I am home from errands and chores and I have a bunch of stuff for Xmas baking AND my ritalin refill and more B12. 

It occurred to me that if I told a lot of people how happy and relieved I am to have my meds again after they ran out last week, they might relate it to addiction. It’s certainly not - I went a week forgetting/procrastinating before I finally made the doctor’s appointment - but that’s the narrative out there. You’re eager to get your drugs, even if they’re prescribed? You might have an issue. 

Naw, I’m just tired of cloudy thoughts and aimless days and putting too much effort into simple tasks thankyouverymuch. I will happily down my pills tomorrow morning and enjoy the structure they bring. 

Click here to support Funding for living during Postgrad by Blake Green
So I'm 21 years old and I study Pure Mathematics at Manchester University. I'm autistic and, though I'm on the high functioning end of the spectrum, it still proves difficult for me to support myself well financially. My partner is the one who does most of the financial support being the one who...

Okay, so feel a bit anxious about doing this but this is a link for my gofundme campaign. Basically, I’m 21 and a postgrad Pure Mathematics student but struggle to find extra employment as I am also autistic (ASD). My partner is the one that provides most of my financial support and I have tried to pull my weight in that department but have fallen short really. Unfortunately, most part time work involves customer interaction heavily as far as I can tell and I tend to be pretty bad at that. For example, I almost got a waiting position but I pretty much failed my trial period.

So I’m not sure if this will really change anything but if anyone has any disposable income and would want to help someone trying to survive through to see their PhD then I can safely say that I would really appreciate it.

Or if instead you could share this post so that maybe someone else might that would also be good.

 Not really sure how to cap off this post but I do want to say that any and all help will make a big difference. Thank you.

Let’s Talk About ADHD

Of all the mental disorders out there, none is taken less seriously than ADHD. Lots of people believe that it’s made up. Some people believe that ADHD is nothing more than bad parenting. And plenty of people believe that it’s an excuse to medicate otherwise normal children. But here’s the thing:

ADHD is a very real disorder, and it profoundly affects the lives of those who have it. 

Let’s look at some facts about people with ADHD:

- 35% of teens with ADHD will not complete high school - that’s double the dropout rate of average teens.

- 30% of kids with ADHD will fail a year of school, or be required to repeat a grade.

- 45% of kids with ADHD get suspended from school at some point.

- Only 5% of teens with ADHD will earn a college degree, compared to 28% of the general population.

- Only 0.06% of people with ADHD will earn a graduate degree, compared to 5.4% of the general population.

- They have four times as many car accidents as the general population.

- They are 4 to 9 times more likely to go to prison.

- They are 11 times more likely to be unemployed.

- 61% will be fired at some point, compared to 43% of the average population.

- They earn, on average, $2 less per hour than their non-ADHD counterparts.

- They run a significantly higher lifetime risk of depression, anxiety, and antisocial disorders than people without ADHD.

ADHD is not a made-up disorder; it is a very real thing that has a profound effect on the lives of people who have it. 

So what other myths about ADHD are floating around?

- Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is under-diagnosed. While there is some evidence to suggest that little boys are being over-diagnosed with it, girls are being grossly under-diagnosed. Teachers and parents’ are quick to recognize the disorder in boys; girls with ADHD, on the other hand, are dismissed as ‘ditsy’ or ‘spacey’, preventing them from getting the help they need. Doctors estimate that ADHD occurs equally in boys and girls, but boys are six times more likely to be diagnosed and treated.

- ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Studies have found that anywhere from 30% to a whopping 80% of childhood cases of ADHD continue on into adulthood, affecting sufferers for the rest of their lives. Even when cases don’t continue, the education gaps created in early years can affect a person long into adulthood.

- ADHD is not caused by diet. The vast majority of cases of ADHD are genetic. Other major causes include prenatal exposure to alcohol, and traumatic brain injuries. No cases are caused by food dyes, or excessive consumption of sugar.

- ADHD is not a “short attention span”. People with ADHD do not lack attention spans, they lack the ability to regulate their attention. When people with ADHD discover an activity that highly interests them, they can focus on it single-mindedly for hours, ignoring all other activities, much like you’d see in autism. 

- ADHD medication doesn’t turn kids into “zombies”. At least, not if they’re on the right one. The medications prescribed for ADHD are not addictive or dangerous. In kids with ADHD, the proper dose of of the right medication can ease symptoms and allow children to regulate their attention and control their impulses. Untreated children with ADHD are more likely to grow up to be drug or alcohol addicts; medication significantly reduces that risk. 

ADHD is one of the most common mental illnesses that any of us will encounter, but despite that, it remains poorly-understood, and is not treated as a serious disorder. People have grown skeptical of the disorder entirely, and look down on cases of ADHD as poor parenting or simple ‘drug-pushing’. The reality is that ADHD can make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life or achieve goals, and no one should look down on the treatments that make it possible for so many people to function. 

  • someone: omg are you serious how do you NOT remember that?
  • me internally: i have predominantly inattentive attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. this means that my brain often screws up when encoding, storing, and retrieving memories. my brain has a hard time prioritizing certain information and may only choose to store memories relating to things that highly interest me. my brain equates uninteresting material with "useless" material. thus, memories which may actually be important can be completely discarded. sometimes my memory can be sparked to retrieve stored information with help from others, and other times my brain failed to even store the memory to begin with, so i may have no recollection of something happening at all. this is a thing that happens very often with me and i cannot control it. it's not that i consciously decided that some information was useless to me, but instead that my brain made the decision for me. it would be nice if you didn't get upset with me or blame me for something that i have no control over.
  • me externally: idk lol
  • me: *procrastinating*
  • my brain: im Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic!!! Sleep is for the weak!!!
  • me: welp, time to get on with that Very Important work i need to do!
  • me: *goes to fucking bed*
  • my brain: D👏K👏! DONKEY KONG! 🐵 D👏K👏! DONKEY DONKEY what does it truly mean to be human
Little ADHD class time things

~taking a sip of water every 5-10 seconds

~clicking your pen repeatedly until you realize you’re doing it

~doing that pen shaking thing with your fingers


~more doodling


~tuning in in the middle of a sentence

~wait what was the professor saying about this right before this very second when I started listening again

~staring at the teacher without hearing anything they’re saying

~looking everywhere but the teacher and comprehending everything they’re saying

~looking around the room wait did I just see something looks again oh wait no that was something else looks at clock when is this class over looks at teacher looks lOOKS


AD(H)D blogs masterpost?

I think that the AD(H)D blog community would Benefit from one…anyway here is a start feel free to add some blogs by rebloging and mentioning them, anyway I will start: (if I need to edit this at all please let me know)