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Voltron Adopts an Alien Baby

I’ve been thinkin about this for a while and could u imagine if the Voltron gang found themselves stuck with a Galran baby?? I know similar hcs already exist but still

It starts when the team returns from a mission on a planet that was taken over by the Galra. It was a success, and they get back to the castle to celebrate when they hear crying coming from the black lion. after a brief investigation, and some screaming from Lance, the gang finds themselves standing over a purple mass of fluff. (it’s probably like two years old).

They tried to give her to a non-Galran family but, well, no one wanted to take care of her for obvious reasons.

So Team Voltron unexpectedly became parents of a Galran baby that’s cool.

Allura vows to protect the child at all costs. Just because she’s Galran doesn’t mean she’s the enemy. She hasn’t learned to operate under the tyranny of Zarkon—she’s innocent. To drive this point home Allura affectionately dubs her the honorary newest member of the team, the Purple Paladin. Allura’s not the most..patient..person, so when the baby doesn’t listen to her or does the exact opposite of what she asks, it takes all of her energy not to scream into the sky. Instead she hands the baby off to someone else and aggressively studies how they handle the baby. But the moments that they do get along, Allura wears the fondest smile and she’s filled with all the compassionate love in the universe because as someone who’s lost her entire family and more, she’ll happily cherish the new addition to her family.

Coran is the best uncle ever. He feeds her with the Altean equivalent of “here comes the airplane,” and he does the Dad™ thing where she stands on his feet and walks with him. I mean did you see Coran when they met the Arusians? He was coddling them like children the whole time. Coran even lets her play with his glorious stache now and then. I mean how could he say no to cute baby puppy eyes. Coran is also in charge of watching her whenever the Paladins are out on missions and Allura is busy supervising the Paladins. In this time, Coran shows her a map of the galaxy and promptly puts her to sleep with his stories of old.

Shiro is hesitant. He doesn’t trust himself around her because she’s Galran and his mind races with insistent what ifs. But as soon as he sees her nuzzling against Allura as she cradles the beansprout in her arms, and then the baby reaches out to Shiro and wraps her little fingers around Shiro’s pinky, he’s a goner. Shiro becomes an absolute sucker for the tiny girl and proudly assumes his role as Space Dad. He beams at her every tiny accomplishment and hangs her doodles on the would-be fridge. He even lets her ride on his shoulders because she likes to feel big n tall. Shiro becomes very protective of her and would lay down his life to shield her from the corruptive force of Zarkon’s empire. This little girl has the chance to be free from Zarkon’s grasp—something he didn’t have—and he would protect that at all costs.

Lance is freaked out at first because GALRAN BABY ON OUR SHIP?? But the boy grew up with a bunch of younger siblings so how could he not take to her as if she were his own flesh and blood little sis. Lance is the best at making her laugh and he does it so much that whenever the little babs sees Lance she erupts into a fit of giggles and baby clapping because she knows Lance is about to break out his comedy act. She also brings out Lance’s surprisingly tender side that none of the other Paladins got to see before. Lance insists on tucking her into bed and reading a bedtime story with silly voices—and even gets Keith to reluctantly play along. Lance also has a way with soothing a child’s cries and he can rock a baby to sleep like nobody’s business.

On the other hand, Keith is almost the opposite. At first anyway. He had no siblings growing up and never got along with other kids like ever. And now with this small…puff around the ship, he has no idea what to do and felt more comfortable leaving her to the rest of the crew. But to his dismay the alien baby took a strong liking to Keith hmm I wonder why a Galran baby would feel attached to Keith and had the uncanny ability to find Keith when he hid to avoid her. (just think of that scene from Monsters Inc. when Sully was just minding his own business and this strange little monster would appear out of nowhere clinging to his backside). Gradually, Keith learned how to interact with her. He felt awkward looking down at her all the time so whenever she tried to speak with him he’d crouch down to eye-level and have a serious conversation about this cool rock she found. Keith begrudgingly helps Lance tell her bedtime stories, but one time she wanted a lullaby—no not from you Lance—and when Keith sang she was out in under a minute. Keith liked singing her lullabies more than he cared to admit (and the same was true for Lance, who was peeved Keith was better at this than him but also mesmerized by Keith’s singing voice like wow).

