Elgang Reacting To Bugs

Elsword:  Freaks out and uses his sword as a flyswatter.  He’s prone to demolishing rooms when he sees a spider.

Aisha:  Depending on her mood, she’ll either fireball the bug or simply swat it with her staff.  The size of the bug is a factor, too.

Rena:  Why would the elf kill a bug?  She quietly shepherds it outside to its natural habitat, admiring its pretty shell and adorable face all the while.

Raven:  Quietly steps on it and goes about his day.

Eve: Bugs?  Why should such lowly carbon-based organisms bother the Nasod Queen?

Chung: There’s a reason this kid can kill with his yells, and it has a lot to do with Hamel’s giant-ass spiders.

Ara:  Makes Eun take care of the bug for her.  She’s absolutely disgusted when Eun does the natural thing for a fox and eats the poor insect.

Elesis: Probably the calmest about bugs beside Raven.  Depending on its size, however, she will kill it with fire.

Add: The slave camps had a lot of bugs.  Doesn’t mean the Tracer likes them.  Good thing they can be electrocuted by his Dynamo - possibly with a surprised shriek in the interim.

Lu: She’s never really encountered creepy-crawlies in the demon realm.  First time she sees one, she tries to say hello to it.  Ciel finds her giggling with a cockroach in her hair and does his “Lu what on earth are you doing” routine.

Ciel: Bugs are small, but they are NOT cute, and as such, they do not get any mercy from him.  He nearly shot Raven once when he saw a spider and it scurried behind Raven.

I love this outfit

My mastermind doesnt even look like Add rofl.
Lanox is Awesome ! Got my ass beat tho ! ROFL. Good thing I have my monster bike from Halloween to save my life, but even that wasnt enough. Time to prepare ! For now I got stuff to do. Im so gonna draw now.
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