So this is my first ever Follow Friday and I wanted to do this in order to thank everyone who has always made my blog so great and to thank all the great people who have made Tumblr my favorite place to be. I’m sorry if I didn’t include you, but there are just so many of you and I just jotted down the ones that first came to my mind. I love all of you guys forever. And thanks to twerklins0ns for the edit.

A-D:adamsvani ashleibenson assdirection babezayn baldvaginiall bangmalik bangmemalik billiondays bradkiss brituno caradelivgn cigmalik cockyzayn dtfzaynmalik

G-M:gay4zayn getlowzayn godlymalik harrysthefather hausofdirectioners heartslouis hotandsexydirectioners idkhaz jenniferlwrnce justiebieber liamonds littleoath londonhs londunh lordhorayne lovablezarry mailiks malikamore malikbooty malikbye malikshipsdontlie 

N-S:niallit nofearakisshere oralmalik parislondons paynecane poisonzayn ravishingmalik sexmeupmalik stonerhoran suckinglouis 

T-Z: tastylarry thuqzayn theperkofbeingazayngirl twerklins0ns twerkwithnarry unfperrie unitdkingdom vaszapmalik wanted-bylarry whoremalik z4yny zayesus zaynbeb zaynjavvads zaynlovesithard zaynmaliksexualfrustrations zaynsallthat zaynsbro zaynsexualmalik zaynthirsty zenjvad zexyzain zeynerz zouiscastle zzaynie 


I just decided to do this because I want to commemorate all of these amazing blogs, you guys are the best and I love every single one of you, so thanks for being perf (:

a-c: ♡ adamsvani ♡ barpalvs ♡ beynce ♡ biebir ♡ bloumydick ♡ bradick ♡ canadr ♡caralized ♡

d-e: danhowels ♡ diamondas ♡ dobrav ♡ dylens ♡ ewattsn ♡

g-i: ♡ griffindur ♡ gucciliam ♡ hazugh♡ hoerald ♡ indiechapel ♡ inksheeran ♡

j-l: ♡ jenniferlwrnce ♡ joshdevin ♡ juicylouture ♡ liliycollins ♡ lognlermn ♡ louaytomlinson ♡ louberri ♡ loundn 

m-s: ♡ okcara ♡ plasticpalvn ♡ ratcht ♡

t-z: ♡ teenagecara♡ teenagezayn ♡ unitdkingdom ♡ wolvermurs ♡ wolversex ♡ zayine ♡ zenpaynis ♡ zerray ♡

okay this was really hard and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone! While all of these blogs are awesome, I also want to mention my +promo groups and +blogroll, every single blog I follow I love.

Happy Valentines Day!!