If you have nothing that you’re good at, it’s best to be good at nothing at all. That’s pretty damn zen for a child.

  • Psychic Tracer:"Hey, Arc! What you do you think about my new spiky hairstyle?"
  • Arc Tracer:"Woah! You look SUPER cool, man!"
  • Psychic Tracer:"Really?"
  • Arc Tracer:"Yeah! You should definitely keep that hair style for your advanced class later!"
  • Psychic Tracer:"Huh. I will then. Thanks!"
  • Some time later...
  • Mastermind *talkes with sparkles*:"Well well well... Guess who just became the most fabulous Add?"

…i’m really outdated, huh?
Haunted House Reaction Challenge (something like that??)
I haven’t seen any AddEve so why not? ;D
…ignore the background, tracers’ outfits, and lazy-coloring ×∆×)