Hunk is the Galra baby’s main source of hugs and body warmth. She likes to crawl all over him and when she’s sleepy she’ll conk out in his arms—and hunk is completely unfazed by it. He’ll automatically shift to a whisper voice and continue doing whatever it is he was doing before because Hunk’s chill like that. But he also is the worst offender with the baby voice. His baby voice is so mushy and high pitched it’s awful to everyone except the baby who loves it. Hunk also likes to chastise the others for coddling her too much—you can’t give her everything she wants or she’ll be spoiled—but when it comes to himself he cannot resist those puppy watery eyes oh my god.

Pidge teaches her how to do the perfect puppy dog eyes. She also tinkers around with old Altean devices to make some neat-o toys for the kid, and definitely does not use that as an excuse to play with toys. Pidge is grateful to have someone smaller than herself on the team. The baby has some real grabby hands though so she has to yell for Hunk or Lance to grab the baby when she’s trying to tinker with her gadgets. She and the baby might get into petty spats for attention sometimes, but Pidge is impressed by how smart the teeny thing is and at the end of the day it’s nice to have another girl on the team and if that’s not reason enough to fiercely protect her then she doesn’t know what is.


CJ insists that Markiplier is simply trying to flash his money because he donates to charities because he gets nothing out of it despite the fact he’s been doing so for years. They just don’t seem to understand that not everyone needs something in return. That people can be selfless. Why can’t they?
Also claims that Mark is greedy for asking us to donate when he could donate the money himself. He’s calling for people to make a difference. One person can’t fund an entire charity, no matter how rich. It spreads awareness and that makes others donate as well.
Also claims that charities are scams because they haven’t found a cure yet despite medical advances. Cures and research movements are costly. Buying equipment, testing possible cures, thinking of cures, paying employees, paying facilities, advertisements to call for support, and making sure these medications are safe for use is very, VERY costly. It costs millions.
In reference to Mark’s shop, CJ alludes that a “portion” means that Mark is going to give 1% or some low percentage of profit to charity. What do you want? All of it? He has to pay money to make the shirts, ship them, and add to the cost to make money off of it. A portion of the profit HE makes is going to charity, who knows what he left for himself. He can’t make no money off of it. Despite what his income may be, it’s simply foolish to do that at all.
CJ insists that Mark is doing it to improve his reputation and credibility.
I think that no matter WHY he’s doing it, IT’S A GOOD DAMN THING TO DO. But they insist he’s been acting to fool us into thinking he’s a nice person.

So, if you support cartoonjunkie, unfollow me.
Also, if they find this somehow and get pissy about it, or a fan of theirs sends me hate, I don’t give a single shit. Because I stand for what I believe. I don’t care if every single member of their following decides to send me hate.
I won’t stand with someone who has no regards for mental illness (using r/tard and making several insensitive triggered jokes when one is a diagnosed intellectual disability and another is a diagnosed mental health issue that derives from trauma.), fetishizes mental illness and homosexuality, and doesn’t support charity and insists that celebrities can’t make a generous offer without seeking popularity even though they are people as well.



The goal is $2000!

UPDATE: Goal has been met! Thank you to those who commissioned me. Commissions (aside from the YCH commissions) are now closed.

Stuff available:

  • Images
  • Character Designs
  • Comics
  • Animations
  • YCH-Animations

I also have discounts for special cases! Click below the break and find the appropriate section for details!

Contact info’s and important info’s at the bottom!

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Airport Battle CACW

I rewatched the airport battle scene and counted up total damages Team Cap did to the Leipzig Airport (in chronological order because I’m cool!! XD). And an additional note, THAT WAS ALL GERMAN PROPERTY! Team Cap came in and trashed an international airport probably resulting in billions of damage costs! Tony came to negotiate and this is what Team Cap did (TO A FUCKING AIRPORT). And I actually care about laws, unlike Steve.

