Its around 5pm. It has been a very long day. I had breakfast and straight after I started studying. I did a chem past paper which I found quite hard, followed by a biology one and now I am making some notes on organic synthesis which is giving me a headache.

As I said yesterday, I went to the cinema to watch Insurgent which in my opinion was much worse than I expected it to be. I loved Divergent, but this second part was really bad. It started well, then got extremely boring then started to get a bit better but bored me to death once again. When it ended I was sat there like I lost 2 hours of my life, for nothing. The only good thing about the film was hearing that beautiful British accent from Theo. Shai is a very good actress, she is very expressive and I quite like that. But that movie was so bad. The worst I’ve seen in a long time. I was very disappointed. 

So that is it for today!

Thank you for reading,




Hello again, 

It has been a normal day. I spent my morning doing my maths homework, I hate maths sooo much specially, integration. I am starting to get nervous about going back to school next Monday, I just don’t want to.

Right now, I am catching up with some tv shows, the usual. In a few hours time I’ll be going to the cinema with my friend to see Insurgent, which I am really excited about. 

I’ll update you guys tomorrow. I hope I’ll have something much more exciting than today.

Talk to you soon,



Good morning,

Gladly, I am still on vacation, I’ll be back next Monday which is making me very anxious. I hate it, like a lot. Since last year exams stress me out to the point that, at night, I cannot sleep. I’ve tried everything possible but it makes me really anxious. I still remember last year, the day before my biology final, I could not sleep, I could here my heart pounding every time I closed my eyes. The idea of failing, not achieving the grades I needed made me more and more anxious. I finally put myself to sleep after 3 hours of what I think was a panic attack. 

Still to this day, I have a hard time. Furthermore, this year I have another thing to worry about, whether or not I will get into uni. Yes, it’s making me worse. Its got to the point at which, I can cry for everything. I try not to, I mean before, It was very hard for me to cry. I just don’t know what to do any more.

So, I have decided to start up a blog, a proper one. I’ll try to post something everyday, like a diary. Just to let out my feelings. I am aware no one will ever read this, or even follow but at least it may help me get better.

Talk to you soon,