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Some of my fave asagao academy things
  • Shane’s Worst End had to be nerfed because it was too difficult
  • When the new completion bonus came out alongside the Completionist video
  • Paul’s “aw sick” line was meant to indicate something was gross
  • Jared’s face when he played Jacques’ route
  • Shane’s “probably taking a piss” sign during his streams
  • J a r e d ‘ s  S p a r k l e s
  • And his scent of ham
  • The fandom’s love of Mai
  • Mai is bi
  • They all recorded individual knocking noises
  • The knock-off names (stupendous stomping sisters anyone?)
  • Those Jimmy lines that weren’t used (eat ass gotta blast)
  • The record scratch in the Hidden route
  • My real name is… PeanutButterGamer.
  • And basically the whole entire game let’s be real

Still waiting for the dating update in Avengers Academy, so I drew this silly comic. I will happily pay for same sex dating, especially Steve/Tony dates! >//<

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what if Kylo got worried about Hux's ability to fight so starts giving him lessons on how to fight with a lightsaber? even though Hux is force-null, Kylo makes Hux a lightsaber so they can fight on the battlefield together!

Kylo didn’t expect the sight of Hux’s pale, slim hands curled around the hilt of a lightsaber to give him such thoughts.

The offer had been borne of gratitude, nothing more. However much the fact irritated him, Hux had nonetheless risked his own life to save Kylo’s when Starkiller Base was falling apart around them. The favor deserved repayment. Balance needed restoring.

And he had seen Hux fight. The man needed every bit of help he could get.

If the scavenger girl had still been there when Hux came to retrieve him Hux would have stood no chance, and then they would both be dust now, scattered across the millions of kilometers of empty space where Starkiller used to be.

There was another reason, although admitting it to himself feels dangerously close to generosity. The General seemed like he could use a distraction. Since his weapon had been destroyed, he had been haunting the ship like a ghost- somber and sleepless. He was grieving, and Kylo knew better than anyone that grief needed an outlet.

A new weapon might be just what he needed.

“I expected it to be heavier.” Hux turns the lightsaber over in the air, making the blade hum, and distracting Kylo from his untoward thoughts.

“The blade is weightless. That’s why the balance is so high,” Kylo explains, taking it from him and balancing the hilt across two fingers to demonstrate.

It was a good beginner’s weapon. A simple, unadorned hilt in black molybdenic-durasteel composite, well-balanced, with a single emitter and a synthetic crystal Kylo had taken from an old Sith lightsaber he had dissected out of curiosity. Function over form. It suited Hux.

Kylo clears his throat and hands the weapon back. He very carefully thinks of nothing when Hux’s soft hand brushes his. “A novice would normally start with a quarterstaff and a practice blade, but I always found them more of a hindrance. Nothing moves like a lightsaber and I don’t want to have to reteach you correct form when you get used to the weight of the practice weapon.”

“Your vote of confidence is inspiring, Ren.” There is something close to a smirk on his pale, patrician face. He had shucked off his high-collared uniform jacket to reveal a simple gray undershirt, and the bob of his adam’s apple, the distracting flash of a collarbone, makes him feel as though he is seeing Hux naked.  

“And I’ll have you know that I’m hardly a novice. I had four years of combat training at the Academy,” he adds, easily imitating the simple first stance Kylo shows him.

Kylo pauses, considering this.

“Maybe we should start with the quarterstaff.”

Hux scowls at him, but it is less bitter than usual.

“Do shut up, Ren.”

They go through the basic motions first- alternating a simple shoulder swing and a block. Kylo moves carefully, aware of his own strength and the unforgiving nature of the weapons, but everything feels like trudging through molasses. It has been years since he fought a beginner.

Not for more than a few seconds, anyway.

“Harder,” he says after deflecting a few dozen childishly halfhearted swings. “There’s no momentum to help you. You have to at least try to put some muscle into it.”

“I’d rather not miss and give you a new scar,” Hux grits out.

“You won’t.” He doesn’t bother to keep the amusement out of his voice.

Swing and block. Something about the hum and clash of lightsabers is cathartic. Soothing. He feels lighter and more focused than he has in days. Perhaps Hux wasn’t the only one who needed an outlet.

