add a little rain


hey tumblr!

i have questions that you can answer. see these? these are clouds, that i made. as some of you may know, i am a very broke college student. and, i really, REALLY, need to move out. i wont go into details, but my house is more-or-less a prison, especially for a young, queer adult like myself.

to make money, i think i could sell these, if you would buy them. not too expensive. they can be virtually ANY colors your little hearts desires. im also going to start putting LED lights in them so they glow too! im thinking for $25/30 these little guys could be yours!! i can add any little extras you guys might want, from glitter, to pretend-rain. anything! so, think you guys would want some?

(note: i know the first one is ugly, that was a prototype for the LED’s!!!)

please please share this!! i really need help! thank you!! - Cavan

It’s raining and wet and muddy in Gaza this morning. Gratefully, there is a temporary lull in the rain here in the Al Meena neighborhood, but no lull in the rain in other parts of Gaza. I have learned quickly that when it rains in Gaza, streets flood and neighborhoods flood pretty quickly. Rivers of water rush down streets - there is mud everywhere.

It is going to be a very, very difficult day throughout Gaza - especially for those people who do not have adequate shelter or are living in makeshift shelters or are living in partially destroyed homes. I am thinking a lot about the border cities today - cities where most homes were destroyed or badly damaged - Khuza'a, Shujaya, Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia, Kahn Younis, Rafah - and many others.

You may not be aware of this news - but you should know that Israel and Egypt have closed every border - nothing and no one except emergency aid is getting in and out of Gaza right now. And the type of aid coming in is being determined by the occupiers who not long ago bombed the hell out of this country.

The good rain just adds insult to injury. What little is left to displaced people in Gaza will be impacted. And they will continue to suffer.

They will suffer today and in the coming days as a direct result of United States support of both Israel and Egypt. It matters little to the United States that collective punishment is a grave breach of international law. The United States and Israel and Egypt are rewriting the rule books on human rights.

I am ashamed to say that my country will be directly responsible for the suffering that occurs whenever it rains in Gaza throughout the coming winter months. And it rains a lot.

No - Israel and Egypt and the United States did not bring the rain. Nature brought it. But they continue to prolong the processes that are needed to rebuild what they either directly destroyed or were complicit in destroying.

And now they are directly or indirectly suffocating the Palestinians in Gaza by closing every one of its borders.

As the rain falls on Gaza today - I know exactly why there is a crisis for Israel and the United States in the Middle East.

If they think that peace will come to this region with more bombs and more destruction and more collective punishment - they are sadly mistaken.

But what do I know… I am just an old man who is witnessing the results of the self destructive behaviors of his country and its closest allies - and witnessing the impact of those self destructive behaviors on my friends and neighbors.

—  Denny Cormier . Gaza