- Wanda dropped at least 15 civilians’ cars onto solid asphalt from about 7 stories high and those cars crashed through the steel bar/gate barriers

- Sam destroyed a help desk inside the terminal

- Steve and Scott helped each other enlarge that “water truck” and it smashed against the concrete and exploded

- Wanda used her magic to throw 2 trucks and something else (it looked like a concrete block or a ramp thing) at Peter

- Wanda used her magic to throw T’Challa into a jetway (severely denting it)

- Steve dropped an entire jetway onto Peter and used his shied to break a support pole

- Scott kicked a bus at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)

- Scott tore of the wing of an airplane

- Scott kicked two carts full of wooden boxes (probably cargo)

- Scott stepped on a truck

- Scott slapped Rhodey onto a jetway (denting it)

- Scott picked up the entire jetway and swung it at Rhodey, crushing it in the process

- Scott stepped on another truck

- Scott threw Peter onto a pile of wooden boxes (more cargo?)

- Steve and Bucky stole the jet thing and escaped (THAT IS AIRPORT PROPERTY)

- Scott smashed his arm onto the partly destroyed airplane

There’s way more, but that was all I got for now.

Now lets calculate this shit out.

15 cars Wanda dropped- The average cost of a car in 2016 is about $33,560. Now $33,560 times 15 is $503,400 (note that Wanda might have dropped more than 15 cars.

Airport help desk that Sam smashed (including merchandise in the desk)-I dunno how much a help desk is worth but I’ll add $1100 more onto the total costs (I’m being generous, do you have any idea how much window repairs cost)

2 trucks that Wanda thew at Peter-  average cost of a truck in 2016? About $39,000 or so. $39,000 times 2 is $78,000.

Truck Scott and Steve enlarged and exploded- Add $39,000 to damage costs.

Jetway that Wanda threw T’Challa in- This is the same jetway that Scott destroys later so it won’t be counted here.

Jetway Steve dropped on Peter plus the support pole he snapped- One jetway costs about $300,000. Support pole damage add $1000.

Bus that Scott kicked at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)- Buses costs about from $300,000 to $600,000 each so we’ll just add $500,000. Plus another $33,560 and $39,000 for the car and truck.

Airplane Scott pretty much irreplaceably damaged- One standard commercial  airplane costs between $51,000,000 to $87,000,000. Lets add $70,000,000 to the total damage costs. 

Wooden boxes of cargo- Who knows whats in there? Could be expensive stuff or vegetables. I’m gonna add another $2000 for cargo and box damage. (again, being generous. There were at least 20 wooden boxes)

Truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

Jetway Scott swung at Rhodey- add $300,000

Another truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

More cargo- less boxes were destroyed this time though, so we’ll add $1000 more 

Jet that Steve and Bucky stole- technically it wasn’t destroyed so we won’t add any damage costs, but for your information, that’s a felony. 

Scott add more damage to already destroyed plane- It’s destroyed already.


$503,400 + $1100 + $78,000 + $39,000 + $300,000 + $1000 +$500,000 + $33,560 + $39,000 + $70,000,000 + $2000 + $39,000 + $1000

$71,537,060 give or take several million bucks (because I was generous) 

Now let’s think a little more. Team Cap has literally no way of paying for all this damage. They are fugitives and if the pool up all their bank savings can maybe cover a third of the costs. 

Now guess who would feel responsible and pay off the the damage even though HE CAME TO NEGOTIATE AND NOT FIGHT?

That’s right, Tony Stark. 

He doesn’t even have to, but Tony would shoulder all the costs for his SHITTY TEAMMATES THAT DON’T GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT HIM. 

(note: I may have gotten some of the costs wrong but you get the point)

(another note: This is just the Leipzig airport. I’m not gonna even think of the damage costs in Bucharest when Steve purposely collapsed a tunnel, hijacked a car, and endangered dozens of civilians. Or in Berlin when Steve had attacked and severely injured several of members of the German police and military and illegally trespassed in German territory. Or in Johannesburg when Wanda purposely used her magic to manipulated Bruce and set the Hulk onto heavily populated city streets. Or the disaster in Lagos. Or Wanda’s involvement in the creation of Ultron that lead the the tragedy in Sokovia.) 

