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Why Midoriya Izuku is the Best Shounen Main Character

Alright so I’m pretty guilty right now. I have a lot of things to sort out and I still unanswered asks and oh boy do I got a lot of fanfic writing to do before summer ends and I’m opening requests soon but JESUS Y’ALL. Im a huge fan of this series and I’ll be damned if I miss writing something for this boy’s birthday. I already missed writing my Inko appreciation on her birthday but I won’t let her down!


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Woah, broad statement to say huh? Well, my friends, I’ve read a lot of manga, particularly shounens since that’s my more favorite genre, and I have to say that Midoriya Izuku has been the best main character I’ve ever read and I only hope he continues to grow into his beautiful character.

I mean even from the beginning of the manga, the way he was written was so completely relatable and realistic. In the very beginning of the manga, he was written to be this lonely boy who suffered through bullying and suicide comments and continuously kept going because of his obsession with heroes. From the very beginning, Horikoshi gave us this character that wasn’t perfect (rather was filled with psychological issues) and really at the bottom of the totem pole. I know a lot of people have compared Izuku with Naruto but at least Naruto was born with an incredibly gifted ability from the start. Izuku was literally born with nothing. In a society where there are heroes running rampant and where Izuku dreams about being a hero, he was literally born with all odds against him in that regard. Yet, through all the loneliness, through all the bullying, Izuku still stayed strong through all of that and continued to dream on his goal, only truly wavering once when All Might told him he should find a new dream (and even then, he still got himself almost killed but I’ll get to that in a bit).

And to add on to his realistic demeanor, I know a lot of people call Izuku a cry baby and make fun of his constant amount of crying but honestly? Imagine this: you were born a black sheep in society, everyone looks down on you, you dream of being something great but you weren’t born with the skills for it, someone you consider to be a friend looks down on you and literally tells you to go jump off a building and destroys a piece of you that you hold memorable, then you almost get killed but someone saves you, then you finally get to meet your idol, the person keeping you alive essentially and they tell you straight up that you should give up on your dream, then you’re devastated but you see that friend in a life threatening position so you literally sacrifice yourself to go save them even though you can’t do anything, and then instead of praise, you get all the blame and beaten down again while your friend gets all the praise, but then you end that EMOTIONAL DAY (keep in mind it happened within a DAY) with your idol telling you that you can be that person and he will help you achieve your dream. I won’t even go onto the other times he’s cried but honestly? I know if I was in his position, I wouldn’t have even stomached half of what happened and I’m sure most of you reading this wouldn’t be able to have a DAY like that without crying. I’m sure with 99% of you, at least once tears will shed. Izuku during his time has been through emotionally exhausting feats and I think it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE that Horikoshi gives us this raw character with RAW emotions. Through Izuku being this emotional, not only does it help us relate to him much more but it helps shows that, hey you can still be strong AND be emotional too. Emotions doesn’t equal weakness and Horikoshi really shows that tremendously, especially when the audience are a group of young ones-adults that are taught daily showing emotions is weak and you have to be strong and not show weakness because apparently crying shows weakness. With Izuku, all of that is stomped on the ground and it’s truly inspiring.

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And oh boy, my favorite part of Izuku! So most shounen protagonists I have seen and come across are usually born or given this great ability suddenly and yes, while they have to train, they normally get the hang of it pretty quickly and are pretty op with it (I’m looking at you Natsu). Most of the time nakama power is enough to win the battle even though the power difference is crazy different. Yet with Izuku, it’s not like that at all. We are 145 chapters in and Izuku can only still use a small portion of One for All still and he’s gotten to the point where, because of his continuous idiotic use of One for All, he has the major consequence that if he uses it too much at 100%, he could lose FUNCTION IN HIS ARMS. OH YEA, PRETTY BIG DEAL AND CONSEQUENCE FOR THAT.

From what I just wrote, this was my favorite thing that was said:

Yes, folks, he not only says that once, not twice, but multiple times throughout the series. I think the most recent time he said it was during Episode 27 when he was climbing the walls, though I’m sure he’s said it in the future arcs and I forgot about it. Due to this new given status he was given, Izuku acknowledges that he is completely far behind from everyone else, he understands that he is at the bottom of the totem pole and that he has to work 10x harder than everyone else since he lost about 10-11 years to get used to his quirk. And throughout the series, Horikoshi doesn’t pull back on that, in fact he really drives it in that, while Izuku does become the greatest hero of all time, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time, training and consequences to get to that point. Even from the beginning, we were given a small glimpse of his incredible training regime and that alone just shows how much effort he has to put in and even that wasn’t enough. I won’t lie, it feels so refreshing that the Main Character isn’t some overpowered person who always gets away with his ridiculous moves, rather it’s nice that he does have consequences and that he see him actually develop into that role while he is being surrounded by others who could take that title from him.

Also, not only is he an intelligent and incredibly hard worker like holy hell, but can we talk about his personality as well? See, here is another perk about Izuku, we weren’t given some either suave person or an annoying character that makes you want to rip out your hair because they’re either too happy or too sad or too emo cringey mess. Rather, Horikoshi gave him a realist personality who thinks through, is incredibly modest and respectful, and holy fuck the most selfless character in the entire show.

I mean, we already know his intelligence and craftiness as he analyzes heroes and their moves as seen through the constant muttering he does as he watches them and his writings in his notebook

 Which might I add right now that I’m really happy Horikoshi gave him this type of analytic behavior as it makes his earlier actions have a bit more sense involved in them, like due to his constant observation he was able to use moves in combat that at least got him by in the beginning

 To also tie in with that, can I say that it is so refreshing to have a main character be a complete DORK about girls and such like that?? Like for someone who was lonely and only had much of the internet to interact with, it makes complete sense that in the beginning he’s really nervous around females or even touching them or talking to them.

Like look at how he talks to Ochako

 Or even how he reacted when Tsuyu said to put her down

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 Or even how he reacted towards Mei when she had her chest all up in his grill.

 Not only does having this personality trait make him a total dork and cutie but it really shows that we won’t see anything super perverted on Deku’s side. Like if he’s too nervous to talk or even touch a girl in a different manner, than it really shows how respectful he is and how modest he is and how we won’t see any pervy side of Deku anytime soon, which is refreshing for an MC to be that way since most MCs have to either touch or acknowledge their love interest’s chest before they can be established as a good character.

 Though, I will say that even though those are amazing points of our birthday boy, the one personality trait of his that truly makes him a much more fitting hero than Bakugou or even Todoroki or even my baby Ochako is how incredibly SELFLESS he is. Ok ok I know that’s a common personality trait but Izuku really takes it to the max throughout the manga.

 Like when right after he was told to jump by Bakugou, his initial thoughts were based on Kacchan not wanting to get severely punished by the law

Or when he risks his life to save Bakugou from the sludge monster even though he has no quirk

Or when he risks his life once again to save Ochako even though he can’t control his quirk

 Or when he risks his life AGAIN to save All Might 

 Or when he attempts to help Ochako before her fight with Bakugou

 Or when he puts his spot in the tournament on the line to help Todoroki reconcile his fire side

 Or when he helps Iida with the Stain fight and notifies the entire class to come and help

Or when he even goes well over his power limit to save Kota and show him that heroes are good people that can hold on their own

 Or when, even though he could lose function in his GOD DAMN ARMS, he still helps the others get Bakugou back from the villains

And note guys, I didn’t even list everything. I just listed the things I could remember but there is so much more that I could have listed as well. And legit, the things I mentioned, there was no benefit in him doing that, like during the time he did them, all there were were cons for him, there was nothing positive in any of those situations for him. And yet? He still did it. He still put himself and his wishes behind to help those around him and make sure they were successful or safe, even if it meant his own life on the line. I’ve never seen other shounen protagonists push themselves this much in only 145 chapters and I think that’s absolutely incredible.

 Alright so this post is reaching to be about 2k and while I can say more about this wonderful boy, I also want to make sure that I not only post this on time but that I don’t find myself repeating the same thing over and over again. While Izuku is not my favorite character of all time, I am so happy and blessed that he is the main character of this amazing manga series. He’s grown so much since the first chapter and Horikoshi is only setting up the series more to have him grow much more and I’m excited to see how much more he grows as the series progresses. He is such a good character that is well balanced and realistic and such and I know for myself personally that I really relate to him in a lot of ways. Truth be told, it makes me actually really incredibly sad when people dismiss his reasoning for being a hero or when people just write him off as a cry baby because there’s so much more to him than just that. His reasoning to be a hero is realistic and deep enough, his emotions are realistic, his psychological issues that he faced with in the beginning shows his strength tremendously.

 Izuku is one of the best main characters and I’m so happy all of us were blessed with him on this wonderful day! Yay!!! Happy Birthday Deku!!!

 Tldr; Izuku’s face appears when you look up the definition of what a friend and a hero is.

YA Books With Queer Girls

This maaay be stemming from anger, as all my best ideas are, but I figured it might help someone find a really awesome book, and so I shall be your unofficial librarian for a sec. 

I can vouch for all of these books; yes, some are better than others (I mean, yes, Of Fire and Stars has an overly simple plot), but they are all very much enjoyable, especially if you’re not in constantly book-reviewer mode like I am whenever I read. 

Also, I’m focusing this specially on books with queer girls, because I feel like YA has a bit of a problem with wlw. They tend to fly majorly under the radar, while books like Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and Carry On get majorly hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I love both those books to bits, but still. I want to read all the books about girls who love girls. 


Radio Silence by Alice Oseman: I need to put on of my all-time fav books here, first, don’t I? But, seriously, this book is fucking fantastic, and I love it to bits. It’s got all the amazing things: podcasts, nerdy people being nerdy, geeking out over sci-fi, it’s fantastic. Bisexual female MC/narrator + demisexual male MC + gay male side character + gay female minor character. 

When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore: Guys. GUYS. This book is gorgeous. One of the most beautiful books I’ve read in a long time. Anna-Marie McLemore is already one of my top ten favorite writers and she’s only written two books, and this…I love this book and I want everyone to read this amazing book SO JUST GO READ IT, OKAY? AND it’s about QPOC, AND it very much respects and embraces true magical realism, AND the author is literally the sweetest person ever. Queer female MC + trans male MC.

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova: This book is like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and a crazy fever dream. BUT IN A GOOD WAY. And can I mention the worldbuilding??? I’m in love with it. Bisexual female MC + queer female MC

Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour: THIS BOOK IS FREAKIN’ ADORABLE. I mean, it’s about romance and movies and mysteries and it has a beautifully built slowburn romance and everyone is adorable and the romance is adorable and just ALL THE YES. Gay female MC + Gay female MC

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee: This book is all about the internet! I mean, if you exist on a creative plain of the internet, you’ll see yourself in this book. PLUS all the amazing and totally important conversations about asexuality. Asexual romantic female MC.

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert: I am SO ANGRY about how much this book has flown under the radar, because it’s amazing and so important and it addresses so many amazing things, and I just…Brandy Colbert writes the most fantastically realistic, flawed characters and I love it. Bisexual female MC + queer female side character.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst: I need to mention the cover of this book, first, because OH THE GORGEOUSNESS. Also, can I say NON-HOMOPHOBIC FANTASY WORLD??? Gay female MC + gay female MC

Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, and Brooke A. Allen: I shriek about this graphic novel/s every single time someone asks for a comic recommendation. It’s ridiculous in the best way and lighthearted and has the most lovable characters and can I mention the cast is ENTIRELY FEMALE? Gay female MC + Gay female MC + Trans female MC

As I Descended by Robin Talley: Gay modern day Macbeth retelling with ghosts. Want to hear that again? LESBIAN MACBETH. WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS ALREADY? Gay female MC + Gay female MC

10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac: Okay, yes, this book has an awful cover but don’t let that sway you because I love this book to pieces. For one, it’s set in Vancouver, and I love Vancouver, and also it has probably one of the most realistic portrayals of anxiety I’ve ever read, AND THAT ANXIETY DOESN’T GET CURED WITH ROMANCE. Gay female MC + Gay female side character

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine: Okay, yes, this is a sequel, but I had to add it to the list because I’m in love with this series and this world and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s gloriously stabby. Bisexual female MC + queer female MC

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: This book is a love letter to fandom and nerd culture and everything, AND I LOVE IT TO PIECES. I’m so, so happy this book is getting so much hype because it stands up to the hype and crushes it and I just love it, okay?? Also, I love all the characters. ALL OF THEM. They’re so fantastically written and adorable and I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THEM. Bisexual female MC + Queer female side character.

