting!: Muse melts into a puddle! Quick! Somebody get a bucket until it wears off! Or just a sponge? Anything? Come on! He’s staining my carpet!

A tree is me: Muse turns into a plant. Because why not. Type of plant is left up to Anon. 

Fuse the muse: The muse is fused with another muse if it is a multi-muse blog, or, if off anon, the asker’s muse. The conjoinment is left up to the asker. Can be just 2 heads, split down the middle, one waist connected to the other CatDog style, or maybe something weirder like at the lips. 

Multimania: A part of the Muse is duplicated! Anon decides what and how many, can be having 8 arms like a spider, to having 2 heads, 4 eyes, or, for you people into the nsfw stuff… well, I think you can figure that out. 

Transformation of mythical proportion: Muse becomes a creature of myth, can be things like Satyrs, Nagas, Griffons, Dragons, anything you can remember from history class.

These can be done in combination of each other, making things even more silly and giving your muse an even harder time. Don’t be afraid to send more than one! Muns may pick or choose which ones they want to do, but you gotta send them first! 

And don’t be afraid to add more to the list if you think of any!




wantto do something, but fucking parents make that an impossibility.

So I’m doing this instead.

I will MAKE matching binders and boy shorts for trans kids that can’t transition for whatever reason, genderfluid kids that can’t get binders and need them, and nongender kids that sometimes just don’t want to have boobs (I understand, most days I’d prefer not to have them myself).

They will be pretty, funny, cute, whatever the hell you want. I’ll start shipping them out mid-November.

If your parents ask, they’re a gift from a faraway friend or a distant relative.

There will also be several other things in there, like a hand-knitted stuffed animal and a stress bottle for when you’re sad.

But Vaughn, why are you doing this??


I have insanely religious parents. Like, I will never introduce them to most of my friends, they’re so scary. My dad won’t let me go anywhere without him knowing. I don’t have a license because of him. I can’t go on the bus because he has to “teach” me, which will probably never happen.

I’ve been grounded for the last two months.

But yeah, why not be a wonderful person?

Okay, okay, that’s cool. But what all will be in this box?

Good question. Here’s the tentative list. I’ll update it if there are changes or I decide on a permanent list.

1) One, two, or three binder sets, depending on the level of riskiness for said person.

2) A hand-knitted cuddle creature, in the form of the person’s favorite animal.

3) A super cool glitter and glue bottle that’ll have something inspiring painted on it for when the person’s sad.

4) Music, because music is the best.

5) A personalized letter for each person, because you do matter and there are people out there who matter.

Maybe more. Maybe less. It depends. The binders stay, as do the stuffed creatures. I like animals. Sue me. *shrugs*

That’s great. But what do you need?

Measurements, of course. Your favorite stuffed animal. Your favorite color and favorite metallic (gold, silver, copper, bronze - this is for the glitter and glue/galaxy bottle). Your address, eventually. Your name and however you want this box of goodies sent to you (auntie? grandparent? random internet friend?). What do you want the fabric of your binder to be? Any extras? Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to help, that’s cool too. Maybe we can make this a yearly thing. That would be awesome.

I might be convinced to do it for cosplayers. Be super convincing.

Great, great. How DO we contact you?

At this point, go ahead and message me. I won’t publish the asks for this. I know how scary it can be to worry about parents finding out stuff they shouldn’t. If you’re still worried, I do have anonymous asks on. :)

Oh - if you’re an asshole? I will use my many many years of pent up rage to blast your ass and make you feel like a week, pathetic, crawly thing. I am an alexythemic and borderline insane, I will not regret making you cry, dick bags.

That’s all! I’ll start a list (don’t worry, it won’t be found) and get started making these as soon as I can.

Contact me for more information, reassurances, to add yourself to the list, or to volunteer.

How to Witch

Many people have stumbled across witchcraft in their life, and some just find it too right to pass up. Once your mentally prepared to begin, how do you physically do it? The first step is patience. You can’t just jump into something you know nothing about.

