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Elgang saved the world and see their S/O disappearing because they were from the future and can't exist because the future isn't the one they had.

They did it.  The demon god has been sealed, the demon invasion has been stopped, and the darkness won’t race over the world like they remember.  They smile and close their eyes, feeling themselves being displaced, everything growing fainter as their body starts disappearing.  The last thing they hear is-

Elsword calling out in distress, trying to make his s/o stay with him, but all for naught.  He ends up kneeling on the ground where they once stood, sobbing bitterly.

Aisha yelling a spell to try and make them stay for an hour, a minute, a second more.  It barely works.  They actually get to say goodbye before the world grows too faint.

Rena reaffirming that she loves them, her arms wrapping around her disappearing s/o as much as she can.  She’ll see them in the next life.  Probably.

Raven trying not to cry, and failing, as he sprints over to his s/o and attempts to comfort them - and himself.  It’ll be okay.  The world is saved.  His golden eyes, full of worry, are the last thing that remain when their world goes black

Eve quietly ordering Moby and Remy to try and keep them there.  It doesn’t work.  Her s/o tries to reach out, to reassure her, but they can’t move as they fade.

Chung crying out, trying to tackle them to the ground, but going right through them.  He scrambles up and stares at them in distress as they fade.

Ara calling for Eun to help, and the fox responding, time slowing and moonlight bending in the darkness.  Ara stands in front of her s/o, drawing them into her arms and whispering her goodbyes.

Elesis crumpling to the ground, unconscious from the El Lady’s possession of her, as her s/o fades.  She is helpless in the face of their fate, and they are helpless in the face of hers.  Her light is the last thing they see before the world fades forever for them.

Add begging, pleading for them not to leave, and faint laughter that sounds like Glave’s.  The next thing they know, they’re standing in a vaulted library with a scared little boy collared as a slave staring up at them.

Lu screeching, and a gauntlet grasping their soul, then the world tilts and her s/o finds themself in a volcanic landscape with black sand under their hands.  Lu stands triumphantly over them, pulling them to their feet, explaining that time doesn’t quite exist in the same way in the Demon World, so they should be safe.

Ciel crying out in distress, asking for Lu to help, and then the gauntlet grasps them and the black sand stretches out around them and Ciel is there, on his knees next to his s/o, hugging them suddenly and burying his face in their shoulder.

Rose thanking them.  She sounds like she’s trying to hold back tears, but as the two of them perch above the Elgang and her s/o fades, she thanks them for being there and for helping her.

Ain reassuring them, that Ishmael will surely take pity on them since they helped him.  He wonders if the searing pain in his heart will be the same thing Elsword feels when he disappears.

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LP's daily workout sessions headcanons. (be sure to add some people watching him train :3)

The training room is too crowded in the morning, with Raven and Elesis both sticking to their strict training regimens, so Add avoids it.  As soon as dawn starts to crack, he slips out his window, Dynamo catching him before he hits the ground and carrying him off.  Sometimes he runs, pushing his body further and faster and harder, and other times he rides his Dynamo, refining his precise control over each and every one like a floating limb.

He’s usually late to breakfast.  He usually laughs it off.

At night, when he’s not tinkering with his Nasod armor and making it more powerful, he slips into the training room.  Elsword usually leaves at around nine, so that’s when Add slides in, setting up his music in a streaming playlist and taking a deep breath before he starts working at one of the training monkeys.

He’s done this routine so many times that it’s almost muscle memory, punching and kicking along to the backbeat of his music.  When he gets too hot - he always does, at a certain point - he stops to shrug off his shirt, makes sure the Nasod Armor contact points aren’t directly touching his skin via a few thin cotton pads, and continues.  He’s so lost in his music and the rhythm of his workout that he never notices when anyone pokes their head in, whether amazed by his almost dance-like movements or with their eyes just glued to his body.

neurotypicals and even some nd people need to realise that, those psychology posts about lying are bullshit. i have adhd. i will not maintain eye contact. i will look around the room, be unable to sit still, fiddle, rub my nose and ears, blink a lot/blink too little (depending on where i am dosage-wise), add unnecessary details, randomly go off on tangents about related topics - everything that you think makes me out to be “telling lies” is just me being neurodivergent and attempting to communicate while you hold me to standards that are not correct for what my brain is like. i’m sorry but your sherlock ass can stop

adhd friendships: a summary

-“Sorry I didn’t answer I spaced out”

-*randomly switching topics mid conversation*

-“I know this is unrelated, but”

-”I’m feeling horrible” *five minutes later* “uh nevermind that”

- “When did we start talking?” “I don’t remember”

- *both infodump to each other*

- more typos than any human being is able to handle

- when you get really excited and you stay up until 7 am taking about random shit

- accidental derailing the conversation over and over

-”have i already told you this i can’t remember” “don’t worry i can’t either”

Little ADHD class time things

~taking a sip of water every 5-10 seconds

~clicking your pen repeatedly until you realize you’re doing it

~doing that pen shaking thing with your fingers


~more doodling


~tuning in in the middle of a sentence

~wait what was the professor saying about this right before this very second when I started listening again

~staring at the teacher without hearing anything they’re saying

~looking everywhere but the teacher and comprehending everything they’re saying

~looking around the room wait did I just see something looks again oh wait no that was something else looks at clock when is this class over looks at teacher looks lOOKS


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All the El Gang attempting to drive? Like driving skills and such. (I'm asking this because I noticed that Raven was standing next to a car in the Elsword anime ending and it got me thinking what would it be like if they drove. AlsoImgettingmylicensehaha.)