Get It Together, Delilah/The Flywheel by Erin Gough: It’s set in a bakery/cafe, which is enough to get my heart beating, but this book is just straight-up adorable. Also, if you don’t think I’m making panna cotta gelato the first chance I get YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN. Gay female MC + Gay female MC.

BONUS: These books don’t have queer girls as MCs, but they do have queer girls and are just overall fantastic. The Upside of Unrequited has a sideplot about the MC’s gay sister and her pansexual girlfriend, plus the most adorable moms in YA, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue has a female character whom I’m like 99% sure is asexual, A Tyranny of Petticoats has a couple of stories that are about queer girls, as does Meet Cute

Also, did I miss any important books??? Tell me if I did because I want to know about ALL THE BOOKS with queer girls. 

Google Salutes the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of hip-hop today with an interactive doodle on its homepage. Kool Herc’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx 44 years ago is cited as the crystallization of influences that became known as hip-hop. Google’s keyword team spoke with Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick Perla Campos who are behind the doodle. They also worked with hip-hop legends Fab 5 Freddy who was the first host of Yo! MTV Raps and Def Jam logo creator and visual artist Cey Adams. Check out their story behind the doodle,

Keyword: How did you come up with the idea for this Doodle?

Kevin: I’m a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up outside New Orleans, it was a part of my DNA-performing Hip Hop in my high school band, adding Hip Hop to my college radio station’s rotation, and working on the set of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” music video in my first job out of college. Hip Hop has been a constant thread through my life and I wanted to bring my love of it to a Doodle. I developed the concept for interactive turntables, showed it to my manager Ryan (also a fan of Hip Hop), and he lost it. He said, “let’s make it tomorrow!”

OK, so people were into the idea. But Hip Hop is such a big topic. How did you decide what to focus on?

Perla: From the beginning, we were thinking big. I mean, Hip Hop touches so many parts of culture but a lot of people don’t know much about its origins. So, we anchored the Doodle to the birth of Hip Hop, and wanted to celebrate the people who pioneered the movement. We hope to give them the voice and the recognition they deserve, which is what Doodles are all about-shining light on times of history that maybe you didn’t know about. 

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>>>My Favorite Fics<<<

In honor of Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day, this is a fic rec of my personal favorite fan fics in no particular order. Happy reading and thanks to all the writers!

Louis is an architecture student who can only think about the future. Harry is a baseball player who can only think about right now. Both are lonely for different reasons. Boybands bring them together.

A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.

The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

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A-Z NSFW: Luhan

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A = Aftercare 

Nana says it takes a special kind of guy to like cats, and for cats to like them, so Luhan has to be the sweetest human alive cuz cats can tell youre a shit human being so Luhan is pretty being absolutely sure you’re okay afterwards, especially with his…uhem…kinks and such…aftercare is extremely important. He’s one that after a shower, he insists on a massage, knowing your muscles have been tense and stretched, so they need to be relaxed again, and uses the sweetest smelling lotion and oils he can find to do so.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Have you ever taken a good look at Luhan’s hands? They’re beautiful. And they do some beautiful damage too, and Luhan knows that. He’s fond of teasing, especially just when you’re chilling around the house together and suddenly his hand is down your pants. He enjoys being able to have you begging for him just from his fingers alone, it gives him somewhat of a power trip. The same goes for your hands, or if we want to get specific, your nails. He likes you marking him, to an extent. His favorites to find the morning after are scratches on his shoulders from you holding on for deal like, or the crescents pressed into his shoulder blades, followed by faint pink lines down his back.  

C = Cum 

Being a past roommate with Xiumin, and being a bit of a germaphobe, I don’t see Luhan being very messy when he cums. 99% of the time it’s in a condom #WrapItBeforeYouTapItKids and the few off times you don’t, it’s because you’re having shower sex and it’s easily cleaned up.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Seeing as he has free liberty to have you pretty much anywhere in the house, he’s often fantasizes about public sex. Just fantasized though, he doesn’t like the idea of getting caught with his pants down and going to jail for indecent exposure..

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Lmao the way he was almost offended when the MC asked if he’s kissed a girl before then almost shat himself over not knowing if he was allowed to say yes Luhan’s one of the oldest boys, and was nearing college when he was picked up, so he was pretty much a grown man by the time he entered SM, I’m inclined to believe he’s at done it at least once, aside that, between being taught dance moves, his goddamn sinful tongue, and an internet connection, Luhan is pretty educated in the idea of sex, don’t you worry about that. 

F = Favorite position

He does enjoy playing with different positions, but one of his favorites is kinda weird and specific. Morning sex is almost a constant for you two, if it’s past 10 am and y’all haven’t done the do, everything’s behind schedule and it’s certain you’re late for something. Breakfast is always the first step in the morning, and that always gets interrupted by Luhan appearing behind you, and suddenly you’re bent over and one leg is propped up on the counter top, and he’s going at it from behind. Anything from behind tends to be on his favorites list, but that’s really high on the list.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Luhan is freaking funny, I adore him, he’s a dork. A true meme. But in the bedroom, he’s pretty focused and serious, especially when it’s playing into the games of dom/sub, he’s pretty intense and in the zone, no time for fooling around. Some nights are off the norm, and he is very loving and giggly and you’re just having a fun roll around the sheets, but typically he’s more serious.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Luhan’s letting more go, and I kind of like it. For a little bit, we saw him having a lil smidge of a mustache coming through, I think he doesn’t shave as often as when he was in EXO, add that to the fact he got cats instead of a girlfriend… even the girlfriend point of ‘boy shave ya damn dick hair’ isn’t there. I don’t think he’s that groomed, I think he does it occasionally, but not very often.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

I do think Luhan would be one of the more romantic and PDA-ish partners in EXO, but he’d show his romance in your non-sexual relationship. When you’re having sex, he’s not very romantic, sure he tells you he loves how and the lovely sweet nothings, but that’s all while he’s got you restrained and bit and pounding you with everything he’s got so….

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

While you’re normally around to uh…deal with the harder things in life…Luhan doesn’t hold back the need. He’s not quiet during sex, but he’s a pretty silent masturbator. No ones really around, but if there was, no one would be able to hear him, plus he doesn’t stretch it out. If the need comes that he has to jerk off, he’s getting it over with so he can go on with his day.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
We all make the jokes, yeah Luhan’s really pretty haha he’s like a girl hehahe he’s so submissive bla nah bish I think he’s pretty dominant. Not like a DOM dominant, but he’s not a sub by any means. He likes being in control, which is pretty much the reason he favors the set of silk scarves he was given, so he can tie you up with the cool fabric and have you completely at his mercy. ‘My name isn’t Luhan anymore It’s Sir remember that’ b y e shut up liz

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Because he’s alone and has free reign, he likes using the house to it’s full advantage. Not a room in the house exists he hasn’t fucked you in, but his favorite is the kitchen. Especially during the summer. He loves how the counter top is just the right height to bend you over, and have you on edge from the cool surface, and have access to one of his favorite ‘toys’; ice cubes. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

It’s not hard to get Luhan turned on, it’s really quite easy. Literally, all you have to do is call him Sir. It’s kind of a joke that stemmed from a night of role playing, that you tease him by calling him Sir during random, innocent activities throughout the day. But the whole situation turns Luhan on more than one can imagine, it’s his weakness, use it wisely.  

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Anything degrading, directed towards you or him, isn’t flying in his book. He’s spent enough time being called a girl, told that he looks like a girl, etc, he doesn’t like the feeling of being talked down to and he certainly isn’t going to call you a bitch or slut or the likes for anything.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

:) I  :) love :) suffering :)

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Boy really likes to pop his dick….smh Knowing Luhan, he’s kind of a mix, it’s a flip of a coin each time you guys enter the bedroom, it goes either way. He’s a fan of switching it, especially during the same round, he’ll start pretty fast and his thrusts are hard and precise, and just to draw it out and tease you more, he’ll suddenly slow his pace till he’s practically just grinding on you instead of thrusting. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

As he doesn’t have an as intense schedule as he did as an EXO member, quickies aren’t necessarily used as a means due to him having little time to spend with you. That being said, he does enjoy a good quickie, especially in the morning. When you’re having a show and he offers to ‘wash your hair’, which we all know is a trick. Quickies are pretty frequent in your relationship, because they’ve been added to be part of the ‘morning routine’. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Since he’s not in EXO anymore, a lot of the risks with sex with the members is lost. You don’t have to really worry about locked doors, or someone walking in on you, getting caught.You literally have all the freedom in the world(inside that is) and Luhan enjoys taking advantage of that. He does like to experiment, almost every time you have sex, he’s found something new that ‘looked alright, wanna try it?’. He’s pretty open with sex with you, so most things are game to be toyed with with him.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Luhan’s getting into being an old man lmao as if mid 20s is old shut up liz so I think his stamina is leveled out, he’s not as wild as a teenage boy anymore. Sex with his is pretty average in the sense of time length, actual sex lasting between 5-8 minutes, that could be stretched to 10 mins if extensive foreplay was cut down, and one round is usually it without a tap out nap in between. But let Luhan sleep, and he can get right back into it with no issue.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Nana says he’s lowkey kinda kinky, and Nana knows best soooooo. He’s got a few toys, not a very big collection, mostly just things to restrain you i.e. handcuffs, ropes, a few silk scarfs. etc. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s a fair amount of a tease. Luhan teases a lot, it’s one of his favorite things to do, to make you squirm and beg for him to just fuck you already. But he doesn’t hold back on you that much. As much as he loves toying with you, he loves nothing more than that moment when he can finally have free reign to thrust you into next week.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Luhan has one of the most beautiful voices, and he was the vocalist, so lord knows he has a good set of pipes on him. He’s very vocal in the sense that he’s a babbler, it’s almost impossible for him to shut his mouth during sex, he’s constantly spewing talk of your body and how good you feel around him. But plus side, he doesn’t live in a dorm sooooo be as loud as you want ;)

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Everyone with pets, especially cats that you can’t exactly….tell to do something, knows how weird it is when it comes to sex and suddenly you realize there’s an extra pair of eyes in the room, watching you. The first time that happened, you’re in the middle of sex and Luhan is just going at it, and just out the corner of his eye he spotted one of his ‘children’ move, and flipped the fuck out. Sex was immediately shut down, and he was babbling about ‘ruining the innocence’ of the fur ball. No matter how many times you explained that it’s a cat, it doesn’t know what’s going on, he still insisted on checking the room before having sex every time.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Me: “Nana, what you think Lulu’s dinky do looks like?”
Nana: “Shorty, he done said he’s got the good good, he’s got the good good. He’s too pretty, that God had to give him a big one to make up for it, yeah he’s got some good german sausage under them pants. Lulu…boy hangs low, I know that. I know that.” b y e

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

With how many damn songs he got talkin bout his dick, you can’t convince me that good good ain’t on his mind 24/7. Luhan has a pretty high sex drive, but it’s not unbearable, he can certainly control his urges. “i was lonely so i got a cat” bitch why didnt you get a gf tf So you don’t really have to worry about him being a dog humping your leg every second you’re together, but he’s definitely ready to go at a moments notice, just let him know~

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I imagine Luhan is a cat type of person, he sleeps easily and almost anywhere, he can and will pass the fuck out. Once sex is over and aftercare has been dealt with, he’s ready to curl up on bed and go to sleep or at least have a nap, he needs some shut eye to regain some strength. Night Lulu.