Why do I want to// On a piece of paper, or in your book of shadows, write down why you want to be a witch. What type of witch you aspire to be, what magick you want to look into. You can add onto this later as you grow, but this is an important step into discovering your path.

Research// Many witches have their favorite books, and as a beginner in the craft, I went through and picked some of my favorites, here they are for you! They are also easily found on the Internet (and free!)

Cunningham’s Book of Shadows by: Scott C. Crystal Bible by: Judy H. A Witches Bible by: Janet and Stewart F. Witch in the Kitchen by: Cait J.

Meditation// The core of any magick you do is you. If you are not clear headed, calm, and collected, much of the magick you do will spiral out of control. Much of the magick you will do involves meditation before, to clear your head and make sure that all of your energy is channeled into one place. Even if you aren’t doing any spells, or rituals, or whatever you do, meditation is a good way to avoid stress, talk to deities, prepare for astral travel, reach out to mythical creatures, and tons of other things. Try and meditate for at least 5-10 minutes a day. Do it in the shower if you have to.

Supplies// This step is completely optional, but most witches work with candles, wands, strings, poppets, and tons of things on their altar. I would (once again), consider research on what you should get for what you decide to do. Here’s a little master list I threw together if you’re completely confused.

Herbs: Sage, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, roses Crystals:Quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, Jade, citrine Candles:White, black, blue, purple, red Others: JARS!!!, moon/rain water, sand, sea salt/salt, figurines of deities, cauldron, mortar and pestle, candle holders, offering dish, plates, wand

What’s a deity// Many witches often worship gods and goddesses, ranging from Greek and Roman to Ancient China and Egypt. This is not required, and there are many witches that have a religion with a God (Christianity, Buddhism, Islamic). This does NOT prevent you from being a witch. You can be any religion and still practice the craft (at least to me).

Now where do I go// Spells, enchantments, protection, curses, and talking to mythical beings my friend. I suggest, especially as a beginner, to find some protection spells (which I have some under my tag #thecraft), and try those out. They’re often simple, and a good start for any witch who wants to begin small. Try small spells, talk to your deities, try scrying, anything really!


Sorry this was so poorly made! Hope it helps someone!

Fic Recs of 2016: Stucky Edition

2016 has been a big year for me. It’s been a hell year for me. I quit working, nearly ended up hospitalized because of that whole working thing, and moved from Ohio to Alabama. But through it all, there has been fanfiction, the ever present factor in my life for the past 10+ years. So I’m combing through the 13 pages of bookmarks I have on ao3 for the year of 2016 and sharing some of my favorite fics that I’ve read this past year!

I read primarily Stucky and Sterek, so that’s what these will be recs for. I’ve divided it into two posts, one for Stucky and one for Sterek (Find the Sterek rec list here.) Some of these are definitely fandom faves, but hey, there’s a reason they’re favorites, okay? Now, onto the list!

A Long Winter by dropdeaddream and WhatAreFears (Mature, 35k)

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betts (Mature, 14k)

You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.

Slide To Answer by relenafanel (Teen, 6k)

“What do I do?” Steve appealed into the phone. “I’m freaking out.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. It lasted so long that Steve pulled the receiver away from his ear and frowned at it. Pay phones were old. Maybe this one wasn’t working despite the obvious dial tone when he picked up.

“Ok,” a stranger’s voice said over the phone. “First acknowledge the fact that you dialed the wrong number, but be quick about it because my cab is a few blocks away from my own plans and I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you.”

Just Say You Do by biblionerd07 (Teen, 173k)

Steve just wanted a job. He wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to accept.

Time and Tide by togina (Gen, under 2k)

Sarah Rogers smiled, and ran her thin fingers through Bucky’s perfect hair. Bucky stilled, and Steve had the feeling that no one tended to touch the Barnes children besides each other. “The sea is never fair, lad,” she said, sad but certain, and Bucky swallowed hard and looked away. “But she takes what’s hers, in the end.”

