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Life As We Know It - Part 1

Rating: M (Smut, Language, Violence, Adult Themes)


Their lives seemed to be steeped in tragedy. Through it all they had each other until wrong choice brought it all crashing down. Eric had never been able to make up for the mistake he made, but he never stopped trying. Once again tragedy strikes turning everything upside down. Now, for little Ava they will have to come together once more. AU Eric/OC M No War No Divergent Hunts

A/N: This is a completed story that I have posted on another site as well. But thought I would add it here since I just started this account. I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1

The party was in full swing and Eric was already feeling no pain. He wouldn’t say he was drunk but he wasn’t far off. That was fine with him because it’s what he needed. To get drunk and get all the shit in his life off his mind. At least for the night anyways.

Her ass filled his hands as he pulled her to him on the dance floor. Eric feels her moan and trails her hand down his chest to his pants to cup him through his jeans. Finding him already hard she starts to massage and stroke him.

He doesn’t need another invitation and before they know it he has her on her hands and knees on his living room floor. He is close, so close to releasing. He closes his eyes as he grips her hips and pulls her back onto him again and again forcefully. Her cries and moans only spur him on until finally he lets go.

“Kira” He moans her name on release, panting with exertion. His mind is fuzzy from the two glasses of whiskey that he added to what he had already drunk after they had gotten back to his apartment.

She pulls away and he groans his way over to plop onto his couch. He vaguely hears her huffing angrily. “What the fuck did you just call me?”

Swallowing and squinting his eyes travel up to the woman in front of him and he tries to focus on her face. It’s not her. They never are. He can fucking imagine it’s her for a moment but then that moment passes quickly. Usually that is right about now when he has shouted her name and not theirs. As if he even knows their name.

His face darkens and goes into the hard glare and demeanor that he is a legend for. “Apparently not your name.” He shrugs casually as if it isn’t a big deal to him. Which it really isn’t. “My bad. Not like I really cared to pay attention to when you told me it. Was I close?” He says in the most asshole way he can. Between a sneer and not really being concerned with the answer.

“You’re an asshole Eric.” She snarls and starts to get dressed.

He reaches forward and grabs the whiskey bottle from the ground and takes a swig before he answers. She isn’t wrong but he doesn’t really care at this point. “Yeah and you just willingly went to all fours and let me fuck you on my living room floor an hour after meeting me. So what does that make you?” He sneers coldly at her, having already dismissed her with a cold look from his eyes.

She snarls out something out before she flips him off and slams out of his door. Once she is gone his head drops to the back of the couch and he lets out a tired sigh.

Asshole, fuck up, cruel, ruthless bastard, and tired. So very fucking tired of the same shit he does to himself every damn time he thinks about her and how he fucked up so badly with her. So very tired of being hung up on someone that he hadn’t spent any real time alone with or even real time with at all in over three years. Angry with himself for being twenty two years old and having only ever been in love with one fucking girl his entire life.

So very full of self loathing for how he completely broke the heart of that same girl by professing his love for her, losing both of their virginities together then freaking out a few months later about being serious with someone at age 18 and cheating on her. And not just cheating on her but doing it in a way he had to have known she was going to catch them in the middle of it. He did it right in the same place that was their special spot. Where he took her virginity.

He can still see her her fucking eyes from that day at night when he closes his eyes. Those blue eyes that were so beautiful. Cobalt when happy and indigo when she was hurt or angry. They had been indigo when she had found the two of them together right in the middle of it. At first they were angry indigo. But when he pulled himself together and ran after her she had spun around to face him with the worst combination of all. Indigo streaked with cobalt but filled with tears of betrayal and heartbreak.

There had been no words he could say to make what he had done right and he didn’t try. He watched her walk away not knowing that he was also watching her walk out of his life, effectively for good. Two days later his mother had told his sister and him that she decided to take the housing offered to dependents that had been orphaned or emancipated.

His Sister, Mother and even he, were all heartbroken and stunned. His sister more so than anyone. Since the death of her parents and brother along with their own father, she had lived with his family. His mother was her godmother and his sister saw her as a sister and best friend.

They had all grown up together. Their fathers had grown up together, transferred from Dauntless together, married within weeks of each other and even their children were all born around the same times. Eric and Chase, her brother, were born within days of each other. Kira and Shayla were born within a month of each other. They had all been so very close.

The attack by the factionless to try and overthrow the government and faction system had changed their world forever. The boys were thirteen and the girls were twelve when her parents, brother and his father died. They had been close before that but after they became even closer.

Then Kira was gone from their day to day lives. She was and is still the very best of friends with Shayla. They didn’t suffer from the loss of her living in the same house, but he did. That saying you don’t know what you have ‘till it’s gone could not have been any fucking truer for him.

If there was even a hint Eric would be anywhere in an area, she avoided it like the plague. He had been months away from his choosing. He could either choose to stay in Erudite or leave for Dauntless Academy. Honestly there had never really been a choice. All four kids had always known they would be going to Dauntless. Their father’s had been before they transferred to Erudite together and they had alway accepted and encouraged their children’s choices.

He has never been able to make up for what he did. They have never been able to recover what was once a very close friendship. Even now when she once again lives in basically the same place, they barely acknowledge each other outside of work. When they do they barely talk.

His sister tries to bring them together by inviting them both when her husband and her are hosting a dinner or party. His baby niece brings them together more often now that she was born. It isn’t the same though and when he does try to talk to her outside of work he ends up being a complete dick to her. One of them ends up leaving in a huff to stop themselves from launching into a physical fight.

It’s like a big fucking black hole in his heart and soul and it kills him.

He takes another swig of whiskey and realizes he is sitting naked on his couch with a condom still on and the smell of sex he didn’t really want with someone he sure as fuck didn’t want all over him. He grunts in disgust and goes to clean up. He carefully makes his way to his bathroom and walk in shower to do that. All he can do is stand there and let the water pulse onto his shoulders, back and face to try and wash all of the guilt and anger he feels away.

Tomorrow he will have to face her. She made leadership and has already been shadowing the other leaders. Tris told him last week that Kira would be ready to start shadowing Eric as of tomorrow. Max has signed off on all her progress so far and after Eric’s training with her she would be a full leader.

Eric has been proud to support her. Proud to watch her grow and become the strong, beautiful and fierce dauntless woman he always knew she would be. They work well together and he always stood by her side, though not literally, to get her two major proposals put into place. Outside of work though he has started to try and avoid her like the plague like she once did him. Most of that is because she is taken and he knows there really never will be a chance for them now. Seeing her with him is like a knife in his heart so he tries not to put himself through that.

Gods he hates that fucker she calls a boyfriend. They have been together since after Academy, for over a year now, and he still doesn’t see why. She deserves someone strong like her instead of that whiny weak punk.

She has always been loyal as fuck though and he just knows that one day soon it is going to be announced that they will be getting married. He dreads that day but he dreads the next few months more.

It is going to be torture for him to be so fucking close to her all the time. The desire for her hadn’t lessened over time, it just got worse. She got more beautiful and amazing and it got worse. He knows that working in the physical training is going to be hell. That means he will once again have to restrain himself from touching her in ways he longs to.

