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I think we collectively need to move on from Alycia's schedule thing, if not we're going to go mad. Maybe she could film but maybe she didn't want to, maybe she wanted her 5 month break for vacationing or something and i don't blame her for not telling us, imagine the backlash from this fandom (that while passionate is still a little nuts). I just get this vibe she wanted to move on to another project, maybe that's just me, and i'm not mad at her or anything but i do feel she was done with Lexa.

From Shawna’s deleted periscope she said, “Alycia wanted to come back.” The point is that Jason didn’t have to KILL HER off the show to reveal the AI. He killed her because he said she was busy filming FTWD and was no longer going to be available, which is a LIE! There wouldn’t have been this huge negative backlash if he didn’t kill Lexa, but instead had Clarke go back to Arkadia, get sucked into the City of Light and then Lexa and her due to their ‘real human connection’ was able to help draw Clarke out of ALIE’s control as she touched her in the real reality. It would show how love is not weakness and isn’t something that can be created by a machine, nor stopped by a machine. They could then figure out how to destroy ALIE by uniting with the Skaikru in their attempts to save everyone. This would fit in with ADC’s schedule of only being able to come back for the last episode (or 2) of season 3 then would allow her to be in 4a, and if she had to be killed then for the story, then we would at least have 3-6 episodes of Clexa and Lexa as they try to rebuild things after they destroyed ALIE. 

Lexa is Alycia’s favorite character and she wanted to come back and play Lexa. Even now, Lexa is inside the Flame and she could come back for a cameo for like 1-3 episodes like i have laid out in my season 4 theory with the hologram. I don’t doubt now with everything happening that she wants to move on and do other projects. The point is that this whole blacklash was caused by Jason killing Lexa due to ‘scheduling’ when he knew that wasn’t the case. FTWD shoot at the end of the year (Nov-March) while The 100 shoots from (July/August- Jan/Feb), this is about 4-5 months worth of time for ADC to film stuff for season 4 with Lexa VERY MUCH ALIVE. I’m so freakin’ pissed. 

Let's talk about intent vs impact (the 100)

I fully admit that I was pretty new to this fandom. I binged seasons 1 and 2 in about a week right as season 3 was starting, and then I watched it every Friday on the CW website. As a lesbian, I loved that there was such amazing queer representation, especially from a primetime tv show. In fact, the raving reviews about how good the queer representation was, and that a f/f ship was canon, was the main reason I started watching the show.

Going through the Jason Rothenberg and Bellarke tags, as well as seeing the various discourse on here, has made me realize exactly why this death was so not okay, and why some people are still praising or defending his decision to kill Lexa. This is about the intent of the writers/developers vs the impact it actually had on the audience, particularly the LGBT+ portion.

A common argument for not boycotting the show (though I fully intend to stop watching) is that Jason loved Lexa and he loved Clexa and that this death just had to happen, because ADC couldn’t film due to conflicts, or that this death had nothing to do with Lexa being a lesbian.

And yeah, ADC couldn’t film and I understand that posed a problem. So on that level, JRoth’s intent wasn’t to kill her off based on her sexuality. But here’s the thing: it was already a trope that LGBT+ people, especially lesbians, have come to fear, because it ALWAYS HAPPENS. So the impact was that we got that gut-punched feeling that this happened YET AGAIN and that women who love women won’t get happy endings in the media.

But here’s another piece that contradicts JRoth’s supposed intent, that he allegedly didn’t kill her off based on her sexuality and that this just had to happen. JRoth played it up for us. He teased us with it. Any problems with the couple were met with reassurances that things would work out for them and that we should have hope for them. All the while he knew full well what was going to happen, and what he was going to do. So while his intent initially may have been just to kill Lexa because ADC had conflicts, his actions suggest that that intent changed, that he segued into blatant queerbaiting that not a single one of us could have predicted.

