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The Scarecrow and Tin Man from the first stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, 1902, Chicago.

L. Frank Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz while living in Chicago. As the story goes, while working at the Evening Post across from the Art Institute, Baum was inspired by the statues he saw on Michigan Ave to create the Cowardly Lion.

Emerald City: Dorothy Gale [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Dorothy lets her feelings about right and wrong guide her; she makes all her decisions on whether she can live with the ethics involved – when she first encounters the witch, she tries to reason with her on moral grounds, then concludes due to her actions that she is evil, and it’s fine to instruct her to point the gun at herself and squeeze the trigger. Dorothy has strong feelings toward children and animals; she objects to Glinda training up witches on moral grounds, and turns against the wizard after his actions endanger “innocent” young ones. She will often go out of her way to help or protect others.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She’s opportunistic, able to easily size up and adapt to her environment. Dorothy does want to go home, but has no trouble adapting to Oz, figuring out how it works, or in engaging with the people and situations in it. She’s not adverse to taking risks, and feels comfortable inserting herself into perilous situations. She’s good at improvising and has faith in her own abilities. Dorothy admits that she doesn’t like commitment, but prefers to keep her options open.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Even though she’s never used magic before, Dorothy “figures out” how to wield it, without experience; she trusts that she can handle whatever Oz throws at her. She has a gut feeling that things will work out fine. Dorothy rarely tells anyone her longer-term intentions; she merely steps into situations and innovates as she goes. She trusts her instincts about people, and is often accurate in her assessment of others.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She lays down the rules once in awhile, but prefers to let her sense of right and wrong guide her decisions. Dorothy does reach the end of her rope with Lucas – once she realizes she cannot trust him, she leaves him strung up “right where I found you,” and considers that part of her life closed.

Locked in;

a/n: I have no idea why this came to me it just did. In my head v cute.. written down.. IDK? Hope you enjoy though :) cuter if you imagine they’re not dating but works either way!

Riley x Lucas 
Word Count:

One stormy Thursday afternoon the six friends stay back in the auditorium rehearsing for Abigail Adams adaption of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was Farkle who convinced his friends to audition with him and they all landed various rolls in the play. Although, Riley opted out and just signed up to help behind the scenes.

Maya scored the lead role of Dorothy with her stunning rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. 

Smackle was cast as the scarecrow and she continuously reminded everyone how ironic it was that she was looking for a brain when in actuality she’s a genius. 

Farkle joins the quest in search of love as he adapts to the life of a tin man without a heart. 

Zay plays the cutest cowardly lion the Wizard of Oz has ever seen. 

Lucas was thankful that his role as the great and powerful Oz was minuscule and performed behind a curtain for the most part as he wasn’t very confident with his acting skills in front of an audience. 

Rehearsals ran late that day and Riley texted her parents to say she was probably going to crash at Maya’s that night. Lucas had done the same to his parents and said he was thinking of sleeping at Zay’s and going to their early morning baseball practice together. 

When the rehearsals finally wrap up everyone is leaving and Riley takes an armful of things down to the prop room. Lucas assists her with the heap. Riley juggles her items and punches in the code on the door, she enters the tiny room and Lucas follows behind her. 

“Oh no, Lucas!” Riley turns around at the sound of the door clicking behind him. “The door doesn’t open from the inside!” 

Lucas’ looks withdrawn. “S-so we’re locked in?” He stutters. 

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Sometimes I wonder if the original Wizard of Oz book was edgy or if the writer of Wicked and various other Oz adaptations looked at this pure children’s film and went “Yes I will make this edgy.” 

so, twelfth grade (or whatever) is coming to an end soon, which is very sad, but there’s GOOD NEWS folks because there are plenty of other webseries out there for you to watch and write meta and fanfiction etc. about, mainly:

@theadventuresofjamiewatson aka tajwash which you’ll DEFINITELY be interested in because eliot aka sebastian stars in the second season as stanley hopkins and everybody loves him. also, there is lots of gay (jamie watson is bi and sherlock holmes is aroace) and sherlock quotes twelfth night several times, you’ll love it. first season is vlog-style, second season is partially tv-style (second season is better), lots of material to watch and relies less on an overarching plot so you can skip around a bit and find your fave sherlock holmes story if you want.

@thegreytarmacroad which completes the TRILOGY of @parafable and is an adaptation of the wizard of oz with lots of gr8 characters and ALSO lots of gay and it takes place in ENGLAND which is funny to me because it’s an american book, meanwhile the rest of us are adapting british books in america ANYWAY give it a go. it maybe technically exists in the same universe as tajwash (and a few other webseries) because two characters have asked each other q&a questions. it’s still airing now (and will be for a while) so you can catch up and then experience some of that anticipation.

@bgpwebseries aka The Blair Goddess Project, which is based off greek myth but not any specific myth because it’s about a new goddess exiled to earth who must learn the true meaning of friendship and if you watch tajwash (see above) you’ll recognize like every other actor in it because they were filmed at the same school and one of the main characters is a genderfluid god who is changes appearances so is played by like ten different wonderful actors and there are fun effects because Blair the goddess does magic. it’s partially vlog-style and takes a bit to really get into the plot but the episodes are quick and easy to watch.

Taylor Swift and Lea Michele Cast in Stephen Daldry’s Wicked

From Entertainment Weekly:

The witches of Oz have arrived: country-pop superstar Taylor Swift and Glee veteran Lea Michele have been cast in Universal’s Wicked for director Stephen Daldry. Assuming the roles originated on the Broadway stage by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, Swift will star as good witch Glinda opposite Michele’s Elphaba, the legendary Wicked Witch of the West. The film will be based on the long-running Stephen Schwartz musical originally adapted from Gregory Maguire’s Oz novels, with original librettist Winnie Holzman writing the screenplay.

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Cannes Wishlist:

20 films I’d like to see play at Cannes 2015 - Part 4

Suffragette - Sarah Gavron, UK

Barely any explanation is needed for this one. With an all star cast that includes Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham-Carter and Meryl Streep, Sufragette is being positioned as an Oscar player which would make it a perfect Cannes pick. 

Sweet Red Bean Paste - Naomi Kawase, Japan

At this point Kawase is a Cannes constant. While her films have struggled to find U.S. distribution they have picked up a variety of awards at Cannes including the prestigious Camera d’Or. 

A Tale of Love and Darkness - Natalie Portman, Israel

After two high-profile unsuccessful attempts at working with women director’s Portman put herself in the directing chair herself in this adaptation of Amos Oz’s highly acclaimed autobiographical novel.

The Whole Truth - Courtney Hunt, USA

Hunt earned an Oscar nomination for the screenplay of her debut feature Frozen River. Now seven years later, she’s back directing her second film, a courtroom drama starring Keanu Reeves, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as two lawyers trying to defend a young teenager who may or may not have murdered his father.

Token Slot - For Any Male Director, From Any Country

This list is in part a response to similar lists made by widely read publications like The Guardian and Indiewire by industry professionals who are only able to cough up one token slot for a film directed by a woman. It often seems like no effort at all was even put in to selecting this woman’s film, just that they realized that they should probably have at least one and included the first one they could think of.

In honour of the token woman slot I include the token man slot. Feel free to imagine the male filmmaker of your choice here.

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