Her time in academy when he had to watch over combat classes and other martial classes had been hell for him. He couldn’t stop touching her but he was such a damn dick about it. Sometimes he saw her eyes flash with desire for him but then that was quickly replaced with mistrust and anger.

So that was what found him at that party tonight, getting drunk and looking for release. Because he could tell himself that he won’t go there again during those training times but it’s a lie. He will do all of those things and more. Because he is sadistic enough, selfish and a bastard. He knows he will do those things and anything else he can get away with over the next few months.

Finally tired of standing drunk and under the water, he finishes cleaning himself and gets ready for bed. He doesn’t even bother to put on anything other than boxers before he throws himself into his bed and passes out. His last thought before he goes under is that he both dreads and looks forward to the next day.

A few floors down and several hours earlier. The same girl that Eric was musing over was musing over a few things herself. She sat wrapped in a blanket, drink in hand on the couch of her friend Tris’ apartment. Her other best friend and sister, Shayla, sat beside her with an arm around her and scowling.

“Are you sure you are going to be ok?” Shayla asks with worry in her eyes.

Tris sighs a little with her own frown and Kira knows that her two friends are most likely more upset about this than she is.

Kira shakes her head and gives a small mirthless laugh. “I guess that is the problem guys. I will be fine. I should have ended it a long time ago but I just kept letting him rope me back in with his sob stories and bullshit.”

Tris’ lips thinned while Shayla was growling. Her grey eyes were cold and deadly, reminding Kira of Shay’s older brother so much it hurt right now. “I can’t believe you never told us what he was doing Kira. I mean, I knew shit wasn’t right with you when you opted to stay in the dorms and barracks at first and only reluctantly moved into his apartment. Don’t get me wrong I am fucking glad you never turned down the leader apartment so we know you can get that set up. But I should have known when you said you preferred to be with the patrols in the barracks and kept coming up with excuses to not move in with him.”

Tris scoffed shaking her head with a scowl. “I told you something wasn’t right Shay. Who do you know that wants to be in those uncomfortable as shit beds?”

Kira smirks a little at her two friends and shakes her head. “It was for research too guys. That was a part of the experience I needed and wanted to know. I needed it to look at improving living conditions here in the compound and around our sector in general. And before you two keep giving me your death glares. Yes it was to avoid being alone and intimate with him. It was also because I was truly invested in my projects and it was just easier that way.”

The two women share a look but seem to accept what their friend is saying. Both are glad she is done with the ass but are still worried about her in general. They also know what starts tomorrow though they aren’t going to say that out loud. He isn’t a topic they bring up if they can help it.

Shay tries not to be offended that there was only ever one person that Kira was fully open and honest with, her brother. She understands it to a point because they did go through so much together so young. It still hurts that there are parts that Kira will never share with her. It hurts her that the person she could go to hurt her so deeply that it left Kira bleeding and wounded. Literally. But Kira doesn’t know Shay figured that shit out.

Tris takes a sip of her rum and coke then sighs and shakes her head. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the party with us tonight?”

Kira laughs and nods. “I am positive. Besides it will be a girls night in for Ava and I. Shay needs to have a night off and I get to spend quality time with my niece. Also I am sure Ben will show up at some point at the party and I just don’t want to deal with that. Besides Will doesn’t need a fight starting in the middle of his birthday.”

It took some convincing but Tris and Shayla finally agreed to let the subject go. Shayla was also relieved to be honest because that meant a badly needed date night for her and Emmett. After they had finished their drinks they met with their friends in the dining hall and Kira was passed her ten month old niece who was cooing at her from her arms.

Emmett put his arm around his friend and who he saw as a sister in law. “You stay with us as long as you need to Kira. Four and I went and got all of your shit from the fuckers apartment while you were with Tris. I don’t want to hear any fucking arguments either. We have three bedrooms so you aren’t putting us out or anything like that. If anything we will just be happy to have you there. Ava will too.” He smiles at his baby girl who is reaching out to put her hand in Kira’s mouth.

Kira looks to Shay and Emmett with a smile of gratitude. “Thanks guys. I appreciate it and I will love being there with you and Puddin.”

Little Ava gave a giggle at the name ‘puddin’. No one knew why the little girl loved that name but only Shayla knew that she only responded to that name from two people. Kira and Eric. Anyone else that tries to say it barely gets a smile.

As if conjured up, said leader strolls into the dining hall letting his eyes rake over the tables and finds the people he is looking for. Kira tries not to let herself react or look up as he moves like a predator over towards their table.

Eric himself tries not to let his pleasure at seeing his niece or that she is in Kira’s arms show for damn sure. His face is an emotionless mask as he makes his way over and sits next to his sister after room is made for him.

He grunts in way of greeting. His lips twitch when Ava catches sight of him and squeals then waves her hands. He gives a brief look around and reaches across the table to catch one tiny hand in his massive one and refrains from laughing when Ava giggles even more.

Sighing after he locked eyes with Kira, they both look away and he pulls back to make a plate up. “Thrace, you need to be in my office tomorrow at 0700. We will get started on some faction paperwork and then move onto advanced combat and weapons training after lunch.” He curses how cold his voice is but it isn’t anything new when he talks to her.

She just nods without looking at him and laughs as Ava makes a gurgle noise after she eats a little mashed banana. Shayla is looking at her baby and biting her lip. This will be the first night she has gone out since she was born. Kira smirks over at her friend.

“Shayla. Don’t worry I got this. You and Emmett go out and enjoy yourselves. Ava and I will be just fine” Then she smirks over at Emmett and winks at him. “And I moved the crib from your room to the guest room I am staying in, so…..all I ask is remember to close doors this time.”

Shayla’s ears turn red and the others guffaw. Emmett gets a shit eating grin on his face and shrugs. “No promises Akira. My wife is dead sexy and you are offering a baby free night.”

Kira plays at being mortified and rubs noses with the little girl. “That’s ok Puddin. You and I will just cuddle up in Aunt Kira’s bed and she will read Harry Potter to you again. You liked that didn’t you?”

Eric’s eyebrow quirks at the choice of book, nickname and fact she isn’t going out but before he can say anything Will and Chris come up. Chris is scowling at Kira until Kira sighs and turns to her. “Yes Christina?”

Chris huffs at her “You said I get to dress you up for the next party. My husbands party is tonight and I find out you aren’t even fucking going Kira. What the fuck!”

Whatever Kira was going to say is stopped because both Shayla and Tris pop up, eyes hard and grab Chris by her arms then drag her away from the table.

Will looks around confused before he shrugs and goes to take a seat. “Do I even want to know what that was about?”

Emmett glares at Will and shakes his head. “Nope and we ain’t talking about it. Kira just had a really bad and long fucking day.”

Kira smiles sadly at Will. “Look Will, I am sorry I am going to miss your birthday and all. But I also am really the only option to babysit for Shayla and Emmett to be there. They need a night out and I need a night with my niece. It works for both of us. I promise to cook for you guys one night. Chris can get over the dressing me up shit. We would have just gotten into a fight when I wouldn’t wear whatever dishcloth she was calling a dress anyways.”