The time has come Shipsters to write a lengthy post. So here it is.

I am busting out the Marlboro Southern Cuts for this, so, be prepared for a lengthy ramble through my mind. First, some introductory notes for those of you who have not DM’d me. 

I am a 53 year old Bisexual Female. This is only relevant to comments later in the post or I likely would not be sharing it on this blog. I am also a Disabled Veteran, and while that is not relevant to anything further, I am proud of it, and it does explain the inordinate amount of time I have on my hands to write these kind of things. 

I am retired from a lifetime of work in multiple jobs, including ten years of Consulting on Business and Technology. I have been a student of human nature for most of my life. I am, in Jungian terms, an Introvert/Extrovert. Having been an actor, stage manager, costumer and director, who comes from a family of actors, I feel I can comment on that as well. I also am a writer. I am a bit rusty on this type of writing however, so, forgive me if it creaks along. I do hope you, if you read this whole piece, bless you, understand that it is off the cuff and not really intended for critique as to style or content, It is meant to just put my thoughts out there.

Now, to the reason for the post. I want to address the clusterfuck that this fandom is, the ways I would address some of the issues and my overall feelings about S/C the ship, shipping in general and the nature of actors. So, with those hats listed above on, here we go….

This fandom is toxic. There is no turning back from what has happened. There will never be a happy place for everyone again, if there ever really was. This is the reality of the Social Media age. This is the brutal truth of everything posted lives forever. This is the ugliest fandom I have ever seen. That is remarkable in that I have been around a very long time, fanning many different things and people. I have been active on the internet for twenty years, so that is really a dreadful label to put  on a group of people, but believe me, we have earned it. Congratulations Outlander fans, you lose the fandom award for “best fans ever”.

How did this happen? Well, factions mostly, with supplied fuckery, insecure actors, incompetent handlers, nearly archaic business models, and ridiculous sums of money thrown in, just to rile up the masses. Never for a moment forget about that filthy lucre, because you better believe it IS the be all and end all of Hollywood. Oh, and if you believe that there is an actor on this planet who doesn’t want to be famous or is a true introvert, I weep for you naivete and wish you nothing but the best holding on to it.  

Let’s break down the factions for a bit just to clear that from the table. F1, F2, F3 seems to be the easiest way to do this.

F1-the book readers who fanned and discussed long before anyone else came along. Subsets include: Diana worshippers, Diana tolerators, Diana haters, Diana imitators, Diana should haves, Diana could haves, Diana wills, Diana won’ts and finally my favorites: Actually write better then Dianas.

F2-the show onlies who came along starting with the production/casting news and stayed or left based on the show alone. Subsets include: Love the shows, Hate the shows, Love the show and anything associateds, Hate the show but love the casts, sorta like the shows, sorta like the actors, sorta want to stick arounds even though Starz is ridiculous, hate RDMers, etc…really too many to list. 

F3-the all important bothies group. I could spent countless hours naming the subsets here and putting them up on a white board and drawing connections but here is where the money is folks. These are the people that bought over 25 million books, that spend their money on cable, that support in multiple ways, charities, conventions, memorabilia, various social media streams of income. Here is where the vast majority of Shippers, Antis, and Neutrals live. Here is the group most assuredly taken advantage of in any way possible. This is the group that gets pushed or pulled to suit the needs of Big Business. Most people in this group are normal, everyday type of people who willingly go along with whatever occurs because their needs, while oftentimes delayed, eventually get met in some fashion and so the money keeps rolling in. 

F4-Trolls and the associated disenfranchised or purchased for profit motives or hopelessly ill or hopelessly deluded. Not really a money stream to be depended upon, but definitely a SM presence and a useful tool in a multitude of ways. Flames that burn high enough draw attention. They keep the conversation going when nothing else will. Throw them a bone now and again to get them salivating and watch that fandom jump. Most of the incompetent advisors and handlers really don’t understand this group because insanity is hard to control but they will also throw scraps when necessary.

Is it any wonder that this fandom was fractured from the start? This doesn’t begin to cover what went on, it’s just a base for the pyramid. The next level contains the subsets that formed their own associations. some fluid between Fs. Here we really see the SamOnlies, the CaitOnlies, the Mommies, the Fandom Police, the Deniers, the Enablers, the Accusers, the Peacemakers. The rapidly festering illness that is taking hold floats all around. Sadly the vast majority of these people are women who ought to know better, but for an incalculable amount of reasons don’t. Some of these people are just finding their feet on SM and love the perceived power inherent in that and so are letting the better angels of their natures take a backseat to the demons that niggle away at them, and some of them are just stupid, ignorant, attention seekers.

On to the heart of the matter. Sam and Cait. Actors with philanthropic tendencies. Generally thought of as good people, good actors, and if nothing else, the very best of friends. Oh that it were that simple, that pure or that classy. No it’s not. Nothing ever really is. I admire the kindheartedness of many who believe it to be so, but don’t respect the sellers of the blinders needed to buy what is being sold. 

Actors Act. That is their job, likely their greatest passion and deepest need. Sure they are capable of great loves, great intentions, good deeds and all the other things that make life worth living. They also are liars, by the very nature of what they do. Lying too harsh a word? Sorry, but pretend is too childlike for those with any real talent. Liars are telling you a story, hoping to sell it to you with their actions and their emotions.  Perhaps it’s a little white lie or a whopper, but it is a fabrication, an untruth, a show. Through study, practice, hard work, with luck, perhaps talent, and timing, they are able to make you believe the lie, for generally however long it takes for the show to go on. Actors who live their lives in this culture we have now, generally never completely let their guard down in any public way. They are always “in character” in one way or another. The deep rooted insecurities of the profession, the people involved in extraneous ways and their own substantial egos won’t let them truly present themselves as the human beings they are. Many a fine actor has descended into madness, addiction, death, because they can’t turn it off, never knew how or don’t want to. There are many perks, but just as many pressures and some were just not built for the strain. Now add in that fame factor, the money monster and aging. Time and Fame are fleeting. Recognition for ones work is nice, but the money is the icing on the cake. Hell, it’s probably 2/3rds of the cake too if I am being honest. Yes, they are artists, but honestly do you think any artist sets out to stay poor and struggling? Have you ever been poor? I have. It sucks. 

Along comes Outlander and two “relative unknowns”. That is a bit disingenuous because they were both actively working prior to the show, but it has that lovely “a star is born” quality to it, and most are a sucker for that. So, TPTB were happy to sell that. Sam and Cait were surely on board for that meeting. Hey kids, we are gonna put on a show and oh by the way, you two are so pretty and cute with each other, work that into the “we are so happy and humble and our fans are the greatest act” would you? Then that oft spoke of chemistry became apparent to all and sundry before the show even aired. Oh my, a goldmine in the making. It certainly didn’t hurt anything that the affection between them likely was genuine and they really were flummoxed by the attention they attained so quickly. No one but the two of them really understands what it was like for them to be in that bubble together, at nearly the same age and stage of their careers. If they hadn’t leaned on each other, hadn’t formed a relationship of some kind, hadn’t sold said relationship at every opportunity and manipulated it for whatever reason they do, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So mostly, kudos to them for a job well done, on multiple fronts, but it has not been perfect by any stretch of the imagination. 

Sam, I have often speculated on his sexuality, without judgement, needed to be presented as a single, heterosexual man. Wasn’t so important that Cait be sold as a single, heterosexual woman. It actually enhances the fanbase if she can be sold as a possible bisexual. It’s not like we are saying that the vast majority of the fanbase are conservative Christians. Sex sells, go with the most profitable options. Let the Sam is gay rumors float around without addressing them. Any attractive male actor is going to get tagged that way, and it will draw a certain segment.  Let the paps and fans throw some girls into the mix. No one threatening to the budding are they or aren’t they crowd though. No Cait clones. Sam you like blondes? OK. No one above D level status either, or it could distract the fans too much. Cait? Do whatever you like but keep it on the very downlow. We already have to sell you in the show as a woman in love with two men. We don’t want you looking desperate in any way. Perhaps a long term low key thing will work to keep the rumor mill in check. Maybe not, but it’s worth a shot. OK kids, let put on a show and the money will eventually flow. Oh, by the way, could the two of you roll out your charity endeavors as well? We know you both support things in real life, so be sure to let that be known. Do try not to be too political, what with the world as it is an all, but don’t be ostriches either. Oh, and sorry but PR says you have to sign these non disclosure contracts as well, and just so you know, there really is a morality clause but we don’t spell it out too clearly because that is what lawyers and loopholes are for. 

Then we got the show, and low and behold, a hit. That goldmine sure is bigger then any of us hoped for here at Starz/Lionsgate/Tallship/ etc…These fans are so nice, they bring things, they say nice things on SM, they send things and most of them love the adaptation and isn’t funny how much they like us together offscreen? Wow, guess we should keep on selling that too. What’s that you say? Some are panicky that we may be too close? Why? Oh, they think if we become a couple that we will eventually break up and ruin the show or something. Can’t have that, then the money will stop. What should be done? Nothing? Carry on as before? Ambiguity is best? Alrighty. Can I throw a bone to the shippers we have acquired along the way?  But what about the ones who don’t like us as a couple? Jeebus it’s getting harder to navigate these waters, why didn’t anyone prepare us for this part of it? What do you mean you just have to live it? Is that part of the contracts? oh.

Time for the intervention of the Troll Brigade, always lurking, but finally ready to find a way to break into the discussion. Mistakes were made here, not of epic proportions but enough that things began to crack around the edges. Threats were made, feelings were hurt, fans ran away, friends side eyed, Most importantly fingers began to be pointed. Advisors began to whisper in ears. Which group could likely take being battered the best to deflect attention from anything not fitting the needs of TPTB? Well, like all shows and fandoms, we have this pretty vocal shipper group. Nothing really wrong with shippers, they certainly like to promote, chatter and fangirl. Mostly harmless, although like any group of a like size, there will be some unstable ones. There is also a group of fairly rabid antis to consider. The neutrals can’t really be bothered to take the heat and would likely just walk away then take abuse. So, shippers it is then. Sorry ladies, but the writing was on the wall from  before last summer that some group would have to be sacrificed for the perceived greater good. 

It all went down hill from there. It hasn’t hit bottom yet. What can be done now to retain them or swap them to the neutral camp? You are seeing it unfold. Does this mean shipping S/C is dead? Of course not. Just backed into a corner, where hopefully, they will still fangirl, discuss, and spend money. Anytime they need more discussion or pap press or SM flare ups you can bet Shippers will be addressed in some manner. Too much money has come from them to let them go entirely no matter how Sam and Cait actually feel about them. They are a natural part of fandom, there will never be a time when they are gone completely. TPTB are counting on that. Only that F4 crowd really want them gone. 

Yes, I still count myself among the shippers. No, I don’t care if they have SOs or if their sexulaties preclude them being an actual couple. Yes, I will watch S3 at least. No, I don’t think it will go beyond S4, the material is not strong enough. Yes, I like passages of books after S3, but not the whole books. I am in F3. I have never harassed anyone about S/C, never commented on MM’s stuff, don’t follow her, am not a fan of hers, and frankly do not care whether or not Sam is dating her. It is not my job to be her fan, promote her or protect her. Nor is it my job to worship Sam and Cait, support them or protect them. I am not here for that. I do believe that there are some very talented, genuinely funny, and awesome women in the Shippers lane. I don’t pay attention to the antis, nor do I comment on their antics to them on Twitter. I do discuss them here, but only in a general way. I find the neutrals to be just that and respect they don’t want to get involved in flame wars. I have actually been saddened by the descent of Shitner, couldn’t care less about Camuso, and they, Purv and BG will face their own Karma. Not my circus, not my monkeys. 

