PSA about ADHD

✦ADHD is not a personality quirk

- some things that tag along with ADHD are:

        ~sensory processing disorder

        ~executive dysfunction

        ~poor fine motor skills

        ~sensory overloads (that lead to meltdowns)

        ~sensory seeking (self stimming)


        ~moderate to severe memory problems

        ~Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria- is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception that one is being rejected, teased, or criticized. The emotional response is complete with suicidal ideation and people suffering from RSD often get misdiagnosed with serious personality disorders. RSD is only seen in people with ADHD and the emotional sensitivity/reaction is much more severe than that of a neurotypical person.

✦Some other “fun” ADHD things! 

          ~inability to regulate emotions

          ~no concept of time

          ~noticeable public stimming (resulting in stares from neurotypicals) 

          ~no impulse control


          ~listen but cannot absorb what is being said 

          ~no volume control 

          ~increased inability to focus when emotional

          ~difficulty stopping a task and transitioning to the next 

          ~social anxiety

          ~higher levels on generalized anxiety

          ~extremely forgetful 

          ~”all or nothing” mentality  

@ neurotypicals- some things to be aware of: 

- you cannot hyperfixate. only people who are neurodivergent can hyperfixate. please don’t use that word when describing your latest obsession :-)

- please don’t stare at neurodivergent people who are stimming in public

- be respectful of those who actually need fidget toys so they can subtly stim in public 

- if we forget something you tell us it is not because we don’t care, we just have a million other thoughts racing through our mind and no way to filter through them. 

- please be gentle with us. no don’t tip toe around us and treat us like we aren’t human, but be aware that even offhand comments can trigger RSD. no we aren’t being too sensitive, our brains are wired differently than yours

Does anyone else with ADHD have to vocalize their thoughts in order to keep them from slipping out of your reach? I feel ridiculous for doing this but especially when I’m inspired or especially distracted speaking my train of thought out loud helps me stay on track and make sense of the swirling typhoon of ideas in my brain.

New List of People I am fucking done with because Fuck That Shit

  • Donald Trump and his entire organization and any and all Trump relatives
  • Ajit Pai, the FCC, anyone who supports the dismantle of Net Neutrality
  • The Paul Brothers, and the stupid ass viners who came to youtube just to show us what fucking pricks they are and how little they care about other people

Feel free to add

  • What People Think ADHD is: fourth grader on a sugar high
  • What ADHD Actually Is: you decide to make cookies, so you put a stick of butter on the counter to soften. While waiting for the butter, you notice something in the living room that you need to put back in your room. You walk into your room with the item, and notice that your floor is messy, so you decide to clean your room. The house is quiet though, so you open your phone to pull up spotify for some music. When you look at your phone, you see that you have three facebook notifications. You hate unopened notifications, so you open facebook to clear them. As you go to do that, you see a buzzfeed quiz that somebody shared. You click on the link, take that quiz, and then proceed to spend the next hour and a half taking buzzfeed quizzes. You take a quiz titled "what parks and recreation character are you?" and it reminds you that you haven't watched parks and rec in a while. So you pull up netflix, and proceed to watch 6 episodes of parks and rec in a row. As you're about to start the 7th, you realize that you're a little hungry, so you head out into the kitchen, only to find the now melted, ruined stick of butter all over the counter. So you clean up your butter mess from earlier, and decide that you still want to make cookies, so you put a new stick on the counter to soften. As you look for your other ingredients, though, you see some expired food on your shelf, and decide that you need to clean out the fridge...