This causes laughter all over the table except for with Eric who is trying to analyze what the fuck is going on with Kira. Not that she went to many parties anyways. But the looks of everyone is making him nervous something is wrong.

When the three girls make it back, Chris reaches down and hugs Kira as she is standing. “I forgive you and we can do a girls night out soon. I will accept that in lieu of the party.”

Kira groans and rolls her eyes. “As long as girls night out is actually a fucking girls night out Chris. None of that sitting around watching chick flicks, eating ice cream and trying to get me to talk about my feelings shit. Because that will just get you throat chopped again.”

Eric chokes on his food at this and scowls at his plate when he recovers, trying to hold back the laugh that everyone else is already engaged in.

“I promise we will go to a bar or something. I know better than to invite you or Tris to any ‘girls night in’ sessions anymore. You two together and united against those is a scary fucking thing Kira.” Chris says with a white face and shudders.

Kira smirks and sighs. “Ok guys. Puddin and I are going to head on up to the apartment. Enjoy your nights.

Emmett, Four and Zeke all share looks before Four gets up. “Hey Kira, I think I am going to walk you up there. I forgot something at our apartment anyways.”

Kira rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Yeah right. Not going to argue though, for once. I don’t want shit starting while I have my baby girl with me.”

Four smirked at her and helped her gather Ava’s things after he kissed Tris’ head. The two walked off leaving a few very worried looking people behind.

Eric speaks before he thinks better of it. “Ok what the fuck was that about? Why does Four need to escort Kira all of the sudden?” He growls out angry and worried.

Shay quirks an eyebrow at him to let him know it isn’t his fucking business. He lost the right to know shit like that. “She had a bad day. Just like Emmett said. Let it go Eric, it isn’t your business.”

Eric growls and pushes from the table. “What the fuck ever Shay.” Not even bothering to finish his food he stomps off to the bar. Let it go, like that was going to happen. Not unless he got drunk off his ass again. Which is what he was headed to do.

Later that night while Kira was reading to Ava, Eric was still drowning his sorrows in his cups while eyeing the girl he would end up with for the night.

After Kira got Ava to sleep, she went to the attached bathroom and ran a bath in the deep soaking tub they thankfully had in this room.

She did feel a little bad about missing Will’s party but she really wasn’t in the mood. Also Ava was almost the best possible medicine right now. She wasn’t heartbroken but she was pissed about the reasons for the breakup. Not to mention she had to mentally prepare herself for having to once again be in such close contact with Eric.

She couldn’t even hate the asshole anymore. In fact, her feelings were far from hate and it made her feel just like that little girl that mooned over her best friend’s older brother again. It had taken her a year before she let go of her anger at him for how he chose to handle things with the two of them. Over time though she realized that they were just so fucking young. They were each other’s first everything. Of course he would be panicked that things were getting so serious between them. The hadn’t even officially become adults yet.

The part she missed the most was just their friendship. She had been able to talk to him about anything and he never judged her. She could talk to him about all the messed up thoughts she had that she wouldn’t tell Shay or anyone else. Kira had a self destructive side then and a little now even if it was less as she was older. Not many knew about it but Eric did. He knew because he had always had that side too. When she was in her dark place he could always help bring her back out.

They had shared that because it was caused by the same thing. Kira and Eric had been right there when Chase, her brother, was gunned down. They had watched as the bullets tore through his body, as he fell next to Eric’s dad. They watched the blood pooling from her parents until it seemed like the white washed wood flooring had been painted in blood instead.

She hated herself for letting Eric drag her away. Eric hated himself for not staying to fight. They had hated each other and believed it was the other’s fault until they realized it wasn’t. Only the two of them could truly heal each other to live with what they had seen and the pain they felt.

Tris and Shayla didn’t know about that so of course they couldn’t understand that was what she had allowed to hold her to Ben for so long. She had seen in Ben that same dark both she and Eric carried. That dark that threatened to pull her under from time to time. So she started to become his caretaker, his companion and barely lover. Someone that could pull him from the brink, literally. He had threatened to toss himself into the Chasm many times. Usually when he thought or sensed she was done with him and them.

Kira let out a sigh and made sure the baby vid feed and audio was on before she sank into the deep tub, letting her whole body submerse into the water. She doesn’t know how long she holds herself under the water before her lungs cry out for air. She finally allows herself to emerge and pull in air. Gasping and fighting with a burn that she loves and pushes back the tears that threaten her.

Over a year of bullshit, crying, and feeling like she was chained to that mess of a man for life. Afraid to leave because it would mean blood on her hands. All to find out it was fucking lies. It was just a way for him to control her. The fucker had been cheating on her the entire time.

‘Well at least I am consistent in type of men as far as the cheating aspect goes.’ She thinks and snorts at the dig at herself. With a sigh she gets out of the tub then gets ready for bed.

With a last look at the beautiful little girl sleeping in the crib next to her bed she gets ready to pass out herself.

She knew the next few months were going to be hard. Because as much as she wanted to not feel shit for Eric, she did and always would. She loved him and that had never gone away, it got worse. Every time he touched her, she fought a battle against herself. It always ended up that she felt anger in herself for her weakness.

Eric had moved on and from the girls talking, moved on often. So why was she still so hung up on him that even in a committed relationship that had been heading to marriage she had barely wanted or managed to allow herself to be intimate with him? Why was it that she could still feel her body respond whenever he was in a room and it made her bolt from it? Why was she still so in love with a man that was clearly incapable of loving anyone enough to stay with them?

A little sigh scapes Ava beside her and Kira lets herself relax to the sound of her nieces breathing and drift to sleep.

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Am I right that Norman hurt himself completely committing to this scene? As if I needed another reason to love him even more!! I adore how totally emotionally connected both he and MMB are to their characters and their love for one another. They always bring out something deeper in each other when they film together. I know you’ll have lots of other evidence for this to give me even more feels 🤗🤗

Well hello there :)

You are 100 percent correct did get hurt that day according to Tyler James Williams who played Noah

Tyler James Williams: “Trust me, it was not EASY! We actually, Norman got hurt that day…“Because The first few times he did it, he was going for the door… Norman is a bulldog, I mean he’s solid so I tried..  I tried and then it wasn’t working and he just looked at me and he’s like…’JUST STOP ME’. I was like, alright so I grabbed him and pulled him and he actually, we both end up falling he ended up whipping his neck…and all this stuff…”

Now I wouldn’t say he dosen’t put effort in all the time because he does but it’s worth noting how much extra goes into a lot of their scenes together. I believe Tyler said something else about how determined and single-minded Daryl was about getting to Carol there. I don’t have that actual quote available but I found the one above.

Now I’ve met Norman and he’s not a HUGE guy in terms of size (goes about 5′10 or’11) but he is solid so Daryl would be too. And when he bulldogs like that he’s hard to hold back and Tyler is not very big himself and had to use a lot of force to hold him back.  But the point of it was to just show the level of determination Daryl had in getting to her by his forward momentum and the emotion on his face. When Norman is into he is INTO it and I’m sure he’s difficult to contain. And he is VERY into Caryl scenes and I don’t think that can be stated enough.

