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MM tsundere indirect confession to BH, but BH is kinda dense so she didn't get it, so MM decides to kiss her and confess directly

“Earlier,” Raven said carefully, glancing at Add, “were you trying to confess to Elesis?”

His face went red and he looked away, his Dynamo closing in around him in almost a wall.  “Yeah,” he admitted.  “But I don’t think she got it.”

“It was sort of hard to get,” Raven reassured.  “And I’ve been around awkward people for years.  You need to confess directly, with a girl like Elesis.”

“But what if she says no?” Add sounded nervous.  Raven shrugged.

“Better than tormenting yourself in indecision.  Just go up and ask if she loves you like you love her, and if she says yes, kiss her and ask her out.”

As if by a deus ex machina, Elesis just so happened to walk in the room. Add’s Dynamo fluttered uncertainly.  Raven raised his eyebrows.

“There’s your chance,” he encouraged.  Add swallowed hard and stood, crossing the room to Elesis.

“So, uh, I was wondering,” he stammered, and Raven, leaning back to watch, nearly facepalmed.  Nice way to start out, nerd.

Elesis tilted her head.  Add steeled himself.

“Uh, I like you.  Do you like me?  Like, like like?”

Elesis blinked.  “Like, love like?”

Red-faced, Add nodded.

Raven wasn’t sure whether to laugh or die from second-hand embarrassment.

Elesis’ face was flaming red now too, but she laughed and pulled Add close with a hand on his shoulder, grinning.

“And here I was thinking I’d have to do the confessing,” she teased.  Add leaned in for a kiss.

He forgot to tilt his head.  They bumped noses.  Raven heard the distinct click of teeth clashing together.

After a few seconds, Elesis stepped away.  “You’re… not a great kisser,” she observed, but then immediately grinned to counteract Add’s crestfallen face.  “But hey, we have a while to learn.  Wanna go out with me so I can teach you?”

Mission accomplished, Raven thought.  Well, sort of.

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Your car mods are cute, but so~ I wanted to ask; what would each of the Ain's reactions be to a surprise b-day? (Concluding that the El-gang came up for one for him. P.s: could you maybe smother in some Add x Ain x Ciel please? Thanks!)

((Car… Mods?  Lolol regalia type f amirite OK I need to stop with the final fantasy shit))

“Surprise!” everyone yelled, popping up from various locations when Ain walked through the door.

Add and Ciel were the ones to gladly hug Ain close before the party started.

Erbluhen Emotion would be shocked at first but gladly joins the festivities. He loves the cake and ice cream and probably eats too much, resulting in a tummy ache the next morning. Add does the same thing, and Ciel has to nurse them back to health.

Arme Thaumaturgy would try to leave as soon as possible. He’s held back by Add and Ciel who insist on him joining the party.

Apostasia will scream when the surprise happens. Add and Ciel have to calm him down before they can all have cake.  He seems happy for the first time in decades.

neurotypicals and even some nd people need to realise that, those psychology posts about lying are bullshit. i have adhd. i will not maintain eye contact. i will look around the room, be unable to sit still, fiddle, rub my nose and ears, blink a lot/blink too little (depending on where i am dosage-wise), add unnecessary details, randomly go off on tangents about related topics - everything that you think makes me out to be “telling lies” is just me being neurodivergent and attempting to communicate while you hold me to standards that are not correct for what my brain is like. i’m sorry but your sherlock ass can stop

adhd friendships: a summary

-“Sorry I didn’t answer I spaced out”

-*randomly switching topics mid conversation*

-“I know this is unrelated, but”

-”I’m feeling horrible” *five minutes later* “uh nevermind that”

- “When did we start talking?” “I don’t remember”

- *both infodump to each other*

- more typos than any human being is able to handle

- when you get really excited and you stay up until 7 am taking about random shit

- accidental derailing the conversation over and over

-”have i already told you this i can’t remember” “don’t worry i can’t either”

Little ADHD class time things

~taking a sip of water every 5-10 seconds

~clicking your pen repeatedly until you realize you’re doing it

~doing that pen shaking thing with your fingers


~more doodling


~tuning in in the middle of a sentence

~wait what was the professor saying about this right before this very second when I started listening again

~staring at the teacher without hearing anything they’re saying

~looking everywhere but the teacher and comprehending everything they’re saying

~looking around the room wait did I just see something looks again oh wait no that was something else looks at clock when is this class over looks at teacher looks lOOKS


For everyone out there, i think the #1 thing that made me realise I had add/adhd is finding out that hyperfocus is one of the hallmark symptoms of adhd

I never considered I could ever have it until I discovered this. ‘Adhd is supposed to be about being unable to focus. I can’t have it if I can sit down and draw or read or play video games for 8 hours straight to the point of forgetting to feed myself, that’s like, the complete opposite of adhd. That’s just normal behaviour, right?’


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Can there be a scenario where Ciel collapses due to overworking himself, lack of sleep and/or stress? And when he collapses, how would the other elgang members react and do when Ciel suddenly collapses?

“I’m fine,” Ciel insists, swaying on his feet and looking most definitely not fine.  Elesis leans against the counter and frowns.

“You don’t look fine,” she states, and then presses for details.  “When’s the last time you slept?  Or ate?  You have bags under your eyes.  Is Lu pushing you too hard?”

“If he says he’s fine, he’s fine,” Lu chimes in, glaring at Elesis.  Ciel lowers his head.  Elesis frowns even more.

“Are you-”

Ciel sways, then collapses.