People who’d crash:

Elsword is too small to drive, why are you giving this poor boy a license. He’s lucky that he’s too dense to get any major injuries on his body, just some scrapes and cuts.

Aisha is even smaller, what the fuck are doing giving this magician a car. Aisha teleports out of the car just before it crashes and catches on fire.


Elesis is much more finetuned with a motorcycle. Where is the speed?! She goes waaaaay too fast. Luckily, she shares the same traits on having a thick body, escaping death with only a few scratches and bruises

Raven’s Nasod hand destroys the wheel.

People who are the slow-ass drivers:

Rena: “How do you car?”

Chung really doesn’t know how to drive a car, finding the thought of speeding up jarring. He promptly gets out of the drivers seat and takes the bus.

People who are ok:

Lu has Ciel as her car. She constantly rides his shoulders. And in an actual car because Ciel actually knows how to fucking drive.

Ciel can adult. He can drive. He’s probably the only one that can. Everybody keeps asking him for a free ride.

Ain can’t be bad at driving if he doesn’t have a car.

Add is fine because he actually just dissected the car out of curiosity.

Eve doesn’t really want to drive. It uses fuel and pollutes the land. She finds walking and gliding more satisfying.

Rose can drive people out of the world of the living. Oh wait, you meant the driving in driving a car? …She can gun, if that counts.


- Everyone except Ciel, because he’s one hell of a butler

For everyone out there, i think the #1 thing that made me realise I had add/adhd is finding out that hyperfocus is one of the hallmark symptoms of adhd

I never considered I could ever have it until I discovered this. ‘Adhd is supposed to be about being unable to focus. I can’t have it if I can sit down and draw or read or play video games for 8 hours straight to the point of forgetting to feed myself, that’s like, the complete opposite of adhd. That’s just normal behaviour, right?’


Let’s Talk About ADHD

Of all the mental disorders out there, none is taken less seriously than ADHD. Lots of people believe that it’s made up. Some people believe that ADHD is nothing more than bad parenting. And plenty of people believe that it’s an excuse to medicate otherwise normal children. But here’s the thing:

ADHD is a very real disorder, and it profoundly affects the lives of those who have it. 

Let’s look at some facts about people with ADHD:

- 35% of teens with ADHD will not complete high school - that’s double the dropout rate of average teens.

- 30% of kids with ADHD will fail a year of school, or be required to repeat a grade.

- 45% of kids with ADHD get suspended from school at some point.

- Only 5% of teens with ADHD will earn a college degree, compared to 28% of the general population.

- Only 0.06% of people with ADHD will earn a graduate degree, compared to 5.4% of the general population.

- They have four times as many car accidents as the general population.

- They are 4 to 9 times more likely to go to prison.

- They are 11 times more likely to be unemployed.

- 61% will be fired at some point, compared to 43% of the average population.

- They earn, on average, $2 less per hour than their non-ADHD counterparts.

- They run a significantly higher lifetime risk of depression, anxiety, and antisocial disorders than people without ADHD.

ADHD is not a made-up disorder; it is a very real thing that has a profound effect on the lives of people who have it. 

So what other myths about ADHD are floating around?

- Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is under-diagnosed. While there is some evidence to suggest that little boys are being over-diagnosed with it, girls are being grossly under-diagnosed. Teachers and parents’ are quick to recognize the disorder in boys; girls with ADHD, on the other hand, are dismissed as ‘ditsy’ or ‘spacey’, preventing them from getting the help they need. Doctors estimate that ADHD occurs equally in boys and girls, but boys are six times more likely to be diagnosed and treated.

- ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Studies have found that anywhere from 30% to a whopping 80% of childhood cases of ADHD continue on into adulthood, affecting sufferers for the rest of their lives. Even when cases don’t continue, the education gaps created in early years can affect a person long into adulthood.

- ADHD is not caused by diet. The vast majority of cases of ADHD are genetic. Other major causes include prenatal exposure to alcohol, and traumatic brain injuries. No cases are caused by food dyes, or excessive consumption of sugar.

- ADHD is not a “short attention span”. People with ADHD do not lack attention spans, they lack the ability to regulate their attention. When people with ADHD discover an activity that highly interests them, they can focus on it single-mindedly for hours, ignoring all other activities, much like you’d see in autism. 

- ADHD medication doesn’t turn kids into “zombies”. At least, not if they’re on the right one. The medications prescribed for ADHD are not addictive or dangerous. In kids with ADHD, the proper dose of of the right medication can ease symptoms and allow children to regulate their attention and control their impulses. Untreated children with ADHD are more likely to grow up to be drug or alcohol addicts; medication significantly reduces that risk. 