I could site so many instances of the little things they add to their scenes such as tone of voice and body language but unfortuantely I don’t have a ton of time today but later I will definitely try to find a ton more examples for you but than you for bringing this up because that whole damn episode was an acting tour de force for both actors in so many ways and I really wish we could get another bottle. Provided Norman dosen’t hurt himself in it lol but

As as he’s strong enough to have his arms around Mel in a scene I’m good :D

Thanks for the contribution hon :)

Unpopular opinion: is another troll

First of all, thank you @worriesconstantly​ and @consultingeastwind​ for getting and keeping me into the loop on this one. Thanks to you I can actually get some sleep without missing out on all the fun. 

Now for my unpopular opinion: is another troll. 

And this is why:

  • What I can tell this site was registered sometime after TFP aired, so in late January. If this was part of the BBC promotion for a lost special this site would have been created way ahead of time. Stuff like this isn’t an afterthought, it’s planned. So if it was part of a large promotion plan, it should have been created in 2016, before Series 4 aired.
  • The fans who find it really have to look for it, and once you get there, it’s so incredibility simple: It basically tells you that TJLC is real. Finding the site might be a scavenger hunt, but the site itself is not a puzzle. It tells a certain subset of fans what they want to hear. It doesn’t add up, it isn’t clever enough. It’s boring, it’s dull, but you believe it because you want it to be true. 
  • Lets just assume for a second that the BBC is organizing an online scavenger hunt for us. They use an American proxy to make it seem it’s from another source and where does it lead? It leads to a place with absolutely not significance to the story whatsoever. If this proxy had lead to a place in Florida, I would have assumed it might signify the place where Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock first met. Instead, it just leads to a random place. 

Conclusion? Somebody is trolling us again. I can think of more arguments, but honestly, if I haven’t convinced you with these I doubt I ever will. Because you can’t kill an idea, can you? Not once it has made a home here. *taps forehead*

They are toying with us, playing with us. It’s a game, but not one I’m willing to play. And neither should you. 

anonymous asked:

Understand that no one is claiming that you can't feel the way you want, because chances are, that no one that old wants you anyway. The fact that you think people are claiming that you should look at people that way, and that if you don't feel comfortable then you shouldn just shrug and be okay with it just goes to show how naive and immature you actually are, when no one is saying that, and no one is shipping sheith with you or anyone else in mind

The grammar is actually so weird in this that i have basically no idea what you’re trying to say but i’ll do my best.

A good amount of this will be uncomfortable or unpleasant to read if you ship sheith, please read it anyway. In the end I hope you’ll understand that I’m not demonizing you as a person, and I just want you to understand the impact that producing sheith content can have on the real world without precautions.

I can feel the way I want..because no one over the age of 20 wants to date an 18 year old? 

First of all, i see no correlation between these two statements. Second, either you’re assuming i’m WAY younger than I am, (again, 18) or you’re completely forgetting theres an entire porn industry (in both straight and gay) devoted to (usually older) men fucking eighteen year olds. In fact, it comes in different flavors, here’s for example what comes up when you google something like “just turned 18″ and click the first link

I’ll add emphasis.

This one porn site has 994 videos JUST about sex with an 18 year old who’s only been 18 for, at most, a month or so. AKA the youngest person you legally can fuck or view being fucked. Not to mention btw, this is just in the heterosexual porn section. To drive the point home, here’s another search result number from another porn site.

211,962 results. 211,962 videos specifically catering to the desire to have sex with the youngest teenagers you can legally get at. “No one that old wants [me]” huh??? There are people out there who are predatory towards people my age. There are people who will use praise like “your so mature for your age” and the like to coax young people into relationships where they’ll be controlled. There’s a power imbalance. We live in a society, partially due to culture and partially due to nature, where teenagers are constantly told they’re not adults, they dont know as much as adults, they’re not as smart as adults, they’re not as powerful as adults, so when an adult praises them as an equal the teenager will respond more than if an adult praised another adult. Because of this, while the adult may treat the teenager as an equal, the teenager is usually incapable of treating the adult as an equal. Hence, these relationships are inherently imbalanced, and an imbalanced romantic/sexual relationship is an unhealthy one. There are adults who use this imbalance to control teenagers. Its a predatory form of abuse. 

Keith clearly admires and, dare i say, even idolizes Shiro. Even if we presume that Shiro favors Keith among the paladins and views him as an adult and his equal, Keith is incapable of doing the same. He reveres Shiro, but Shiro doesn’t revere Keith. Because of this Shiro wields immensely more power than Keith in their relationship. Shiro could suggest something, and Keith could feel uncomfortable with it but agree anyway because of that sort of idolization. It isn’t healthy, and even though Shiro is a good person, he would end up hurting Keith eventually due to this imbalance. To Shiro, Keith is a favorite. To Keith, Shiro is everything, the only family he has left. If that doesn’t communicate the power imbalance here I dont know how else to say it. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith, because even if you whole heartedly believe fiction exists in a vacuum, if a predator sees support of a relationship where one party is around 25 and the other is in his late teens, and confirmed not to be an adult by the shows creators regardless of what promotional materials (designed to be catchy and flow well, “five teenagers” sounds better than “four teenagers and an adult”) that predator has had their behavior in a small extent normalized. If a victim of this abuse and predation sees a similar situation portrayed as romantic and healthy, it might reinforce their incorrect world belief that their relationship is romantic and healthy too. 

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because adults should know better.

I am uncomfortable with adults shipping Sheith because whether that adult knows it or not, they are giving passive approval of these relationships in the real world.

The only time fiction exists in a vacuum and does not affect the real world is when it is clearly stated with every instance of that fiction not to apply to the real world. If you produce Sheith content and apply a warning to it saying something such as… 

“This is a work of fiction. As a work of fiction it is not meant to reflect the real world, and is an idealized and impossible version of a relationship. Relationships like this are, in real life, always unhealthy. It is intended for consumption, again, in a purely fictional setting.” 

I will not have a problem with your content, as it has been fully removed and severed from reality. It may seem obvious that the work is fictitious and people should not take it as a real world example of something good, but the truth is that the human mind is shaped by media as much as by upbringing and other sources. Perhaps even more so. 

For a real world example, when i was a young child who watched a lot of TV, I wondered why my mother didn’t cook and clean. The answer is that my mom always has hated cooking, and she suffers from migraines that make her doing housework difficult, not to mention how for as long as i can remember she’s always been working. However, my perception of reality was shaped by the cartoons i watched and media I consumed. The message repeated over and over again was that Mothers cook and clean. 

That might seem an irrelevant example, as I was a small child at the time and thus impressionable, but the thing is that teenagers are still incredibly impressionable. There’s a reason most terrorists and suicide bombers are young men between the ages of 18 and 20. Theres a reason why young people are some of the most passionate and quickest to take up new world views. There’s a reason that so many kids on tumblr so ferociously buy into “problematic” and “call out” culture. People my age, older than me by a few years, and younger than me by a few years, are incredibly easy to coax into a belief or world view and once that world view is established it can be strengthened and set with media. 