Sam and Cait will fan the flames themselves now, no matter what they do. Until the time comes when they move on from the show, they are in a no win situation as far as some faction of the fandom goes. They likely don’t care. They are getting paid no matter what happens. If one of them cracks, my money is on Sam, he has charm and talent to spare, he will likely recovery in some fashion. He has MPC to pay him if he keeps that going. That’s right, not all the funding goes to charity, remember that. They will both getting acting gigs following Outlander. Life will go on. Much love to you Shipster Sisters, carry on.


As you may (or may not) know, a few months ago I embarked on a journey to create a document for the Clexa fandom that would serve as a resource for those of you who enjoy reading fanfiction about our favorite lesbian warlord and bisexual space leader (and any AU personas they may take on…). Today, with much help along the way from the best co-captain and technology wizard ever  (@ayokidd), WE ARE EXCITED TO RELEASE THE FIRST DRAFT OF THIS DOCUMENT! (Containing over 600 completed fics!)

Please continue reading for the download link, as well as more information on how to use the document!

It’s a good thing you all love reading so much, because this post is quite long…but hopefully informative!.

Check out Clexarkives or keep reading to access The Clexa Fanfic Master List!!

What is the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Clexa Fanfic Master List is an on-going Microsoft Excel document that will eventually contain ALL completed Clexa and Lexark fanfiction - categorized, organized, hyperlinked, and listed all in one exportable document for your reading and fic-tracking pleasure! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT…all 5,000+ fics (or whatever the final tally is!) will eventually be included! The document will be periodically updated and re-released as more fics are added to it over time. This will all be located on our blog @clexarkives, where you can find the frequently updated Master List and some other cool features.

How do I access the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

You need Microsoft Excel (or a program that opens Excel files) to access the document. You can download the document by clicking this link here. This link will take you to Google Drive where you can download the file and open it on your computer.

DO NOT view the document in Google Drive - the hyperlinks won’t work! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND OPEN THE DOCUMENT IN MICROSOFT EXCEL. We are also working on a Google Sheets version of the document for anyone unable to access the document through Excel or a similar program. Hang tight!

Once you download the document, save to your desktop and enjoy!

What fics are/will be included in the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Clexa Fanfic Master List will only include completed fics (it is simply impossible to keep updating such a large document with individual fic updates…we’ll leave that to the internet). We are, however, keeping track of current on-going fics and these will be added to the document as they are completed. Unfortunately, any fics that have been started but abandoned (author has no plans to finish or hasn’t updated for an extremely extended period of time) will not be included (unless they are one day completed) because I’m sorry but my heart can’t take that kind of investment and let down.

How is the Clexa Fanfic Master List organized?

The entire document functions as one large Excel workbook. There are four main sections, accessible from the Table of Contents:

1) Master List: contains a list of all the fics in the workbook, organized alphabetically by author
2) Canon: contains fics set in the canon universe, organized by ‘Season 2’, ‘Season 3’, and ‘Canon Divergent’
3) AU Categories: contains fics set in alternate universes, organized by specific categories (ie., ‘Enemies to Lovers’, ‘Teacher/student’, ‘Fake Dating’, etc.)
4) Smut: contains sexy time fics, organized by specific categories (ie., ‘Fluffy Smut’, “Strap On’, ‘3x07’, etc.)

How do I navigate the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The entire document is hyperlinked to make navigation as easy as possible. You can click through individual tabs if you so desire, but we HIGHLY SUGGEST using the hyperlinks to navigate through the workbook.

Navigating within a main section:

The Table of Contents contains four main sections, or pages (as described above). Clicking on each of these sections will bring you to the page set up for that specific section.

Example 1: If you click the “Canon” section from the Table of Contents, you will be directed to the “Canon” page where the “Canon” categories ‘Season 2’, ‘Season 3’, and ‘Canon Divergent’ are hyperlinked.

If you click on one of these three categories, let’s say ‘Season 2’, you will find a list of Clexa fics that take place during Season 2 of the show organized by Author, Title, Chapters, Word Count, Summary, and a link to the fic on AO3 where it was originally posted and made available by the author.

Example 2: If you click the “AU Categories” section from the Table of Contents, you will be directed to the “AU Categories” page where you will find a list of AU categories.

Let’s say that from the “AU Categories” page you’re interested in the ‘Fake Dating’ category. You simply click the ‘Fake Dating’ category, and now you have a list of ‘Fake Dating’ AU fics organized by Author, Title, Chapters, Word Count. Summary, and a link to the fic on AO3 where it was originally posted and made available by the author.

Same goes for the “Master List” and “Smut” sections as well.

Navigating between the main sections and throughout the document:

Each of the four sections has a hyperlink that will take you back to the Table of Contents in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Each individual category has two hyperlinks, both in the upper left hand corner of the page.

1) The “Table of Contents” hyperlink will, you guessed it, take you back to the Table of Contents.
2) The specific category hyperlink will take you back to the main section of whatever category you’re currently in. (For example: If you’re in the ‘Season 2’ category, clicking the “Canon” hyperlink will take you back to the “Canon” page. If you’re in the ‘Fake Dating’ AU category, clicking the “AU Categories” hyperlink will take you back to the “AU Categories” page.)

How do I know I am looking at the most recent version of the Clexa Fanfic Master List?

The Master List will be updated periodically as we add more fics and as more fics are completed. You can find the most recent version of the document by checking our @clexarkives blog! We will also keep an updated link to the master list in our individual Tumblr bios (@ayokidd & @swan-heda).

Isn’t the Clexa Fanfic Master List basically like AO3 and FF? Why create a separate document?

Yes and no. We’re hopeful that the Clexa Fanfic Master List will give you more control over your fic reading than using AO3 or your web browser alone. If you’re like me (really neurotic and anal), you might also hate having 1,000 bookmarks saved on A03 and your computer browser that you have to search through every time you’re looking for a specific fic, and you might desire a higher level of organization and control. This document will help bring fics right to your desktop. We will update with fics we find and any fics you send us, which delivers a “master list” of not only your personal bookmarks, but everyone else’s as well!

This document is intended to make searching for new fics to read and keeping track of fics you’ve already read as easy as possible. Using Excel functions like “search” make it possible to find any specific fic you may be looking for anywhere in the document, on a specific page, or in a specific category.

Once you download the Excel file, you can edit, change, and personalize the document however you’d like! You can highlight fics you’ve read, sort by chapter or word count, or color code or rank fics based on whatever system you want to create. You can even delete fics or fic categories that aren’t for you if you know you’ll never read them. The world is your oyster! (…or more so this doc is your oyster?…)

Can I make suggestions for the Clexa Fanfic Master List ?

ABSOLUTELY!!! We both love fanfiction. We both read A LOT of fanfiction. However, we are only two people, and there are likely many fics we have yet to include (this IS a first draft after all), so:

READERS: If your favorite fics aren’t listed and you’d like them to be, tell us and we’ll add them! (Please also tell us if you’d like to see a specific category added - if there are fics written that fit it, we’ll add it!)

AUTHORS: If your fics aren’t listed and you’d like them to be (there are A LOT of fics and chances are if it’s not included, we just didn’t get to yours yet!), please tell us and we’ll add them! If your fics ARE listed, but you don’t want them to be, please tell us and we’ll remove them! Also, let us know if you disagree with the category we placed your fic into and suggest a new one, and we’ll move it!

EVERYONE: PLEASE reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, advice, love, dislike (polite, respectful dislike) etc. you have to offer! Please feel free to contact us in any way you feel comfortable, anonymously or not (reply to this post, message us, flood our ask boxes, send us submissions, etc.) We are both super friendly and would love some feedback! Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see in future versions, etc. Any feedback you provide us with will only make the subsequent updated editions of the document even better. This is, after all, for each and every one of you.


May We Meet Again,

Swan-Heda and Ayokidd

Since people keep asking so here is a list of my favorite fics (all Larry) I have bolded the MUST READS!

Gods & Monsters - (on ao3) The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did. 

Marking Up the Atmosphere - (on ao3)  That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.

So grab your passport and my hand - (on ao3)  The one in which Louis plays football and Harry sings a lot, and somehow that means they’re meant to be. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

The Finish Line (Is a Good Place for us to Start - (on ao3)  Louis Tomlinson, one-time Formula 1 World Champion, is looking forward to the 2013 season. He’s got Zayn in his garage and Liam in his ear, he’s got Cowell Racing backing him despite former indiscretions, he’s got experience and the best race car out there. Not to mention he’s the only racer they have, after Oliver dropped out late last year.

Love is a Rebellious Bird - (on ao3)  AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

As You Are - (on ao3)  AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

Into the Blue - (on ao3)  AU. In which Louis is Harry’s scuba instructor and quite happy to provide the requested special treatment, pun fully intended. It can’t be all that difficult to convince Harry that they’re on the same page, right? Also, Niall and Liam may or may not be dating, and Zayn is surrounded by emotionally stunted idiots. He bears it with dignity.

Another Hazy May - (on ao3) louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

We are Honey and the Bee - (on ao3) au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

Don’t Look Down - (on ao3)  AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes - (on ao3)  Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

You You You - (on ao3)  Or, the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.

And Then a Bit - (on ao3)  Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

Young & Beautiful - (on ao3) Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Pull me Under - (on ao3)   AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Truth be Told (I Never Was Yours) - (on ao3)  (or the one where Louis and Harry have a complicated past, Louis is getting married to someone that’s not Harry, and the universe has decided to have a laugh and make Harry the wedding planner.)

We’re Okay - (on ao3) It’s funny, really, that their lives hadn’t intercepted before that point. That all it took was one little thing that set off a chain reaction of circumstances which led them all to each other. But it was for the best, really, because in the end, with each other, they were all okay.And if you asked them, the whole thing could be blamed on Liam sleeping in, for once in his life.

Sing When You’re Winning - (on ao3)  Harry is fifteen minutes late to the office on the day Louis Tomlinson comes out as gay.

May You Enjoy Your New Life - (on ao3) It begins for them all at the bungalow –'Alright, time to lay out the cards. We’re in this together and hopefully, for the long haul, yeah? So I think – you know, we should just be honest. It’s deal-breakers time. That thing that like, if we’re gonna hate you or something, just tell us all now.’

No One Does it Better - (on ao3) Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met.

Without the Bitter, the Sweet isn’t as Sweet - (on ao3) A year after One Direction’s fiery break-up, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are thrown together as they face the unwanted task of a reunion concert. As their lives become intertwined once again, past wounds and secrets will resurface as they struggle to deal with the unexpected turn of events.

Learning to Breathe - (on ao3)  He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

Empty Skies - (on ao3) For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?

Smoke & Mirrors - (on ao3)  Every time anyone joked about Louis and Harry’s close bond, calling them ‘boyfriends’ or whatnot, it caused a fluttering feeling in the pit of Harry’s stomach. He wasn’t sure what it meant. He hadn’t really thought of Louis too much in a romantic sense. They were friends – really good friends. But there was something about it. Harry loved Louis almost more than he loved any other human being on the planet. He loved him so much. They were the best of friends. Harry supposed the feeling derived from that. He wasn’t sure. He just knew he probably wouldn’t make it in life without Lou in it.

Hooray!  Fall is finally here, you guys!  And with this wonderful season, and the month of September, comes new fun adventures and challenges!

For many of you, it’s back to school time.  By now, you’re settled back into the routine of the school year and you might be getting overwhelmed.  Whether you’re dealing with the stress of good grades, extracurricular activities, loneliness, or even bullying, I know you can use this hug.  Even if you’re not in school, stress piles on starting right about now for the holiday season and the impending end of the year, as well as for things that I couldn’t even begin to pretend I know about, so I know you deserve a hug.  I wish I could actually come right to you guys and pull you in for a great big bear-hug, but I don’t believe that’s possible (…yet).

