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now that my exams are over, i can finally do more watercolors videos~ It felt really nice to record and drawing things again~ so have this (happy) crying sans thing i did earlier today while i listen to my angst playlist ^^

Viverti- Mattia Cupellia

first videos in the new apartment

first dan vid: the memeing of life (june 17th 2017)

first phil vid: do i have asmr? (may 7th 2017)

first gaming vid: if dan and phil were girls?! - faceapp (april 29th 2017)

first gaming livestream: the phan-prix - dan and phil vs. subscribers!! (august 26th 2017)

first dan liveshow: everything is different now (may 2nd 2017)

first phil liveshow: jetlag (may 28th 2017)

first joint liveshow: so many boxes!! (april 27th 2017)

first baking vid: remains to be seen

first pinof: phil is not on fire 9 (remains to be seen)

first internet support group: internet support group 10 (remains to be seen)

first sleepless night with phil: a hungry sleepless night with phil (july 30th 2017)

first dan collab: remains to be seen

first phil collab: remains to be seen

first joint collab: remains to be seen

(first vlog): remains to be seen


Kiss Me | Shevine | Ed Sheeran (x)

Delirious mentioning Br*ce in O*m’s latest GTA5 Tron video has me S H O O K

@kimtaehyungl wanted my bts reactors that i watch so here’s a compiled list of people that i thoroughly enjoy. *= people i keep up with.

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Video Masterpost - Stockholm, Sweden 14/06/14


Thor: The Dark World fanvid recs

 • Thor & Loki | Running Up That Hill by gabygal7

 • Thor & Loki | Can’t Pretend by gabygal7

 • Thor & Loki | Brother by frozensify

 • Thor & Loki • Everybody wants to rule the world by ChioProductions

 • Remember Me (Thor:The Dark World) by Frozensify

 • Thor & Loki | I Didn’t Do It For Him by frozensify

 • Frigga, Loki, Thor || Tears of an angel

 • Loki - Everything That Kills Me by TheMadiSpaz

 • Thor & Loki ► “No Need to Say Goodbye…” (The Call) by DarthxErik

 • Thor+Loki || Freedom Fighters

 • M E R C Y • Thor & Loki by sigyn27

I’m just going to do everyone a favour and share all of the screenshots that I have of Dan and Phil from the Photobooth Challenge. Enjoy.

“And this was the moment Dan  knew, that he had f*cked up.”

And Phil looks horrified…

These are the photos that Dan actually had at the bottom of the screen :p


Someone could very easily photoshop this ;)

“I’m shutting your butt down!”

Phil: “You just kissed your hand.”

Sorry that there’s more Dan xD Feel free to add your own :D I NEED MORE SCREENSHOTS asdfghjkl;