add a little rain

hey so

anyone else notice it’s fucking RAINING

in the scene where Hughes dies

…and “it’s raining” now has another layer of Maes-Hughes-related pain. Thanks, movie, I didn’t need my heart intact.


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Featuring: Hash Swan (Main) Dok 2, The Quiett , Hyoeun & Changmo (minor)’  

Genre: Fluff/ Comedic 

17. “ɪ ᴄᴀɴ’ᴛ ꜱʟᴇᴇᴘ, ᴄᴀɴ ɪ ꜱᴛᴀʏ ʜᴇʀᴇ?”

“So much for an M.T. get away.” You said mindlessly as you pouted your lips and instantly you felt all eyes land on you. “Sorry” you muttered an apology as you felt your cheeks heat up.

“Who even plans an M.T. trip to Jeju Island during a Monsoon?” Changmo questioned as you all sat in the lobby of a luxury resort and watched the rain pour down like cats and dogs.

“Dok2.” “Dok2” “Dok2.” Hash Swan, Hyoeun and The Quiett all said in unison each one looking less impressed than the other.

Dok2 looked at The Quiett baffled that he wasn’t backing him up.

“I have children to take care of.” Dok2 attempted to gain some sympathy.

“You don’t even have children.” The Quiett muttered.

“Cash, Rollie and Kala would feel offended if they heard that. You know how hard it is to find a good pet sitter?”

“Swear, he cares more about his cats and dog more than us.” Changmo nonchalantly mentioned as you all gave Dok2 a judging look.

“You all have the weather app!” Dok2 retorted, immediately you all diverted your eyes elsewhere.  

“There’s still a lot of things to do inside,” said Dok2 as he took a quick look at the brochure he had in hand, “Yoga? There’s  A bar lounge? A spa… um, indoor pools.”

“You said there’d be a Yacht.” Hash Swan chimed in. “Jet Ski” Hyoeun continued. “You said we’d go horseback riding” You add.

“It’ll probably be fine in the morning, it’s just a little rain,” Dok2 assured, and at that moment a tree branch snapped and collided against the window in front of where you, Hyoeun,  Hash Swan, and Changmo sat. You all turned your eyes towards Dok2 on again.

“It’s getting late why don’t you guys check in and settle in your rooms and we’ll see what we do tomorrow morning.” The Quiett advised.  

You all picked up your suitcases and backpacks and giggled amongst yourselves, none of you were really upset but enjoyed seeing your bosses’ flustered reaction.

You all checked in and got settled into your rooms, yours was convenient across Hash Swan’s. With Hyoeun’s to your left and Changmo’s to your right, and Hash Swan’s in between Dok2’s and The Quiett’s.

The rain gave no signs of letting up, in fact, the downpour was heavier and the wind speeds were picking up more than before. Through all the loud noise you tried, to get some sleep, but the sudden outburst of thunder made it impossible.


Hash Swan was comfortably lying in his sweats and T-shirt, scrolling through his Instagram before he heard a knock. Not sure if it was just noise from outside he continued scrolling through his feed until he heard a second knock, this time sure it was coming from his door.  He walked over and cracked the door open a bit to his astonishment there you stood before him clad in only a tank top and some small shorts… this was by far the most revealing clothing he had seen you wear.

“So? Are you gonna let me in or not?” your voice full of playfulness as you gave him a cheeky smile.

He pushed the door open wide, “Uh yeah, come in.”

“What are you up to?” you wondered as you walked past him.

“Nothing, just checking my sns. What about you?”

“I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

“Um, yeah You can take the bed, I’ll the so-”

“I was thinking we could share… I’m scared of thunder,” you confessed.

“Okay…” Hash Swan regretted agreeing so quickly.

The majority of the time he was lying awake, not sure what would happen if anyone found and two he found himself admiring your features up close, he also wondered why out of all the guys,

you would choose his room? Was it because seemed the least menacing?


You heard familiar voices and giggles as you opened your eyes and right in front of you at the door stood Changmo, Dok2 and The Quiett.

“She was scared of all the thunder last night.” Hash Swan quickly explained.

“What’s going on?” Hyoeun asked as he approached the rest.

“They shared the room because she was scared of thunder.” Changmo filled him in.

“You said you loved the rain and especially thunderstorms.”  and just like that, your childhood friend Hyoeun exposed you in front of your label mates and bosses.

“Did she score tho?” Changmo wondered as he laughed.

“This is why I can only stand Hash Swan!” You said as you flung a pillow at Changmo.

I needed some fluff in my life ^^ 

ps. You guys think Dok2 would ever let me baby sit his pets? 

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Your HAIKYUU IS A FAMILY tag is a blessing, like my cheeks hurt from smiling this much. Thank you for still updating the blog while you're in Japan by the way! I hope you're feeling a bit better as well! Enjoy your trip! As always, thanks for your hard work!! ^^ (gosh that makes me sound like a boss, but I meant it in a nice way haha)

LOL you are still saying ‘thank you’ as opposed to just, ‘well done!’ so it read as nice to me.  