So, for now, please accept these few words of encouragement. I know you’re trying your best, and I know that you’re doing your best, but no matter what kind of stressful situation you’re in right now, it does get better.  Please keep your mental health in check, and please take time every day for yourself.  You deserve at least a 15 minute break to breathe every day, and you deserve to feel happy.  While you can’t hibernate away the rest of this year like a bear, you can take a few minutes for yourself.

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I’ve been stockpiling tons of writing resources over the years, and I got bored and decided to organize all of them and make a masterpost.  Enjoy!


21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Tips From Great Authors

34 Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better Writer

Things Almost Every Author Needs To Research

Eight Short Story Tips

How To Stop Procrastinating

Ten Exercises In Creativity

How To Show (Not Tell)

Ten Ways To Avoid Writing Insecurity

Why Research Is Important In Writing

Five Ways To Get Out Your Comfort Zone

Seven Ways To Use Brain Science To Hook Readers And Reel Them In

The Difference Between Good And Bad Writers

Five Essential Story Ingredients

Formatting Your Manuscript

Four Ways To Have Confidence In Your Writing

Best Apps For Writers

Online Whiteboard

This Sentence Has 5 Words

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips

The Official Ten-Step Guide to Becoming the Next Gatsby

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

34 Writing Tips that will make you a Better Writer

50 Free resources that will improve your writing skills

5 ways to get out of the comfort zone and become a stronger writer

10 ways to avoid Writing Insecurity

The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Insecurity

The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers

You’re Not Hemingway - Developing Your Own Style

7 Ways to use Brain Science to Hook Readers and Reel them In

8 Short Story Tips from Kurt Vonnegut

How to Show, Not Tell

5 Essential Story Ingredients

How to Write Fiction that grabs your readers from page one

Why research is important in writing

Make Your Reader Root for Your Main Character

Writing Ergonomics (Staying Comfortable Whilst Writing)

Do you have trouble creating your titles?

On being a co-writer || Additional tips on effective co-writing

The length of a chapter

How to deal with too many story ideas

On writing two stories simultaneously || a similar ask

When a story stops working


Reading critically for writers

The question of outlining

Avoiding publishing scams

Finding story ideas

Tips on building a platform [guest blog]

How much does writing “in genre” matter?

What a “real writer” is

Pennames and aliases

A series of thoughts on series titles

The self-pub miniseries: the why

The self-pub miniseries: the what

Rewriting fanfiction into original fiction

Formatting long quotes and songs

General Writing Tips

Improve Your Writing Habits Now

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing

Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing

4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing

Writing Better Than You Normally Do

How’s My Driving?

Avoiding Unfortunate Implications

Begin A Novel

Finishing Your Novel

Creating Conflict

Show Not Tell

Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone

A Guide To Writing Sci-Fi

Naming The Story

The Right Point Of View

Essential Story Ingredients

Writing Fantasy Masterpost

Five Rules For Thrillers

Pacing Action Scenes

Writing Races

Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

Dos and Don’t of Writing

How To Avoid Tense Change

Seven Steps To A Perfect Story

How To Write A Novel

Finishing Your Novel

Novel Outlining 101

Outline Your Novel In 30 Minutes

13 Most Common Errors On A Novels First Page

How To Organize And Develop Ideas For Your Novel

7 steps to the perfect story

7 Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make


creative writing prompts

Imagination Prompt Generator

Writing Exercises

*Creative Writing Prompts

Drabble Stuff

Prompts List

Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompts

How to Get Into Character

Writing Challenges/Prompts

A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs

Para Prompts & Ideas

Writing Prompts for Journal Entries

A List of Para Starters

Prompt Generator Lists

Creative Writing Prompts

Story Starting Sentences

Story Spinner

Story Kitchen

Writing Prompt Generator

Quick Story Generator

Dramatic Scenes

Plot Bank

Masterpost of Writing Execrises

Writers Block?

Visual and word prompts on pinerest boards

Drabble Stuff

Prompts List

Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompts

How to Get Into Character

Writing Challenges/Prompts

A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs

Para Prompts & Ideas

A List of Para Starters

Prompt Generators

Writing Prompt Generators


Tip of my tongue


List of Unusual Words


Cut Up Machine

Orion’s Arm

Word Frequency Counter

Phrase Frequency Counter

My Writing Nook

Writer: The Internet Typewriter

The Forge

One Word

Confusing Words

Cliché Finder

Write or Die - Stay motivated

Stay Focused - Tool for Chrome, lock yourself out of distracting websites

My Writing Nook - Online Text Editor, Free - Online Mind Map Application, Free

Family Echo - Online Family Tree Maker, Free

Freemind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable

Xmind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable

Liquid Story Binder - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $45.95; Windows,


Scrivener - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $39.95; Mac

SuperNotecard - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $29; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable

yWriter - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free; Windows, Linux, portable

JDarkRoom - Minimalist Text Editing Application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable

AutoRealm - Map Creation Application; free; Windows, Linux with Wine

Online Brainstorm

Family Tree Maker

Stay Focused

Writeometer App

Hemingway App

The Writing Café (My personal favorite)

Reference for Writers

The Writing Realm

website that helps with editing

website that helps with organization!

writing board - plan family trees, timelines etc with pictures and videos


writing ref

wonderful writing resources masterlist

the ULTIMATE writing masterpost

Writing References

Writing Masterpost

Writing Help for Writers

Ultimate Writing Resource List

Lots of RP Guides

Online Writing Resources

List of Websites to Help You Focus

Helpful Links for Writing Help

General Writing Resources

Mental Ilnesses/Disorders Guides

The Ultimate Writing Masterpost

Masterlist: Jobs

Martha’s Vineyard Job Masterlist

Masterlist: Para Ideas

HUGE masterpost (X) (X) (X)

Claire’s Super Exciting Writing Masterpost


Backhanding procrastination

On habits and taking care of yourself || Response

More troubles with writing motivation

The inner critic and ways to fight it

The writing life is hard on us

For troubles with starting your story

Writing to be published

“You’re a writer, will you write this for me?”

Writing a story that’s doomed to suck

Writing stamina builds slowly

When depression goes and writing goes with it

Additional inner critic strategies

Tips on conquering NaNoWriMo (or any project, really)

You will change as a writer

Ways to keep writing while in school

13 quick tips when you’re starting your novel

First draft blues

Getting in your own way

Getting Inspired


music to help you write

Things to listen to while you write:

  • Coffitivity

  • August Ambience

  • Rainy Mood

  • Forest Mood

  • SimplyNoise

  • Soundrown

  • iSerenity

  • Nature Sound Player

  • myNoise

Music to help you write! (X)

Music Inspiration for Writing Fighting/Intense Scenes

Music to Make You Feel Awesome/Happy

Music to Influence You to Write

*Ink Provoking

*Story Starter

*Story Spinner

*Story Kitchen

*Language is a Virus

*The Dabbling Mum

Quick Story Idea Generator

Solve Your Problems By Simply Saying Them Out Loud

Busting Your Writing Rut

Creative Acceleration: 11 Tips To Engineer A Productive Flow

Writing Inspiration, Or Sex on a Bicycle

Free Association, Active Imagination, Twilight Imaging


Improve Your Writing Habits Now

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing

Getting Over Roleplaying Insecurities

Improve Your Paras

Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing

4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing

Writing Better Than You Normally Do

How’s My Driving?


writers block (1) (2)

Some Tips on Writer’s Block

Got Writer’s Block?

6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

How to: Cure Writer’s Block

Tips for Dealing With Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block? No problem

Writer’s Block Resource

A Guide to Writer’s Block

911 Writers block?

99 Ways To Beat Writers Block

How to: Cure Writer’s Block


You’ve finished your manuscript! Now what?

Revision sucks but doesn’t have to suck

Where to find beta readers/critique partners

Tips on taking critique

Tips on giving critique

What to do with bad writing advice

Additional insight on bad writing advice

Five quick steps to get into revising that manuscript

When to say you’re done revising

Beginning the awesome journey of revision

Friends are not always the best readers

General Revision Tips

Cliché Finder

Reading What You’ve Wrote So Far

Revising A Novel

Writing 101: Revising Your Novel

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

things to remember while editing your work

How To Rewrite

Editing Recipe


get to know your character fill in sheet

writing specific character types

Family Tree Maker

Tips For Characterization

mary sue litmus test

The Importance Of Body Language

Possible Careers for Characters

Character Writing Exercise

123 Ideas For Character Flaws

Three Ways To Avoid Lazy Character Description

How To Create Fictional Characters

Writing Magical Characters

Character Development Sheet

Character Development Worksheet

Character Chart

Character Chart For Fiction Writers

100 Character Development Questions For Writers

Ten Questions For Creating Believable Characters

Ten Days Of Character Building

Writing Specific Characters

Character Guides

10 days of Character Building

Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Seven Common Character Types

Handling a Cast of Thousands Part 1 - Getting To Know Your Characters

Web Resources for Developing Characters

Building Fictional Characters

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Character Building Workshop

Tips for Characterization

Character Chart for Fiction Writers

Villains are people too but…

How to Write a Character Bible

Character Development Exercises

All Your Characters Talk the Same - And They’re Not A Hivemind!

100 Character Development Questions for Writers

Aether’s Character Development Worksheet

The 12 Common Archetypes

Six Types of Courageous Characters

Kazza’s List of Character Secrets - Part 1, Part 2

Creating Believable Characters With Personality


Bad Asses

Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Emotional Detachment


The Girl Next Door

Introverts (2)

Mean Persons (2)


Party Girls

Rich (2)



Serial Killers (2)

Shyness (2, 3)


Villains (2)


Body Language Cheat Sheet

Creating Fictional Characters Series

Three Ways to Avoid Lazy Character Description

Character Development Questionnaire

How to Create Fictional Characters

Character Name Resources

Character Development Template

Character Development Through Hobbies

Character Flaws List

10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters

Ari’s Archetype Series

How to Craft Compelling Characters

List of 200 Character Traits

Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex

Making Your Characters Likable

Do you really know your characters?

Loon’s Character Development Series - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Phobia List A-L (Part 1), M-Z (Part 2)

30 Day In Depth Character Development Meme

Eight Bad Characters

High Level Description of the Sixteen Personality Types

How Not to Write Female Characters

Writing Female Characters

How to write empowering female characters

Why I write strong female characters

Red Flags for Female Characters Written by Men

Writing strong female characters

The Female Character Flowchart

Eight Heroine Archetypes

Eight Hero Archetypes

A tip about realistic characters

Strategies to create believable characters

Additional tips on writing PoC characters

Advice on writing genders

Creating unstable characters

Ambiguous Antagonists

A tidbit on psychological trauma [trigger warnings]

On writing accents

What makes characters stick with me

Sweetening up character description

Making an introverted character stand out

Conveying too much or too little character “inner reflection”

Revealing a character’s asexual orientation

Revealing a character’s gender & orientation

A habit of killing characters

When characters aren’t standing out

Breaking hearts with character deaths

Quick tips on expressing character

Character development versus pacing

A mini guide to character voice

Writing A Vampire

Writing Pansexual Characters

Writing Characters on the Police Force

Writing Drunk Characters

Writing A Manipulative Character

Writing A Friends With Benefits Relationship

Writing A Natural Born Leader

Writing A Flirtatious Character

Writing A Nice Character

Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Villains

Five Traits to Contribute to an Epic Villain

Writing Villains that Rock

Writing British Characters

How To Write A Character With A Baby

On Assassin Characters

Types of Voice

55 Words to Describe Someone’s Voice

Showing Character Emotion

Character Motivation

Writing Characters Of Colour

More On Writing Characters Of Colour

Describing A Character’s Skin Colour

All Characters Talk The Same

Character Description

100 Character Development Questions

Character Development Questionnaire

30 Day Character Development Meme

Character Development Check List

Character Development Through Hobbies

List Of Character Secrets - Part 1 - Part 2

Mysterious Characters

Flat Characters

European Characters

Creating Believable Characters

Writing A Character Who Has Lost Someone Important

Writing A Drunk Character

Writing Manipulative Characters

Writing Vampires

Writing Witty Characters

Writing Natural Born Leaders

Writing Rebellious Characters

Writing Hitmen

Writing Indifferent Distance Characters

Writing Bitchy Characters

Writing Popular Characters

Writing Rich Characters

Writing Child Characters

Writing Villains

Villain Archetypes

Writing Stalkers

Avoiding LGBTQ Stereotypes

Writing Homosexuals as a Heterosexual

Writing Males as a Female

Writing Convincing Male Characters

Writing Characters Of The Opposite Sex

Revealing A Characters Gender

The Roles Of Characters

Creating Fictional Characters From Scratch

Creating A Strong, Weak Character

Writing Characters Using Conflict And Backstory

Writing A Character Based On Yourself

Switching Up A ‘Too-Perfect’ Character

Help I Have A Mary-Sue!

