adarna food and culture restaurant

Adarna’s Bicol Express

My elementary friend, Kevin Roxas, was back here in the Philippines last week after 10 long years! Wew!  The last time we saw each other in person (and also communication) was back when we were in Grade 6 Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos. Yeah. He already had a thwang and all but of course still know how to speak Tagalog. He insisted on speaking Tagalog while on his stay. Hmm, nah. It’s just fine. He doesn’t look like the typical Pinoy naman eh even before. Whyyyyy oh why are my friends so mapuputiii.

Kevin’s with the 22 printed shirt and I am not the one who look like Pnoys nephew.

So back to the top picture, its Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant’s Bicol Express. It’s not the usual thing because the meat is inside the chili mismo.

Cooooollll!!! and Hot.

The place is really awesome. It’s so… Filipino. Haha. Sorry. I don’t know the proper term but I guess that every balikbayan will love it here. Okay. My mistake. Everyone will. 

We also had other dishes that I forgot the names but all were very delicious! I love their Adobo. Haha. Yeah! As simple as Adobo!

But all good things come with price right? Good thing Kevin treated us! Hello, student. Me.

Pictures with peole in it not mine, grabbed from Theodore’s acct


Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant

Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City