Out of the Night by suyari (Gen, 3k)

“The Winter Soldier?! You want me to leave my precious only child in the hands of the Winter Soldier so I can climb aboard Stark’s streamlined school bus?!”

Somebody Get That Kid A Sandwich by toffeecape (Gen, 7k)

There would come a day when Sam Wilson could no longer put off a complete debriefing session with his Momma. On that day, Sam hoped to escape the conversation alive by glossing over ‘following a juiced-up supersoldier on a brainwashed assassin’s revenge tour’ in favor of 'convincing a traumatized war hero to come in from the cold with the power of Wilson family recipes.’

Silent thunder, as of a thousand wings by kaasknot (Mature, 83k)

A theologian once said that angels are constructs of love and holy rage, and chained to obedience through both. Or maybe a theologian hadn’t said that. Maybe it was the Bright One himself, or just Uriel being grumpy.

But Bucky knows that he loves Steve, and he loves his taskmaster of a boss even as he gripes about him over beers after work, and he loves the dames with their red, red lips and smooth, soft curves (and he loves the guys, loves their strength and the tall, proud lines of them), and he loves old Mrs. Greene even when her rheumatism acts up and she turns mean as a wet cat. But he loves Steve most of all, and if Bucky is shackled to mindless obedience because of it, he calls it a good trade, because Steven Grant Rogers is the best person he knows. When it comes down to it, he figures his desire only adds a new dimension to a love that was already there, glowing hot enough to burn.

He was sent to Earth in a cage of mortal flesh to watch over Steve, and Bucky can do no less than love him with all his heart.

The Daily Rogers by Nonymos (Explicit, 32k)

College AU. May contain exchange students, a Starbucks addiction, daddy issues, anger issues, closets and how to get out of them, the ever-ominous influence of social networks, various levels of betrayal, awfully poor life choices, but also, ultimately, real chunks of love.

the rhythm in rush by magneticwave (Teen, 6k)

Steve Rogers: anthropology major, president of Americans for Informed Democracy, in love with his roommate, exasperated dungeon master.

The Winter Soldier vs. Twitter (hashtag BuckRogers) by galwednesday (Mature, 4k)

“Remember what I said about internet trolls?”

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

“Exactly. Did I not say the same thing to Barnes?” Tony asked rhetorically. “Were those not my exact words? I could have sworn they were, and yet.”

“Bucky’s feeding the trolls?”

“He’s throwing a goddamn seven-course troll banquet. Every time someone on Twitter asks if your relationship announcement is real, he replies. Colorfully.”

Steve opened his mouth to ask what “colorfully” meant, then caught the gleam in Tony’s eye and put two and two together. He blushed. Colorfully. “Oh.”

(Steve and Bucky announce their relationship in a very dignified press conference. Bucky then replies to every goddamn tweet asking him to confirm it with a different dirty euphemism. Things escalate from there.)

The Promised Land by LastAmericanMermaid (Mature, 17k)

There’s a house in Bar Harbor, Maine.

It needs a lot of work, but so do the men who live in it.

(Steve and Bucky run away together, and Bucky relearns how to be a person. There is hurt, comfort, sex, love, friendship, and the reclaiming of the trigger words Hydra programmed him with. The Avengers reconcile, but nobody asks Steve to come back. Leave them to retirement in peace.)

Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones by Shaish and Stringlish (Explicit, 32k)

I’ll always find you.

If Wishing Made It So by leveragehunters (Teen, 29k)

Modern Winter Soldier AU where Bucky is a genie who became HYDRA’s Asset.

When HYDRA found the Tesseract they also found a genie in a bottle. Knowing a genie’s wishes are a trap that will turn and bite you, they used the power of the Tesseract to enslave the genie. It cost them three wishes but it bought them an Asset with power greater than any human and for 70 years they used him to work HYDRA’s will on the world.