Biography Writing

Connections (2)




Addictions and Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Character Habits

Character Quirks

Phobias (2)


300 Possible Secrets to Give Your Characters

I Bet You Didn’t Know..

Character Plots And Secrets (2)

Celebrity Secrets

Secret Masterlist


Song Lyrics Masterlist

Favorite Quotes: TV and Movies

Favorite Quotes: Notable Authors

Favorite Quotes: Celebrities

Favorite Quotes: Popular Books (2)

Quotes From Songs

Character Quotes

Masterlist of Song Lyrics

Biography Lyrics

A Masterlist of Quotes


The Quotation Garden

Mary Sue’s

A Mary Sue In The Inbox

Your Character Is A Sue, Not Just A Mary Or Gary

Not Writing A Mary Sue

Character Developement

Character Development Questionaire

Character Surveys

C.D. Questionaire

30 Day Character Development Meme

Character Development Questions (2)

100 Pt. Questionaire

IC and OOC Surveys

Online Test for Character Building

30 Days of Character Development

How to: Develop Characters

Get To Know Your Characters

Character Flaws

Body Language (X)

Character Flaws

Guide to Making an Original Character

Guide to Character Development

100+ Character Development Questions for Writers

How Your Character Views the World

Body language (cheat sheet)

Character Development Questions (2)

Difference Between Personality and Behavior

Writing Specific Characters

Character Guides


Bad Asses

Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Emotional Detachment


The Girl Next Door

Introverts (2)

Mean Persons (2)


Party Girls

Rich (2)



Serial Killers (2)

Shyness (2, 3)


Villains (2)


How to Play a Sociopath

How to Write a College Student in New York City

How to Write an Extreme Feminist

How to Play a Soccer Player

How to Write a Character Who Self Harms

How to Play a Neat Freak

How to Play a Female Bartender

How to Play a Military Brat

How to Play a Comic Relief Character

How to Play a Suicidal Character

How to Play a Gay or Lesbian Character

How to Portray a Bitchy/Vicious Character

How to Write a British Character

How to Write a Character with Memory Loss

How to Write a Character with Dyslexia

How to Write a Character with Insomnia

How to Write a Male Character

How to Write a Character Who Suffers from Depression

How to Write a Southern Character

How to Write a Character from Michigan (I’m from Michigan and this is 100% accurate, I’m not even joking.)

How to Write Miscarriage

How to Write a Smart/Clever Character

Writing A Flirtatious Character

what motivates your characters

Resources for Writing Bio’s

Body Language Cheat

Body Language Reference Cheat

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Types of Crying

Body Language: Mirroring

Sympathy Without Saintliness

Family Echo (Family Tree Maker)

Body Language Cheat

Body Language Reference Cheat

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Types of Crying

Body Language: Mirroring

Ways to Reveal Character

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Villains are people too but…


Character Bio Help

Components of Your Biographies

Character sheet (2, 3)

Need Help With Character Creation?

How to: Draw Inspiration for Characters From Music

How to: Write a Biography (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

How to: Write a Fully Developed Character

How to: Create a Cast of Characters (2)

Writing an Original Character (2, 3)

Creating Believable Characters (2, 3)

Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Little Things You Can Add To Your Bios

Bio Twists

Songs for Biographies

Masterlist of Bio Lyrics

Masterlist of Bio Quotes

Biography Lyrics

Writing a BIO

Character Biography Help

Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

BIO help


unisex names

fictional people and place names generator

Online Etymology Dictionary

7 Rules Of Picking Names For Fictional Characters

Names In Different Time Periods

Behind The Name

Meaning Of Names

Fake Name Generator

Random Name Generator

Quick Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

Baby Names Country

Muslim Names And Meanings

Indian Names And Meanings

Name Playground

Location and Setting name generator

Name Generators

Name Playground

Medieval Names Archive

Behind The Name

7 Rules for Picking Names for Fictional Characters

7 Rules For Picking Names

Character Names

Character Name Resources

Surnames Masterpost

Female Names (2, 3, 4, 5)

Male Names (2, 3, 4, 5)

Last Names  (2, 3, 4)


Last Names  (2, 3, 4)

Help on picking character names


Character Trait Masterlist

List to Character Traits

Character Traits Descriptive Adjectives

Character Trait List

List of Character Traits

Character Trait Examples

Character Traits

Character Traits

Positive Personality Traits

638 Primary Personality Traits

Positive Character Traits

The 10 Most Important Personality Traits for Career Success

Traits of Human Consciousness

List of Positive Personality Traits

Personal Qualities List

Negative Personality Traits

List of Negative Personality Traits

List of Negative Personality Traits

10 Traits you will be Hated for

Negative Character Traits

List of Virtues

List of Vices

Character Trait Generator

Character Development: Virtues

Character Development: Vices

Character Morality Alignment

List of Negative Personality Traits

List of Positive Personality Traits

MBTI Personality Test

MBTI Personality Descriptions

123 Character Flaws

Character Trait Cheat Sheet

List of Personality Traits

Character Virtues And Vices

Underused Personalities

Write Real People Generator

Jung’s 16 Personality Types

Underused Character Personalities

Birth-Order: Personality Traits

The Difference Between Personality and Behavior

How to: Show a Characters Personality In a Paragraph

16 Character Traits

Underused Personalities

Personality Traits

Positive (2)

Negative (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Both (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Masterpost For Writers Creating Their Own World

World Building 101

Creating A Believable World

Maps Workshop - Developing The Fictional World Through Mapping

Creating Fantasy And Science Fiction Worlds

Writing Fantasy


Creating The Perfect Setting

City Map Generator

Clevergirlhelps’ Brilliant Post on City Planning

Thewritingcafe’s Brilliant Post on City Planning

Streets VS Monuments

How to create a grid in Photoshop

City Brushes

Cities to inspire you (1)(2)(3)(4)

How Geography Affects Climate

How Streets Evolve as Cities Grow

History of Building Materials


Magical Word Builder’s Guide

I Love The End Of The World

World Building 101

The Art of Description: Eight Tips to Help Bring Your Settings to Life

Creating the Perfect Setting - Part 1

Creating a Believable World


Character and Setting Interactions

Maps Workshop - Developing the Fictional World Through Mapping

World Builders Project

How To Create Fantasy Worlds

Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

Average Weather Settings


World Building 101

Bringing Settings To Life

Creating A Believable World

Mapping A Fictional World

Mapping Your World

Religion in Setting

5 Editing Tips




California (2, 3)

England/Britain (2, 3, 4, 5)

New York



The South (2)

Popular Places to Eat

Useful Geographical Descriptors for Writers

Tips on Creating a Fictional Town in America

Average Weather for Your Setting

How to Create Your Own World

A Guide to Los Angeles

Average weather for your setting

fantasy world map generator


Eye Color List

A Description Resource

55 Words to Describe Someones Voice

Describing Skin Colors

Describing a Person: Adding Details

A Description Resource

55 Words to Describe Someones Voice

Describing Skin Colors

Describing a Person: Adding Details

Be More Descriptive

Describe a Character’s Look Well

100 Words for Facial Expressions

To Show and Not To Tell

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

Describing colors

Sweetening up character description

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

Describing Clothes

Be More Descriptive

Describe a Character’s Look Well

Words for Emotions based on Severity

Words that could come in handy when describing skin tones

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

words to describe someone’s voice

Be More Descriptive

Types Of Crying

Eye Colours

Skin Tones

Shades Of Hair

Writing Eye Colors

Hair Color Reference Chart

A couple tips about description in fast-paced scenes


Grammar is a tricksy thing

How To Rewrite

Editing Recipe

Cliche Finder

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

Writing 101: Revising A Novel

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

Synonyms for the Most Commonly Used Words of the English Language

Grammar Urban Legends

Words Instead of Walk (2)

Commonly Confused Adjectives

A Guide on Punctuation

Common Writing Mistakes

25 Synoms for ‘Expession’

How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups

Other Ways to Say..


300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

List of Misused Words

Words for Sex

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

Words to Use More Often

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

Three Self Editing Tips

Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’

Synonyms for Common Words

Alternatives for ‘Smile’

Transitional Words

The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’

Synonyms for ‘Wrote’

A Case Of She Said, She Said

Words Instead of Walk (2)

Commonly Confused Adjectives

A Guide on Punctuation

Common Writing Mistakes

25 Synoms for ‘Expession’

How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups

Other Ways to Say..


300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

List of Misused Words

Words for Sex

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

Words to Use More Often

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

Three Self Editing Tips

Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’

Synonyms for Common Words

Alternatives for ‘Smile’

Transitional Words

The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’

Synonyms for ‘Wrote’

A Case Of She Said, She Said

Words to Use Instead of “Whispered”

List of Adjectives for Movements (Fast)

List of Adjectives for Movements (Slow)

List of Adjectives for Touch & Feel

List of Adjectives for Taste

List of Adjectives for Smell

List of Adjectives for Hearing (Soft Sounds)

List of Adjectives for Hearing (Loud Sounds)

List of Adjectives for Personal Traits & Characteristics

List of Adjectives for Characters

List of Adjectives for Resumes (Self-Descriptive)

List of Adjectives for Mood

List of Adjectives for Action/Actions

List of Adjectives for Shapes & Patterns

List of Adjectives for Slight Words

Colors in Writing

List of Adjectives for the Color Red

List of Adjectives for the Color Blue

List of Adjectives for the Color Yellow & Orange

List of Adjectives for the Color Green

List of Adjectives for the Color White

List of Adjectives for the Color Purple

List of Adjectives for the Color Black & Grey

List of Adjectives for the Color Brown

Need Help with a Word?

Commonly Used Terms & Phrases: Internet Edition

Pick Up Lines

Insult Generators

Rare Words

Describing Emotions Chart

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

alternatives to “whispered”

20 most common grammatical errors

alternatives to “said”

alternatives to “whispered”

Urban Legends From The World Of Grammar

20 Common Grammar Mistakes

Synonyms For Said

Alternatives For But

Alternatives For Angry

Alternatives For Whispered

200 Words To Describe Light

45 Ways To Avoid Saying Very

Colour Names

Other Ways To Say…

Lay vs Lie

Make Words Longer

Words And Meanings

Common English Mistakes

Tip Of My Tongue

Cliche Finder

8 Words You Should Avoid While Writing

Alternatives To Said

Avoid Saying ‘Very…’

100 Ways To Say Good

Synonyms For Common Words

Urban Legends On Grammar

Common Grammar Mistakes

90 Words For ‘Looks’

100 Words for Facial Expressions

To Show and Not To Tell

List of Actions

Remember your word!