Not to mention that once these beliefs are set, they’re difficult to dispel. Confirmation bias is a phenomenon where people will discard conflicting facts and accept only that which enforces their own beliefs. If relationships like sheith, however innocent the original intent, continue to exist without obvious warnings that this is UNHEALTHY in the real world, it has the power to damage real people and real lives by playing into confirmation bias. 

If I were in love with an older person, and there were sources that said that it was unhealthy, and sources that merely implied it was fine, i’d definitely seek out more of the later because it feels good to have your beliefs reinforced. So even if its unpleasant, or clunky, or downright annoying, people who produce content unhealthy in the real world but fine in fictional settings (such as dub-con, unsafe sex, or the relationships we’ve been discussing) have a duty to point out that these aren’t cool in a real world setting to prevent real world damage. 

Even if you’re not shipping sheith with anyone in mind, and you’re producing content or spreading content of it with no one in mind, there are people consuming that content with themselves in mind.

Dont let your content normalize and romanticize abuse. Sever it from reality.


Both Mimi and Taichi look very ready for this. Are you, too? ;)

This event has been organised as a dedication to Michi. Michi is the shipname for the pairing of Taichi Yagami and Mimi Tachikawa from the Digimon franchise. It’s a fun way to shine more light on this underrated but wonderful ship. It will take place from July 24 to July 30, so mark your calendars.

For this first edition of Michi Week, all the prompts fit a general theme, namely “timeline”, since we’ve seen these two grow up together because of their shared digital adventure.

  • Monday, July 24: First/Last
  • Tuesday, July 25: Change
  • Wednesday, July 26: Together
  • Thursday, July 27: History
  • Friday, July 28: Crossover
  • Saturday, July 29: Balance
  • Sunday, July 30: Timeless (aka free choice)

There are some guidelines to ensure this week runs smoothly, so please be sure to follow these:

  • Be sure to tag your entry with #michi timeline as one of the first five tags. That way it’ll be easier to find your post and reblog it here for all to enjoy!
  • You can interpret the prompts however you want.
  • Everyone is free to chose any kind of art form: edits, gifs, fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, cosplay, etc. Creativity is always encouraged!
  • You can add other ships and characters, such as their digimon partners. Just be sure the focus remains on Taichi and Mimi.
  • This does NOT mean you can bash any other ship or character. This event is meant to celebrate Michi, but not at the expense of others. Spread love, not hate.
  • You can submit more than one entry per prompt if you want to.
  • Early submissions won’t be accepted. So please wait until the new prompt has been posted on the taichixmimi blog.
  • Late submissions, on the other hand, are welcome.
  • Feel free to crosspost your work on another site like or deviantart and add links to it in your tumblr post. The MichiClub group on deviantart will collect any submissions on that site. And if necessary I can make collections on and ao3 as well.
  • Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to help you out.


Ten Brief Ways To Comment on Fic For People Who are Nervous To Comment on Fic

I’ve seen a few conversations lately about commenting on fic and how to do it if you get shy or anxious or don’t know what to say, or what to do if you’ve already kudosed a fic and wish you could kudos it a second time. 

 1) "Just read this for a second time!”
2) “I loved this!”
2) “<3″
4) “This was great!”
5) “One of my favorites!”
6) “Extra kudos!”
7) Reply to another comment with “all of this!″ or “+1″
8) “Will definitely recommend this!”
9) “This was my favorite part: [paste quote]”
10) “Thanks for writing this!” 

No one will be angry if you leave a short comment.  Your comment doesn’t have to be different or unique.  It will still bring a smile to people’s faces! 

Another great thing you can do is add a fic to your bookmarks with a “favorites” selection (the little heart).  You don’t have to say anything and the author will know you cared enough to let other people know you liked it, because bookmarks often function as reclists to others. 

You can also post a link to the fic on tumblr or another social media site!  Even if you’re too shy to tell the author how much you liked it, telling other people to read it will bring more readers, and maybe one of them will say just what you couldn’t say. 

toastedtsukki  asked:

Hello! I'll be direct to the point, after watching addicted and obsessed, my expectations in bl became higher; in terms of acting and looks of the actor maybe 😂? Can you recommend me some series, movie or so to satisfy my self? Hehe Btw, After watching those two, I tried watching 'make it right', but i felt kind of cringy so I stopped at ep. 1. Now I'm kind of undecided of what bl series to watch next. Thank you in advanced for the recommendations 💜💜

I admit to loving Make it Right, but the actors are very young (as in underage), so all of them still have room to mature.

For TV Shows/Series

SOTUS is highly recommended. The quality and the story line are very well done. Another season is coming later this year.

There are other Thai series that range in quality. I love them all, but your personal results may vary. Love Sick, Honey Puppy, Waterboyy, 2Moons (1 ep so far), My Bromance

Gay OK Bangkok deals with much more adults themes and adult actors.

Grey Rainbow is good, but sad. So be warned.

For Movies

Antique Bakery is always a classic favorite.

Doushitemo Furetakunai I really liked. Some find it a bit low key. With all the other BL stories out there, I like this simpler story.

Junjou Pure Heart is another great classic.

Fathers A good story about two men raising their son.

Seven Days This one could have been slightly better. But I still love it dearly. It’s one I watch over and over.

Uncontrolled Love Always a sucker for the dominance story lines. The two actors were great for their parts.

I hope this list is a good start and gives you some extra hours of enjoyment.

Editted to add links to my site links to these.

TV Shows


anonymous asked:

68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/74a543d709b8c3cb7e0e5ef82b34a9f7/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo1_1280(.)jpg aliexpress review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/935b52b0b261dd599a725beefb6d6f30/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo2_1280(.)jpg inuinu review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/f5a31b9adfcb2a531df709389840d8d5/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo3_1280(.)jpg taobao review they use for fake reviews. I linked them as images bc the wholesale links r v long. Idk where i can send u the actual links, just remove parentheses to see links

them being images are fine. here are the images, for people to see easily:

image above is a screenshot of the aliexpress listing inu inu has taken this review from. review is from an anonymous russian user with the initials K.P., and the review reads: “Order came quickly-within 15 days. the bag is good quality-very tight, drawing a bright, without defects. I found only 1 sticking thread-everything else is perfect. size: 38cm width and 38 length. I recommend the seller.”

here is that review, reposted with the same image on inu inu’s website–you can see that they have changed the review significantly from the translated russian, and taken out details that are negative (like the thread comment) as well. revised review is from Abbey M., and reads “Order came quickly–within 15 days. The bag thing is that a good was very tight, drawing was nice, bright and without defects. Everything else is perfect.” 

interesting side note is that it is highly unlikely you would ever get this item from inu inu within 15 days–as they are drop shipping all of their stuff from China. the russian person on the original aliexpress review likely got their product so quickly because of their proximity to china. just thought i might point that out as well, since it is a piece of information that makes the review very actively misleading. on the above aliexpress image, you can also see that there are other copied reviews, all of which are also on the inu inu site, with altered details. 

this image shows the review images stolen from taobao, as well as reveals the fact that the information in the reviews on inu inu’s site are 100% fabricated–names, ratings, information. 

so, like i said before, extremely sinister, very scammy, and just holy shit–all around bad. 

anon, thank you for taking the time to compile this for me, inu inu’s site is pretty weird for me to navigate (and maybe this is just me) so i couldn’t even get the reviews on the fuji backpack to show up to begin with. i’ll add all this info to my original post and revise things a bit and re-release it here as soon as i get a chance, but i wanted to post all this info for folks as soon as possible and go ahead and get your new information out there–people definitely deserve to know these things, and this is another really damning piece of evidence against inu inu–you would think after all the other things that have surfaced about them they would stop this shit and try to just run a business properly, but apparently not. 

boosting on instagram

hey everyone! i’m val, and this is my first tips post i am posting. i’m going to tell you today on how to boost on instagram.

i have a few friends that sell their old clothes / barely used makeup / accessories on instagram, and they definitely make some money doing that. since those who boost things boost on a few different sites, i just want to open up instagram as an option, and here are some tips to get you started.