And so not only do we feel cheated and hurt by the lesbian being killed in the first place, we feel cheated by the fact that we were reassured it would be different than all the shows we’d seen before, that it wouldn’t happen this time. The leaks of bts pics from the finale especially solidified that hope that Lexa would not die and eliminated much of the uneasiness that she could still be killed off and the telltale trope would rear its ugly head.

My dash is a heart-wrenching amalgamation of so many people feeling heartbroken, cheated, slighted, disrespected, and shocked that they didn’t see it coming. First of all, we shouldn’t have to expect that the lesbian will be killed off yet again on every single show we see, and second of all JRoth did a damn good job of reassuring us enough to let that guard down. No one should feel ashamed or stupid for “not having known better” or “not expecting it” or “having hope” not only because JRoth completely and totally manipulated us into doing so, but because goddamn it we should be allowed to have hope for a f/f couple and a lesbian character in general without the risk of them dying.

So, Jason Rothenberg and those who defend him, I understand about ADC’s conflicts, and I understand your intent may not have been to kill a character who is a lesbian, but just kill a character whose actor had filming conflicts and for the sake of the story in general. You can say that til the cows come home.

But you better damn well understand the impact of that decision. You better understand that taking on LGBT+ characters and relationships includes the responsibility of understanding and atoning for countless abuses such as queerbaiting and killing off the lesbian and in general disrespecting these characters and relationships. Because it sends a message to those watching, those people looking for themselves in the media and looking for hope.

And your impact, Jason, is that you just made us all lose hope.

Yall remember when ADC said we would see more of the grounder’s history and Lexa’s past, etc.?

This is a prime example of actors shooting scenes and them being editing and not turning out how the actor envisioned based on what they filmed. ADC thought things would be one way and they turned out another. This is why I’m a firm believer that Eliza thought the death scene was way different than what it turned out to be. She did a 180° after viewing the episode and hasn’t been the same since. I also think this is why – on several separate occasions – Eliza has said “I hope the season finale is like what I’m thinking it’ll be” or something to this effect. And if it’s not that’ll probably really suck for her for two main reasons.

1) she doesn’t like disappointing her fans

2) she has to be back on set with jasshole less than a month after it airs

Thoughts on the ‘New Finale’

Oh boy, so I have received multiple asks asking for my opinion on the accusations about the finale. There are so many I am just going to use this one to kinda be the ‘jumping off’ point for writing about this. 

If you are shaking your head at all of the ‘panic’ and hatred being created due to what is being said by a ‘source’ (that can’t be determined as legitimate or not) as fact, then I am right there with you. All these accusations are doing is fueling hatred towards the show and causing anxiety. It seems like the hatred is what has fueled the movement so far, and it is suspicious to me that these things about the finale are keeping the hatred alive. Of course, these could be truthful claims, but I just find it suspicious. I find it suspicious that a lot of these claims have been brought to light after Jason’s open letter and Code307 not trending. Call me a cynic, but I look at situation from all angles and it seems like this whole thing is only being looked at from one angle. An angle that fuels hatred and is keeping negativity and hatred towards this show alive. All of these claims are from sources that we can’t prove the validity to. I know that me looking at these accusations from this angle might look like I’m not supporting the LGBT Fan Deserve Better movement, which isn’t the case. I am very supportive of the movement. I just want the movement to be fueled by respectful passion and not hatred. And most definitely not by false accusations. 

Okay, where do I begin, how about with definitions. When I say ‘new finale’ I am talking about this revision being written from what was initially ‘broke’ in the writers room over the summer. I think that the first half of the season was already filmed and written before these changes to the finale were made. It is in these episodes that there were post-production changes to fit in with this ‘new finale’. This finale was always the finale. It is ‘new’ because it wasn’t what the initial plan for the season. Jason may have had an epiphany moment and decided to change the story, but things were already filmed and had to fit the new vision he had in with what was previously shot. He was able to fit this new finale into the story by making a few ‘tweaks’ to the story (things like ‘quia nunc vale’ = goodbye for now). The ‘new finale’ isn’t a change from what was filled in Vancouver. What was filmed in Vancouver IS the new finale. Does that make sense? 

