adandoned house

Things I need for Season 3 Legends - Haunted House!

Ok if Doctor Who has taught me anything its that you can make a great horror/supernatural ep within the sci-fi genre, aliens come in all shapes and sizes so why not have some that appear more like ghosts or make places seem haunted. Imagine the Legends in a situation where they are searching within an adandoned house suspected of being haunted and weird shit starts to happen.

You know Ray is gonna get all excited and Mick is gonna be like, he’s an idiot but I better watch his back but it all starts getting more frightening and Ray begins to freak a little as its not really as fun as he first thought it would be. Got to have some great Atomwave scenes, like Mick saying “You better not even be thinking of holding my hand Haircut!”.  

Sara will keep her cool but Jax is having none of it!

But it doesn’t have to be alien it could be their being haunted by an unhighed Time Wraith!

I want this so much!

  • Harley: I think i stepped on a nail?!
  • Keeler: Are you bleeding?
  • Harley: *takes off sock* shit!
  • Brennan: IS THAT BLOOD!!?
  • Jake: Well it's not fucking jelly!
  • Keeler: Should we wrap it?
  • Jake: *makes makeshift tournequet from socks* I just bought these two days ago...
  • Zach: Can you walk on it?
  • Harley: I've never had a tetnas shot...