Peace out Tumblrers!

theclogmaster  asked:

Hello! Could I request a headcanon with the RFA+VandSaeran on a road trip with their S/O please~

hey! sorry i couldn’t think of anything for V or Saeran and I didn’t want to delay this any more, so I hope you don’t mind that it’s just the RFA.


-If you’re gonna go on a road trip with him better bring a lot of entertainment -Boy has the attention span of a 10 year old and gets real bored real quick

-The actual driving is only a few hours but he’s still complaining-Car games help, I spy, funny road signs

-You eventually make him drive cause then he’s too focused to gripe and you get to choose the music

-When he drives he stops everywhere that seems intresting 

-Which at first you’re like “Yoosung we gotta be there by 5” until he finds a petting zoo.

-Okay screw everything else you gotta pet some ponies.

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Commission time!! Woo!

Here are the things I WILL NOT do:
-NSFW or highly suggestive things (no budging on this one, this is a heck no)
-Anthro/animal characters
-Excessive gore (I’m good with a little bit, but not a lot)
-Complicated designs like full-body armor
-Armor in general, it’s not exactly my strong suit
-Complicated backgrounds

Things I might do:
-Multiple characters (add half the cost again)
-Stuff involving blood

Things I am 110% good to do:
-Fan art
-Drawings of someone based off of a photo
-A very simple background

Keep in mind that I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason

Awesome, how does it work?

Send me your commission request with details (the more specific the better) to the email address (also I’d like you to include your tumblr username, it helps me keep track of who you are)


USD through PayPal. ½ after we’ve agreed on the commission, ½ when I’m done! PLEASE don’t send me funds until I’ve requested them! PayPal only likes things being done a certain way, and if we deviate from that, I can get in a lot of trouble. So I’ll send you an invoice! I can walk you through payment with invoices if you need me to, don’t worry :D

I’ll send you a non-watermarked image, but if you post the picture anywhere, please credit me! Simply saying “x made by otterbug” is good enough, and an actual link back to my blog is even better! I also might post a watermarked version of the finished product here on my blog.


You can send me an ask, a message, or an email! I promise I don’t bite

If you can’t afford a commission right now, that’s fine! I totally get it! But if you want to get the word out to others, reblogging this really helps!


hello everyone sooo new year new me right? for 2017 my goal was to reopen commissions, so here’s a fresh commission post for this year!

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please fill out the form under the cut and send it to

the prices above are a base price - this means that additional characters or complex designs will add to the overall cost. simple backgrounds are free though!

i won’t draw nsfw, mech or furries (although humans with ears/tails are ok) and all payment is via PayPal in british pound sterling 

thank you for supporting me thus far!

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- Characters from pretty much any media, though I’m more familiar with certain ones, ask me ^^


-mecha, furries, gore, backgrounds, anything I find offensive/or disturbing

-nsfw can be negotiated, but only tasteful stuff


-All art will be fully colored. Extreme amount of detail will add extra to the cost.

Contact email:

-Email me with your request, make sure to include descriptions, references, screenshots or whatever you might have on the character you are requesting. :)

-Paypal only, all prices are in Euros.

-I will email you a sketch/color scheme so you can see if you are happy with the direction the art is going. I require payment to be complete before I email you the final piece. Digital art only.

Additional info:

You can also contact me here on tumblr through the instant messages if you wish to reserve a slot. I will probably only take one or two commissions at a time for now.

Hey you behind the screen! I have a few tips for you!

So I just met with an early return from Germany who was kind enough to answer some of my many questions. Here is some of the information she gave me about life as an exchange student, particularly as someone from the U.S.A. in Germany.

Plan on spending around €200 per month. Her allowance was €80 per month, and mine will be €75 a month. Budget accordingly. Transportation costs add up fast. Do your research and get a student card if possible to save on fares. German teens also tend to get out of school for the day earlier than their American counterparts. This can lead to frequent (and costly) trips to local cafes and ice cream parlors.