Now, let’s go to the quote you provided me: “The new finale is the worst thing I believe Jason could have done to Clexa fans.” People have jumped to the conclusion that Clarke loses her memories of Lexa, Clexa is used to make a canon Be|larke, or the Vancouver Clexa scenes will be cut from the finale. People believe that Jason has changed the finale and cut all these scenes out of spite for how the fandom reacted. However, if you go with my definition of the ‘new finale’ this should help negate all these fears. Also, are you serious? No matter how much you want to believe that Jason is out to get the queer community…he is not. Jason is NOT evil, he just made mistakes and handled things very poorly.  

Additionally, getting rid of the Clexa scenes would be be career suicide. One of the accusations for ‘queerbaiting’ has been inviting fans out to watch in Vancouver. If he got rid of these scenes that would look so bad on him and everything that the fandom has claimed would be true. Everything filmed in Vancouver would be seen as malicious. Now, to me, inviting fans to watch the finale was to let the fans know that 3x07 wasn’t the last time we will see Lexa. This may be seen as baiting to many people, which it kind of is…but I don’t think this was done with malicious intent as many are painting it to be. I think it was to ‘spoil’ by “not spoiling” that Lexa is going to be in the finale – that Lexa and Clexa are important to this story. That what happened in 3x07 is not the end…love is not weakness. Now, what was coming out of Vancouver were technically spoilers and leaks and we were open to interpret the spoiler leaks as we wanted. I theorized that Lexa was alive in the real reality and was drawing Clarke out of the City of Light. This was my own theory that gave me hope that Lexa was alive. Due to my theorizing that Lexa was alive in the Vancouver leaks, I allowed myself to not think she was going to die mid season. So, I was even more blindsided due to seeing the Vancouver Leaks. However, I did think it was a high probability that she might die at the end of the finale, or she would be in a ‘is she dead, or isn’t she’ kind of thing.  

Is the worst thing I believe Jason could have done to Clexa fans. This is this person’s opinion.  This ‘open-ended’ ending for Lexa could be seen as another Delphine Orphan Black moment where the audience doesn’t know if she will be back or not. The reason for leaving Lexa’s storyline open would be to keep her in the story, but have her in the story in an ‘off-screen’ way. The initial plan may have just been to write Lexa out of the story after 3x07, but then Jason decided to bring her back possibly for a season 4 if ADC’s schedule would allow it. However, they would be able to continue the story if ADC wasn’t able to film for particular dates. Now, I will admit my own personal bias that I want this ending. I want there to be a possibility that Lexa and ADC will be part of the show. I want to see Lexa again. I want to see ADC play Lexa even if it is in this AI form. 

As I have mentioned in a previous post, your brain is who you are, and Lexa’s consciousness is still alive inside the AI. Also, your brain is what processes what you feel physically. The ‘normal’ way that people feel these stimulis are from certain body parts taking in infomation and then these signals travel to your brain and are interpreted. A person only feels these things when the brain interprets the messages. To put this in simpler terms, think about when you are dreaming and how things can feel very real. You can touch things, taste, smell, etc. However, in this instance it is your brain creating these manifestations due to you dreaming you aren’t physically interacting or touching things. In the COL you aren’t dreaming, but it is a different reality. You aren’t the one creating these signals, they are being transmitted to you from another person – it is a direct line – a telepathic connection of sorts. The AI is the neuron synapse that is relaying signals from one consciousness to the other. Lexa’s consciousness has been downloaded onto the AI and is sending and receiving signals from Clarke’s own consciousness. They are able to feel each other and talk to each other without touching each other on earth. The body is only a vessel for the human to take in these signals through body parts. That probably just confused the hell out of you…oops. lol.

Lexa would be in the story, but in an off-screen way. Now, I can see Lexa’s “The dead are gone, the living are hungry” fall into play in season 4. It would be very interesting if season 4 dove into the problems/benefits of having these two realities. In one reality a person’s physical needs to stay alive are met, but in this other reality the person’s emotional needs are met. Idk, but leaving Lexa alive off screen seems like the best course of action. 