- make a separate account for boosting / selling things on instagram. make sure your username includes something such as ‘clothes’, ‘fashion’, ‘makeup’, and the city you live in / the nearest city to you. for example, let’s say you live in malibu, california, so the nearest big city to you is los angeles. your username can be something like ‘clothing_lax’, ‘sellingstufflax’, and more. 

- make your profile public, and for your name part of your instagram profile, put something like ‘i sell stuff in [x city]’, and in the bio part, put places you are willing to meet up at, and some basic rules you might have (ie. all sales are final, meetups at [x] is free / extra cost, and more).

- search up profiles with terms like ‘clothing [x city]’, ‘makeup [x city]’, and follow those accounts. any one with a public profile - look at who they follow, and follow the selling accounts, this will save you time.

- post photos of the stuff you want to boost - this part’s important - do not post a lot within a short period. this will raise suspicion if someone looks at your time stamps. spread your posts out. do not post immediately when you get home from a haul, because it has the potential to get you caught. wait a few weeks to be safe. do not post a lot of specific items at once. if you went lifting at sephora, please don’t post three items available at sephora within a short time period. it can get you caught for boosting. it also tipped me off that someone in my city is probably lifting at sephora, due to three sephora posts within a 24 hour span. 

- do not post with your location in the post. post photos that are taken on a nice background, such as a door, a wall, a white rug, and more. remember, you want people to want to buy your stuff

- make your stuff look a bit ‘used’. people will get suspicious if you are selling a lot of ‘brand new’ or ‘barely used’ items. for clothes, cut off tags (if you still have them), wrinkle them a little bit (or sit on them, whatever works for you), put it on a hanger, put it against the door, and take a photo. caption it, ‘$x, doesn’t fit me anymore / bought on another closet, doesn’t fit me’. for things like palettes, use a brush to brush over some colors, wearing them down a little bit / a lot, and when you post it, caption it like ‘$x, NAKED palette with Naked and Toasted worn down a bit, the other colors have been used once or twice’. boosting underwear might be a bit weird, but lift something that strangers can tell is not your size, and claim it was a gift. boosting bras usually work out well, especially if it’s from PINK or VS. for lipsticks, swatch a few of them once, and leave some brand new. specify in the post that some have been swatched, but you will sanitize before you deliver it to them. for stuff like NYX lip creams, Sephora collection items, selling them in bundles of 3 or 5 is pretty smart, especially if you are giving a good deal. for stuff like potted eyeliner, use the brush to brush over it once or twice, then clean off the brush. post that you have used the eyeliner once or twice, but you didn’t like the formula. for makeup brushes, keep them new, and say you received it as a gift. for mascara, keep it new. for purses / bags / wallets, physically use them once or twice. put some of your cards into your wallet, bring the purses with you when you go out, etc.

- don’t boost everything at once, continue boosting on other sites too, or even make another instagram account boosting things, but remember to take photos in completely different locations of your area of residence!

- don’t make your prices too cheap, sell it for 60-80% of the retail price, depending on what item. for example, for a NAKED palette that retails for $54, with Naked and Toasted worn down, sell it for 75% of the price you ‘got it’ for. say, if you were to caption it on instagram, caption it like this, ‘$40, NAKED palette with the colors Naked and Toasted worn down, the others used once or twice.’

- be nice to people who are interested in buying from you. this one is self explanatory. you want them to come back to buy from you again. 

- if you’re boosting multiples of the same item on different sites, wear down different things. like for this palette you’re selling on instagram, wear down this color. for another palette, wear down some other colors.

- if you’re boosting on multiple accounts on instagram / different sites, vary the prices. if you’re selling this barely used palette on craigslist, make the price higher than it would be on instagram with some colors worn down.

that ends today’s post from val, and this is on boosting. feel free to add some of your own tips on boosting on instagram, or boosting in general. stay safe boosting, my loves!

also, this post applies if you just have some old stuff you just want to sell.

Prank Gone Wrong [Joe Sugg]

Requested: By Anonymous - Do You take requests? if so please can you do a Joe Sugg one where he does a prank on you as though he is beaten up and you get mad when you find out its a prank? Thanks

Pairing: Joe Sugg x Gender Neutral Reader
Words: 1.2K
Warning: Back to the usual swearing, I was doing so well as well.
A/N: found this on my hard drive from ages ago. Edited slight parts to make it fit the timeline.

Master list

Caspar P.O.V
“Are you sure about this” I asked Joe who had put on his makeup and I looked like he had really been brutally kicked around with fake gashes and bruises, and I wasn’t quite sure how Y/N will take it once she finds out it was a prank although she is normally really chill about pranks.

“Yes, Caspar, I’m sure…I need to tell her, and if she doesn’t feel the same way I can just play it of like I had a concussion” Joe replied as he was concentrating on getting the cameras set up.  

“Brilliant” Oli butted in giving a big grin. Joe was about to tell you that he likes you and film it so if you feel the same way it can be in a video years from now and it will look all cute. That was the plan anyway.

Your P.O.V
Thirty minutes later you step into the Joe’s flat carrying some films and snacks for a film night and you had to remember to pick up your microphone from Joe’s room since you had left it there the day before, you set your coat and snacks down on the dining table shouting out to the boy wondering where he where .
“Joe!!” you shout again, and turn around to find an unconscious Joe at the breakfast bar, you look at him slightly worried but also cautious that this could be a prank. You step up to him and nudge his arm to which Joe’s head falls back onto his shoulders and you can now make out bruises and cuts, you instantly go into a sort of mum mode.  

“Joe” you project your voice but still sound calm, “Joe, can you hear me?” you say, gently shaking him. “Joe, open your eyes for me”.
Joe responds with a mumble and opens his eyes whilst squinting at the light, you put your arm around Joe “Joe I am going to move you to the couch so you don’t fall, Okay?” you ask. Joe mumbles again and stands up, and you both walk over to the couch where you sit him down, you go to get ice wrapped in a towel for his head, when you come back his is lay down on the couch. “Joe, don’t go to sleep, okay?” you ask trying to get a response from him, “You might have a concussion” you sit him back up and his eyes are back open and looking at you.  
“Joe, what happened?” you ask, holding the towel to Joes head on a rather big bruise which made him squint again. You are starting to get really worried, luckily Joe is starting to come to a little bit.
“mmmm. I got into a fight”

“Who with?” you ask “Who do I need to knock out?” you joke, well only half joke you where very serious when it came to your boys, but it got a chuckle from Joe.
“Nobody, its fine”

“Joe, it’s not fine, look at you. Why did you get into a fight?” you ask with a calm and soft voice.