Random sentence/word/paragraph generator

Word References (X) (X) (X)

Lay vs. lie

List of Actions

The literary “weak verb”

Do you have word tics?

Victoria’s Vitamins: vague descriptive words

Victoria’s Vitamins: mood

Breaking writing habits

Varying sentences

Purple prose

“Smartening” the language of your narrative


Dialogue Tips

Realistic Dialogue

Flirty Dialogue

On Dialogue

It’s Not What They Say…

Top 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue

Speaking of Dialogue

The Great Said Debate

He Said, She Said, Who Said What?

How to Write Dialogue Unique to Your Characters

Writing Dialogue: Go for Realistic, Not Real-Life


The story of exposition

10 ways to hit your reader in the gut

Make your reader root for your main character

Make your reader hold their breath

What’s the big deal about intros?

A tip about description

The word count of your manuscript

Things that make me keep reading

Choosing ideas and endings

When to describe setting

Battling cliches

Is your story YA, NA, or adult?

When a plot isn’t strong enough to make a whole story

Flashbacks with multiple POVs

Bulking up your word count

Avoiding cliches

Conquer that opening line || response || discussion

Tips on revealing setting awesomely kind of

Deciding between different ideas for the same story


wheel of emotions

emotions vocabulary  

degrees of emotions

List of Emotions - Positive

List of Emotions - Negative

Emotions Vocabulary

Words For Emotions Based On Severity\

Emotions Vocabulary

Emotions Vocabulary for Writers

Describing Emotions Chart

Tone, Feelings and Emotions

Degrees of Emotion


free fonts

loads of fonts

Hand Written Fonts:


words that don’t exist in english

relationship words that can’t translate into english

tip of my tongue - word finder

language sites!

more uncommon language sites - including afrikaans, gaelic and greek


Establishing The Right Point Of View

How To Write In Third Person

The I Problem



  • The Little Ways a Ship Gets Build

  • Roleplaying Relationships

  • 8 Ways to Say I Love You

  • How to: Make a Set Ship RP Work

  • How to: Write a Romantic Scene

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Relationships

  • Putting a Label on It

  • Synonyms for Love

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Relationships

  • Genre Help: Romance

  • Age Differences in a Relationship

  • 101 Date Ideas

  • 68 Date Ideas

  • 22 Date Ideas


  • How to: Write a Kiss (2)

  • Different Types of Kisses

  • Writing Out the First Kiss

  • how to write a kiss

  • All About Kissing


Eras Masterlist

Everything You Need to Know Abut the 20’s

20’s Slang

Primary Sources on Ancient Civilizations

How to: Play the Greek Goddess ‘Harmonia’

How to: Roleplay In the Victorian Era

Victorian Dialogue

The 1890’s

The 1950’s


Survive Nature

The Limits Of The Human Body

The Complete Guide To Knife Blades

How To Escape After Being Buried Alive In A Coffin

Ship Plans

Survival Skills Masterpost

Mental Illness

Limits Of The Human Body

Stages of Decomposition

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Importance Of Body Language

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Books Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see other mood boards as H+L fics, click here!)

Special thanks to @becomeawendybird for inspiration with these, and for letting me borrow from her amazing world of Far Afield - go read it immediately! 

Top Left: Librarian Harry
Harry loves his job at the library, but he would be lying if he said he never got a little… bored. That is until Louis starts frequenting his branch and taking full advantage of Harry’s extensive knowledge of all things research related. Harry assumes Louis is just in a unique field of study, until it becomes painfully obvious that Louis long ago ran out of legitimate material to look up. But Harry’s never had such a good time at work, so he doesn’t say anything – even when Louis requests information on things like medieval furniture, the history of nudist colonies, or beekeeping in the 21st century. 

Top Middle: Strangers to Lovers
Louis’ neighborhood bookstore has recently implemented a “Take One, Leave One” program, and Louis is delighted when the first book he finds is by his absolute favorite author. Wanting to return the favor to his mystery donor, he leaves the newest release of said author in its stead. When he returns the next week, the book is gone only to be replaced by another fantastic option – with a little note slipped in the front cover that reads simply “Loved your suggestion, hope you enjoy this one. –H xx”. Wondering who this mysterious H is, Louis continues to leave books (complete with their own increasingly flirty notes) over the next few weeks, until one day he comes to find his newest option includes a note that simply reads “Meet here Friday evening, 6 PM?”  

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 8

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This is one of my favorite chapters to date, this was really fun to write!

(Sentences in brackets are in Russian)

Previous Part 


You woke up early and energized, eager to start the day. After spending most of your morning preparing, you and the rest of the team regroup in the meeting room and went over yesterday’s discussion.

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anonymous asked:

protector is literally killing me. it's BEAUTIFUL. people have spent thousands of years trying to put words to the feeling of being in love and you write that Ache so. fucking. beautifully. /I/ hurt just reading it. thank you so much. that being said, (bc ur taste has won me over forever, BLESS), could you rec some of ur favorite bmc fics? (ik u answered an ask with some awhile back- I was wondering if you had any more?) TYSM in advance and i love you+your work to PIECES 💖💖💖💖

this ask delights me endlessly. thank you so much, anon!! I’ve been sulking over my ch6 draft today so this really helps my anxiety shut up 💕

okay so for anybody who didn’t see it before, here is a post from a while ago where I listed some of my favorite bmc fics. since then, I’ve been able to add several more fics to my catalogue of faves, so here’s some more fics I didn’t get to rec last time! all of them are boyfs except for one pinkberry fic!

Engagement Sequence by Kalopsia / @danisnotofire

“You shot my fucking client,” Michael growls. The phone, on speaker a few inches away, practically rattles with Michael’s vaguely concealed anger.

“No,” Jeremy says, his voice calm as he carefully folds his one good suit and places it into his bag. He has no idea who he’s talking about, but it doesn’t matter. “I shot my fucking mark.”

There’s silence on the other end, and for a moment Jeremy thinks he’s hung up. But then he speaks again. “I’m going to shoot you.”

“Find me first,” Jeremy challenges, because this is who the Squip has made him, this is who he is, and clicks the red button to end the call.


Jeremy and Michael are both assassins. They’re not looking, but they find each other anyway.

look, this fic murdered me in a back alley and then dissolved my body in acid and I would 10/10 rec the entire experience. please, for the love of everything, just read this fic. 

ways to cope by KatMelody / @theyugiohtrashcan

“How long?” Michael asks, voice painfully soft.
“Um… I… it was just an acci—”
“Jeremiah. Please don’t lie to me. How long?“

the one in which jeremy heere is so, so bad at keeping secrets.

check the warnings on this one before reading, because it deals with self-harm. but I really loved how the topic was dealt with, and if you’re okay with that kind of subject matter, it’s definitely worth a read.

a crimson headache, aching blush by pondify / @playground-ghost

He supposes that it began, as it always does, with Michael.

this is a very short take on the boyfs as friends with benefits, and the pining in it is exquisite. do you like angst and hotness packed into 865 words?? here is your treat for the day.

I could lay right here and burn in you all day by cataclysma / @lifehateslemons

“You better fucking look at me.”
Jeremy’s response is instant. His eyes snap open, immediately going to meet Michael’s intense gaze. Michael’s eyes are narrowed, dark behind the shields of his glasses. Fuck, he looks really hot like this.

in which jeremy is a kinky fuck and michael’s kink IS jeremy

hello do you like porn featuring 1. submissive jeremy 2. dom michael bossing jeremy around who then 3. immediately turns into a gentle soft boyfriend as soon as jeremy’s gotten what he needs??? here, have some scorching deliciousness.

Work in Progress by Nymm_at_Night / @nymm-kirimoto

Drarrymotter1015 and MoonGoon forge a friendship through fanfiction. On the other side of the screen, Michael and Jeremy try and figure out what’s left of theirs. Otherwise known the Fanfiction Writer! Au nobody asked for, but I wrote anyways.

okay look, you want to laugh your ass off over the boyfs unknowingly writing porn together over the internet?? because this fic’s got A+ banter, genuinely interesting story progression, and painful emotions all rolled up in the guise of the most meta-feeling fic of the year.

a little unsteady by starlithorizons / @starlithorizons

Michael’s hidden domain has always been the rollerskating rink - a home away from home. Jeremy isn’t so suited for the environment.
Maybe he can fix that.

oh my god just READ THIS, I love this fic so much. I’d give it both my kidneys if I could. some really excellent jeremy-michael friendship with a bunch of good pining packed in, as well as some of the best comedy I’ve seen this month.

when i’m close to you (we blend into my favourite colour) by sulfuric / @playertwojer

statistically, most people don’t take more than five seconds to say something to their soulmate after realizing the universe has paired them together. brooke and chloe take approximately six years, but better late than never, right?

this is a pinkberry fic (with a hint of boyfs) that really hits it out of the park with the soulmate trope. poignant, sweet, and full of growing pains. it’s top quality pinkberry material that spans over their entire friendship. 

*also there are exactly four WIPs in the fandom that I actually read and I’d die for all of them (I’d highly rec EVERYTHING from the following writers)

no such mirrors by Kalopsia / @danisnotofire

Jeremy didn’t know of any other superhero that had to commute.

Sometimes he was alone when he got the text, and it was easy to slide open the window and sling on over to whatever disaster was striking the City That Could Never Catch a Break. Other times it was during things like his parent’s divorce hearings, in Hackensack, and he’d have to spend his bar mitzvah money on a cab ride to the bridge and change into his spandex in the bathroom of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Even at home, he’d have to spend fifteen minutes slinging webs across highways and toll booths and the George Washington Bridge before he even saw what he was up against.

At least Christine could fly.

(or, the AU nobody asked for in which Jeremy is Spiderman and the rest of the crew has superpowers, except Michael, who has No Idea About Anything except for the fact he’s Spiderman’s #1 fan)

am I repeating an author in this list?? of course I am. surely you’ve heard of this spiderman au fic. no? then you better read it. it doesn’t pull any punches, seriously, and I’ve never been happier to be beaten up by a fic.

Brightly Wound by left_uncovered / @left-uncovered

Michael has loved Jeremy for years. It just takes him a while to figure it out.

Or: the five times Michael pined obliviously for Jeremy, and the one time he realized it.

this is like, peak Pain material, which this author excels at, so I encourage you to read it, because it’ll teach you to enjoy the suffering. funnily enough, I’m pretty sure I followed this writer for their stellar porn, but I always rec the pain. just read all of it.

Like Mother, Like Son by hurricanesunny / @hurricanesunny

Jeremy gets a text from his mom after a year of no contact.

okay this fic is like, the best post-canon fic you’re gonna find in this fandom. I’m not kidding. it’s gut-wrenching and handles so much of the consequences of the musical’s events with such care, and god, it’s an exercise in riding an emotional turbo rollercoaster. if a fic could save a life, it’d be this one.

is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine by reptilianraven / @actualbird

“How do you say ‘I love you’?”

“Oh, wow, holy shit,” Michael coughs. Is his face warm? It better fucking not be. Pull yourself together, Mell. Breathe. “Where’d this sudden romantic side of you come from?”

Jeremy, uncharacteristically calm, shrugs. “I figure it could be a nice icebreaker for Christine, or something? I don’t know. It’s stupid, you don’t have to tea—”

Mahal kita,” Michael says. The things he does for this boy. This boy. “I love you in Tagalog is mahal kita.”


The misadventures of Michael Mell, pining best friend extraordinaire.

everybody who knows me will know that I stan bird so hard and would happily elope with any/all of their writing, so of fucking course I’m reccing this one. honestly, if you’re a bmc fan, this is the must-read fic, and honestly I doubt I need to rec this because everybody knows it already, but I couldn’t skip the opportunity to remind everybody that my bird bias is strong as ever, so.

okay, that’s it for now. happy reading!!