Elesis is the first to his side, just because she’s closest.  She catches Ciel and lowers him to the floor, then starts promptly scolding Lu.

Lu hops over the counter and crouches by Ciel, putting her hand over his contract mark.  She quickly diagnoses what’s wrong - not enough sleep, not enough food, too much stress - and is beating herself up over it just fine, thanks Elesis, no need to help.

Raven waves aside both of their bickering and kneels next to Ciel as well, getting Elsword to help him carry Ciel to a bed or a couch.

Aisha gets Lu out of the way and works a small spell, turning Ciel’s mind to restful sleep instead of flat-out unconsciousness.

Rena starts prepping a light meal for Ciel when he wakes.  Ara tries to help.  Ara is gently kicked out of the kitchen.

Eve and Add both linger out of the way, though for different reasons.  Eve didn’t know that humans could collapse from exhaustion and is inputting Ciel’s condition in her database.  Add just has no idea what to do, though he doesn’t want to walk away.

Chung also ends up scolding Lu.  Did itty bitty demon child not know that you can’t push humans this hard? With Chung and Elesis both scolding her, and Ciel collapsed, it’s not something she’ll soon forget now.

Ain couldn’t care less about Ciel or Lu.  He doesn’t see a point to him being here right now, so he ends Intervention, reducing the amount of people crowding the small room.

Let’s Talk About ADHD

Of all the mental disorders out there, none is taken less seriously than ADHD. Lots of people believe that it’s made up. Some people believe that ADHD is nothing more than bad parenting. And plenty of people believe that it’s an excuse to medicate otherwise normal children. But here’s the thing:

ADHD is a very real disorder, and it profoundly affects the lives of those who have it. 

Let’s look at some facts about people with ADHD:

- 35% of teens with ADHD will not complete high school - that’s double the dropout rate of average teens.

- 30% of kids with ADHD will fail a year of school, or be required to repeat a grade.

- 45% of kids with ADHD get suspended from school at some point.

- Only 5% of teens with ADHD will earn a college degree, compared to 28% of the general population.

- Only 0.06% of people with ADHD will earn a graduate degree, compared to 5.4% of the general population.

- They have four times as many car accidents as the general population.

- They are 4 to 9 times more likely to go to prison.

- They are 11 times more likely to be unemployed.

- 61% will be fired at some point, compared to 43% of the average population.

- They earn, on average, $2 less per hour than their non-ADHD counterparts.

- They run a significantly higher lifetime risk of depression, anxiety, and antisocial disorders than people without ADHD.

ADHD is not a made-up disorder; it is a very real thing that has a profound effect on the lives of people who have it. 

So what other myths about ADHD are floating around?

- Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is under-diagnosed. While there is some evidence to suggest that little boys are being over-diagnosed with it, girls are being grossly under-diagnosed. Teachers and parents’ are quick to recognize the disorder in boys; girls with ADHD, on the other hand, are dismissed as ‘ditsy’ or ‘spacey’, preventing them from getting the help they need. Doctors estimate that ADHD occurs equally in boys and girls, but boys are six times more likely to be diagnosed and treated.

- ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Studies have found that anywhere from 30% to a whopping 80% of childhood cases of ADHD continue on into adulthood, affecting sufferers for the rest of their lives. Even when cases don’t continue, the education gaps created in early years can affect a person long into adulthood.

- ADHD is not caused by diet. The vast majority of cases of ADHD are genetic. Other major causes include prenatal exposure to alcohol, and traumatic brain injuries. No cases are caused by food dyes, or excessive consumption of sugar.

- ADHD is not a “short attention span”. People with ADHD do not lack attention spans, they lack the ability to regulate their attention. When people with ADHD discover an activity that highly interests them, they can focus on it single-mindedly for hours, ignoring all other activities, much like you’d see in autism. 

- ADHD medication doesn’t turn kids into “zombies”. At least, not if they’re on the right one. The medications prescribed for ADHD are not addictive or dangerous. In kids with ADHD, the proper dose of of the right medication can ease symptoms and allow children to regulate their attention and control their impulses. Untreated children with ADHD are more likely to grow up to be drug or alcohol addicts; medication significantly reduces that risk. 

ADHD is one of the most common mental illnesses that any of us will encounter, but despite that, it remains poorly-understood, and is not treated as a serious disorder. People have grown skeptical of the disorder entirely, and look down on cases of ADHD as poor parenting or simple ‘drug-pushing’. The reality is that ADHD can make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life or achieve goals, and no one should look down on the treatments that make it possible for so many people to function. 

being at school with undiagnosed adhd - a text post

- where’s my classroom

- *after ten minute explanation on what we’re doing today* okay but what are we doing today??

- “i don’t need to write down my homework, i can remember it” *1 week later* “where’s your homework” “oops”

- seriously where is my classroom i swear it was on this floor

- *every school report* “[insert name] is very bright/intelligent/clever but needs to apply themselves/make an effort to focus/pull their finger out/pull their socks up/work harder”

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce “stop bouncing your leg!” “sorry” leg bounce leg bounce

- teacher…..has…….???

- *finally finishes reading first exam question* *exam ends*

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce

- live life on the edge (the edge is the two back legs of your chair)

- always managing be the patsy when schemes go wrong

- leg bounce

  • me: *procrastinating*
  • my brain: im Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic!!! Sleep is for the weak!!!
  • me: welp, time to get on with that Very Important work i need to do!
  • me: *goes to fucking bed*
  • my brain: D👏K👏! DONKEY KONG! 🐵 D👏K👏! DONKEY DONKEY what does it truly mean to be human