Stimulants don't make you magically smart

I think it’s so funny how when people ask me for some of my ADHD medication they say “can I have some of your pills so I can do better on the SATs” or “better on a test” as if the medication makes you smart all of a sudden. And judging by the fact that they were dumb enough to ask for my meds, I’d say they probably wouldn’t do very well even if I did give them a pill because ADDERALL DOESNT FIX STUPID. The people who believe that ADHD medication will suddenly make you smart and do better on a test are those responsible for the idea that ADHD medication is an “unfair advantage” for those who ACTUALLY NEED IT. If I make an A on my test, it’s because I worked hard and applied myself, not because my adderall knows all the answers to the questions.

  • Add:*is walking in the dark* Ah, what a good day for a power shortage.. ugh.. *walks around*
  • Add:*hears foot steps* Huh??? *walks faster*
  • Add:*hears the foot steps getting closer*
  • Add:*freezes and drops on the floor panting*
  • Ciel:*suddenly opens a flashlight* Hey Add.
  • Ciel:Hey hey hey, it's not like I'm a ghost, right?? *shoosh paps Add* Just stay close to me, this flashlight shall guide the way.

Anyone with adhd; do you notice a trend where small mistakes during any activity where people are watching cause you to go in to a landslide of self doubt resulting in several more fuckups? Like, any other person would just say “oh woops” but you get so worked up over a tiny failure and anxiety over being percieved as a failure that you fuck up 8 more times in a row because you completely lose focus and make stipid or easily avoidable mistakes you wouldn’t normally make? Is this even an adhd thing? I mean, it’s so tied up in the “hyper focus vs trouble focusing” thing that is seems like it has to be?

30 Days OTP Challenge Decided Days

01 - Holding hands
02 - Cuddling somewhere
03 - Gaming/watching a movie
04 - On a date
05 - Kissing
06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
07 - Cosplaying
08 - Shopping
09 - Hanging out with friends
10 - With animal ears
11 - Wearing kigurumis
12 - Making out… Is this NSFW? O.o
13 - Eating icecream
14 - Genderswapped
15 - In a different clothing style
16 - During their morning ritual(s)
17 - Spooning
18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex. Just remember to tag appropriately.)
19 - In formal wear
20 - Dancing
21 - Cooking/baking
22 - In battle, side-by-side
23 - Arguing
24 - Making up afterwards -i
think one person will do #23 and
#24 together since it’s
connected o.o
25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
26 - Getting married
27 - On one of their birthdays
28 - Doing something ridiculous
29 - Doing something sweet
30 - Doing something hot (once again, be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)

PARTICIPANTS (i assume everyone at least have read the previous post, oh and blame the for this result, k?)
suzukamizuchi : Day 15, 16, 26
harmonia99 : Day 2, 19, 22
caerilorem : Day 6, 12, 17
add-celerator : Day 9, 11, 13
nossseiker : Day 8, 10, 20
rebbietorra : Day 23, 24, 29
djpyro6 : Day 1, 5, 14
elsword-excerpts / revanutmost : Day 3, 28, 30
code-senpai : Day 4, 27
yskai : Day 7, 25
triaga : Day 18, 21

As i said before u can make other days if u want, as long u finished ur decided day first. Make sure to contact add-celerator ^^ Oh, and Don’t forget to tag #30DOTPC and #DaysXX ;)

Deadline is 2 weeks from now (17th September) >:D

The Participants ^w^)/

…of the 30 days OTP challenge - AddEve are…
1. Myself ofc :9
2. harmonia99
3. caerilorem
4. add-celerator
5. nossseiker
6. rebbietorra
7. djpyro6
8. elsword-excerpts / revanutmost
9. code-senpai
10. yskai
11. triaga