This show got an early renewal. Therefore, there has to be something that happens (like what I am presenting in this post) that will retain the audience and negate some of the damage that has been done.  With the ‘open-ended’ finale, ADC might not know if she is coming back or not. Therefore, when she said at Payley Fest “I’m going to miss being on the show, I promise you that.” she is saying that because it is uncertain if her character will be back, or if they will have her in the show in this ‘off-screen’ way indefinitely. If Clarke is connected to the AI at the end of season 3, the audience will know that Clarke is comforted by Lexa and possibly converses with her still. Clexa isn’t dead. Clexa is eternal. However, it will SUCK not seeing Clexa on screen if this is the case, but it would comfort me knowing that Clarke is not alone and Lexa is still there supporting her.   

However, all this being said, I don’t want to give you any false hope.  I just hope that this post gives you a little perspective. Gives you perspective to not automatically assume the worst. I am seeing way too many people get upset about things that can’t be proven as true. Also, all of these opinions are subjective. You may think that leaving Lexa’s return for a season 4 open is a good thing, while others will see it as baiting and malicious. My advice is just let the story play out, and get upset once something bad happens. Making all of these preconceived accusations is just fueling hatred and anxiety.  

Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that after filming ADC was sent untold hate, telling her that people wished a character she had so carefully and lovingly created, was dead…don’t think about the fact that when she didn’t respond that hate moved on to her personally and she was then told they wished she was dead…

Don’t think about the fact that the people who consoled her did so by telling her how much they loved the character she’d created…how she was a hero to them…that she made their day (and lives) better…that she meant the world…

Don’t think about the fact that she already knew the fate of Lexa…that she would already be able to guess what that fate would mean to the people who were trying to make her feel better…that she would already know how much it would hurt them…that even though she was apparently wanting to come back next season, the powers that be said ‘no’.

No wonder ADC was so rarely on social media and Eliza seemingly spent every spare 5 minutes during filming at a ‘health retreat’…don’t even begin to imagine the emotional stress…no wonder most of the cast and some of the writers seemingly have zero fucks left to give…

What if there is still hope for Lexa...


So I’m pretty upset as is the rest of the fandom. But while crying and cursing myself for ever having hope, I did have a thought…

Vancouver. We know Clexa reunites in the City of Light. We also know now that Lexa’s consciousness is downloaded into the chip. Or at least the consciousness of all the Commanders’ is. And pretty sure Ontari will be the next commander. (Only lexa will ever be Heda)

This means that Lexa lives on and she isn’t Heda. What if there was a way for her to leave the CoL? What if she could escape? She would no longer be Heda. She would be free to be with Clarke.

We know Jason killed her for 2 reasons. 1) the reincarnation arc. He needed her to die so he could tie the grounders and Arkers to ALIE 2) ADC was only available to film so many episodes.

But what does that mean for season 4?! Why wouldn’t ADC be available to film more eps next year? She loves Lexa and the show. If AMC was down with it…why wouldn’t she be around next year?

So…I know…hear me out… Clarke gets trapped in the CoL. We don’t know how. She dies? Was force fed the chip? Went willingly to find lexa? They reunite, and lexa sends clarke back to reality because she’s hurt (remember the seizure in Vancouver?).

So if clarke can go back, why can’t lexa? I know. It’s a lot of supposition. What if season 4 is about Clarke trying to rescue Lexa?

I’m probably reaching. I know. The more likely scenario is clarke winds up in CoL, and lexa gives up her chance to get out of the CoL, because she sends clarke back instead. Lexas people don’t need her. They have a new commander. But Clarke’s still need her ‘Cuz you know…the Arkers have lost their damn minds. So End of lexa and Clexa forever.

Or is it?