“Well, it was one of Caspar’s friends. This prick was saying very scummy and rude things about you”

This kind of shocked you a bit, Joe had got into a fight… over you? “Joe, I am honoured that you would fight for me” you reply sitting very close to him, your faces only centimetres apart “but it wasn’t necessary, not if it means you get hurt” you add looking into his eyes, with his own looking back into yours. “Joe, we need to get you to the hospital. Okay?” you say whilst pulling out your phone to call a taxi.

“No…no” is mumbled in return as Joe takes hold of your phone. You go to reach it but it is to far away, “I’m okay” he adds which makes you look back at him in disbelief, you face still close to one another, there is a few seconds of silence which feels like hours, “I love you (y/n)” he breaks the silence.

You are again taken a-back by this, you are not one to show your feelings nor tell anyone about how you feel, like now for instance you feel like bursting into tears at the site of Joe all battered and bruised but on the outside your face just shows calm. You do love Joe, you have done for a while, and he was a good friend and has helped you through all the hard times in your life. “I…I love you too Joe” you smile at him, “and you need to listen to me when I tell you that you need to go to the hospital” you add as you take the now rather damp towel off his head to see if it had effected the big bruise in any way.  

“No, I’m fi-” Joe replies but you interrupt him when you say “Yeah, I guess your right” causing him to give you a mixed look of confusion and hurt. Whilst you look around the room to find a certain little object that will make this even worse – A gopro. You spot it on the TV stand, you glance past it but you clocked it, this was all a prank.

In that moment you was so embarrassed and also hurt that Joe played such a cruel trick on your emotions. “But do you wanna know something” you ask him, not caring about his answer. You lean in close to him whisper in his ear as you touch the other side of his face gently. “a bruise doesn’t run” you reply lifting your hand off his face to show him your now purple fingers as you move your face away, looking into his eyes as you do. Only showing disappointment and slight anger, Joe looks back into your eyes and knows how much he screwed up, this was not how it was supposed to happen, he knows how you see it and he knows how bad it looks but before he could react you ran up stairs to get your microphone.

As you came back down the stairs, he was there at the bottom already apologising, but you weren’t interested. You had been hurt by so many people and you found it hard to say or show emotions or feelings but when you do you didn’t expect to be made a fool of. You try and step passed him but he just follows you “Please, I am so sorry” he says sounding upset.

“No” you walk past him, before he has time to reply you burst “No… you said that you… and I said that I…and it turns out to be a fucking prank?” you shout turning back to him. As you put on your coat. “You know I have a problem trusting people yet you go and do this, what the fuck?” without waiting for a response you grab the rest of your things and walk out the door, slamming the door behind you leaving Joe with his own thoughts.

Requests Open

The Glass Scientists PSA!

We now have a category on!

If you use the site and posted in another Jekyll and Hyde based category or have an account but post your TGS fics exclusively on ao3 or are otherwise interested in posting there put it under Glass Scientists in comics!

As someone who’s gotten into most of my current fandoms by crossovers and fics on ffn it can make a difference in growing a small fandom, and the category’s looking pretty lonely at one fic right now (which is mine I just transferred in).

The character list is small but admins on the site are willing to add more if you email them or you can pm me and I’ll do it. I somehow forgot the main character I’m terrible

Looking for ND Stim Toy Creators

Hello lovely followers! 

We want to add to our resources page so that the page is even more useful to all of you. One of the main things I want to add is a list of stim toy sellers who are neurodivergent. 

That’s where you lovely folks come in!

Do you sell stim toys or other products useful to autistic people on Etsy or another site? 

Want to be included in our list? 

Simply reblog/reply to this post with:

  • What you sell (the more info the better)
  • Your Shop Name
  • Your name that you would like to be listed as (can be your name, a screenname, a nickname, or anonymous)
  • Your neurodivergencies (if you are comfortable listing them)

Rules for being included on the list:

  • You must be neurodivergent in some way. You do not have to be autistic, though we would love to find some autistic creators!
  • Your products must be helpful for autistic people in some way. This could be stim toys, weighted objects, communication tools, etc.

That’s it really. So remember to reblog/reply to this post if you are a creator who wants to be listed! 

Do you know a creator who should be listed? Send them this post or tell them to check out this blog. Please don’t reply to this post on behalf of another. We would like for all people listed to have consented to being added to the list. 

Not a creator but want to help? Reblog this post so that more ND creators will see it! 

Thank you everyone!


todoroklh  asked:

I want to start in gfx but I don't really know where to get started, do you have any tips for a beginner? Thank you and have a good day, your work is beautiful!

Thank you so so much for your kind words! ♥

For beginners who’d like to dabble in making graphics, I would say look through Pinterest for inspiration, from there plan out and write down your own ideas of the theme/subject that your graphic is going to be. Decide what style of graphic you want to make, be it posters, infographic, typography, etc. It’s best to have a specific idea in mind and then search for the images surrounding the theme of your graphic. For example if it’s a studyblr type of graphic, you’d search for study related styled stock images such as books and stationary. After gathering all your sources, draft a new canvas, with your visualized color palette in mind, mix and match the images together. Not all images compliment each other in a graphic, it’s sort of a trial and error process, until you see what fits together to make the graphic look nice. If it’s an anime character graphic, do the basics like cleaning and coloring mangacaps, and then add different textures and some words/info to your graphic to make it look more complete. Most importantly, keep experimenting and practicing and you will find your own graphic style eventually.

Those are just my two cents, purely advice and not professional, but I hope it helps you in one way or another! If you need photoshop/graphic tutorials, visit comepleteresources, itsphotoshop, yeahps, chaoticresources and animeps. These sites have great resources that could help beginners out in making gifs and graphics.

Good luck and have fun making them! :)

Stu Shares Sundays 9.17.17

Original Post/ Rules

This is it! The first EVER posting!
Thank you everyone who was interested in contributing and sharing with our little corner of the world! I am very proud of you all.
Half of the works that “won” were not submitted to me, I had to find them. So if you want me to consider your stuff; please tag me. I can’t find every great writer just by my limited exposure to the site. I want to find new and exciting fics!
***I wanted to add something, if anyone wants to NOMINATE another blog’s work for a certain category, by all means do so!!! (Just remember to tag me and if possible submit the category.)
xoxoxo (Grandma / Mama Bear/ Dad)


(Each week will not have EVERY category)

Reid: High brow and/ or nerd related entries.

Hotch: Smut and/ or Angst

Garcia: Fluff/ Empowerment

Prentiss: LGBTQ featured (Can qualify for more than one category. I am not limiting the amount of queer art!!!)