Until they lost him.

His bottle washes up on a beach and he’s found by a new Master, Steve Rogers. Steve, horrified at having absolute power over someone, has a very different approach to being in control of a genie. While Bucky waits for his new Master to show his true colours they’re trying to work out how to live with each other. Bucky doesn’t trust Steve, Steve’s friends don’t trust Bucky, and no one realises HYDRA has not let their Asset go so easily.

An Ace Up My Sleeve by leveragehunters (Teen, 8k)

Natasha warned Bucky not to seduce the Russians. She warned him the Dolas, protective spirits of Slavic fate, wouldn’t like it. But he’s an incubus, seducing people is kind of what he does. When a Dola expresses its displeasure by leaving Bucky beaten and hurting in an alley, he finds himself rescued by someone he can’t seduce. Someone with a warm smile and clear blue eyes. Someone he can’t seem to stay away from.

(Yes, it’s Ace Steve/Incubus Bucky.)

Fantasmic! by mambo (Teen, 11k)

It’s Steve’s second summer working at Disney World when he meets Prince Charming (aka: Bucky Barnes, college kid from Brooklyn whose ass looks absolutely devastating in his Prince Charming slacks) and maybe starts to feel a little Disney magic in his heart.

And There But For the Grace by leveragehunters (Teen, 45k)

Magical Realism AU where demons exist and Steven was an angel lured to Lucifer’s side in the war in Heaven. After the war, they threw him down into Hell, no longer an angel, but a demon.

Some humans know demons exist, summoning them out of Hell to use as weapons. Desperate to escape Hell, Steven answers a summons only to find himself bound to serve HYDRA. When they send him to possess Agent Peggy Carter, the encounter doesn’t go as HYDRA expects and Steven is set free to roam the earth.

Sixty years later, frantic to escape another summons, willing to do anything to stay unbound, he takes refuge inside the killer sent to slaughter the summoner. The killer has a metal arm and a mind like broken glass and Steven soon discovers he isn’t the only one hiding inside of it: he finds the man the killer’s body belongs to. Fragile and lost, the more Steven seeks him out the stronger he becomes, until the day he remembers his name: Bucky. Determined to protect him, Steven will do everything in his power to set him free and keep him that way.

(Chronologically, this stretches from before Captain America: First Avenger to a year or so before the first Avengers movie but has spoilers for Civil War.)

Atlas by likebritishshowers (Not Rated, 131k)

Steven Rogers, comic-book artist and former Captain in the US Army, is a True New Yorker through and through. But when his relationship falls apart, Steve is forced to move back to his hometown, where the inspirations for his comic books lie.

Following the death of his father and then his mother two years afterwards, Bucky has been left raising his little sister Becca, and he is doing a damn fine job of it, thank you very much. He hasn’t been distracted by cars or women since he took up his role as a guardian - in fact, he hadn’t been distracted at all until a certain Steve Rogers appears on his doorstep.

However, both of them have dramatically changed from the time they were best friends. Bucky doesn’t know that Steve didn’t come back from war unscathed. Steve doesn’t know that Bucky has always been completely and utterly in love with him.

In a tale that focuses on the loss of childhood innocence, the pressures of society and the stigmas associated with trauma, Steve and Bucky learn to trust again, and maybe fall in love along the way.

(Thankfully, not aided by Clint Barton’s Love Barn.)

All The Angels and The Saints by Speranza (Explicit, 48k)

In which Steve Rogers loses God and finds God and loses God, and also: Bucky.

You Do Weird Shit When You’re in Love by Darksknight (Mature, 3k)

Tony calls it a fluke the fist time he happens upon Steve and Bucky in a rather inappropriate position. The second time, he’s got bad luck. After that he has no other option than to admit that Barnes is a kinky freak who can get Steve to go along with anything, and that the two of them really need a come to Jesus.

On My Radar by sprinkle_of_cinnamon (Mature, 19k)

The Winter Soldier first noticed it when he was on the helicarrier.

