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My Toshiba Libretto 70CT finally got a few key upgrades.  It’s still got a few things that need tweaking, but it’s getting there.  Here’s what I did:

  • Updated the BIOS to version V6.40 from 1999!
  • Imaged the old hard drive onto a CF card, and swapped in a CF -> IDE adapter.  It runs silent and incredibly fast now.
  • Bought an old 16-bit PCMCIA CF card socket so I don’t have to use the external floppy drive to copy files back and forth. 
  • Bought a port expansion, providing me with serial, parallel, and VGA sockets (sadly no PS/2 mouse port).  A serial test with Hyperterminal to Vega (running 95C) was successful.
  • Installed 95Plus!
  • Tested Doom.

If I can find hardware specific drivers for the 70CT, I want try installing 95B from scratch.  It would let me take full advantage of all 8GB of CF card, in glorious FAT32.  Right now I’m limited to 1.5GB in FAT16, and all attempts at resizing to just under the 4GB limit render the drive unable to boot. 

Oh, and Critical Mass, one of my favorite old games, is apparently too taxing for this hardware to handle.  Bogus, man.

Star City had indeed proved to be an entirely different animal, and August had to adapt accordingly. With metas running the streets, and no one to really handle most of their mess, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the police’s stance on things. Hell, he wasn’t even sure of how he’d been allowed the transfer. But all the same, he was making the best of things. “Well, let’s see just how fast-paced this city can be.” he said, smirking to himself 

I don’t like the notion that Finn is extremely insecure and self-doubting, or that he can’t take a compliment. We have lines from the movie that refute this (“DID YOU SEE THAT?!” “I’m getting pretty good at this!” “That was pretty great.”- in regards to Rey complimenting his shooting), not to mention going after Rey on Starkiller base with no plan, just the believe that he could rescue her somehow. Plus, we know he was poised to be one of the best Stormtroopers in the Order, so there’s no way he doesn’t know how smart and skilled he really is. Sure, he was ostracized within his squad because of that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he expressed doubt over making friends, or experienced a little bit of self-loathing due to his history as a stormtrooper, but Finn walking around thinking extremely little of himself just does not follow for me.

a series of unfortunate events au: 

luke and leia are klaus and violet, artoo is sunny, threepio is mr. poe, and palpatine is count olaf. bail and breha are the justices strauss. satine is aunt josephine. and anakin skywalker and padme amidala (a la netflix’s adaption) are on the run and desperately trying to find their way back to their children.


M92 PAP SBR of mine.

Has a M70 rear trunnion so I can run a fixed wood stock.  Or put on the Krebs adapter and run any of the 2 screw stocks like this Manticore Triangle with Stormworks folder. 

Also cut off the shroud threads and rethreaded the actual barrel to 14:1lh so I could use a suppressor on it.  Left a bit of the threads, so still able to use the standard 26mm ones if I feel like it. 

Seventeen after 5 years of living on an abandoned island

S.Coups: king of the apes

Jeonghan: elected beauty queen in his little imaginary kingdom

Joshua: still prays to god

Jun: confused af 

Hoshi: build a trampoline out of .. island stuff

Wonwoo: wrote a book with emo poems

Woozi: wrote 167 songs about stranding on an island

DK: adapted to nature, runs around naked

Mingyu: built his own farm

The8: befriended with a monkey, teaches him chinese

Seungkwan: mastered and perfected the way of twerking in a bush

Vernon: abducted by aliens, because they had pity

Dino: thinks he’s michael jackson’s son

Limusaurus inextricabilis, a dinosaur whose name roughly translates to “lizard stuck in the mud”. Around 1.7m long (5′7″), and living in the Late Jurassic of China about 160 million years ago, it was the first ceratosaur known from Eastern Asia – and a very unusual one at that.

Unlike its carnivorous relations, Limusaurus was a herbivore, possessing a toothless beak and gastroliths preserved in its gizzard. With its long neck, tiny forelimbs, and hindlimbs adapted for fast running, it seems to have convergently evolved to closely resemble both the earlier Triassic shuvosaurid stem-crocs like Effigia and the later Cretaceous ornithomimosaurs.

Everybody’s Hiding Something- Part 1

See the rest of the series here!

