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Nightmare Ward Charm ✨🌙

A charm designed to help prevent nightmares, and to promote restful sleep. 


  • Lemon Verbena (Vervain) - dreamless sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Rosemary - prevents nightmares, protection during sleep
  • Lavender - restful sleep
  • Black Tourmaline - induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Jasmine Essential Oil - restful sleep


  1. Add each ingredient to a jar of your choice - add herbs first, then the black tourmaline and jasmine oil 
  2. Seal the jar
  3. Set the jar in the starlight to charge - remove before sunrise
  4. When charged, hang the jar above or next to your bed


anonymous asked:

I want to know why elounor shippers are coming at me because Louis said that he's an incredible girlfriend who he has yet to piss off and how it's just coincidental that this song is about two people coming back together through toxicity and that he took his girlfriend to Amsterdam (beautiful, he adds). Like? Do you not remember how it ended the first time? How the timelines of L and D breaking up and L and E being together almost clash? How coincidentally everything is coming back for a loop?😂

I find it so funny that, for the most part, larries stay in their lane and just do their own thing believing what they believe despite being told for years that we’re delusional. Yet Elounor shippers (and previously Douis shippers - or Louinelle shippers - or whatever they were called) and people who believe Freddie is Louis’ kid and antis all are groups whose beliefs are continuously validated by the official narrative…yet THEY are the ones who are irrationally stressed that larries don’t just “give up”. 

If our “ship” is dead/non-existent then why do they care what we believe? 

I said I wasn’t going to write anymore of this but I was mad that I forgot to add Tord into the first fic. So I had to write another one. But this is the last one. No more.
Also I didn’t edit this one either and it was written in a couple of hours so it’s probably garbage.


Tord coasted his bike through the dunes, pausing at the edge of the Big Nothing to check no one was around. The silence of the wasteland danced around him and, with a decisive snort, pulled his helmet down, readjusted his breathing mask, and kicked the bike into gear. It rumbled and churned up the dust and sand as he turned into the searing white of the Big Nothing.

This was a dangerous route to take as it was easy to get lost and turned around in the Big Nothing but Tord wasn’t straying too far from the border. He was just taking the back way home. It wasn’t often that he went out by himself as it was generally discouraged but he’d needed parts for his latest project. Parts that only Jeet’s people had. He’d had some goods to trade and the deal had gone down without a hitch. He didn’t want the other involved, he didn’t want them to know, didn’t want them to get hurt somehow.

He was probably being an idiot.

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I just realize Cartoonz add Ohm channel to his subscription list
I think that this s the first time Cartoonz add someone who knew on the internet
So…Ohmtoonz shipper, dont overthink about this
Whatever broken relationship or something, just let nature take its cause
That’s also what friendship look like

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so for someone whos donated, how do we know which beta wave we'll be in? Is the first wave for donators only? and the second wave is where you hand out keys to big bloggers right?

The first wave is for donors only, so if you donated, you’re on the first wave! The second wave is when we add in big bloggers. Donors get first dibs on the site!

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ToT for Okita-san and Yamazaki-san: What would it take to convince you to attempt to steal Saito-san's tofu?

“I could never steal a captain’s dinner,” says Yamazaki, frowning. “Not only because it would be improper and dangerous, but because I do not eat with the captains in the first place. And besides,” he adds, “I don’t like tofu as much as Saito-san does. His favorite meal would be wasted on me in comparison.”

“Yeah, just let Hajime-kun keep his tofu,” says Okita, shrugging. “That’s easier for everyone. If I could take it and frame someone else, that’d be its own reward, but… I’d rather not end up causing any casualties in our camp.”


pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later

updated money second years, may you always be blessed with good luck and fortune 


Steve + seeing Diana for the first time