The blonde’s shoulders were broad, incredibly broad.

They stretched the blue uniform in a wide span, drawing down to a narrow waist. It was a distinctly triangular silhouette. It was entirely improbable. And somehow it was strangely familiar.

The Winter Soldier raised his gun and fired. He didn’t have time for distractions, or Steve Rogers’ shoulders.

One Cloud Feels Lonely by thecommodore_squid (Mature, 72k)

“I’m going to take a break for a while,” Steve said quietly, not looking at T’Challa, not knowing that this was what he was gonna do until the words were out of his mouth. “I can’t be on a team right now.”

T’Challa nodded as if he understood. “Alright.”


In which Steve and Bucky both figure out how to be a person again, and it still takes them over 130 years.

heartbeat in my fingertips by RainyForecast (Not Rated, less than 2k)

Bucky’s hair is a wet tangle, and he’s still sore from his right arm getting violently dislocated during the mission. Steve notices him eyeing his fancy hair brush, and before he can stop himself, Steve finds himself asking, “You want a hand with your hair there, Buck?”

“A hand? Really, Steve?”

“You know what I mean.”

Ten things I wish "normal" people knew about me and my disabilities:

(In no particular order)

1. I would love to interact with people more, but my auditory processing and social issues often make this extremely challenging.

2. I get overwhelmed by the tiniest things. On bad days, I can’t deal with more than one or two tabs open in my internet browser window at once. On good days, I can maybe do five math problems while listening to my favorite music at the same time.

3. Just because I’m not looking at you does not mean I’m not listening to you.

4. I process words better if you speak to me slowly, and give me information in manageable chunks, rather than all at once.

5. I am just as smart as you are, and I can do the same things you can do. I may need to find different ways to do them, however.

6. I possess an extensive and rich vocabulary; however, I still run into communication difficulties, because I often forget what I was going to say seconds after I think to say it.

7. If you wish to ensure that I understand how you feel about something, talk about your feelings out loud, rather than trying to communicate them nonverbally. I often struggle with reading the social significance of such things as body posture, tone of voice, and gestures. Also, please speak with me in a direct manner, avoiding sarcasm and lots of idioms.

8. I cannot remember lists of more than two things at once. Therefore, all lists should definitely be written down for me.

9. In loud places, you may see me wandering off by myself. Never fear–I am perfectly fine. I just need a break from all the noise.

10. Because I process things so slowly, it may take me longer to learn new tasks–but once I learn these tasks, I will remember them, and do them well!

House Sitter (Part 3)

Prompt: For the chance of taking a course far from home you decided to house sit for a lovely couple. And everything would go strictly as planned if it wasn’t for this unexpected character coming into picture

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None ;)

Word Count: 1,019

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Y/N = Your Name

Part 1  —  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

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Entering his car you started to think of something to say so the mood wouldn’t get awkward before you reached the place he was taking you 

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on art schooling

Hello, readers! My name is Gale Galligan, and I’m an MFA student in SCAD’s Sequential Art department - for, like, another week and a half. And then I’m outta here! As my time comes to a close, and I pretend I don’t still have a ton of packing to do, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on my experiences.

One of my favorite learning opportunities came from teaching - as a graduate mentor, I got to sit down with undergrads and help them figure stuff out. Life advice, balloon placement, planning out weekly schedules, the whole package. And that helped me figure out some of my own stuff, too! What I’m saying is, I enjoy finding opportunities to throw advice at people. And what better place than this, my personal blog?

Prospective art students, current art students, people looking for a long read: this might be the post for you! Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about Art School Success Strategies (cobbled together from my experiences as well as the experiences of my peers and mentees), with a focus on comics-making programs (because that is the thing I did). I have also included some GIFs from the Internet, as the cool kids do, to make this a fun and exciting read. Let nobody say I didn’t try.

Let’s go!