“Watch your footing.” He reaches out beneath their crossed blades to shove Hux hard in the sternum, just hard enough to unbalance him. “You keep moving your feet closer together.”

Teeth grit, Hux’s next downward blow is spitefully hard. Their blades shriek and crash. Hux’s hands clench, knuckles white on the smooth shaft. His lips are curled in a snarl. A few strands of copper hair have fallen over his eyes. 

Oh. Oh.

In all their years working together, Hux has never let a tenth of this emotion slip past his carefully icy facade.

“Better,” Kylo swallows, overwhelmed by the sudden image of this Hux fighting by his side for real- fire and fury personified. Blood in his bared teeth and slicking his hands. They would be unstoppable. “Better. Do it again.”


*set this up like my band director would down to the font* … hey i finally got everybody straight, and yes they are in chair order. Reading from top the bottom equals reading best to worst players in each section, including guard

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I love how the driver dropped us off like, a mile away from here! So fun! It’s been raining for an hour!” 

“Well, he was in a buggy and the roads were pretty rough on that poor horse…”

“Yeah! A horse, Mattie. A literal freaking horse drawn carriage! I like, can’t! I tried to SimChat it, but there’s no wifi up here. It’s so weird.” Juniper absentmindedly turned her phone on, narrowing her eyes.

“At least he left his assistant with us to carry the bags…” Matilda reasoned.

“He was creepy as hell!” Juniper snapped her gum in irritation. “Like, I’m not trying to discriminate, but if you can carry all of these bags effortlessly and manage to look like a mix between Freddy Kreuger and the Pillsbury Doughboy, I’m not that comfortable!” 

“He was nice…” Matilda winced.

“Mattie! When we got here he dropped our bags and ran into the swamp! To do who knows what? Turn into a werewolf maybe, who knows?” Raising her eyes up to the school, she shook her head. 


Logan Hernandez - Season 14 - Academy Solo

Asagao Talent Show

-Luke and Jared perform a heavily choreographed Superfreak by Rick James -Jirard does a silly little magic show and pulls a bunny out of a hat -Jeff and PBG do a stupid little SNL-style cop show where they are clueless cops -Jon and Jacques perform Poker Face and Jon drops the mic at the end and everyone’s just like “wtf” -Caddy performs stand-up that escalates into full-on roasting the shit out of Ian -Ian storms up on stage afterward and grabs the mic from Caddy and begins to roast Caddy back -Wallid reads the entire Navy Seals copypasta like it’s poetry -Jon and the Continue? gang perform a scene from The Lion King and it’s straight-up beautiful

There’s this downloadable game in the WiiU e-shop called Art Academy: SketchPad, and I decided to try it out this week. It’s actually pretty neat, it’s a decent approximation of working with pencils, colored pencils, and pastels, right down to the lack of layers or undo button. This was my first finished piece with it, I might do more at some point, I kinda like the way it came out.

  • •PBG finding the recipe for Hana and his favorite cookie that got discontinued and getting Shane to help him make it for her
  • •someone learning a bunch of insults and phrases in Latin or something and everyone is just really confused
  • •Normal Boots and Hidden Block all find the weirdest teas possible to give to the British Boys for Christmas/birthday
  • •Shane's comics getting published in the school newspaper and eventually funded by a PunchBeginner (get it, get it? I just thought it was funny) and really popular.
  • •Shane drawing really scary/stupid posters to put above someone's bed or on their door to scare them in the middle of the night
  • •one of Continues film projects is doing a vlog series adaptation of a book (The Princess Betrothed for instance) while partnering with the Drama Club, and Mai and Jared getting cast as the leads (and get closer and start dating)
  • •Normal Boots and Hidden Block have an annual pumpkin carving contest that gets uber competitive and blood and pumpkin guts have been shed
  • •NB's going to build-a-bear or its equivalent and just making each other as animals
  • I'll add more later

Yamakasi founder Chau Belle conditioning workout 

Chau Belle ‘warm up’ conditioning drills at the American Rendezvous event in Columbus Ohio 2010.