One big suitcase, a rolling carry on, and a backpack worked well for her. Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane. Shoes are one of the worst things to over-pack. Note: Germans don’t wear flip flops as often as Americans do. They’re nice for the pool, but walking around in them all day on cobblestone streets causes serious pain. Scarves are more popular in Germany. It’s also generally cooler outside than the U.S. (besides Alaska).

The Trip and Customs:
Most exchange students to Germany have a layover or two. Customs are no big deal and there’s no reason to lie.

Host Family Conflict:
If you have a serious conflict with your host family, talk to your organization! Don’t downplay anything. This is YOUR exchange!

Be friendly. Germans tend to be more reserved. The returnee stressed that when they are drunk, they tend to act like they know you very well, but the next day you’ll still be acquaintances. Don’t think they dislike you if they go from your best friend while drunk to an acquaintance when sober. The reality is, they probably do want to be friends, but being upfront is just not part of their culture.

Unsaid Expectations and Norms:
Germans may seem to be much like people from the U.S., but the returnee reminded me they are not. They still have their own expectations that aren’t necessarily voiced. 

  • For example, at home, most Germans expect you to keep doors closed. They believe it is orderly. They’ll even keep the bathroom door closed all the time! Just because Germans have their doors closed does not mean they are avoiding you. 
  • If you’re at a restaurant and order “Wasser,” literally translated to “water,” you will receive mineral water, and it will probably be room temperature. If you want tap water (water from a sink), specify. German tap water is safe to drink, but for some reason Germans normally drink mineral water. If you would like to order tap water, the word for it is “Leitungswasser.” The word for cold is “kalt.” Milk is also sometimes served warm. 
  • Beware: Refills are never free in Germany. 
  • Don’t wish a German happy birthday before their actual birthday. It’s bad luck and they will totally die before their actual b-day. 
  • Older Germans in particular will glare at you if you open a window on a train or otherwise allow a breeze in. It supposedly causes colds. 
  • Places like Walgreens do not exist. You can buy toiletries from a “Drogerie,” but prescription medicines must be bought from an “Apotheke.”
  • If you’re from the United States, don’t be surprised if people sit down next to you on a bus or other public place. People from the States tend to think they need more personal space than people of other nationalities.
  • Also for people from the U.S.: small talk is unnecessary. You’re probably talking too loud for everyone else’s liking, too.
  • Getting your driver’s license as soon as you’re of age is not as common as in the U.S. German teens must be 18 to drive, and they must undergo a rigorous driver’s education course and a fairly difficult written exam, in addition to an in-car exam. Not to mention, for a German to finally get their license, it often costs  €2,500-€3,000!

Can you afford to buy a home in the biggest US cities? 🤔 

This map illustrates just how much you need to earn to buy a home in America’s biggest cities. It backs up something that many prospective homebuyers are feeling: Making enough $ to pay for even an average-priced home can be a struggle. When buying a home, you need to budget for interest, taxes, insurance — not to mention a down payment. Those costs add up, especially when you consider that median home prices rose in most of America’s 27 largest metro areas, as incomes remained stagnant. 💸💰💵🤑

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Last year, during the Toronto International Film Festival, the filmmakers behind The Promise premiered their film before an audience of 1,500 and were met with a standing ovation. Yet at the same time, the film was being given thousands of single-star reviews through IMDb.

Films should always be given a chance and many times, given internet culture, people unfairly and impulsively despise or support films. This concerted effort looked different than a trending issue for the internet’s next bandwagon. The negative reviews, which climbed to a massive 85,000 before the film was even released, looked like clear sabotage. It came to light this was a cyber plan put together by the Turkish government and executed through a horde of internet trolls.

With enough negativity, any critical response can bury a film and wreck its release. Look at last year’s flop, The Light Between Oceans, which had many bad reviews premature to its release, thus steering audiences away. To similar effect, the Turkish government’s intent with The Promise was to ruin the release because they claim the movie is propagandizes a false history.

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New mailbox, 20 bucks. New car 10k.