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serIOUSLY JUST GIVE ERIN THE SHOW. SHE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. really though your theories make so much sense and it makes me so mad that the writers and show runner would pass up such good LOGIC and STORYTELLING

Me: [slides all of my theories across the table to Jason] you did gone fucked up you hear. 

(ngl. i would have loved to see my theories on screen. It would be more in line with the show and stay true to the wonderful world messages that had incorporated in the past 2 season. I incorporated the AI aspect, took into account ADC not filming, i even incorporated the nightblood massacre. The finale would have been Lexa’s return and she would help draw Clarke back to the real reality. The ending would then have a ‘is she dead or isn’t she?’ ending for Lexa. We would all hate it, but we would understand that due to ADC being on FTWD she might not be able to come back to the show. Of course there would have been claims of queer baiting, but most of us would understand. We would want the possibility of Lexa coming back and to not kill her off. 

There were so many other aspects of my theories that made more sense than canon. I try not to think about it because it makes me mad. It makes me mad that a girl who has literally zero story telling experience created multiple versions of season 3 that would have been amazing and more in character with the show. Jason ruined a show that was so revolutionary and had so much potential to be one of the greatest shows of all time. It incorporated so many good messages about our world and what we hold value in that we shouldn’t.) 

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And yet the ship that "never quite makes it" is more canon than yours. Emotional development, drawing scenes, sex scenes and finale confirmation. Yeah I'll gladly take Polaris. Maybe you'll get endgame, but you can't be 100% sure can you?? :) enjoy the ship

Hello and welcome to my inbox! 

Thank you for taking the time to send me this pretty rude message. Cl*xa is canon and that’s fine! I actually like Cl*xa this season more than I ever have before because we are finally getting a L*xa who has more depth of feeling and emotion. 

The sex scene has yet to happen and could very well happen in the COL or in a dream (although I doubt both options and highly suspect it will happen in 307), but sex does not make a canon relationship (ala Clarke and Niylah). The kiss is where Cl*xa became a canon ship, not sex. 

The finale confirmation just means that L*xa is somehow involved in the finale and we know from things said on set that day that the scene they were filming occurred in the COL. L*xa’s story line this season strongly points to her death (if you are at all familiar with common tropes in both movie and TV). As we know there is no death in the COL and there appears to be a STRONG connection between the Commanders and ALIE, it is very likely that L*xa dies and her spirit remains in the COL. Also, ADC only filmed part 1 of the finale, not part 2. 

I am very sure that Bellarke is being written as an endgame couple. This goes back, again, to the fact that as much as Jroth and the other showrunners want to be “groundbreaking” The 100 is full of very common tropes. Bellarke is a classic enemies-friends-lovers trope in the making. And even if Bellarke never happens, I still have fanfiction and Tumblr to pull me through!

Most importantly, and my biggest issue with this fandom, is that for some reason you all (Bellarke AND Cl*xa fans) seem to believe a ship is only valid if its canon, but that’s not what shipping is. Shipping is just someone (or a group of someones) saying, “I think these two book/tv/movie characters would make a good couple. I’m going to imagine them together” It has nothing to do with whether or not they ever become canon in the book/tv/movie and everything to do with your perception.  

The only reason I mentioned the difference between True North and Polaris is because it is a known fact that “True North” has been used to describe Bellarke even before the season premiered, and it is rude to misappropriate that for your own ship out of spite. This does not apply to the Cl*xa fans who did not know that “True North” was being used for Bellakre fans, but there are plenty of you who did know and chose to use it anyway, some going so far as to attempt to rub it in the faces of Bellarke shippers. 

If Bellarke fans tried to take a Cl*xa “slogan” or catchphrase and use it for Bellarke there would be a big problem, with accusations of homophobia and “the straights” being tossed around everywhere and you all know it. Stop being hypocrites. 

And I’ll always take being the steady, never moving, never replaceable, constant True North, over being a star that orbits constantly never finding a solid place to rest and eventually being replaced by another star. 

I am always up for polite conversation that leads to intelligent discourse! Please feel free to visit my inbox again soon.