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OH do I ever, Anon
I don’t know what happened at the end there but I figured since it’s Authors Appreciation Week (or did that pass?), might as well make a big post. Hehehe
Okay, I really used to hate reading fanfiction. Mostly because I read them on Wattpad (as you did, Anon) and on Wattpad, NO ONE HAS ANY SKILLS WHATSOEVER (sorry Wattpad people). It’s either Lisanna is a serial killer, a psycho bitch, Lucy becomes a dragonslayer, or Lucy gets kicked off of Team Natsu. ALL OF THESE THEMES ARE BAD, BTW. DON’T WANNA SEE IT. Unless it’s One Wish. That’s a completely different kind of Lucy Dragonslayer theme. 
Okay, now here’s the legit list (not in order of favoritism by the way). I only read NaLu, so brace yourself:

Virtual Flames (MAKES ME SQUEAL WITH EVERY UPDATE) - by MissyPlatina - It’s a Virtual AU where everyone is a fan of the Fairy Tail anime and Natsu and Lucy are internet friends (still squealing over the fluffy filler).
Texting Fire

Texting Fire also by MissyPlatina - A very well written fanfiction in a modern AU. Natsu originally gets pranked by Gray giving Lucy Natsu’s number so he was left to find out who she is. Also some very beautiful GaLe 

Your Life’s Art  by NavyBlueWings (idk if the author has a Tumblr). Very mature content in the last few chapters. It’s not long but it’s very well written and I loved it. I don’t recommend if you are squeamish to smut. GaLe and Gruvia are also featured in it. It’s a fanfic where Lucy is thrown a weird assignment by the new professor, Mirajane, to draw a nude model, but your model has to be someone you have a good connection with.

Living With Him by amehanaa (does she have a Tumblr?) - Modern AU where Natsu and Lucy are forced to live together in an apartment. They both go to the same school. Jerza, GaLe, Gruvia, and a tiny bit of GrayLu (hehe my lovely side ship) are featured in this.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne - Modern AU but involves Dragon Traits and the “mating” thing. IT IS NOT THAT KIND OF MATES AU. It isn’t smut… yet… idk if there will be smut. Jerza and GaLe are in there too. Not so much Gruvia. 

Tails & Talons by Snogfairy - ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. The fluff is easily balanced out with some intense moments (even though they don’t go all the way). GaLe is in there as well. It’s a Florist next to a Tattoo Shop AU (I bet you can tell who runs what hehehe). It’s very well written. Highly recommend. I think I drew a piece of art for this a while back…

Keys of Fire by lonestorm - This one is also in my top 5 favorites. THE LATEST CHAPTER HAD ME SCREECHING. AAAAAAA THE NALU. Some Gruvia, some Jerza, some GaLe included. It’s very well written. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of a ninja AU at first, but i LOVE IT NOW. It’s very well written, very realistic, very thought out and well paced. Definitely something I’d recommend.

What’s a Witch by mslead - Okay, this may be my favorite of the favorites. Sorry all of you, but this one is so well thought out, so well written, it makes me laugh and cry and scream… it’s perfect. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. It’s a modern set AU, but there are witches, demons, dragons, and fairies. Natsu’s demonic/dragon powers were restricted when he came flying into Lucy’s life.

Beyond the Field by proudtobeaginger (one of my amigas hehehe) - she already knows how much I love this fanfiction. It’s one of my favorites for sure. You’d have more luck reading the chapters on Tumblr compared to but it’s still amazing. I don’t really like football (the American kind) in general. It’s not my forte, but this fanfiction makes me love it!!! Natsu is a football player, Lucy is a hospital patient that had no where to go after she got discharged, so she is staying at Natsu’s and Wendy’s. Gruvia, Jerza, GaLe included. 

One Wish by Kat A. Klysmic - I’m currently reading this one. It’s well written and I love it. It’s not an AU at all. It’s set in the Fairy Tail world and Lucy and Natsu accidentally switch magic after Lucy made a wish (that she didn’t know would come true). It’s very in character (although I’m not so sure about Sting…). GaLe is included. Along with StingYu. I heard there was a Tumblr Account for the fanfiction solely, but I can’t remember it. 