Tell me if u’re ready, then i’m going to decide the days via random.ORG ;D

♦won’t start the random.ORG unless everyone said ‘ok/ready’ :3
♦the OTP here is Add x Eve (duh), any class/job is fine, any universe is fine (???), it’s up to u ^^
♦the system is (??), upload the fic/arts normally on ur tumblr (make sure to use specific tag so i can find it easily.. Like… #30DOTPC, #Day01, etc? Or…?), and i’m going to make a main post, listed the day and participants. After u post it i’m going to edit the main post with adding hyperlink to the list (i’ll try to use pc everyday, but only available on midnight, FYI my time is GMT +08.00. If only the post can be edit by everyone, life will be easier TwT) OR i’ll make the main post after everyone have finished the challenge (a.k.a at the 30th day)? Which one guys? O.o
sorry for repeating this we’ll start posting after everyone have finished their arts/fics.
♦The deadline… Is it ok 2 weeks after i announce the days?
♦u can do other days if u want, as long u finished the decided days first ;D just tell me which is ur ‘additional’ days so i can write it in the main post, k?
♦Umm what else? If there’s people who still want to join, tell me ;D
♦if u have any questions, suggestions, or objections, just tell me :3
oh one more thing, (if u choose the 1st system) if there’s someone who volunteer to make the main post instead of me and edit (hyperlinked the list to fics/arts) everyday, it will be a great help ;;w;;

8 Facts Everyone Should Know

1. Medication doesn’t “fix” ADHD

Many people believe that stimulants cure you of ADHD but unfortunately, that is not the case. Medication can be beneficial in reducing symptoms, but it won’t magically make you a neurotypical. Things such as therapy and regular exercise can also be extremely helpful in reducing the symptoms of ADHD

2. Not everyone who is high energy has ADHD and not everyone who has ADHD is high energy

Read that again. Now read it again. And now just one more time so you don’t ever forget it. Sure, there are plenty of us who are off-the-walls hyper and loud and spunky but there are others of us who may struggle to get up off the couch or never say a word in class or at work but are constantly in our heads. ADHD does. not. equal. Hyperactivity

3. ADHD doesn’t just affect young boys

yeah hi, allow me to introduce myself, a GIRL with ADHD. Shocked? Well you shouldnt be considering 5.4% of girls between the ages of 3 and 17 have been diagnosed with the condition. ADHD, unlike those who believe it to be a young boys disorder, isn’t misogynistic and can affect someone of any gender and any age  

4. There isnt one brand of ADHD

Shout out to all my Robin Williams types who are outgoing, loud, and hugely hilarious. Shout out to all my JD’s from scrubs who aren’t very hyperactive but are more daydreamy, spacy, and immature. And shout out to everyone in between because ADHD isn’t “one size fits all”

5. Intelligence has nothing to do with ADHD

Ive mentioned this before in previous posts and I’ll do it again, ADHD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH INTELLIGENCE. You would be shocked if you did a quick google search of all the famous scientists, mathematicians, and geniuses that have been diagnosed with ADHD. The belief that those with ADHD aren’t as smart as others probably comes from the inaccurate and superficial portrayal of ADHD in the media and the fact that many ADHDer’s also have learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, processing disorders, etc.

6. Many ADHDer’s struggle with Short Term Memory

For those of us who live with this condition and those close to us, this one probably doesnt come as much of a surprise. We may be able to remember the name of our childhood hamster, but not what was said to us 5 minutes ago. Because of this, staying organized and keeping a calendar can be crucial which is why it is important for us to get help in learning how to do these things.  

7. ADHDer’s have an extra hard time at sticking to healthy routines

People with ADHD often struggle with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and are more likely to have problems with sleep patterns. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can easily worsen symptoms and nobody likes that. ADHDer’s also have problems sticking to plans which is why diets and gym memberships get dropped quicker than a politicians promises after election day 

8. ADHD can appear differently at different times

It has been said that “The only thing consistent about my ADHD is it’s inconsistency.” This quote speaks volumes about the lives of someone with ADHD. Our symptoms may vary day by day but this quote can also be applied to a broader idea. Some of us do really well in high school but by the time we get to college, we crash and burn in a huge fiery explosion when faced with having to balance our lives by our selves and taking on a million different responsibilities that our parents used to handle for us. Others don’t do great in high school but thrive in college or in the work environment because they thrive under pressure. 


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