Fandom: X-Men
Warning/s: Some violence but very little
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/s: Kurt (Nightcrawler) x Reader

Summary: The first part to a series, a small introduction to Y/N’s life at Xavier’s School- including her undying crush on Kurt Wagner, a drunken evening with Hank McCoy, a traumatic background, and an easy friendship with one Alex Summers.
Basically, the reader has a physical mutation she has had to hide her whole life and when she comes to Xavier’s school, she sees an opportunity to live the life she had only ever dreamed of.
Lots of high school aspects, including all the loveliness of the X-Men (no chronology but bits of canon)

Words:  2,476

He watched her, never realising that she was watching him. 

Kurt liked to think of himself as silent and stealthy. He had grown up to hide and to go unseen, and it had influenced him much further into his life. He had adapted to run and hide from those who would see him as a monster, those that would hurt him, kill him.

But everyone at Xavier mansion had come from some sort of background like that, Kurt soon learned.

There was one student, in particular, who fascinated him. Her name was Y/F/N, her skin was the colour of a pasque flower, and her eyes the colour of glacial ice. Two black, curling horns protruding from her raven black hair- silky and soft- and a long black, arrow-headed tail came out of where her tailbone should have finished.

She was exquisite.

And for once in his life, Kurt found something of humanity that should be preserved, marvelled. 

Indeed, one could call it love at first sight.

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So, we’ve spoken about the fact that Arthur Holmwood is a little underdeveloped before.  There’s nothing to dislike about him, and he seems perfectly nice, but if you asked me to describe him I would say “Uh…rich and nice and he has dogs?”

Well you know what?  In my weird-ass Dracula adaptation, I would totally run with that.  Arthur is a socially awkward April Ludgate/Will Graham type who gets along a lot better with animals than people.  He avoids hanging out with his fellow aristocrats, ducking out of parties as soon as his father’s back is turned, in favor of hanging out in the kennels.  Lucy quite likes Jack and Quincey, but as soon as she sees Arthur in a waistcoat under a mountain of puppies, she knows who she’s going to say yes to.

Of course, then Arthur’s dad dies and leaves him all his money, something he is totally unprepared for.  He isn’t really as book-smart as the doctors or the Harkers, and he isn’t good at fighting like Quincey, so he mostly tries to finance the vampire hunting mission while feeling deeply embarrassed about the fact that he’s so much richer than everyone else.  He goes on this way, keeping out of conversations and feeling like a third wheel, until they run across a lair guarded by hundreds of rats.

Arthur calls the hunting dogs.  His time has come.

On Filler

Because anime and manga are different mediums, one Anime episode covers more content than one manga chapter.
So if an anime is adapting a currently running manga, and the anime doesn’t take breaks/hiatus and just continues airing, eventually the anime will catch up to the manga and run out of material. This is even more apparent when adapting a monthly manga.
So since the Fairy Tail anime continues to air, and it’s quickly catching up to the manga, filler is inevitable.
It sucks but what can you do? Do you want fairy tail episodes every week or do you want another hiatus?
Sure fillers might not be as great as the canon material, but since Mashima isn’t writing it then it’s going to be different. I think we’re lucky that he even bothers to at least do an outline and character sketches for filler arcs.
Please understand why filler is necessary in these kind of situations.


Tumblr ate this post TWICE! 😒

So here’s my 3rd take…


15 fantastic miles!

After last weekends brutal long run I knew I needed to have a better game plan this time around. I was stalking the temp and humidity last night and settled on 6 am… Early but not crazy early!

I found just about the only trail around and made my route around that! There was thankfully a good amount of shade!!!

I adapted a run 5 minute walk 1 interval plan That I believed SAVED my pace! I take walking breaks occasionally but I never usually work them
In like I did today. I’m a fan.

I smelled like rotting trash when I finished and took a nice “ice bath” in the ocean👌🏻

Today in Manga History

June 18th, 1994

Detective Conan, known in the west as Case Closed, begins serialization in Weekly Shounen Sunday. It is one of the best-selling manga in history and continues today. It has a long-running anime adaptation that has been going on since 1996. It has also spawned numerous movies, games, toys, and other books and side manga.

Story and Art by Gosho Aoyama

I haven’t mentioned it lately (a shame, really) but I am so, so very thankful for every one of my supportive and loving followers. As my blog has increased in popularity, I’ve adapted to fast-pace running it, and stopped taking those little moments to say how much I appreciate everything from you beautiful magick-lovers; but that needs to change now! Your kind words, your interest in the things I have to offer, is so much more amazing than I could express through a keyboard ~ I love you guys, and I hope your weeks are going well