Love Thy Neighbor by snogfairy - A witches AU that I love. I can’t wait for the update. 

There are some one shots that I don’t plan on listing (since there are too many) and I might as well just list my favorite authors too. proudtobeaginger , snogfairy, mslead, rivendell101 , missyplatina , nothingbutwordsstuff , lonestorm , and more that I currently can’t remember.  

I’ll probably add to this list as I keep reading! Hope this list is to your liking, anon

Since people keep asking so here is a list of my favorite fics (all Larry) I have bolded the MUST READS!

Gods & Monsters - (on ao3) The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did. 

Marking Up the Atmosphere - (on ao3)  That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.

So grab your passport and my hand - (on ao3)  The one in which Louis plays football and Harry sings a lot, and somehow that means they’re meant to be. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

The Finish Line (Is a Good Place for us to Start - (on ao3)  Louis Tomlinson, one-time Formula 1 World Champion, is looking forward to the 2013 season. He’s got Zayn in his garage and Liam in his ear, he’s got Cowell Racing backing him despite former indiscretions, he’s got experience and the best race car out there. Not to mention he’s the only racer they have, after Oliver dropped out late last year.

Love is a Rebellious Bird - (on ao3)  AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

As You Are - (on ao3)  AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

Into the Blue - (on ao3)  AU. In which Louis is Harry’s scuba instructor and quite happy to provide the requested special treatment, pun fully intended. It can’t be all that difficult to convince Harry that they’re on the same page, right? Also, Niall and Liam may or may not be dating, and Zayn is surrounded by emotionally stunted idiots. He bears it with dignity.

Another Hazy May - (on ao3) louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

We are Honey and the Bee - (on ao3) au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

Don’t Look Down - (on ao3)  AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes - (on ao3)  Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

You You You - (on ao3)  Or, the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.

And Then a Bit - (on ao3)  Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

Young & Beautiful - (on ao3) Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Pull me Under - (on ao3)   AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Truth be Told (I Never Was Yours) - (on ao3)  (or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.)

We’re Okay - (on ao3) It’s funny, really, that their lives hadn’t intercepted before that point. That all it took was one little thing that set off a chain reaction of circumstances which led them all to each other. But it was for the best, really, because in the end, with each other, they were all okay.And if you asked them, the whole thing could be blamed on Liam sleeping in, for once in his life.

Sing When You’re Winning - (on ao3)  Harry is fifteen minutes late to the office on the day Louis Tomlinson comes out as gay.

May You Enjoy Your New Life - (on ao3) It begins for them all at the bungalow –'Alright, time to lay out the cards. We’re in this together and hopefully, for the long haul, yeah? So I think – you know, we should just be honest. It’s deal-breakers time. That thing that like, if we’re gonna hate you or something, just tell us all now.’

No One Does it Better - (on ao3) Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met.

Without the Bitter, the Sweet isn’t as Sweet - (on ao3) A year after One Direction’s fiery break-up, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are thrown together as they face the unwanted task of a reunion concert. As their lives become intertwined once again, past wounds and secrets will resurface as they struggle to deal with the unexpected turn of events.

Learning to Breathe - (on ao3)  He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

Empty Skies - (on ao3) For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Smoke & Mirrors - (on ao3)  Every time anyone joked about Louis and Harry’s close bond, calling them ‘boyfriends’ or whatnot, it caused a fluttering feeling in the pit of Harry’s stomach. He wasn’t sure what it meant. He hadn’t really thought of Louis too much in a romantic sense. They were friends – really good friends. But there was something about it. Harry loved Louis almost more than he loved any other human being on the planet. He loved him so much. They were the best of friends. Harry supposed the feeling derived from that. He wasn’t sure. He just knew he probably wouldn’t make it in life without Lou in it.