adaptive combat rifle


ACR Enhanced

The Adaptive Combat Rifle has an interesting development history that can be confusing to some people. Originally designed by Magpul and labeled as the Masada, it was later sold to Bushmaster for production and sales as the ACR. Remington also produces the ACR but for military and LEO customers. Most ACR’s on the market are the Enhanced model which has a different stock and railed handguard. (GRH)

My ultimate vaporwear rifle; The Remington ACR-E. I’ll admit it I fell for this gun playing Modern Warfare 2, I am not Ashamed! But when I researched the real rifle I liked what I heard. It was a damned cool looking weapon and the ability to switch calibers and barrels without buying new uppers sounded great. Naturally I was really excited when I found out Bushmaster was bringing a civilian version of Magpul’s Massada to market. Only to be disappointed when it got basically mediocre reviews and with no new calibers and few barrel lengths the “adaptive” portion of Adaptive Combat Rifle never really came about. Combine this with Remington Defense rolling out continually improved models of their LEO/Mil version at every Shot Show and the ACR is pretty much my ultimate gun-tease. Every year I keep hoping to hear that Bushmaster is going to update the line or Remington is going to let civis have their version and every year I am disappointed.