After, what, 10 days?  I finally feel less like death.  The cough and the mucus are still really terrible, and I still get tired pretty easily, but the fevers and the chills and aches are gone, so I think I can start doing a little more in a day.  Add in the rain and typhoon weather, (plus SO MANY issues with trains!!!) and I feel like this trip is slightly cursed… It’s like, this is the trade-off because I got tickets to the last show for Engeki lol.  

Pretty Girl’s Guide: Back To School

Obviously, the title isn’t selective. Any girl can follow these tips and tricks to help them get through the school year. 

These are tips I’ve learned to try and trick myself into a better working student. Some might work for you and some might not. Basically, these tips are mostly just psychological. They make you want to work harder throughout the year.

  • Tip 1: Make Your Hands Look Pretty ❤︎
    This might seem like a “What the hell?!?!” moment, but its simple. Make your dominant hand (the one you write with) more appealing to you.
    Paint your nails. It adds a pop of color on top of the white paper you’re working on. Make it look pretty by adding a little glitter on the ring finger or just add a simple design. Just don’t make it really distracting. (Friendly Reminder: Unless you are about to get engaged, you can totally do a at home coat. No need to go to a salon and blow money on gel nail polish. Or if you’re into that, you can totally get a gel knock off at a drugstore.)
    Wear a ring or two. This makes your working hands look super dainty. So while you’re working, the pretty(-ness) can make you super into what you’re working on. Make sure the ring has a thin band so that you would still be comfortable while writing. ( Any kind of jewelry is good like a bracelet, for example, however you also have to remember to stay comfortable. A bracelet might get in your way while you are being productive.)
  • Tip 2: Pamper Yourself ❤︎
    This would be perfect on Sunday evening. That would be the time when you are dreading the week ahead. Make it the time where you get ready for the week. 
    Put on a face mask. If you’re not allergic or have an unusual fear of it, I totally recommend it. You don’t have to have one of those fancy, expensive ones. You can totally hit up a drugstore and pick up cheep one. I highly recommend a clay or mud mask that come in a tube or tub because those babies last a good amount of time for what they’re worth.
    Get CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Honestly, during such a full week, you can forget to clean your ears or deep scrub your skin or even shave. Do all of that at this time. Not only is it satisfying, it’s just plain hygiene. It will be like pressing restart on your body to get set for the week filled of nastiness. You can also use this time to change you’re chipped up nail polish (Try something new) 
    Run a bath. You might not be a bath person but you have potential. They are relaxing if you make them worth while. All you have to do is run some water and put in bath soap or a bath bomb.(By the way, you can totally run to Target and get a cheap one. We’re not at all as rich as Bill Gates. Also, this is just to get you settle down. Lush, who?)
  • Tip 3: Make Those School Supplies Shine ❤︎
    I am not saying to drown you’re pens and notebooks in glitter. I’m saying to design you’re school supplies so that you would actually want to use them.
    Glitter. Take some Modge Podge (or straight up glue). Then make it rain. You can add little designs with help of tape. Its honestly so easy.
    Washi tape. Yea washi tape can get expensive, but you don’t need twenty different kinds. Just get one cute roll and put it on everything. (Side Tip: add this to charger cables and writing utensils. No one can steal them now.)
    Just buy ‘em. There is nothing stopping you from getting a cute notebook (Just remember to write in it). If you’re not the DIY type then make your heart burn as you buy the notebook that is $1 more expensive. As long as it keeps you motivated through out the school year. Don’t splurge often though. Just remember that you do have 6-8 classes.
  • Leftover Tips ❤︎
    Tip 5: Make sure you make a friend in each class. Not only will they help you get through the hour, but you guys can have some kind of symbiotic relationship by helping each other with homework.
    Tip 6: If you feel like taking a nap, TAKE A NAP. This goes for when you get home from school not actually at school (Its not really worth a detention.) You’re going to feel tired and exhausted. That makes you totally human. You just have to reenergized and sometimes coffee isn’t going to be the healthiest option, especially after the 5 hours of sleep you had the previous night.
    Tip 7: Kind of a continuation of Tip 6. Get 8 hours of sleep. Trust me the math equations and the new vocabulary is going to stick with these precious hours. You can even sleep for a longer amount of time if you want. Just don’t sleep through you’re alarm in the morning. Us beauties need our beauty sleep.
    Tip 8: Set a time for binge watching and relaxing. Your Saturdays (Sundays) have to be Saturdays (Sundays). No one can judge you for wanting to get you’re mind off of school work. You need to relax.

Hope these were lots of help. These tips would really help with getting a good kickstart. Making this a habit throughout the school year would also be great. 

-     ultimate-felicity   ❤︎


hey tumblr!

i have questions that you can answer. see these? these are clouds, that i made. as some of you may know, i am a very broke college student. and, i really, REALLY, need to move out. i wont go into details, but my house is more-or-less a prison, especially for a young, queer adult like myself.

to make money, i think i could sell these, if you would buy them. not too expensive. they can be virtually ANY colors your little hearts desires. im also going to start putting LED lights in them so they glow too! im thinking for $25/30 these little guys could be yours!! i can add any little extras you guys might want, from glitter, to pretend-rain. anything! so, think you guys would want some?

(note: i know the first one is ugly, that was a prototype for the LED’s!!!)

please please share this!! i really need help! thank you!! - Cavan