Morgan: Crack/ Shit post

JJ: Domestic life/ Happily Ever Afters

Rossi: Throwbacks

Greenaway: Too short, need more!

Blake: Heartbreak

Callahan: Hot hot hot

And the winners are…

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Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 8th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Taylor’s College Nedlands

It’s great to finally get back to our Doctor Who series and Eight is one I have been greatly anticipating as he is my absolute favourite Doctor. He may have only had one movie but I am in love with the Big Finish audio dramas. I was so glad that McGann got to continue in the role even if only in audio form.

As his run was the most unconventional, the evolution of his character and his costume bare the evidence of that. Eight is very romantic, easily the most refined and elegant of the Doctors.The original costume never really felt lived in, he was so buttoned up, and because we only see him wearing it in one film, he never got the opportunity to break it in and make it his own like the other Doctors.

But over the years he’s changed, starting out as an old soul with a child-like enthusiasm that gradually gave way to a darker side as he was traumatised by certain events, which culminated in him becoming the War Doctor. As such, my costume reflects elements of his journey, it’s not quite as stuffy as his original costume, there’s a bit of edge there.

Courtney Coulson

I’m not a massive Doctor Who fan, but I am very attached to this series of shoots as Courtney’s desire to do a fashion portrayal of each Doctor was a catalyst for many of the shoots you see on this site. After a year of working closely together it was fantastic to finally add another couple of Doctors to the collection - this one, plus one another who you will see next week. And the location couldn’t have been more perfect, we were incredibly lucky to discover that the location we’d picked had a very similar palette to the costume we were working with. Another in a long string of happy accidents.

Luke Milton

Since I’m having a lot of trouble with my writing lately and I’m not sure if/when I’ll make this thing longer, have a little something with Scott, Reyes, and Scott’s dog. Slightly inspired by this adorable art here.

“I thought your title was Pathfinder. Where, exactly, did you manage to find a dog?

Scott looks up from he’s been working on his datapad to see Reyes standing in the doorway of his room on the Tempest, hip cocked to one side as he regards the dog sitting upon the bed. He can see the excitement Reyes tries to keep hidden sparkle briefly across his expression, prompting Scott to grin brightly. He sets the datapad by his side, reaching over to pet the german shepherd laying by his side.
“She recently came out of cryo,” Scott explains. Reyes silently steps into the room, eyes focused on the animal as the door slides shut behind him. “While we were still in the Milky Way apparently my Dad signed me up to own her once we’d made a suitable home out here. I only found out a few months ago during my visit to Meridian.”

“Are you saying that if I’d stayed with the Initiative they may have eventually offered me a dog?” Reyes asks, causing Scott to snort.
“Who knows? Maybe.”

“Hmmm.” Reyes hums as he sits himself down on the other side of the dog. He looks towards Scott with a questioning expression, and in return Scott nods, knowing what he’s asking. Seemingly content with the answer Reyes gently starts to stroke the animal, smiling once she turns her head to acknowledge this new person beside her.

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The Travel Guide Vol. I

About the Guide  

For some time now I have wanted to to create a text to help young travelers plan their own trip. Originally, I was going to base the guide on my European travels, however now that I am getting around to writing it I have been to 19 counties and counting including some in Central and South America as well. I hope that by reading these posts you may be less intimidated by the thought of traveling abroad whether it be with your best friends or solo. The world is beautiful all you have to be is brave enough to discover it for yourself.

Getting Started

The hardest part about being a young or student traveler is saving enough money to go. For me it took a whole summer of working 40 hour weeks to be able to take my first 38 day solo trip, but it was worth every cent. Flights are often your biggest expenses so in order to capitalize on this I did my backpacking trip after my semester abroad meaning I was already “on-site”. However, if you’re not studying abroad here are some tips to get yourself some extra cash:

  1. Stop using coins. When to have coins save them in a jar and cash them in later you’d be surprised how far this can get you especially if your currency has coins with one or two dollar values. 
  2. Don’t use cash. Credit cards with cashback options are another way to add to your travel savings but be careful and smart with this option.
  3. Eat out less. If you go out 3 times a week maybe cut down to 2 and put that extra $15-20 you would have spent on food to travel.
  4. Minimize. For me it was on my wardrobe (clothes), but this one needs to be personalized so look to see where you spend most of your extra money.  

Once you’ve managed to save enough money selected a country or region you want to visit. I do this on google maps by creating a pinpoint itinerary of all the cities or countries I’d like to visit. This part can be tricky because if you’re anything like myself it will be hard to limit yourself. With this in mind ask yourself do I just want to see as many places as possible? Or do I want to spend some time in each city I visit and really get a feel for the life there? On my trip I spend anywhere from a day in one city to a whole week. For me I enjoyed the places in which I stayed longer, so that would be my recommendation.  

“Personally I believe that travel is one of life’s best ways of teaching us. I think we should all go on a journey at least once in our life and if we are lucky many -KF” 

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When is this happening?

This will be happening on July 9th-15th.

What is this?

Vaseshipping Week is where  Yami will come to life in order to duel Kaiba just like in the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie …just kidding.

This is a week centring around making content for vaseshipping (Atem/Mana and Yami/Mana or DMG).  Each day will have a new prompt, then a person has to write, draw or create a fan made content around it. For example, if the prompt for that day is “AU/Fandom Fusion” a person has to create something around that theme for this pairing. Unlike shipping weeks on other blogs in this fandom, there will be only one prompt per day. With that said, if you post something else that is not based on that day’s prompt, it will still be featured on the site if you use the “vaseshipping week” tag.

What type of content can I submit to this when the time comes? Will it be all art?

It can be just about anything. It can be art, fanfiction, playlists, headcanons, AMVs, pictures centring around the pairing (like Atem and Mana figurines kissing or something like that), gifs  and anything else you can think of.

The only rule is that to avoid NSFW (mostly things with extreme nudity, lemons or extreme gore) content just in case; if you decide to do a fanfic with smut and extreme gore, tag it as such otherwise it will be not featured on this blog.

What are the prompts for this?

They are…

Day1: Heroes
Day 2: Birthdays/Time to Party
Day 3: End of All Things
Day 4:  Summer Time/ The Heat 
Day 5: Escape/ We’re in Trouble
Day 6: AUs/Crossovers/ Fandom Fusion
Day 7: Free Day

Do I have to produce content for each one of the days?

Nope; if you can’t do all of the days, that’s fine. You can do the whole week as a challenge or do only a single day, it’s all up to you.

How do I submit work for this?

There are two ways  to do this:

1) You can submit your work to this blog, using the tagging system when the time comes.

2) You can post a link on your own blog and then tag it “vaseshipping week" ( it  will make things much easier for me to search the tags and add them to the blog this way).  In addition, if you go this route, you can add any additional tags if you want to. As a rule of thumb, you must post vaseshipping week in the tag otherwise it might not be featured on the blog.

Can I post the content off of this site?

Heck ya! If you want to add your work to another site as well, you are welcome to (I know I sure am going to post my fan fics on nd AO3, too xD).
If you have any other questions about this, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you guys have any other questions, please contact me on my main blog @aquaburst07