Dear Parents

Hi. How ya doing? Being a parent is weird and hard and rewarding, right? That’s been my experience anyhow. Most of us are trying to do the best we can. There’s a lot expected of us. There’s a lot of pressure in raising a tiny human without fucking up. And I hate to add to your growing list of duties and concerns and necessary steps in raising a happy, healthy person but there’s something really important you need to do.

Teach your children what abuse looks like.

Now, the hardest part about doing that is actually going to be learning yourself what abuse looks like.

“I know what abuse is!” you say.

Sorry. You probably don’t. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely addressing somebody on the other side of the screen that hasn’t been properly educated on the realities of abuse. We’re fed a lot of myths about abuse. You don’t have to be ashamed because society failed to teach you right. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct that error now.

I would suggest you sit down with a copy of Why Does He Do That? (my favorite book so far on the topic written by one of the world’s foremost experts). I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re stretched thin. You probably already lack time to read for pleasure as much as you did before you have kids and now some rando on the internet is assigning you fucking homework? But trust me, it’s worth it.

After that, teach your kids. Teach them what abuse looks like. Teach your sons especially what constitutes abuse and that there is no excuse to justify it and that they alone are responsible for their actions.


There’s lots of ways (and a lot depends on their age). But here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Don’t ever force your children to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to, not even Grandma, not even YOU. This teaches them bodily autonomy and that not even loved ones are entitled to violate their boundaries.
  • Make comments or ask questions about media you consume together to get them to think critically about the ideas presented to them. This might mean saying “hmmm, I wonder why there are so few girls in this movie.” or asking “How do you think [character a] felt when [character b] wouldn’t take no for an answer?” This can be a hard step because you’ll need to train yourself to spot problematic content in the first place. And I’m not saying you can’t watch anything problematic (you might as well give up TV altogether). Just challenge your kids to think about what they see. i.e. If you’re watching Batman the Animated Series you could say “I really don’t like the way Joker treats Harley Quinn. Do you think she deserves that?”
  • Acquire (whether by purchasing or borrowing from a library) positive representation of women and relationships for your children including (and perhaps especially) your sons. The publishing and media industries only market girl-centric stories to female audiences which contributes to boys growing up learning that stories and the world revolve around them. They also tend to only push media that deals with interpersonal relations and emotions on girls, leaving boys with action and violence heavy stories. This can send the message that empathy and emotional labor is for girls.
  • Talk to them, especially older kids and teenagers, particularly when they reach dating age. Invite them to ask questions and talk about their opinions about abuse to get them engaged in the conversation rather than simply lecturing. Take advantage of a captive audience (riding in the car for example) and teach them little bits here and there on a regular basis.
  • Respect your children and allow them reasonable control over their own lives. I’m not saying you should let your kid decide, “nah, I hate shots. I’m skipping my vaccinations.” But you should definitely give them the power of choice as often as you can. Maybe that means letting them dropping soccer for theatre or picking between two options for dinner’s side veggie. The important thing is they are raised in an environment that doesn’t predispose them to accepting total control from someone else.
  • Model healthy relationship dynamics in your own romantic relationship if you have one. This is especially important for dads. Even if you’re not abusive, you may engage in behavior that is based on the same underlying attitudes and entitlement that fuels abuse because society has taught you that it’s all right. It’s on YOU and you alone to recognize and fix that. 
  • Set hard and fast rules in your home regarding respect of women. Don’t allow your kids, especially your sons, to use misogynist language (shut down anything that labels women as inherently crazy or inferior, don’t condone the use of words like bitch or cunt, etc.). And no matter how awkward you feel, make sure you talk to them about the unrealistic and misogynist aspects of most pornography (when age appropriate).
  • Learn and utilize appropriate parenting tools especially regarding punishment vs. consequence, assertive vs. authoritarian parenting, and similar issues to avoid falling into abusive parenting patterns. How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Unconditional Parenting, and many other wonderful books will help you raise emotionally healthy kids with strong self esteem. Remember, there is no shame in seeking education to learn to how parent. It’s a skill like any other and nobody is born knowing how to do it right. But the old joke about wishing there was a parenting manual handed out when you have a baby? It’s only half true. There’s plenty of quality manuals (and unfortunately some shit ones too, so watch out). But you have to go get them yourself.
  • Insist the men and boys in your household participate equally in housework. To do otherwise reinforces the idea that men are entitled to have women take care of even their most basics needs (like a clean home or clean laundry or food to eat). Teaching your daughters to do an oil change and use a power drill is wonderful and great and you should do that too. But it’s arguably even more important to make sure you teach your sons not only how to clean, cook, manage a budget, do the grocery shopping, care for babies, etc. but that is expected of them just as much as it is of any woman.
  • Insist upon comprehensive sex ed programs that cover topics of consent, bodily autonomy, respect, and partner abuse. If your local schools don’t provide them, check for community offerings (the O.W.L. program offered at many Unitarian Churches is one such program and don’t worry, it’s secular). If there’s nothing available, take it into your own hands. Talk to your kids about this stuff and provide them appropriate books and resources on the topic.

Do your best. You won’t be perfect. No parent ever is. But if you try and if you never give up, you’ll more than likely succeed in raising kids that not only aren’t abusive, but that will not be drawn into an abusive relationship.

That said…

If you have teen or adult children you may very well face a situation in which they have either been abused, or accused of abusing someone else. What do you do then? Well, that first book I mentioned (Why Does He Do That?) lays out in detail exactly what family members should and shouldn’t do in these situations. But I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary:

If your child is facing abuse:

  • Believe them. And don’t blame them.
  • Don’t pressure them. Don’t pressure them to give their abuser another chance NOR should you pressure them to leave their abuser.
  • Listen to their needs and offer your support.
  • Give them the respect that their abuser won’t.
  • Get yourself support so that you can vent your sorrows and concerns to somebody else instead of burdening the abuse victim with comforting you.
  • When possible, and only if the victim agrees, offer practical support (such as paying for her to go to therapy, driving her to appointments, etc.).

If you child has been accused of abuse:

  • Believe the victim. Chances are they are telling the truth. When your child makes excuses for their behavior or tries to downplay it, press them on it for details and to describe what they think is their partner’s point of view on the matter. This will often reveal that they are exaggerating and/or lying and that they have not been honestly listening to or empathizing with their partner. Then make sure to talk to the victim and get her side of the story.
  • Do not make excuses for your child. Do not ask the victim to forgive them or give them another chance. Make it clear to your child that you will not participate in talk in which their victim is blamed or dehumanized or otherwise insulted.
  • Make it clear that you expect your child to get into a reputable abuser program (Lundy Bancroft describes what to look for to make sure it’s a good program in his book). Do not tell them to go to therapy or couple’s therapy. Only a program designed to address abuse will do any good and even then, only if the abuser chooses to do the long, hard work of changing. Conventional therapy can often make the situation even worse.

And in either case, avoid provoking the abuser. Chances are the abuser will take it out on their victim in private rather than risk damage to their reputation with you by lashing out at you.

The Room (part 6 of The Concert)

Characters: Rock star! Jensen Ackles, Female!Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 1299

Warnings: Awkwardness, sexual tension. 

Series sumamary: You  finally get to see her favorite singer perform live. In the middle of the show something you never thought would be even possible unexpectedly happens, Jensen Ackles to notices little ol’ you among an ocean of people, resulting in him asking you for a date once the show ends… 

Chapter summary: You’re finally in Jensen’s hotel room, everything’s going great, until he makes a move that might lead into something you’re not sure you want yet…

A/N: Thanks to @nadiandreu7 for the read over. Unbeta’d so yay for mistakes. This part is more like a prelude to a more intense situation that’ll come. Also this is my colaboration for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 17. 

Prompt: “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” 

Join my tag list! Also some feedback would be nice :)

The Concert Masterlist

Originally posted by easy-hard

6) The Room

“I gotta be honest, here…” You turn from the window. Jensen stands by the open suitcase at the end of the bed, looking for a shirt for you to wear.  Your eyes focus on him, the way his black t-shirt tugs around his biceps and his shoulder blades.

“What’s that,” he asks, suddenly facing you forehead wrinkles on show, a grey henley on his hand. You quickly snap out of your trance, a hint of a blush crawls up your face. You cannot see it, but you certainly can feel the heat.

“I thought you’d be the kind of guy with the presidential suite,” you shrug. He smiles a little unsure, a couple of tiny dimples above his mouth let themselves see for a fraction of a second. “You, satin sheets and green gummy bear… yuk!” Your shiver. The room it’s not the most bleak and simple but it isn’t flamboyant and over the top either.

Jensen takes a few steps towards you. “Don’t you like gummy bears?”

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Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 10

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This one’s a bit short, kinda filler-ish, but building up for the next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Expect someone to make their first appearance in the next part! 

Previous Part 

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Well, let’s get this Fanfic Friday party started shall we? I’m super excited, so I am going to SUPER BRAVE and make my announcement of the project I’ve been working on for MONTHS now. It’s not done–I still have work to do BUT I’m close. I’m in the raw data with making things do just what I want and it’s complex because I want a complex system that is simple to use haha SO…here’s what I am working on–and what I need help with from YOU!

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Writing Tools: CTRL-F

One of the most helpful editing tools in whatever program you use to write, whether it be Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Scrivener (switch to Scrivener!!), is the “Find” feature.

Of course, it has a few obvious uses. You can use it to find that one scene where your characters talk about man eating mashed potatoes. You can use the find and replace version to change your character’s last name from Starkiller to Skywalker. But if you’re editing a story and you’re ready to take things a step further, you can use CTRL+F to help you with a myriad of line editing tasks. 

 Passive Voice 

Type “was,” “is,” “were,” etc. into the find feature. Most pages will require a “was” or four, but make sure you’re using “to be” verbs because you actually do need them. Figuring out where you’re using passive voice and eliminating it is never a fun task, but Ctrl+F should make it slightly less painful.

Filler words

There are a number of lists of words you should avoid while writing floating around the internet. Often, words like “quite,” “really,” “that,” ”very” etc. don’t do much of anything except add to your word count and clutter your sentences. Spot the ones you fall victim to most and remove as many as you can. In some situations, this means taking out every single use of the word. 

Weak words

Word choice shouldn’t be your biggest concern in your first draft, but in later drafts, look for vague words like “good,” “bad,” “looked,” “things” etc. Make sure your words actually work to tell your story, and that your descriptions serve to bring your story to life. 

Overused terms

We all have our favorite words, actions, and expressions. Usually, this reveals itself in characters smiling after every line of dialogue, or leaning towards/away, or nodding. I personally love the word “particularly,” describing falling leaves, rummaging creatures, and star-filled skies. 

None of these things are problems, until I notice that every single time my character steps outside, she describes the stars, and the word “particularly” appears three times on a single page. Using the word “particularly” and describing stars aren’t actually problems in and of themselves, but when I use them again and again, it makes the story feel repetitive, the world small, and the writing dull. When you start developing a sense of deja-vu after typing something, use CTRL+F to see how often you do actually repeat yourself. 


  • If it’s a word that is often found within another word, you’ll get both in your results. A way to avoid this is to put a space in front or behind the word. For instance, if you’re searching for the word “in,” this paragraph includes the words “within,” “instance,” and “include,” which would all come up under a search for “in.” Search for “ in “ and you won’t get any extra results in your search.
  • In Microsoft Word, use the sidebar to get a list of every use of a word without having to scroll through the entire document. 

This isn’t to say that Ctrl+Fing weaker writing is a substitute from reading over your entire story for finer edits. It is, however, a great way to target and eradicate some of the more minuscule problems in your writing.

These are all problems that are easy to overlook for the bigger picture. It’s fine for your character to lean toward the table in a scene. But when your computer highlights the fact that your characters “lean” 143 times in your 60,000 word novel, it’s easy to see that you might need that character to do something else every so often.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for using the Find feature while editing!