Markiplier saying he has ADD has actually made me quite happy.
I dunno, its like, when I was at school with autism, it wasn’t very well understood, and teachers were either patronising or outright nasty (one teacher called me crazy to another student, then when my father complained the teacher claimed that autism can cause “false memories” which is completely untrue). I was bullied a lot, and still do struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues.

 Either way, i got wind of the fact that I wasn’t expected to succeed. And that’s the case for a lot of people who are neurodivergent - people look at you like you aren’t as capable of doing great things. 

So it always makes me happy whenever I see anybody who is neurodivergent succeed, especially at a job in the public eye, and especially when they get to utilise their special interest. It reminds me that we can.

Good job Markiplier! thank you - maybe its not too late for me after all?

often times my mouth doesn’t move as fast as my brain does, so I either end up pausing to think for long periods of time in the middle of a sentence or I end up jumbling words and stuttering as a result (this is a common symptom of ADHD)

and I want people with and without ADHD to understand this

so shout out to all my fellow peeps with ADHD or ADD

you’re not stupid

you’re not weird

just take a breath and know your brain is literally so full and smart and working that your body just has a hard time keeping up sometimes.