My best friend and I are both sons of police officers. His dad was a Highway Patrolman and mine was a Deputy Sheriff and detective. They are both retired now and living comfortably. This story happened shortly after we both graduated high school about 15 years ago.

My buddy and I grew up in a rural area and for the most part was very quiet and we rarely had any problems. That changed when one weekend morning my friend’s family discovered their mailbox smashed and scattered along the road in front of their hose. They chocked it up to a hit and run, gathered up the mail, bought and posted a new mailbox and went on with life. The next weekend, it happened again.

Flash back a few months before my buddy’s dad retired. He decided he didn’t want to quit working so he went down to the local trade college and became certified as a welder. After the second time their mailbox was destroyed my buddy called me over to his house and we all went to work. Buddy and his dad did the welding and cutting, I did the grinding and his mom [who is a fantastic artist] did the painting. Throw in two bags of cement, seven feet of steel pipe, and the necessary re-bar and you can probably guess where this is going.

We built an all steel reinforced mail bunker, and set it in with three and a half feet of concrete and road base. Remember my friend’s mom whose a really good artist? She painted it so that it looked like it was made out of wood. The steel post looked incredibly realistic, even up close let alone at night driving a car 45 miles an hour. We posted the box had dinner and I went home.

A couple weeks went by and bingo. My friend called me around 7:00 am on a Sunday morning and told me to get over to his house ASAP. When I came around the turn to their house, there it was in full glory. A 92 Pontiac Grand Prix wrapped around a steel poll almost to the passenger compartment. The car was abandoned but all the necessary information needed for an arrest was there. It took a couple of days to track the owner down and sure enough he confessed. However there was also a half empty bottle of Canadian Host and beer cans all over the back seat, so he got an open container charge too. Add the cost of a tow truck and the medical bills for smashing his stupid face into a steering wheel and that criminal mischief charge added up real quick. I later found out my friend’s little brother stole the guy’s CD book too.

Realizing the mailbunker could get someone hurt we repainted it after fixing it to something more conspicuous.


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I was having this conversation on facebook but a male ™ mansplainer showed up and ruined everything, so I’m moving my complaining here.

why the fuck is the bus so expensive now??? 150$ for a riviere-du-loup/montreal round trip??? Heck the TRAIN for the same trip is cheaper. THE TRAIN!

also it turns out that quebec-montreal is 25$, so really it,s just quebec-rdl that is really really expensive apparently.

(and if someone says ‘amigo’ or ‘uber’ I will punch you in the face.)

Like, fuck, boyfriend didn’t wanna come to the comics festival but in the end him driving us there, adding him to the hotel AND both our meals for the weekends will turn out less expensive than taking the bus, the supposedly ‘cheap’ solution. Public transports, wtf.

anonymous asked:

Rev I just wanna say I love you, your streams (ˊ▽ˋ) and also your drawings are AMAZING! I plan on starting commissions, but I'm nervous about it. Could you give any advice?

First off thank you! It means a lot to hear that. My main advice for commissions is to charge a reasonable price and at least at minimum wage. Add in your supply cost + your working cost and that’s what you should charge. Ideally that’s a reasonable amount but what a reasonable amount is is totally based on skill level.

Don’t fall for the “for exposure” or the corporate version “artist contest”. In my 29 years of life i have never heard of someone benefiting from that system.

If you are doing it digitally use paypal and use the invoice feature. get paid up front never ever turn in anything other than a low res tiny image before getting paid. Preferably get paid up front though.

For a more expansive guide I highly highly recommend the book “ Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist” by Cay Lang it’s about how to be an artist outside of doing art.


So @discussingtheduggarfam made up a challenge to go to a department store and see how long it would take to find a Duggar appropriate outfit and I had some time to kill so I did it.

I went to my local Belk and would have been done in five minutes if the first dress I tried worked, but the dress did not cover my knees so I had to leave the dressing room and look again. It took me a while to find something that I liked and something that meets the Duggar modesty standard, but in 19 minutes and 59 seconds I found this nice shirt and khaki colored skirt that adds up to cost $50. (Alyson)