The most inspiring part of Adam's message for me.

Beautiful times is wonderfully optimistic,hopeful and is the latest in a long line of Owl City  songs that always brighten my days and make me hope. In his message on Adam said "Back home I sometimes drive past the UPS place, the Coke warehouse or the old construction sites I worked at prior to OC and I’m reminded how good I’ve got it. Six years ago I was bored and uninspired and now every time I drive by the old prisons I never thought I’d escape from, I feel that much more fortunate to get to do what I love.“ 

This really spoke to me Adam because how you felt six years ago is how I feel right now. My job is uninspiring and I feel bored and trapped through my circumstances as though I’m waiting for my life to finally begin. But thankfully I am at heart an optimist so everyday I strive and hope to try and escape, your music really helps me to do that. Seeing where you are now compared to six years ago is such an inspiration to me, the way you use your musical gifts to do what you love really makes me believe that anything is possible.It gives me hope that one day  I can use whatever talent I may possess to escape my own prisons, and for that I can not thank you enough :D

Owl City- Maybe I’m Dreaming Concept Album