I drew this for Adam Young and got to hand a print of this to him on October 17th. He was just as I expected him to be: extremely kind, gentle, and polite. :)

In total, this took me around 14hrs. I fit in as many song lyric references as I could, try to find them if you like! The original sketch took long enough, but coloring it digitally took a piece of my soul, lol. 


“It was 2AM and I was sitting on the floor in my parent’s basement with a MicroKorg on my lap. I built this synthy legato, ‘ping’ sound routed through a lowpass filter and ran it through a bunch of guitar pedals. I come up with a little cascading part that wound up as the intro and verses of a song called 'Fireflies.’
I have insomnia and I’ve always had a tough time falling asleep for as long as I can remember. I wanted to sing about my inability to sleep in a whimsical way that portrayed the condition as lighthearted and almost more of a 'blessing’ than a curse. It’s ironic that when sleep and I cannot bring ourselves to meet is often when inspiration strikes hardest. I’d just been on vacation to Iowa the week before I wrote the song and was amazed at how many fireflies came out at dusk. I didn’t really have to think about making a connection between insomnia and lighting bugs, it just sort of happened and the song basically wrote itself. It was a lot of fun.”

-Adam Young