adapt beanie

I finished knitting my version of the Snowflake Beanie from Taylor’s store! I ordered the original one online but when my order came it wasn’t in the box, and my invoice had said it sold out. I was so disappointed so I decided to put my amateur knitting skills to the test and make my own! I adapted a simple beanie pattern I found online by creating my own chart and adding the fair isle color work for the words and snowflake (a new technique I learned!). I’m really happy with how it turned out, and while it’s not the same as the one from Taylor’s store, it’s my own unique version that I can be proud of! This project has given me so much confidence in knitting, and I’ll be able to convince myself to try more challenging patterns in the future! Taylor is always my big motivator to do things when I have no other motivation, like sewing a dress for the first time so I could have my own version of the floral Blank Space music video dress, or saving money like I’ve never saved before to see her in concert many times, or traveling to new places across the country to see her perform. I am so thankful to have Taylor in my life!!