rabbit-catcher-deactivated20170  asked:

Hi. I saw your post about the BBMA. Not sure if you'd know, but if you have Ad Block on does it count? I've heard different things and could never get a straight answer from anyone about this. I've tried checking it and by the time I finished a video it jumped a couple hundred so I couldn't tell. Are we sure it's only newer videos that count towards the streaming number? Sorry to bother you, I just wondered if you'd know.

Unfortunately, I do not have Ad Block so I don’t know if it doesn’t count views. However, I did a little research and found that when you have ads blocked it doesn’t count the views but there is a way to fix it;, this website talks about how u can get your views to count without having to disable Ad Block~ I figured it’ll be helpful.

Also regarding the actual streaming I’m pretty sure its mainly the newer videos we need to stream because they’re the ones that got them nominated in the first place, but I tend to stream all their videos religiously daily so, either way, I’m good lmao it depends if you have time to do it tbh, if you do have time it would be best to stream all their videos jic but if you don’t I’d say focus more on the newer songs (Including the HYYH album)