ADHD is one of the most common mental illnesses that any of us will encounter, but despite that, it remains poorly-understood, and is not treated as a serious disorder. People have grown skeptical of the disorder entirely, and look down on cases of ADHD as poor parenting or simple ‘drug-pushing’. The reality is that ADHD can make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life or achieve goals, and no one should look down on the treatments that make it possible for so many people to function. 

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aaaaa, no more angst ;a; let's get some happy fluff instead? how about elgang members celebrating their 1st year anniversary with their s/o?

Elsword honestly is the type of person to forget what day he started dating his s/o.  He knows it’s somewhere around the time, though, and buys a present for them - only to give it a day early and make himself the target of their gentle teasing.

Aisha spends way too long trying to enchant a locket to play back a favorite memory every time her s/o touches it.  By the time their anniversary rolls around, the enchantment is barely completed, and Aisha is frustrated.  It’s okay.  They have a great anniversary together without the locket.

Rena wakes her s/o up with a gentle kiss before the dawn on their anniversary, coaxing them out of bed and into warm clothes.  They sit together, perched on a high place with hot drinks, and watch the sun rise.

Raven actually lazes around in bed with his s/o on their anniversary.  Usually he’s the person who’s trying to get up, but that day, he won’t let his s/o escape from his grasp.  Sleepy kisses and cuddles follow.

Eve doesn’t quite understand this tradition of anniversaries - shouldn’t you treat your s/o like they’re special every day? - but if it’s important to her s/o, she’ll plan a special date just for them.

Chung probably is cliche, and romantic, and gets his s/o flowers and a sappy card.  He blushes when he gives them to his s/o, then scoops them up in a hug, declaring that he’s taking them out that night and they’d better wear something special.

Ara bought something beautiful and delicate for her s/o, probably.  Unfortunately she trips when going to give it to them.  And breaks it.  It makes her feel even worse if her s/o has a gift for her anyways.  They end up spending the day together anyways.

Elesis only forgets her anniversary if she’s been absolutely swamped with work from the Red Knights.  She’ll apologize immediately if she does, dropping everything to run out and do something special with her s/o.  Otherwise, she has a date all planned and is grinning at them at breakfast, ready to whisk them off their feet.

Add doesn’t forget.  It’s in his Dynamo records.  He’s just really really really not sure how to handle something like this. He probably builds his s/o a Nasod pet and sends it to sit on their bedside table when they wake up, then is surprised and flustered when they thank him.

Lu only hears from Ciel that anniversaries are something humans like to celebrate the day before the event.  She panics.  It’s impossible to find her for the rest of that day.  Before dawn the next day, though, her s/o finds her climbing into bed with them, with that mischievous little smile which makes her s/o’s heart beat faster with trepidation and excitement.

Ciel gets time off from Lu to wake his s/o up with breakfast in bed, probably served shirtless if they’re into that sort of thing.  If he can manage it with Lu’s schedule, he’ll take them out that night, too.

Rose moves Empyrean and Elrios to make sure she’s mostly free on her anniversary with her s/o, to make sure she can do whatever her s/o wants.

Ain blinks when his s/o tells him it’s their anniversary, has to have the concept explained to him, and then makes a small “ah” sound and projects a glasslike pendant for them, smiling as he latches it around their throat and kisses them.

  • me: *procrastinating*
  • my brain: im Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic!!! Sleep is for the weak!!!
  • me: welp, time to get on with that Very Important work i need to do!
  • me: *goes to fucking bed*
  • my brain: D👏K👏! DONKEY KONG! 🐵 D👏K👏! DONKEY DONKEY what does it truly mean to be human
being at school with undiagnosed adhd - a text post

- where’s my classroom

- *after ten minute explanation on what we’re doing today* okay but what are we doing today??

- “i don’t need to write down my homework, i can remember it” *1 week later* “where’s your homework” “oops”

- seriously where is my classroom i swear it was on this floor

- *every school report* “[insert name] is very bright/intelligent/clever but needs to apply themselves/make an effort to focus/pull their finger out/pull their socks up/work harder”

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce “stop bouncing your leg!” “sorry” leg bounce leg bounce

- teacher…..has…….???

- *finally finishes reading first exam question* *exam ends*

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce

- live life on the edge (the edge is the two back legs of your chair)

- always managing be the patsy when schemes go wrong

- leg bounce

Studying how to study...

Person: “What are you doing, Shawn?”

Me: “Studying.”

Person: “Nice. What are you studying?”

Me: “How to study.”

Person: “Ummm.. what? What are you studying?”

Me: “I’m studying how to study.”

Person: “Umm… how?”

Me: “I’m watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts on different study, reading, and note-taking techniques, and then comparing them to see which one works best for me so when I study I learn the material the best and can read the fastest.”

Person: “Ummm… that’s great. But it sounds like a lot of research. Don’t you need to read the text and study for your current class you’re in?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m three days behind on my reading and assignments. But I’m learning how to learn.”

Person: *blank stare*

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